Tomorrow is our first day back, I hope I have at least one class with them. No doubt people are going to stare. They are gorgeous! The girls will be all over the guys and the guys will be going after the girls.

I only have a few friends at Forks high such as: Jessica Stanley, Angela Webber and Ben Cheney who is dating Angela.

I started getting my outfit for the next day ready since my books are done. I chose a pair of black skinny jeans with a yellow ruffle singlet. Since the holidays started I changed my style. I used to wear baggy clothing and never really cared for makeup.

But I learnt to sort of love it after Renee insisted I change a bit, I chose my yellow high tops to go with it and laid it out on my desk.

"Disturbia, it's like the darkness is the light. Disturbia, ain't used to what you li-" I answered my phone and was surprised to hear Alice on the other side.
"Hey Alice, how did you get my number?" I asked not remembering if I gave it to her.

"Hey Bella, Renee gave it to me. Anyway, I was just wondering, do you want to come over?" She asked sweetly, I knew she wanted something but I wasn't sure what.

"Ok Alice I'll be over there soon." I said hanging up, I grabbed my wallet and house keys and told Renee I'd be at the Cullen's. Luckily Forks was a small town so I could walk. I'll try and get my learners when I turn 16 so I don't have to walk everywhere.

I made it to the Cullen's house within 15 minutes, it was so cold on the way I felt like an iceberg. I quickly knocked on the door and seconds later Alice and Rosalie opened the door and shoved me in.

"Hey Bells, we just wanted to talk to you about school. What should we wear?" I rolled my eyes, of course it's a fashion emergency.

I walked into her closet weighing the options. "Allie, your way better at this than me. Why are you asking me for advice?" I asked suspiciously.

"Because I don't know what people are like there, I just want to fit in!" Alice said desperate, I picked out this light pink, flowing top with a rose colour ribbon around the stomach tying it all together, I chose her white skinny jeans with holes in them. Lastly I chose pink shoes to match her top and a pink bow for her hair.

Next was Rosalie, I chose a blood red turtleneck with a pair of white skinny jeans and red stilettos. They both loved their outfits and I headed back downstairs to grab my keys and go home.

Once I got home I brushed my teeth, put my PJ'S on and crashed in my bed.