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Chapter One

31st October 1981

Severus Snape peered through the open door and into the hallway of the Potters home gingerly, as if fearful of the destruction he might find before him. The hallway seemed to have been unaffected by the Dark Lords visit, but as Severus stepped over the threshold he saw the first signs of what was to come, James Potter lay on the stairs, spread-eagled, wand nowhere in sight. Although Severus had always hated Potter he was not glad he was dead, for if he was dead that meant the Dark Lord had proceeded up the staircase to where he presumed Lily had taken the baby.

Severus mimicked the actions of the Dark Lord and stepped over James Potters body slowly ascending the stairs and heading down the landing to the nursery, there he stopped tears forming in his eyes. It was clear that his Lily had cast herself between her son and the Dark Lord, ever selfless for those that she loved. He went over to her, tears falling freely now thinking to himself that it was a waste as the boy had still died at the hand of the Dark Lord. He gathered her up in his arms and left the room blind to the destruction there, the half missing wall, the shattered glass of the window. He had reached the landing when he heard it, almost a quiet whisper nothing more than a whimper really, laying Lily down he turned.


The boy lived, beyond all reasoning and sense the little boy had survived where his parents had fallen to the killing curse.

'Dada' the child's voice was slightly louder now as if wondering why his mother hadn't come when he called, an accusing finger was pointed at Severus Snape

'Not Dada' he proclaimed

The child really was quite bright, Severus thought to himself, maybe he had inherited Lily's potions skills, certainly charms she had exceeded everyone in their year at charms and Flitwick had wanted her to stay on to train as a teacher.

As Severus had been musing the little boy had started crying screaming for his mother, father and continuing to proclaim Severus 'Not Dada', children really were quite loud. Then the boys magic exploded from him and Severus remembered what he had been told about magical children, if you didn't control the tantrum and talk them down then they could cause some very damaging accidental magic. Struggling Severus tried to remember the boys name.

'Harry, you need to calm down for me please' Severus berated himself the child certainly could not understand, but talking on a soothing tone had helped.

'Harry, shhh, shhh, shhh, it's all going to be alright, we just need to think of the best place to take you right now, shhh'

The golden light surrounding Harry pulsed then settled, humming softly

'Mama?' he asked

'Mama can't be here right now Harry'


'He's with your Mama'

Severus thought he was very lucky that Lily was not still in the room as that would do nothing for the boys temper right now, he had obviously inherited that from Lily.

'Where?' the small boy demanded

'They're with the angels Harry'

A frown appeared he had heard of the angels, that was who Aunty Mari was with, she hadn't been to see him since.

'With Aunty Mari,' the young boy declared.

Severus frowned then remembered, Marlene McKinnon had been friends with Lily and had died three weeks ago.

'Not coming hoooome' Harry wailed loudly the golden light pulsing madly, growing and shrinking

'Want Mama! Want Dada!' Harry stamped his little foot demanding his parents

'Noooowww!' he was screaming now and crying but Severus couldn't get to him to try and calm the small child with Lily's eyes.

Just as Severus thought of stunning the small child so he couldn't harm himself the light disappeared into Harry's chest and the small boy looked down, his sobs subsiding to hiccups, then he looked at Severus his eyes gleaming. As Severus dived for the boy he turned on one wobbly foot and Disapparated. All Severus could do was stare at the empty space that used to be filled by Harry Potter the Boy Who Lived.

1st September 1976

Lily looked around, happiness evident in her eyes and smile, the holiday had been a long one. It was made worse by Petunia who shrieked every time she saw an owl, she still didn't understand that they wouldn't attack her or try and nest in her hair. Lily snorted to herself.

'Something funny Lils'

Lily sighed good mood ruined

'Go away Potter, I am not in the mood to deal with your infantile behaviour this evening'

Potter wisely took her advice and continued down the great Hall to sit with Sirius.

'When are you going to give him a break and go out with him?' her best friend Marlene asked

'When he grows up'

'Lils he's a boy, that'll never happen!'

Lily, Marlene and the third girl of their group Alice all sniggered at that

'How true Marlene' Alice said between giggles 'even Frank acts immature sometimes and he's a year above us'

'True, true Alice, Potter might grow up one day and when he does I might think about saying yes to one of his many attempts to ask me out'

From further down the table James smiled

'Prongs, what's put you in a good mood?' his best mate Sirius asked.

'She said, Moony did you hear, Padfoot didn't hear, but you did didn't you?' James glee was evident on his features.

'Yes James I heard Lily say that IF you grow up she MIGHT say yes, that does not amount to her agreeing now or considering your reaction not for a good while yet'

The other boys laughed as James suddenly looked crestfallen, then he perked up.

'Moony, you have to help me!'

'What is it now James?' the werewolf sighed.

'Well you're responsible and grown up - and a Prefect'

'I am well aware of that'

'You can teach me how to do it!' James was obviously thrilled with his newest plan to make Lily Evans notice him, sighing again Remus deliberated, actually as far as plans went it wasn't the daftest one James had ever come up with. In fact it was the most sane so far.

'James I will try and help you,' James grinned, 'but you have to agree to do whatever I ask'

James thought for all of half a second

'OK Moony whatever you say, I'll do your homework, carry your books, anything!'

As he said it Dumbledore stood, everyone fell silent.

'Happy September everyone. Now a few announcements before bed, the Forbidden Forest is still Forbidden. Bashing Boomerangs have been banned, for a full list of contraband items please see Filtch's Office door. And finally goodnight, we will see you bright and early for breakfast'

Dumbledore smiled down at his students as they rose to go to bed.

'You want to seem responsible James? Help me with the first years the other prefect has Dragon Pox and hasn't arrived so I'm by myself.'

James grinned, starting as he meant to go on he helped Moony gather the first years together and led the from the great hall.

Lily was gobsmacked.

'Was that James Potter, helping first years?' she asked Alice

'Yes Lily I think it was'

'Huh, weird'

The girls shrugged it off as James just helping a friend, they'd heard that Jennifer Gold had Dragon Pox and wouldn't be returning for another two weeks, and headed off to the Gryffindor tower and the beds that awaited them there.

The next morning Sirius was in a rush to get to breakfast however James stopped dead when they reached the common room.

'What you doing Prongs?'

'I'm going to see if the first years need help finding the great hall, remember the first morning we got lost and missed breakfast?'

'So, who cares, I'm starved!'

'Go on I'll see you there'

James turned and headed back up the boys staircase, when he reached the first door he knocked.

'Boys? It's James Potter, from last night, I wondered if you needed help finding the Great Hall?'

A head popped round the corner.

'That'd be great thanks we'll meet you in the common room now, but you might want to go stop the girls in case they get lost.'

'The girls, of course' James smacked himself on the forehead dashing back down the stairs just in time to see two first year girls about to step into the corridor.

'Girls, if you wait a sec I'm going to lead the boys down to the Great Hall, you can come to if you like'

They turned around relief showing on their faces.

'Oh would you, we thought we could remember the way, but it's just so big!'

'That's OK, are the other girls still in your Dorm?'

The two firsties nodded.

'Run and fetch them we'll all go together, then no one misses breakfast' he smiled at them and they grinned back running off to fetch the other girls.

As James waited for the first years to arrive Lilly, Alice and Marlene all came the stairs.

'James? Why aren't you at breakfast?' Lily asked him.

'Well I remembered how Siri and I got lost the first morning here and we missed breakfast. So I decided to wait and take the first years down, they'll never make it to lunch otherwise.'

'Well that's very nice of you' Lily covered her shock as she realised it was a nice thing to do, 'I'll save some toast from the locusts for you.' She smiled and lead the other girls out of the Portrait hole as the first years came bounding down the stairs.

'Right then, everyone stay together, I'll point out some markers you can use to learn the way and then you shouldn't need so much help.'

James and the first years made it to breakfast without mishap and he sat down between Alice and Sirius, sighing at the meagre choices left. But then two slices of toast buttered thickly and spread with his favourite raspberry jam appeared on his plate. Looking up he caught Lily turning to speak to Marlene and he smiled to himself, maybe the growing up thing would work after all.

Lily, true to her word had saved James some toast, she explained it away to herself as guilt for not having thought to lead the first years herself. James Potter had thought of it before she had, for crying out loud! She huffed at herself frustrated, why was he suddenly so nice. It was weird, for five years she hadn't liked him for picking on those smaller, weaker or less skilled than himself, but this being nice was new.

Lily was snapped from her thoughts by Alice's gasp.

'Alice, what's the matter?'

'Look Lils'

Lily looked and saw a golden light, it was about the size of a golf ball but it started to grow. First slowly then quicker, rapidly becoming the width of the table.

'Gryffindors! Move back' McGonagall's voice cut through the shock as everyone pushed back from the table. Dumbledore and McGonagall had their wands pointed at the strange golden orb, suddenly within the orb a child appeared.

'Professors!' Lily shouted, 'lower you wands! It's a child'

The professors did as requested and the golden light vanished from around the child. He looked to be about a year old maybe slightly more, he was wearing his pyjamas and he looked around clearly seeking someone. He raised his hand pointed at James

'Dada!' he squealed before throwing himself into the lap of a terrified looking James.