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*News flash: A Titan being sued! Who is she being sued by? nobody knows...*

Raven sat in a courtroom with a lawer Waiting for the person to arrive. [Who the heck is suing me..]

The doors opened and she heard someone enter. Raven turned around and her eyes grew large. "BEASTBOY?! WHY ARE YOU SUING ME?"

Beastboy's lawer stepped in "I'll ask you to save your questions for later." Raven raised an eyebrow.

"And who are you?" The woman smirked.

"The name is Jane bingum. And we're suing you for intentional emotion harm."

Raven facepalmed. "You have got to be kidding me.." The judge entered the room and everyone took their seats.

"Case Logan against Roth for Intentional emotional harm and both verbal and physical abuse."

"Are you freakin kidding me?!" Raven shouted. The judge banged her gavel.

"Order in the court! Mr. Jaler keep your client under control."

Raven sat down with a 'Hmph."

"The counsels may give opening statements at this time. Ms Bingum?"

Jane stood up. "Members of the jury, I intend to show you that my client has been wrongfully abused for a long time by Ms. Roth and I intend to put a stop to it."

Jane sat down again. The judge nodded and looked towards Raven's lawer. "Mr. Jaler?"

Mr. Jaler stood. "Members of the jury. My client simply was angry as most of us would be. Mr. Logan Teased her day in and day out. Wouldn't you get mad?"

He sat down again.

[First Witness. Dick Greyson. (Robin) Jane questions first.]

"Mr. Greyson, have you ever known Ms. Roth to be an angry type?"

"Well kind of yes. She gets mad at Beastboy mostly."

"Has she ever yelled at him or called him a rude name?"

"Oh yeah she does that all the time. She calls him all sorts of stuff."

"Describe what happens when she 'explodes from anger'"

"Well, sometimes she throws him out the window or pushes him off the roof. She throws stuff at him too; Cars when shes really mad."

"My goodness. So she's a violent type?"

Ravens lawer stood. "Objection!"

"Withdrawn. No further questions." Jane said.

"Mr. Jaler you may proceed."

Mr. Jaler walked up to Robin. Mr. Greyson isn't it true that Mr. Logan can fly or turn into any animal or insect?"

"Yeah thats true."

"So when he's thrown out the window my client would know that he wouldnt actually get hurt?"

"Yeah I dont think Raven would ever try to seriously hurt any of us."

"No further questions."

Didja like it? huhuh? didja? lol For those who didnt catch it, Im using the Titans original names. Robin is Dick greyson, Raven is Raven Roth, And beastboy is Garfield Logan. Courtrooms are formal like that. Oh and ravens lawer's name is Mr. Jaler. In case you were confused.

Next witness is Cyborg! aka 'Victor Stone.'