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~ A few days before the tournament ~

Three years, three years of searching with absolutely no luck. No luck until now, the fourth King of Iron Fist Tournament was being held. Ling was completely sure Jin would be there and there was no way she wasn't entering. She had to find Jin.

No one would stop her especially not now, she had been sent and e-mail. It had said she shouldn't enter the tournament and how it was dangerous for her to do so. She wasn't sure if the message had been sent as a warning or a threat. It didn't matter, it only meant there was going to be trouble in the tournament, but then again was there ever any doubt that there wouldn't be any trouble. Besides if there was trouble she wouldn't let Jin face it alone. Not again.

She had sworn three years ago that she would find him and she would.

"May I see your ticket?"

Ling handed her ticket to the receptionist at the air port. She smiled and pointed to her left.

"Right through there, and we hope you enjoy your flight. Have a nice day?"

Ling smiled back and walk towards the gate to her plane. Soon she would be there to face her destiny, hopefully for the last time.

Looking out the airplane window, she couldn't help but wonder again for what seemed like the billionth time who had sent her that e-mail. She scoffed remembering what the e-mail said. She hadn't yet decided whether it had been meant as a warning or a threat. All she knew was no one would stop her from entering the tournament.

~ At the tournament ~

She was sick of it, had, had enough. Enough of the fighting, the lying , the betrayals, the scheming, the hurting, she was sick of it all. The first time she had entered the tournament it had been to prove to herself she was indeed one of the best. This time it had been about Jin finding him and knowing he was okay. It had never been about the fighting, yes it had. Now she realized it had been, but not like this, she never wanted to see all the blood and gore she had witness in the tournament.

She wasn't stupid nor was she naive, she knew there would be violence and blood, wasn't there always? This was different there was too much evil, too much greed it was disgusting. She had, had enough. This tournament had given fighting a whole new meaning, this was no longer to prove who was the best. It was a fight for revenge and gaining all at any cost it was appalling and she no longer wanted anything to do with. The sad thing was it had been the same at the last tournament and most likely at the previous two tournaments . She had been too young to realize the foulness to it, but no longer. She was done. The tournament was over.

~After the tournament ~

All she had wanted to do was find Jin. And she had found him, he was walking in front of her going somewhere, with a slight haste judging the pace of his walk.. She wasn't sure at first if it was him he looked so different, but it was him. She ran to catch up to him. She had called his name and he stopped and turned towards her. Ling stopped a few yards away from him.

She had found him finally she had found him. All she wanted to do was run up to him and hold him, but she wasn't moving towards him. All she was doing was standing on shaky legs in complete shock.

Jin had stopped and was now facing Ling, but he wasn't moving either he was standing in front of her. The one person who he had thought about everyday for the past three years was standing right in front of him. He could do nothing but stand still with his hands clenched at his sides. He didn't know what do , what was he suppose to say? Here was the only person who cared about him. How could he explain the reason for his absence? How could he explain it was necessary? And most important should he? Would she understand or any longer care? too many question he didn't have the answers to.

Ling on the other hand couldn't even think, her mind was going too fast for her to catch up with the right words to form the sentences she wanted to say. Jin was there in front of her. After all that time of hoping and waiting. After almost giving up. After thinking she would never see him again, he was there and he wasn't saying anything or doing anything.

Did he no longer feel anything for her? Had he not missed her as much as she had missed him? That thought was devastating to her. She didn't care if he didn'tt see her as more than a friend. She could live with that, but to not have him as a friend at all, that was crushing. She couldn't look at him any more she swallowed hard trying to hold back the tears burning in her eyes.

She looked around trying hard not to think of what she was feeling. It was hard to believe she had actually called his name a few seconds ago, she remembered thinking he looked different, but of course she had expected as much. In fact today had not been the first day she had seen him. She had seen him the day before, at the time she hadn't been sure it was him. She had seen him fight, his fighting style had changed to that of which it used to be. No it hadn't changed, that was wrong, it hadn't changed when there was a change it meant there were still traces of what something used to be like. There was absolutely no trace whatsoever of Jins Mishima fighting style.

At that thought another question popped into her head. Had Jin changed or had he completely shed his former self? That was indeed a sad thought. Ling didn't think she could handle loosing Jin again and every second he didn't move or say anything was slowly tearing her apart.

Jin was sure the only way to get answers to the questions that were nagging at him, was simply to ask. To start talking. He need to stop acting like an idiot and say something. With that resolve he swallowed and opened his mouth.

"I've missed you so much .... and I'm sorry I didn't keep in touch .... and I understand if..."

His sentence was left unfinished. As Ling ran to him closing the distance between them, throwing her arms around his neck sobbing. Jin returned her embrace wrapping his arms around her waist.

"I missed you too"

He heard her say into his shoulder. He had missed her he knew he had, but not until that moment had he realized just how much. He had forgotten how comforting it was to just be close to her. He wanted to tell her to let her know he had never forgotten her.

" Ling I "

"Shh don't say anything. Just ... let me hold you"

So he did, they stayed in their embrace for a few minutes. Ling crying openly on Jins shoulder, crying out of the sheer happiness of knowing that though Jins fighting had changed Jin had not he was still the same. For that reason she cried, while Jin rubbed her back speaking soothing words into her ear. After a few more sobs, she stopped crying and pulled back looking up at Jin.

He brought one hand up to wipe here tears away, caressing her cheek with the back of his hand. He smiled as Ling closed her eyes and leaned into his touch. She sighed contently and opened her eyes again.

"We have a lot of catching up to do don't we?"

She nodded and smiled up at him.

"Come on"

They walked hand in hand back to where Jin was staying. He had chosen to stay at a small low key hotel. It wasn't exactly five stars, but it wasn't a dump either. In short is was comfortable, Jins room was of moderate size. It had a bed, a nightstand, a dresser a table, two chairs and a couch. They were sitting at the table facing each other. They were quiet again, the walk had also been a silent one.

Jin knew what Ling wanted to know knew even before she asked. He wasn't exactly sure if he could explain but he would try and he had to start now before he lost his nerve.

"I ...... it was necessary for me to keep away to be lost to loose contact with everything and everyone I knew"

He looked at Ling, she wasn't saying anything she merely waited for him to continue. Glad she didn't have to ask for unanswered questions.

"Last year after the tournament, no it was before. I was ... changing"

He paused a moment before continuing.

"I don't know if you'll understand but, it was a horrible change I felt as if some parasite was invading me taking over my mind and body. A parasite that fed off my anger. In a way I could control it to an extend, but something happened. I'm still not completely sure what triggered it but..."

He clutched his hands into tight fist, and was quiet for a minute.

"My grandfather shot me" he looked up at Ling "I should have died, but I didn't and at that moment when my grandfather pulled the trigger, I felt so betrayed so stupid. I felt all my anger bursting out of me and I became something else ... a monster."

That meant she had been wrong before, that winged creature she had seen that day at the temple had not only resembled Jin it had been Jin.

"You, you turned into ... into..." She fell silent.

Jin wasn't sure what was going through Lings head. He couldn't read her expression, he couldn't tell if she was shocked, angry, afraid, anything. It was making him feel very nervous, he didn't know what he would do if she didn't understand him and just rejected him for what was. Unfortunately he wasn't done explaining.

"I don't know what I became. I don't remember much after I changed. I only remember feeling angry and almost killing my grandfather."

He smiled bitterly and said.

"I guess this revenge thing runs in the blood. I mean look at my father and grandfather. I guess it's true what they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree huh? "

At hearing the pain and uncertainty in his voice. Ling snapped from her dazed and reached across the table. She unclenched Jins hands and held them in her own calling his attention to her, she looked at him with an unwavering stare.

"You are nothing like your father or grandfather Jin Kazama"

He could only stare unable to break the intensity of her look.

"But in a way I was and that thought scared me more than anything. That's why I had to leave I left to learn how to un-become what I was. I couldn't stand the thought of anything Mishima so I left. I needed to learned how to forget, forget what I was taught , what I was shown what I was and for that I needed to break free of everything"

He gave her hands a little squeeze for reassurance, not for her but for himself.

"And in a way I succeeded I no longer fought like them thought like them I rejected everything ever drill into my head that had anything remotely to do with them. I learned to un-become what I had been forced to be"

He smiled again though this time sadly.

"Despite all that I can never change the fact that their blood runs through every single one of my veins. But I learned if I couldn't change it I would at least try to learn to control it to control the demon."

Taking a deep breath he looked up at Ling he could still not read her expression. He was truly afraid she wouldn't understand. Sighing he squeezed her hand again.

"But I'm okay now they won't beat me I know that now. I'm stronger now both mentally and physically than I was before and I guess all I want to know now is........ do you hate me?"

It was almost inaudible barely above a whisper but she had heard him. She moved fast too fast even for Jin. Next thing he knew she was in his lap hugging him tightly.

"Oh God Jin. How can you even ask me that? I don't hate you I never have never could. Don't you know that?"

He smiled and pulled her from him just enough so he could look into her face. He smiled a true smile. All the smiles he had given before were sad, empty and had held no meaning. This smile did he was smiling at the person who he cared for so much and he also smiled for the knowledge that she felt the same.

"I do now. So are you okay with me ... I mean"

Ling smiled reassuringly. Making Jin relax.

"Jin I understand. I do. I understand the need for you to 'un-become' what you hate what you were forced to be. I understand the need for you to break all contact with everything and everyone..."

She paused and looked away. Jin tilted his head to the right and felt his stomach turn into an awful knot.

"But ..."

He said searching for the unfinished sentence of her statement. Taking a deep breath she gently took his face between her hands.

"But now you have to promise me something. Promise me you won't leave me like that again. I don't think I could stand it"

She finished looking down, but not taking her hands from his face. Jin smiled at the top of her head and also placing his hands to the sides of her face and tilting her head up so she was looking at him. He moved forward so they were only a breath away.

"I promise because I don't think I could stand it either"

That promised he sealed with a kiss. Bringing her face forward kissing her lips starting a slow innocent kiss just the brushing of longing contact. Which both realized needed more off. Jin hands moved from her face to her waist holding her close while Ling's hands snaked around Jins neck bring him closer to her.

Jin traced her bottom lip with his tongue making Ling open her mouth. He took the opportunity to slowly almost shyly slipping his tongue inside her mouth. Ling moaned a little quickly seeking more of Jin. Their kissed deepened as they found new undiscovered places and remembered old ones from the time they had kissed before.

They finally pulled apart to breathe both slightly flushed and panting. Jin smiled at her and moved his face to place kisses on a spot of her neck that was just begging to be kissed. Ling closed her eyes and tangled her hands in his hair which was longer then before.

"I missed you so much."

Jin said into her neck. Ling smiled from both his comment and because of the slight tickle she hot from his breath on her neck.

"And I you"

She replied eyes stilled closed. She was very much enjoying the feeling of Jin being so close. Every time he touched her she felt her body heat up more and more. And judging by Jins flushed face she assumed he felt the same. Moving her hands from his hair she grabbed the hem of his shirt making Jin stop what he was doing. He looked at her but didn't protest as Ling pulled his shirt up, Jin held his arms up to help her take his shirt off.

Once his shirt was off Jins hands went back around Lings waist. Ling just blushed placing her hands on Jins chest, she hadn't been thinking of what she was doing when she took Jins shirt off. All she knew was she needed to feel more of him.

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