AN: Italic=dragon and human speaking

Bold=a spell or phrase in the ancient language

Bold Italic=thoughts

Ebrithil=master in the ancient language

Elda=- a gender- neutral honorific suffix of great praise, attached with a hyphen in the ancient language

Letta='stop' in the ancient language

Skölir nosu fra brisingr!=Shield us from fire! in the ancient language

Arucane means 'endless fire'/'living fire' in the ancient language and is the name of Kayla's sword. It is orange like Ember and is a hand and half sword.

Disclaimer for the entire story: This is a Harry Potter/Inheritance Cycle Crossover. I own neither Harry Potter nor Inheritance Cycle. Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and Inheritance Cycle belongs to Christopher Paolini.


North Alagaesia

"Master!" A girl's voice shouted from the cliffs where she stood next an orange dragon. Murtagh looked up at the girl on the cliffs. "Kayla get out of here! Take Ember and the eggs and go!"

Kayla turned quickly put the egg in Ember's saddle bag and leapt onto him before Ember beat his wings and rose into the air. The black dragon slammed into Thorn making him scream in rage and pain as his right wing was torn off. Thorn tumbled towards the ground with the black dragon in pursuit. As he was tumbling Thorn snaked his head forward and bit down on the black dragon's neck shaking his head as their paws locked and they tumbled towards earth. "Letta!" Kayla shouted holding out her hand towards Murtagh and Thorn but the force of gravity and her exhaustion did nothing to stop the dragons as they tumbled to the ground where they landed with a sickening crunch.

Ember dived down and landed on the ground near the dead black dragon and a dying Thorn. "Murtagh-Ebrithil! Thorn-Ebrithil!" Kayla said collapsing to her knees in front of Murtagh and Thorn. Murtagh winched in pain. "Take the egg Kayla and flee Algaseia. It isn't safe for you or the egg here. You are now the Elda and must teach whoever bonds with the egg."

Do not fret little ones. We have lived a long hard life that has been full of pain and sadness and we welcome the void now. Be at peace little ones and remember you are now the teachers to the next generation of Dragon Riders.

Yes Thorn-Ebrithil, Ember said bowing his head respectively before Thorn.

"Go Kayla and Ember!" Murtagh said weakly. "Don't look back!"

Ember took to the sky and they saw a white dragon following them. Hold on Kayla! Ember suddenly shot up into the air climbing as the white dragon and his rider followed. Twisting he suddenly dived and headed away from the fight. A burst of white fire came towards them. "Skölir nosu fra brisingr!" Kayla shouted as she saw the fire coming towards them. The dragon howled in rage and dove at them. Ember snapped his neck forward and clamped onto the white dragon's neck. Kayla drew Arucane and used all her remaining strength to stab into the dragon's neck. Ember jerked his head to the side snapping the dragon's neck as blood poured out from the wound and let go. As the dragon fell to earth Kayla sheathed Arucane and passed out.

Ember continued flying until he saw a clearing and landed on the ground. Kayla wake up. We're safe for now I think.

"Murtagh-Ebrithil," Kayla said sobbing. Ember lowered his head sadness overcoming him for the loss of his troubled red master. He knew that Thorn and Murtagh had been tortured and forced into enslavement by Galbatorix against their will. The former Queen Narcissa had hated magic and rejected Murtagh's affections for her and sought to control the dragon riders and magic users. Her sons had started a war with the dragon riders causing many of them to flee in hopes of finding Ebrithil Eragon and Saphira Brightscales who had been the egg that had hatched for Eragon Shadeslayer. The torture and mind control that their masters had been through took a toll on them both so they had fled to Northern Algaseia to try to recover from their time of enslavement to the mad king and former dragon rider.

Over the next two weeks Ember and Kayla remained in the forest hiding from both the soldiers of the Empire and the magic users who were furious that the dragon riders had fled and the ones left didn't want to join them. Of course those dragon riders who had gone in search of Eragon hadn't returned and slowly the dragon riders of Algaseia were hunted down and slaughtered. Nobody had thought that there would be another war but at least none of the dragon riders had turned traitor against the Order like the Forsworn had. Queen Arya and rider of Firnen had died long ago and her dragon followed shortly after unable to bare the loss of being alone. Shall we find the living crystal partner-of-my-heart-and-soul?

Yes. Perhaps it will give us a way to defeat King Mordred.

Ember flew above the trees as Kayla felt around with her magic. There! There's a pull of magic coming from below us.

Landing Kayla and Ember walked towards where the pull was strongest. The pit was deep and they couldn't see anything but the dragon and his rider both felt the magical pull coming from there. "Well I guess we should go down and see if it can help us," Kayla said nervously. It had sounded like a good idea when they thought of it but now that they had she wasn't sure she wanted to go look at it.

Ember sighed and looked at his soul partner. Get on and I'll fly us down there. You know I won't let anything happen to you Kayla.

I know my friend. We're all that is left of the Dragon Riders now.

Kayla climbed onto Ember as they flew down through the pit and landed beside the living crystal. It was gigantic and much bigger than ordinary crystals. Neither Kayla nor Ember knew if this was due to magic or to being in Algaseia. They had only heard of these crystals from Murtagh and Thorn a few days before the battle. Landing Ember and Kayla touched the crystal before a white light surrounded them and they were pulled into darkness.