Honestly I'm writing tis while I'm bored. I have no plan or ideas for it.
So here you go a story with no meaning and no purpose :)

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Flames are used to cook weenies.

His feet where pounding across the forest floor. They were getting closer, and he if he got caught he was for sure dead. Quickley he ducked into a fox den and covered his mouth so they couldn't hear him breathing. All he could think of is 'Please don't find me, please don't find me' A silent tear rolled down his cheek. He could hear them, they were just outside. He pushed back further so he was hidden by the darkness. He sat and listened.

"Where the fuck did he go!?" A man screamed

"I don't know know, you were following him!" Another yelled.

"I'm done with this shit!" Sasori heard the men walk away. He didn't dare move, or make any noise. He stayed like that for hours, until he saw the sun start to set. Slowely he started to move towards the entrance. Brushing the dirt off of himself he started walking the oppistite direction that the men went.

He walked for hours, it was pitch black with the exception of the stars. He was chilled to the bone. He pulled his sweater closer to him. Just when little Sasori was about to give up, something in his mind told him to push just a little farther. Something told him safety was near by. And thats what he did.

Soon enough he came upon a little shack. He knocked first, and when no one ansered he pushed the door open. Locking it behind him he looked around. It was as tiny on the inside as it was on the outside. A single bed sat in the corner, a fireplace and some wood just to the left. Not wasting anymore time Sasori went to the fireplace, looking around he finally found some matches and a few scraps of paper. Pileing it all together he got a fire going in no time. Stocking it to make sure it would burn all night, he went to the bed. Crawing into the covers he felt safe. Like someone, or something was gaurding him here. Soon enough he drifted into a peaceful slumber.

A man with pale skin, red eyes, and hair as black as the night stood watch high up in a tree. Another man with long blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and tan skin stood beside him.

"Poor boy, no one to look after him. No role models, all alone and so young. What do you think we should do Itachi?' The blonde asked the raven.

"We should find out who he is before we do anything." The raven replied. He turned to look at the blonde, "We have to go the sun will be rising soon"

The blonde nodded. Itachi took off, Deidara looked at the shack once more before following.

Well I guess that went better than planned.
Sorry for it being so short, and thank you for reading.
I'll make another chapter soon if you guys like it :)