"You will pay for this insolence," Shockwave said as he approached the engine.
"Insolence huh?" Leadfoot said. "Far as I'm concerned, we're just returning this to where it rightfully belongs."
Shockwave's eyes grew an even brighter red. "Come, Driller!"
The gigantic robotic worm appeared from underneath the ground, destroying part of the LRT bridge.
"Well, looks like the boss got a minibos with him," Topspin said.
"Mini?" Roadbuster replied.
"Aw okay. Big. Better?"
"No guys, not better. Stall for time, I'm gonna use my cannon again," Leadfoot said.
"Roger that."
Topspin and Roadbuster immediately sprang to action, firing their guns. Their path to Shockwave was blocked by the Driller. It lunged at them, and both dodged. The driller turned and attacked them again.

The Fallen fired a shot from his bow. The vividteam scattered to avoid the arrow, it hitting the glass doors behind them instead.
"Running away?' The Fallen said.
"Who said anything about that?" Wakaba replied. She flew up to the 2nd floor, raising her sword above her head, ready to strike. The girls quickly followed her.
The Fallen transformed the bow into a sword and countered the blow, catching Wakaba off guard.
"Not done yet!"
Himawari fired her weapons. "Naked collider!"
The funnels started firing at the Fallen.
"Hmmm. Impressive, but not good enough," The Fallen said, raising the arm that was not holding the sword, somehow blocking the beams.
"How about this?"
Aoi attacked from behind. "Naked Impact!"
She aimed low, for the legs. The Fallen anticipated it, and jumped. He then punched Aoi, sending her flying.

As Megatron and Optimus exchanged blows, the one combatant not participating was watching them. Starscream lay in wait, not daring to assist Megatron. He has better plans…

"Aww yeah!"
Roadbuster activated his grappling hooks, latching onto the Driller's back.
"Take this!"
He fired several shots at the driller. Topspin activated his swords, and readied against the raging Driller.
"Take this!" The Driller was split into two by Topspin as the beast, unable to stop it's momentum, got sliced into two.
"No!" Shockwave said.
"Yeah, a big no for you," Leadfoot said. "Take cover, guys!"
Leadfoot fired his giant cannon, destroying Shockwaveinstantly.
"No time to party," Leadfoot said. 'We gotta help those soldiers!"

"Fine, try this!"
Himawari kissed Wakaba, triggering their transformation.
Akane was surprised. "Hey, is that-"
"I didn't exactly spend my time idling," Himawari said.
Yeah! Now you're going down, Wakaba added.
They activated their sword, getting ready to stab the Fallen.
"You shouldn't repeat your tricks," The Fallen said, ready with his sword.
And you shouldn't repeat your counters!
"Take this!"
Himawari let go of one of the hands gripping the sword, and materialized another sword, this time managing to slice off one of the Fallen's arms, the one not holding the sword.
"And now, Funnels! Naked collider!"
The funnels' beams pierced the Fallen's shoulders.
Himawari backed off.
The Fallen was on his knees, but he was laughing.
"What's so funny?" Rei asked, readying her gun. "What's so funny?!"
The Fallen stood up.
"You cannot beat me."
Already his wounds were closing, wires and metal quickly forming a replacement for the severed arm.
"Only the worthy can beat me!"

One of those worth is Optimus Prime. Who is currently being kept busy by Megatron.
He kicked Optimus, sending the autobot leader flying into a building. Optimus was able to stop his crash, then activated his thrusters to fly up, shooting Megatron.
This is taking too long
, Optimus thought.

The Fallen reformed the sword into a staff, then stomped it on the ground, sending a shockwave that sent Himawari flying and separating her from Wakaba. Both girls landed below.
"Himawari! Wakaba!"
Aoi flew below in order to see if they were all right.
"Surrender now. Defeat is inevitable," The Fallen said.
"No," Akane said. "You hurt Rei! You are the cause why she suffered. For that I cannot forgive you!"
Rei looked at Akane, surprised a bit. "Akane.."
"I told you, right?"Akane said. "We're taking him down together."
Akane kissed Rei, triggering their transformation into VividRed.

Optimus readied his sword and charged Megatron. Megatron blocked his blow and attempted to counter, but Optimus had his second sword ready and chopped off Megatron's blocking arm. Afterwards he quickly withdrew his sword and drew his gun, shooting Megatron point-blank in the face.
Megatron lay in the ground, and Optimus stabbed him in the chest.
"This is the end for you. I rise, you fall."

As Megatron lay dying, Starscream finally appeared from his hiding place.
"How the mighty have fallen!" Starscream said, walking around the Decepticon leader.
"It is time for a new era, Megatron. And you're not in it."
"No! The master will not allow this…"
"The Fallen? Heh. I have no doubt the humans will take him down. That will leave no obstacles for me. And now…" Starscream fired his guns pointblank at Megatron's head.
Starscream turned into his jet mode and escaped.

"I have regained my strength!" The Fallen said. "Now such tricks cannot defeat me anymore."
He transformed his staff into a bow and fired. Vividred dodged, and activated her newest weapon.
"Take this! Vivid Boomerang!"
The boomerang sliced into the air, cutting up the remaining stalls that were in it's path. The Fallen raised his hand and blocked it, holding the boomerang. He looked at it curiously then threw it away. "Pathetic." He paused. "Hmm… I sense that my disciple…has fallen. No matter. He has always been a disappointment. I will finish this myself!"
He ran forward and went for a punch. Vividred blocked it and countered, punching the Fallen in the stomach.
You're gonna have to do better than that!
"Indeed, Rei! Like this?"
The Fallen transformed his bow into a sword, ready to pierce Vividred's back.
"No you don't!"
Aoi deflected the sword, sending it flying.
"You will never beat us! Our bonds..our friendship is stronger than you!"
Besides her appeared Wakaba an Himawari.
"Right!" Wakaba said.
"Don't underestimate us!" Himawari said.
"Thanks everyone!" Akane said. "Now, it's time to beat you, The Fallen!"
Vividred attacked, punching the Fallen. He dodged, crashing into a nearby wall.
The Fallen turned his bow into his staff, and used it as a melee weapon. Vividred was able to block it-thanks to the vividboomerang.
"Boomerangs do come back," Akane said.
Now both warriors were parrying blows.
"Shouldn't we help?" Wakaba asked,
Aoi shook her head. "How could we? Look, we can never interrupt that. And, our presence alone gives Akane strength."

"I'll show you the power of our friendship!" Akane glanced at her friends.
The other girls nodded. Aoi attacked, hitting the Fallen in the stomach. As he staggered, he fell on Wakaba's blade. Afterwards, he was pierced by Himawari's beams.
"No!" The Fallen said, rising. "You cannot beat me! I AM A PRIME!"
As far as I'm concerned, you threw out your membership card a long time ago, Rei said.
"You are not a Prime!" The Fallen insisted.
"We beat you before," Akane said. "I think that means something, yes?"
Vividred readied her special attack. "THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED!"
"It's loud roar…" Aoi said.
"Is telling us.." Wakaba said.
"TO GRASP VICTORY!" Himwari said.
"VIVID PUNCH!" Vividred slammed her fist into the Fallen's head decapitating it. Now the Fallen's head was in Vividred's hands.
Heat end.
"NOOoooo…" The Fallen wailed even as Vividred crushed his head.

Author note:
And that's the end of the final battle! It was fun writing all these fights. Yes, that chant at the end was totally ripped off G Gundam. What can I say? When I first saw the attack, God Finger immediately came into mind. I've been looking for a way to insert it into the story.
Major Mike Powell III-That line was a reference to Marvel Avengers Alliance (Season 1, Chapter 11, Mission 3 I think), which, in turn, was a reference to an X-Men video game.
Make sure to stick around for the epilogue!