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[Witness 3: Mr. Garfield Logan(BB!)Jane questions first.]

"Mr. Logan, how does Ms. Roth usually treat you?"

"Well, she's kinda scary sometimes.. I went in her room once.. that was the scariest thing I'd ever experienced."

Raven coughed*You should see his room*

The judge looked over at Raven. "Ms. Roth hold your remarks for the stand." Raven rolled her eyes.

"So Mr. Logan, has Ms Roth ever said something mean to you?"

"Yeah all the time. She usually just calls me idiot or stuff like that but if I really get her mad she totally shows her creative side."

The jury chuckled at that. "So has she ever been violent to you?"

"Um does thrown out a window count? She does that all the time. And she throws cars and stuff at me too when she's really mad. Or she

superglued my mouth shut once at a karaoke night."

"No further questions."

Mr. Jaler walked up.

"Mr. Logan do you intentionally annoy Ms. Roth?"

"Dude! I would never do it on purpose! I'm just annoying naturally!"

"Do you continue to annoy her even when she tells you to go away?"

"Yeah. I know she'd be lonely if I just left her alone. I couldn't ever leave her by herself."

"I see. So you assume she actually enjoys your company? Even though she practically begs you to leave her alone? Isn't it true that

You know she hates your company?"

Jane went to say 'objection' but an exploding lamp took her attention away. Everyone stared at Raven. "I'm objecting this time. Don't assume

you know how I feel about his company Mr. Jaler." Raven said harshly. The judge smirked.

"Sustained. Mr. Jaler keep it civil."

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