I am my mother's daughter alright. I've always been sort of a hard-ass with a "fuck you all" attitude. Though most would find that horribly rude (which I obviously don't care about) I find that it gets you where you want and what you want, if you use it right.

I get this attitude from my mother, she's a fairly strong woman. Emotionally and physically might I add. What with all the boyfriends that have fucked her over time and time again throughout the years, how could she not be? Because of this, I actually love my mother. She's taught me a lot of what I know and without that knowledge I wouldn't be the hard-ass Sam Puckett you all know today. Honestly, leaving her in Seattle was one of the hardest things I've ever decided to do. I mean, what if some asshole decides to get rough with my mom, who's gonna back her up? Who's gonna save her ass? I'm all the help she's had. I know I said she's tough, but that only goes so far. God damn my mother for falling in love so easily.

Besides my mom, I had no other reason for staying in Seattle. Carly left for Italy and she was all I had. She was the only one who I thought cared about me, and she did. Because of her I stayed out of juvie and I always had place to stay whenever home got too lonely for my liking. And because of that, I loved her. Hell, I still love her. And I kind of regret not telling her before she left, even though she'd probably shut me out of her life if she knew. She's straight as fuck. Anyway, besides Carly I really had no other friends. I guess there was Freddie, but since we broke up the last time he's been giving me these weird vibes and I wasn't gonna handle that, so I left. I don't really know how I ended up in Hollywood, but hell I'm not complaining. I've always wanted to visit this place, and my bike brought me here. All I did was drive, only stopping for food, gas, and sleep. (Money was no issue. Like I said, my attitude gets me places.) I never thought I'd end up in Hollywood, but I did.. sharing an apartment.. with a spacey red-head.. named Cat.

"Saaam! Wakeyyy!", Cat sang at the top of her lungs.

"Argh, Cat. It's 6 am on a Sunday, lemme sleep!", I said as I rolled over, completely facing the boy toilet on my wall Cat was ever so fascinated by.

"No!", she argued, "I wanna do something fun today. Like go shopping! Or go to the beach! Or-"

"Or sleep!"

"Sleeping is only fun when you dream, Sam."

"I know, so how's about you scoot your petite butt outta the room so I can-"

"Hehe! Butt!"

Facepalm. There was no arguing with her, so I just got up. At least there'll be breakfast.

I fixed my bed, still half asleep as I listened to Cat ramble on about what some guy named Robbie did for her at school the other day. From what she's told me about him, he sounds like a total loser. A loser who does nothing but dream about a chance with the lovely Cat Valentine. Like that'll ever happen. Cat's told me she doesn't like him that way, and I'm kind of relieved about that. I don't even know him and I don't like him. I don't like him having the hots for Cat. Not just because he seems.. weird, but because she deserves better quality guys on her tail. If any. I've gotten rather protective of Cat, and that's not unusual. I was like that with Carly. Cat's a nice girl, a really nice girl. Her personality is really sweet, which it is a mystery to me as to how I tolerate that. And I'm not gonna lie, she's breathtakingly beautiful. Hot, even. I don't think a guy like Robbie deserves her. I'll agree with the guy on one thing though. Anyone would be "lucky as cheese" to go out with her, whenever the hell cheese became lucky. I mean, she's cute. And in more ways than one.

".. and that's when he gave me those flowers I brought home the other day.", Cat said rather out of breath from her restless pacing around the room.

"I think you should tell that Robbie guy to fuck off. He keeps pestering you with flowers and chocolates and other mushy shit when he knows he has no chance."

"Sam! You know I don't like those words!"

"Sorry, profanity was my first language.", I said with a smirk.

"Well, no more!", Cat said while she covered her ears and pouted as a cute, frustrated grunt left her throat.

I laughed, "You know I'm just fu-.. messing with you, Cat. But I really do think you should tell him to move on. I don't like him all around you like that."

She gave me a confused look. "Why?"

I froze for a second. I didn't have a legitimate reason, I just didn't like it. At all.

"Umm, because he's weird and you shouldn't date guys like that.", I said cautiously.

"But I told you I don't like him like that so you don't have to worry about me being with him. He just gives me things and I like them.."

"That's called leading someone on, Cat. It's mean. And I don't 'worry' about who you are and aren't with, alright?"

Lying is my forte.

She furrowed her eyebrows thinking about what I just said and smiled.

"But I think its cute how he keeps trying," she said, "and since when do you care about being nice, Sam?"

Since when did you come up with well thought out arguments..

"Well I think its gross. And uh, I guess because I wouldn't want someone to do that to me.", I said truthfully. Being led on hurts, even if it isn't intentional.

Again, Cat thought about the words spoken to her.

"Okay, Sam. I trust you.", she said as she embraced me in a wholehearted hug.

As she hugged me, something inside me switched on. And it burned like child's forgotten nightlight in the morning. At this feeling I shoved her away and patted her head giving her a quick "trust you too, kid."

She turned around and skipped to the kitchen, smiling. Unfazed by my abnormal behavior. Well, I guess it's not that abnormal considering I always shove her away when she hugs me. This time was different though. Why did that hug impact me so much? Why am I so jealous about Robbie the fuck face? I don't 'like' Cat like that. Sure I think she's adorable, and fairly attractive, but have it go this far? Fuck me, not again. Falling in love too easily just like my fucking mother. But Cat makes it so, so easy..

"Sam! Breakfast is ready! I've got fresh bacon, just how you like it. Hehe!", I heard Cat call from the kitchen.

I sat up from the bed and snapped out of my funk. "Just how you like it." I couldn't help but smile at that.

I walked towards the door, my legs feeling numb.

"Hey uh Cat? Can I get some extra bacon? I'm gonna need it."

Boy, I'm gonna need it.