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The two Shepard women were in the Commander's room, one, the older, was sitting on the bed, while the other, the Spectre, on the chair. There were things they both needed to discuss. Things that wouldn't wait until she returns from Feros. The question was give, now it was up to Kirin to answer. "Is it not obvious, little sis ? I'm here doing research" she said with a smirk, that Maya very well knew. Her sister, given her age, was pretty crazy. Almost like a child. But, she was extremely effective, in both combat and science. Everyone in their family, especially her mother, wondered if that was the reason for her...unstability. They often wondered if her genial mind, combined with her combat experience, could have pushed her line of insanity a little further. Maybe there was no more room for psychical health, but nobody cared. They loved her, and they never cared if she was crazy or not. And that applied to everyone, even their mother. Although it was quite obvious she was displeased with her oldest daughter's condition. Maya raised and eyebrow, quite sure that this was her sister's game. "Really now ?"

Maya stand up from her chair, offering her sister a bottle of water. She refused. "But of course. Would i ever lie to you ?" Kirin shook her head, smiling. "That is indeed a perfect question" Maya gave her a smile and took the other bottle from the small, private fridge. It felt good to drink something cold. Kirin made an awww noice, and Maya laughed. "You never let me have any fun sis" said Kirin as she closed her eyes, savoring the moment. It was a long time since she could openly joke with her younger sister, without anyone interfering. Especially their mother. Maya took another sip from the cold water, "I've no time for fun сестра. I'm saving the galaxy" Kirin nodded, and Maya ran her hand through her ruby colored hair. Kirin did the same. "Yes, and you need help. And lets say that...I'm your private cavalry" Kirin said, a huge smirk on her face. Maya laughed, imagining how would it feel to fight with her sister at her side. They did that once. Once their house was attacked. Poor fellows never stood a chance. "Really...You and what army ?" Maya yawned, and Kirin made a tsk tsk noice. Things were going to get nasty, soon. "You really should not underestimate me, abla" said Kirin, and then rapidly she charged to her younger sister with a powerful biotic charge, taking the bottle from her hand, and drinking the cold water. "Not with this little thing"

"How did you ..." Maya's eyes widened as her sister, which seconds ago was at the end of the room, sitting on the bed, was now in front of her, drinking her water. Kirin laughed, blue biotic aura around her. She made a few hand signs, and suddenly the aura went straight to her palm. Maya noticed the perfect control Kirin had over her biotics. But she has never seen something like this. Kirin laughed hysterically, yawning in the process. "I perfected my vanguard amp sis ! It's perfect ! Once this Saren hunting thing will end, i will implant it into your tiny head and you'll be unstoppable" Yes, this was the old Kirin she knew. Implanting, science, crazy stuff. That was her. But this was awesome. It could be very useful. Maya shook her head, trying to focus on her sister."What does it do, exactly ?" she asked, sitting down on the chair. Kirin scratched her chin, bored to dead with the need to explain this to her younger sister.

"By charging towards your target, it regenerates your shields or barriers, then it perfectly enhances both your reflexes and senses, and your biotics, giving you the..let's say opportunity to deal the final and crucial blow. Like i said. UN-FUCKING-STOPPABLE" Kirin raised her hands at the last sentence, wanting to prove her point. Maya laughed, both by amusement and confusion. Was this really possible ? Charging shields by attacking ? She shook her head. Something was clearly off. "This sounds too perfect. Where's the catch ?" when hearing this, Kirin ran towards Maya, stopping few inches from her face, they were staring at each other, eyes to eyes. It was creepy. Then she yelled, again raising her hands "THERE IS NONE ! This little thing is the future sis. Our future. Future of our line. The name Alexiandrovskij will rise again in full glory !" Maya sighed. It was so long since she last heard this name. Their original name.

After their mother became the most known admiral, they had to change their surname. Russia was not very liked among the Alliance. Often because most of Alliance members were Americans. So, having a Russian surname would only do them harm. Would do their mother harm. That was one of the reason their father got drunk the night when Jasemin told him. He got drunk in a local pub, got into the car, and went down, down to the deep canyon with his car. There was no way he could survive, and their mother was devastated. And yet she recovered so quickly. She had to be strong. For both her children, and the Alliance.

Maya was thinking how things would be different, if it wasn't for the Alliance. Hell, the only reason she still serves under their colors was her mother. She felt like she owned her. Still, after all this time, Maya felt she was owned. Kirin noticed the concern and pain on her sister's face, so she went to her, and took her face into her hands. "I went to the Council, wanting both ship and crew for my expedition, but it was all a cover, just to find you. Feros is a nasty place abla, i lost many friends to that damn place. I will not lose my little сестра. So i will accompany you, and then we shall see where the Goddess will take us, да ?" and then they hugged. An action, that made everything alright again. Maya smiled, and nodded. "Hm, в порядке. Get ready, we will arrive soon" Kirin laughed, and she saluted to her sister like any other soldier would. Maya couldn't help but laugh too, seeing her sister like this really brought back memories. "Roger, commander !"

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