Title: Swimwear Jealousy

Summary: Rin is totally not jealous of the swimwear Haruka wears almost everywhere, everyday. Nope. Definitely not.

Disclaimer: Still don't own~

Pairing: Rin x Haruka

Warning: OoC-ness again, I guess. Oh, and slightly more rated this time. *grins*

Swimwear Jealousy

"Nngh… R-Rin…"

Haruka gasped out breathlessly, writhing under the redhead. Rin merely smirked and crashed their mouth together, Haruka automatically tilting his head to deepen the kiss. Rin made a noise in approval, biting playfully at the raven's lips. Haruka gasped―Rin knew the other would be glaring at him if he could―and the redhead took the chance to slip a wet tongue through. A hand slipped underneath the wrinkled white shirt, fingers ghosting over the rippled skin as Rin ground his hips against the Haruka's.

Haruka broke the kiss and gave another moan, "R-Rin…"

"Yes, dear?" Rin teased, and this time, Haruka did glare at him, before rolling his hips in retaliation. The redhead groaned, but nevertheless smirked, "You're really impatient, aren't you?"

Haruka's response was cut off by another gasp as the hand that was trailing all over his chest pinched at a nipple. Rin chuckled, dipping his head to press their lips together once more. As a hand continued to twist and pinch at Haruka's chest, Rin let his free hand trail down, lower and lower until it reached the growing budge below. Nimble fingers unbuttoned Haruka's pants with ease and slipped under, expecting to meet heated skin, only to meet rubbery spandex.

Rin broke the kiss with a frown, garnet orbs glancing down to see none other than Nanase Haruka's beloved swimwear. He gave a low growl, "Again? You're always wearing them." Rin rolled his eyes as he scoffed, "I swear, these things touch you more than I do."

Haruka stared at him quietly before concluding, "…You're jealous. Again."

"I am not jealous of your swimwear!" Rin protested, despite the faint blush coloring his cheeks.

Haruka rolled his eyes.

Definitely jealous.

"Do you know how hard it is to get your swimwear off in the heat of the moment?!"


Well, there's that too.

Still, Haruka thought, doesn't mean he wasn't jealous.

A/N: Because I watched episode 4 and decided that Haruka x Swimwear is as canon as Haruka x Water. xDD

On a side note, this is loosely connected to Liquid Jealousy but can be read on its own. (Thanks for all the lovely reviews and favorites for that one~ *gives out chocolate marshmallows*) And that's all for this time, peeps~ Thanks for reading! Ciao ciao~

(P.S.: Do I need to bump the rating up to M...?)