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Sorry to the people who thought the end of Voldemort was underwhelming and unrealistic, this story isn't about him which is why I didn't go into too much detail about it.

I was planning a second story maybe set inbetween Voldemort's fall and when Harry starts Hogwarts but I'm not sure what do you think?


Harry was stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting for his parents to hustle the twins, Hazel and Olivia, into their coats. He was more excited than anything to be returning to Hogwarts for his first proper term there, he knew that as a baby he had lived there while his parents finished studying but he couldn't remember much about the castle, his head was too full of memories from the Weasley's house to fit much more in.

As he had become older he and Charlie had become great friends causing more mischief than James and Sirius ever had. Eventually the Weasley family had expanded to include the twins Fred and Gorge, who were nearly as bad as Charlie and Harry, two years later Ron had arrived and after him Ginny. Harry's sister Aurora was nine now making here older than the Weasley twins but younger than Percy, the Potter twins were six the same age as Ron Weasley. If the seven Weasley children and the four Potter children were seen together then trouble followed not far behind.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, Harry swung it open to reveal his Godparents.

'Uncle Sirius, Aunty Mari you made it.'

'Of course we did sweetheart, it's not every day your Godson starts Hogwarts, we brought you a present.' Marlene gestured to Sirius who moved to reveal a beautiful Snowy owl her eyes bright and alert even though it was the middle of the day.

'Thank you.' Harry dived on his Godparents and gave them a huge hug.

'We should leave now,' Aurora declared, 'otherwise we will be late.'

'Right then everyone ready to go?' James asked.

Seven heads nodded at him, and the family Apparated to an alley just beside Kings Cross Station. They moved off and headed towards platform nine and three quarters, each adult holding the hand of one of the children. Harry hated it but knew he had to set a good example for his sisters and it was so busy they would easily get lost.

When on the platform Harry took off to find a compartment on the train but he found Charlie had already nabbed one for them. He left the train to say goodbye to his family, hugging his youngest sisters and reassuring Aurora he would write every day if she wanted.

'Promise you won't get in trouble, Aunty Minnie will shout at you if you do.'

'I promise I won't get in trouble Aurora.' Aunty Minnie was scary when she was angry and Harry vowed to himself not to anger Aurora's Godmother.

He hugged his Godparents and Parents goodbye and got back on the train, he spotted Mrs. Weasley and waved at her.

'Bye everyone I'll write tonight to let you know where I end up, I'll see you all at Christmas!' He waved and waved until he could no longer see his family. Then he headed back to the compartment.

On the Platform Harry's little sisters burst into tears seeing their big brother leave.

'We wanna go, it's not fair!'

Lily and James sighed it was going to be a long time until Christmas.

'Girls with Harry away you're going to be Mommy's helpers for the Christmas party, remember?'

The sniffling stopped and three pairs of teary eyes looked up at her.


'Yes, you remember why we have the party don't you. Can you tell me?'

'To remember when you and Daddy saved Harry from the nasty meanie pants.'

Lily smiled at her children's description as she lead them all away from the Platform. No one had been bothered by dark wizards since that day and it would stay that way for years to come, all was well in the wizarding world.