You can take getting shot as lightly as you please. The fact nonetheless remains that high speed projectiles tearing through human skin and muscle tend to do damage. And when you follow up the projectiles' action with running, jumping, and punching to take out the gunman, well, the damage tends to expand. Blood rushes out faster as action and adrenalin increase your heart rate and blood pressure, and tissue being asked to perform as if it had no gaping holes or missing connections tears jagged edges further apart as it complies, and you can only push it so far before it gives out.

Author's Note:

Rundown post-eps already abound, I know. And several of them are totally awesome - but that didn't stop me from having fun writing my own version (even if it turned out very differently from what I originally had in mind :). Hopefully that means a few like-minded people who are not yet burned out on the "Eliot got shot" storyline will have fun reading it! I will aim for greater originality next time...

As stated in the summary, this story is fully written - so no need to worry about it turning into an abandoned WIP. As far as posting schedule goes, I will aim for a chapter a day - but should you happen to want the next chapter a little faster, feel free to request it: if I'm online again that day and see the notification, I'll probably be so thrilled that I will immediately log in and post the next one!

For the rest, all the usual disclaimers about not owning the Leverage characters/concept and not making any money from this apply.

Happy reading!