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Pairing: Past K/Z, Eventual K/Z.

Warnings: Nothing, for this chapter anyway.

A soft gasp slipped past Zero's lips as the man above him shifted his hips, his senses going wild as his lover drove into him harder. Again and Again. "A-ah!"

"AHHH!" Cold lilac orbs watched mindlessly as the level E vampire before him writhed in agony, the blood sucker's shrieks of pain falling upon deaf ears. Red crimson blood squirting from the wound on its shoulder. Which had been the work of a bullet from the legendary Bloody Rose. A sick sense of satisfaction invading the owner of the weapon.

A shiver ran down the hunter's spine when a fang teasingly ran over the shell of his sensitive ear. The vampire's sinful tongue caressing his piercings as if they were delicate treasures, provoking a moan to escape the boy's lips. His partner's hips never slowing in their delicious pace.

The hunter's pale digit curled around the trigger once more, his pale hand raising the gun with practiced ease. The lethal barrel aimed dead at the beast's skull. It was at the moment a very humane emotion grew within the target's insane gaze; fear. "C-Comrade!?" It called out, reaching out to the very being hell bent on killing it.

Each playful brush left Zero in the line of fire, his entire body ablaze in fiery passion whilst his head thrashed over a pillow. His silver locks draped behind him in a sea of brilliance. "K-Kaname!" His husky voice cried out in ecstasy, his slender body bucking up to meet the pureblood's demanding thrusts. Lilac clashing heatedly with burgundy. And Kaname Kuran just smirked, plowing deeper into the youth beneath him. The unsaid words dancing across the wicked man's skin: Check-mate.

Zero pulled the trigger without hesitation, the bang of the gunshot ringing throughout the air around the duo. The birds that had been idle in the trees fleeing to safety. "I'm not your comrade." He stated in an icy tone, watching the now deceased vampire's ashes blow away in a gust of wind. The young man's gaze not displaying even a smidgen of remorse. Then without a word, Zero turned on his heel, walking away. The scowl upon his lips as cold as ice.

Not once did he look back.

A pencil snapped with ease between a pair of long elegant fingers, the person guilty of pencil murder narrowing his maroon orbs at the stack of papers before him, his aura turning dark. Kaname Kuran was pissed. No, he was beyond pissed, he was livid. The usually composed vampire prince, that commanded respect from everyone, was on the verge of throwing an extreme and violent temper tantrum that no one would want to witness. The air around him bristling with barely contained brute power. He couldn't believe things had to come this, the pure audacity of these fools! Suddenly Kaname smashed his palm into a fist, successfully turning the already broken writing tool still in his grasp into nothing more than crushed splinters of wood and powdered lead. The dust trickling past his fiercely clenched knuckles and onto his desk.

Kaname had to calm down. He couldn't afford to lose his emotionless mask quite yet; not with Yuuki just a few paces down the hall. His younger sister would undoubtedly notice his change in demeanor and question him. The answers to her questions being something Kaname really didn't need her to be aware of, so with a long drawn-out sigh, the brunette let his destroyed mess of a pencil fully crumple to his work-space. The hand that was previously doing a violent assault on an inanimate object sliding up to tangle in his silky chocolate locks. His attention flicking back to the document that had started his tyrant of emotions in the first place, a chilling sense of morbid amusement rolling over his soul. It seemed the time had finally come.

A war was beginning to arise.

The official report on the situation making the elder of the Kuran siblings smirk bitterly. The world has finally decided there was no need for the ancient Kuran bloodline to still exist. The time of their ruling long outlived, according to a new unforeseen enemy Kaname hadn't planned on. How foolish. Resting his head upon the hand tangled in his hair, the ancient being fluttered his eyes closed for just a moment. A picture of his darling sister flashing inside his mind. Her wide innocent eyes were untouched by the darkness of this world, her smile as radiant as the sun, young and alive. He wanted it to stay that way. For the male would never desire to see that beautiful girl, so unfitting for a creature such as a vampire, turn callous, let alone dead. He loved his sister far too much the way she was. Even if it wasn't in the same way he yearned for someone else…someone he was responsible of breaking. The cold eyes of a survivor sporadically shot past the image of Yuuki, a much different face taking her place. Lilac orbs burning into his.

Kaname's dark lashes slid open to reveal a newly composed pair of eyes; an idea slithering its way inside his ever scheming mind. He was a master of chess, after all.

Growing a sly simper, the creature of fluid grace slipped out of his chair. In his hands the report that mere moments ago had made him weary. Now it seemed like nothing more than an irritating, but promising, setback. If they wanted to play, he would play. Yet, he wasn't going to do it alone, oh no. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Stalking over to his old, hardly touched, chess board, Kaname brushed his fingertips over his favorite piece. The simper on his lips enlarging. Yes, this little war was the perfect excuse to get back in touch with someone he couldn't bring himself to let go of and not just that, but with certain pawns put into play, this war would be an easy victory. With victory came a prize…and Kaname only wanted one thing above all else; Zero Kiryu.

Caressing the white knight in his hand softly, Kaname tilted his head, admiring the piece. "It would make a pretty queen as well." Kaname noted in an absent minded way just before an unexplainable warmth took his frozen heart. The same way it had before he royally screwed everything up…at that thought, he set the knight down. Hopefully now, he could remedy his own witless mistakes from the past. And be much more cognizant this time around.

Moving away from the board with one last longing glance at the knight, or more like whom it represented, the prince directed his feet over to a phone.

Time to set things in motion.

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