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Pain there were many forms of pain. Two Ling was awfully familiar with. Emotional pain and physical pain. Emotional pain she had felt and had learned to deal with. Physical pain she had also felt, but never like the pain she was feeling now, never like a burning sensation, tearing her body apart.

She was lying on the ground inhaling deeply. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on her more vital wounds. Her arms were scratched and bruised, she had a couple of deep cuts where blood was flowing slowly. Her ribs were also badly bruised, and most likely broken seeing as how hard it was to breath. Her legs were in no better condition than her arms. Her right leg had a deep cut going from her mid leg to just above her knee. Her left leg felt crushed, it hurt so much when she tried to move it, but it wasn't broken, just badly bruised or so she guessed.

Taking another painful breath, she opened her eyes. She slowly rolled onto her side and winced, taking another small breath. She used her arms to pull her upper body from the ground, the pressure she was creating on her arms resulted in the blood from her arms to flow more rapidly from her wounds.

She shut her eyes tightly as if willing the pain away. Knowing that wasn't about to happen, she got on all fours and brought her left leg forward using it to push her self upright. As soon as she was standing, she fought to keep her balance as a wave of dizziness came over her. She tried taking a deep breath, only to succeed in producing more pain from her rib cage.

After a few minutes her world finally stopped spinning. Slowly she turned towards her goal, the pyramid. The pyramid where she had seen Jin going into, chasing after that ogre monster. When she had seen Jin going after the monster, she had decided not to follow, whatever fight was to ensue was between Jin and the monster. After seeing Heihachi head up the temple behind Jin, Ling began to worry.

~ Flashback~

Ling stilled for a moment starring at Heihachi, she shook her head pushing her worries aside, she was about to turn and leave. When a light breeze brushed through her hair and fluttered Heihachi's jacket slightly open, not much but it had been enough for her to see what he was hiding beneath his jacket.

She felt her heart stop for a second. He was carrying a gun. A million thoughts swarmed through her head. Heihachi wouldn't hurt Jin would he? Jin was his only grandson? But what if, after all he wasn't a man to be trusted. She decided she couldn't take any chances and started running towards the temple after Jin and Heihachi.

Before she could get too far she saw a flash of red and the next thing she knew she was lying on the ground. She had bumped into someone she looked up and glared at the person who had gotten in her way. She recognized the person immediately, it was a fighter called Anna. Ling had seen her fight earlier and didn't like her style of fighting. She didn't know why but there was just something about the fighter she didn't like. She wonder briefly what in the world had possessed her into fighting in a red dressing gown with high-heels.

Ling got up and dusted herself she didn't have time for distractions. She looked up at Anna still glaring at her. Anna was looking down at her (seeing as she was taller) with a smirk.

"Get our of my way"

Ling said. Before she could take a single step, Anna had stepped in front of her again, shaking her head.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. I'm afraid that won't be possible. You see little girl master Mishima has order that no one follows them up there."

Having heard that, Ling was now sure that Heihachi was up to no good, she had to get up there and quickly.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Ling said again more forceful, through clenched teeth. Anna simply chuckled.

"No, no. Now that's not about to happen, because the only way you're getting up there is through me. So why don't you just turn around and go play with your dolls or something."

So the only way was through her huh? That was completely fine with Ling. It was her turn to smirk.

"So sorry I forgot to bring my dolls, but I'll settle for kicking your rag doll ass."

After that comment they had engaged in battle. Immediately Ling had the advantage due to Anna's overconfidence. Anna had underestimated Ling due to her height and age. Hadn't anyone ever told her size didn't matter.

Anna had quickly realized her mistake and had began to rain kicks and punches down on Ling. Anna was fast fortunately Ling was just slightly faster. Ling began to block and attack. They continued like that for awhile, both doing severe damage to the other.

Soon they both started to get tired, Ling wonder how much longer they could hold on, she looked up at the temple wondering if Jin was alright. It had been only a split second but it had been a stupid mistake, rule one was never take your eyes off your opponent. Anna of course seized the opportunity and slid her foot through Lings feet making her fall to the ground with a heave thud.

Unfortunately Ling didn't have enough time to get up. Anna was on her in an instant, kicking her ribs. Ling grunted and Anna continued to kick her ribs. That had been how she had broken most of her ribs. Anna brought her foot up for another kick though this time Lings reflexes kicked in. She grabbed Annas foot and with all her strength threw her backwards. Anna landed hard on her ass. Ling rolled away and stood up.

Anna recovered quickly and started attacking Ling again. After the brutal assault her ribs had received, it was very hard for ling to stand let alone dodge Anna's attacks. Every time Anna threw a high kick Ling barely had enough time to dodge. Most of the time she didn't dodge her kicks completely which resulted on Anna's heels either scratching her arms or digging deep into her arms. Ling guessed why she wore the high-heels now.

Anna though had landed more hits on Ling, wasn't without damage. Ling had managed to land quite a few hits to her legs, face and her right arm which was covered in blood and most likely in the verge of breaking.

They were both panting hard, the only thing that kept them going was their motivation. Ling had to get to the pyramid and Anna was not about to let that happen. Anna ran towards Ling again, it looked as if she was going to tackle her so Ling jumped. Big mistake Anna had caught her at the waist and raised her over her head and proceeded to slam her down with powerful force. Ling tried to react fast enough to land on her feet, but all too quickly met with the ground making her land very badly on her left leg. The impact had been strong, but she was glad her leg wasn't' broken.

Ling got up again to Anna's dismay. Ling saw the surprise on Anna's face and smiled inwardly. Yeah she was hurt and tired but she could still hold on for more time then Anna could ever guess.

Time. Damn. Suddenly it hit her she didn't have time Jin could be hurt or worst. What if she was too late and Heihachi had indeed used that gun on Jin. With a rush of fear running through her veins and a new wave of adrenalin, she ran towards Anna tackling her to the ground with more strength then she thought she possessed.

Anna was stunned, but Ling knew Anna wasn't just going to stay down and let her go up the pyramid. Still Ling didn't want to kill her, it just wasn't in her blood. So she did the only thing that she thought could stop Anna from coming after her. Ling took advantage of Anna still being dazed from the impact of hitting the ground, to put her plan in to action.

Ling reached down and grabbed Anna's right foot bringing it up to its full extent, taking a deep breath she brought her right leg up trying hard to keep her balance with her damaged left leg. She brought her leg up almost to her chest and brought her foot down with all her strength to collide with Anna's knee. Making the bone crunch and turn the other way. She quickly did the same to the other leg. All the while Anna screamed in agony.

Ling winced and started to turn away from Anna. Sadly though Anna wasn't ready to give up, she took a small dagger she had hidden in her gloves. All too quickly she drove the dagger into Ling's leg yelling.

"You bitch."

The dagger sliced down to Ling's knee. Ling screamed and fell to the ground. She clenched her teeth and kicked Anna in the head which managed to knock her out.

~End flashback~

Now here she stood wavering like a drunk. She looked down to where Anna still laid unconscious. She looked up at the pyramid and wanted to run towards it, but she knew her body wouldn't take the abuse.

She slowly made her ways to the bottom of the steep stairs of the pyramid, she looked up. In other circumstances she would have marbled at the architecture at the beauty of it, though right now she silently cursed the architectures. She started the painful climb or more like crawl up the stairs.

Don't think about the pain, just don't think about the pain. She kept mentally telling her self. She wasn't even halfway there when she heard a gunshot and froze.

"Oh my God!"

She tried to climb faster, but her body refused to obey. She stopped, panting every limb of her body shaking uncontrollably. To her horror her vision started to blur. She closed her eyes and quickly snapped them open when she heard a rumbling noise. Looking up in time to see a body falling from the hole it's body had created. She squinted trying to make out the body. Was it Jin?

No. It wasn't Jin, it was his grandfather.

The next thing she saw was a creature flying out from the hole Heihachi's body had created. It all seemed to be happening in slow motion. Hehachi slowly descending to meet the ground and his death. The winged creature taking a dive catching Heihachi inches from splattering to the ground. Then dropping him with small thud.

Ling watched the creature, who now she realized had a striking resemblance to Jin. Where was Jin? What had happened? What did this all mean? The creature rose high into the air and hovered there for a few seconds it's red eyes glowing in her direction, then it flew away.

Glowing red eyes were the last thing Ling saw before her world started to spin uncontrollably. Her world darkened before her too weak to fight anymore she welcomed the sweet embrace of unconsciousness.

~Three day later~

Lings eyes fluttered open just to be closed again, as she was hit by blinding light. It took her a few seconds to open her eyes again. Slowly she took in her surroundings, it didn't take long before she realized she was in a hospital.

She tried shifting and groaned, the slightest movement reminding her of her broken ribs. She brought her hands to her pounding head. She heard a click and turned her head towards the sound.

A nurse had walked in, seeing that Ling was awake she smiled brightly.

"Well it was about time you woke up. How do you feel?"

Ling tried to frown in confusion, but found out the action made her head pound even harder. She wanted to know why she was in a hospital, then as if on command all her memories started to pour back into her head.


She stopped her voiced sounded so raspy and her throat hurt. She brought her hand to her throat and tried to clearing her throat.

"Water" the nurse said. It wasn't a question it was what she guessed Ling was trying to say. Ling sighed no she didn't want water, but realized her throat was extremely dry and nodded. After gulping down the glass of water the nursed had handed her she tried again.

"What .... happened?"

Her voice still sounded a little raspy. The nurse frowned.

"Well I should be the one to ask you that but, if you want to know how you got here I can answer that. You were brought by a Mishima helicopter. along with other people all who had participated in that tournament. It was truly chaos, your were one of the worst injured. The others were hurt but not as badly."

Well at least Heihachi had the decency not to let them die were they had fallen. Then she remembered.

"Is Jin Kazama in this hospital too?"

"You knew the young heir?"

She asked a little surprised. Ling nodded, and frowned at the title the nurse had used for Jin. Then frowned even deeper. What had she meant by knew?

"Well his grandfather reported him missing since the day your were all brought here. Which was three days ago"

The nurse sighed sadly.

"Poor man there haven't been any leads what so ever. He must feel devastated."

Ling almost scoffed out loud, but was able to catch her self. So Jin was missing and she was willing to bet Heihachi would move heaven and earth to find him. She was also willing to bet Heihachi didn't want to find Jin to give him a hug and welcome him back to the family.

All while they were talking, the nurse had been checking her vital stats. Happy with what she saw, she smile at Ling again.

"Well you'll heal perfectly in a couple of months, might take a little longer for your ribs."

"Uh, where am I exactly?"

"Hong Kong"

Ling closed her eyes, she felt so tired.

"I'll go tell the doctor your away and call you parents"

Ling shook her head weakly. The nurse rose a questioning brow.

"No. Not yet.... tired"

Was all she managed to get out. Again the nurse smiled and nodded.

"All right I'll bring them in when you are fully awake. Just press that button if you need anything." She said pointing to the call button lying a few inched from Lings hand, and with that the nurse exited the room.

Ling closed her eyes, she was so tired. She had no idea what had happened with Jin and Heihachi up in the temple, she was so confused. Jin was missing. She was worried but not scared, somehow she knew wherever Jin was he was fine. She gave a big yawn.

"No matter where you are, I swear I'll find you"

With that silent bow she let sleep take over her exhausted body.

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