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I stared at the living room ceiling of our apartment, the room in complete silence. I had finally awoken from one of the deepest sleeps I'd ever experienced, a result from an all night movie marathon and junk food session. The room appeared yellow and the smell of sex was in the air, though I didn't remember much intimacy. My arms were numb and wrapped around my red-headed lover. She still slept peacefully, her slightly bare chest slowly moving with her breathing and her eyebrows subtly reacting to her current dream.

I stared at her, appreciating every second of this moment. She was in her most vulnerable state, a state which I haven't seen in what seemed like years, but was actually only a few weeks past. The memories of that night still lingered in my mind, but I'd tried to push it out as if it never happened for her sake and my well being. They say its better to forgive and forget, but I never forgive, and I'll be lucky enough to forget.

As I stared, she stirred quietly. I figured I'd get up and let her be the one to wake up to breakfast for once, she deserved it. I would also call her school to address her future absence. I wanted her with me, and she wouldn't want to go either.

I sat up and attempted to maneuver around her serene body, eyeing the robe that had seemed to be forcefully thrown on the coffee table. She sensed my movement and opened her heavy, chocolate brown eyes.

"Is that you Sam?" she asked in a mumble.

I smiled. "Well who else would it be?"

She giggled and dug her face in the hoodie of my jacket she'd used as a pillow as a gesture of embarrassment.

I observed her body as she stood and searched for her scattered clothing. Not in a perverse way, but in awe.

She dressed herself and walked towards me with hooded eyes, wrapping her arms around my neck. I responded with my hands at her hips.

"Well good morning to you, miss Cat." I said flirtatiously.

She blushed. "Morning Sam!"

She ran a finger over my effortlessly toned abs and gave me a sweet kiss.

"You aren't going to school today, you're staying with me." I said confidently.

"But I have a test today!" She argued.

"Make it up later, I don't want to be away from you today."

I gagged at how uncharacteristically sweet that was coming from me, but it was the truth.

"Fine, but only if you can find me!"

She took off running into our empty bedroom, trying her best to hide.

I smirked and entered the bedroom behind her, losing her as I stepped in.

"You know I'll find you, I always do." I warned.

At that I heard giggling coming from my bed and unveiled her childish smile from under my covers.

"Oops." She giggled.

I poked her side at her defeat and kissed her warm forehead.

"Are you trying to tickle me?" She said curiously, noticing my fingertips slightly touching her lower back. "You know I'm very ticklish!"

I grinned at her reaction. "Is that an invitation?"

Before she could process my words, I'd already pinned her down on my bed and began tickling her sides. Her laughter filling the apartment.

"Sam Puckett!-" -giggle- "you stop-" -giggle- "right now!"

I paused.

"Make me, Valentine."

She was now wheezing, and somehow managed to roll us over and pin me down.

"Stop." She said with a smile.

I looked into her teary eyes and lost myself. How'd I ever get this lucky?

Abruptly, she laid her body on top of mine, resting her head on my chest.

"Sam?" She asked.

"What's up kid?"

".. You remember that bad night we had? When.. when you rescued me?" She said carefully.

My breathing stopped. I didn't want to discuss the incident at all.

"Y-yeah, what about it?"

She paused for a bit and continued, hesitantly.

"Remember when I said you shouldn't have come? That you should've called the police instead?"

"Yes, I do remember that."

In fact, remembered every word she spoke to me that night.

"I.. I secretly really wanted you there, but-"


"-but I felt bad because you got hurt and you were put in danger all because of me. Its my fault you have scars and booboos that havent healed. Its my fault you went through all that scary stuff. You could've died because of me!"

She started to tear up a bit and I was at a loss for words.

"Kiddo I told you it was no sweat. I wanted to find you, that's all I cared about. And its not your fault you were.. taken and, and had those things done to you. It was so long ago, you couldn't control it and you couldn't fight it. So stop blaming yourself for something you had nothing to do with cupcake, you did nothing wrong. All that matters is you're home, you're safe, and you're mine. I love you Cat, remember that."

She looked up at me with diminishing pain and guilt in her eyes. I wiped away her tears and she leaned in and kissed me passionately. I found my hands coming up her back and pushing her against me.

She began tugging at my robe and letting her hands wander as I did the same. I began to think about her, our relationship, and how far we've come.

Her and I, we're quite the team. Totally different, yet we fit perfectly. It's amazing to me how I just happened to land here and find myself associated with a strange little red-head, but I'm not complaining, our lives are just getting started. After all we've been through, even though it hasn't been much, Im confident our bond is unbreakable.

I guided her onto her back and kissed her neck, but her whisper made me stop for a second.

"Can you turn Mr. Purple around? He can't see this.." She said concerned.

I laughed as I stood up and turned the purple giraffe towards the wall.

"Thank you." She smiled. "Now come back over here Puckett!"

I grinned and hurried towards her, biting my lip in mischievous anticipation.

This may sound weird, but even in provocative situations, she is still too adorable.

I'm happy she's safe in our little apartment.

With me.

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