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Warnings: Some sexual content.

There is no rest for the wicked.

There is no cure for the insane.

There is no hope for the dead.

There is no redemption for the damned.

Obsidian liquid splattered the stark white halls of an aged building and millions of people screamed in terror, their legs trying in vain to carry them away to safety. For every corridor they looked down and every door they ran to they witnessed hell reining the carriage of destruction, leaving no chance of survival. Walls caved in, Ceiling beams tumbled over to hit the floor, glass shattered from the windows. The fragments of glass sparkled as they hit the black and white squares, resting idly by the feet of the pawns forced to be set in play. It was soon clear there was never a chance to escape the chess board designed room.

Among the hectic onslaught of events, the fear was spreading wider with the flames of judgment that started licking at the already crumbling floors. The heat shaking the floor's limits as it danced around.

It was a dangerous game; another flicker of red fire, another piece of ground that ebbed away.

Adding the extra weight caused by the panicked crowd fleeing every which way over their death bed, it was no shock that the floor came crashing down. The sentiments of hope being lost within its rubble.


The populace called as one before crashing away into what lied in wait beneath the ground; an ocean awash with sadness. The rippling tides tugging down its helpless victims without mercy. But in the midst of the horde of the forsaken being drowned away in the waters the color of blood was a youth who didn't belong. Her eyes full of light and love, dark as chocolate and just as sweet.

Her bright eyes connected with another pair.

"Help!" The observer tilted his head as he watched the little girl start to call out to him, her tiny hands reaching towards him in desperation. It was a truly pathetic sight. "Please! ..Please don't let me die…" The little girl pleaded. Yet when he made no move to help her, the child's face suddenly morphed… the structure cracking right down the middle while pieces of her skin flaked away into glowing embers, a new face beginning to surface. Though before the man could get a chance to study the girl's new features, her long brown locks moved to hang down over her face.

The man that the girl desired to be rescued by raised a single brow.

Slowly but surely, the mysterious female began to raise her head once more… and when her hair parted, Kaname was met with an image equivalent to innocence. A butterfly in a sea of moths staring back at him. "Onii-sama… please…help me."

"Yuuki!" The previously reluctant pureblood raced towards his little sister on cue to her plea, hell-bent on saving her. He couldn't and wouldn't lose her! Not his darling girl, not the girl he promised to protect at all costs.

Fingers brushed.

And Yuuki was sucked deep within the waters of no return. Her light fading from Kaname's sight.

"Yuuki?!" The brunette shot out his hand to reach into the foreboding ocean, only for it to smash into concrete. The younger Kuran was long gone and so was the ocean that stole her away. For the second time in his long existence, Kaname felt helpless and the fire around him must have noticed for it roared with laughter, its claws scraping over every surface it could reach while it laughed and laughed.

Insane chortles, despair filled cries and begs of forgiveness became the chorus of the night's performance while Kaname felt the curtain fall on him… the flames burning away his heart. Or whatever he had left of it.

Footsteps broke through the white chaotic noise in Kaname's ears and he glanced up.

Silver strands of an angel swayed before his vision and Kaname had to physically stop himself from running his digits through them. Zero must have noticed, for his fierce eyes hardened ever more. "Is this what you desired, Kuran?"

Ruby gems squinted, deep loneliness soaring inside the tainted beast's chest. "…" even now, he could not allow himself to answer. "Zero…" Kaname muttered breathlessly before all pride shed away from the pureblood, when Zero was involved he was nothing. Just a disgusting excuse for a king who didn't know how to cherish his very own queen. "…help me. I…" The defeated vampire clenched his fists. "I'm horribly lost…" Lost within my own game.

A disturbingly calm chuckle cut into the air and Kaname stared deep into Zero's lavender orbs… completely unraveled by the cruelty within them. For an instant they flashed sapphire blue and black tendrils crept up the level D's slender nape.

Rido's warning drummed into the elder's skull as he watched the tendrils sew a crooked smirk onto Zero's lips.

'You can't hide what you cherish forever. Everything you care about will be ripped away from you in one way or another, my dear nephew, including that hunter of yours.'

Kaname's own response echoed in his head. 'You will never even get the chance to lay your disgusting hands on Zero.'

'It's not me you need to worry about, you fool.'

Kaname's heart skipped a beat.

The sapphire eyes reappeared but this time with purple flames dancing inside the irises and Zero spoke smoothly. "There is no compassion for the lost."

The door to Kaname's office swung open in an obnoxiously loud manner, jolting the owner from his previous recollection of a nightmare. Blinking his now alert wine pools, the regal male probably would have been grateful for the intrusion, if not for the fact he awoke from the troublesome ponderings only to awake to a very troublesome brat. He felt a headache start to form the minute that noble's mouth dropped open. For a genius, the boy could be horridly stupid.

"Kaname-sama! I'm sorry to disturb you but why are there hunters here of all places?! They're being annoying and I can't stand Kiryu's smart mouth anymore! It's ridicu—" Adiou's complaints were hammered deep into his throat the minute he caught the death glare he was receiving from his leader, cold sweat breaking out over his skin. The ice-user could almost feel the murder intent radiating from his precious Kaname-sama… did he come at a bad time? Or did he do what he normally did…and forget to hold his tongue?

"Adiou. May I ask what compelled you to barge into my office without so much as knocking?"

That tone did not suggest things would go in the blonde's favor. Gulping down his fear, Adiou attempted not to shrink deep into the ground to hide away from the oppressing aura Kaname was waving around as a death threat. And he was successful in his little solo mission albeit he did slump a bit. "M-My apologies Kaname-sama, I uh…"

Kaname's bangs shadowed his eyes as a displeased line darkened his features considerably.

Adiou slumped more, his heart rate increasing past heart attack levels. His leader would certainly be the death of him…whether he ended up doing it directly or indirectly was anybody's guess. "I reacted impulsively. Please forgive me." He ushered out quickly, his head bowing low. He knew that even though Kaname was kind, he was also could be unbearably cruel. Like when he forced to Adiou to publicly humiliate himself, that was horror. His wrists could still feel where the buckets were forced to hang off him in front of everyone.

Kaname, keenly aware of his follower's nerves at the moment, simply settled back into his chair. He wasn't in the mood to harass the noble at the moment, if anything, he was in the mood to be left alone. His dream had unsettled him and Kaname knew it was no coincidence that his instincts were telling him to tread carefully. Or he'd lose everything he's ever fought for.

The glass vase on the far side of the room shattered and Adiou jumped up, his icy blue eyes going wide.

Kaname swiftly took control of his anger, stating in a calm tone while he stared down the blonde before him. "Why are you here?"

Adiou gulped but answered nonetheless. "I wanted to know why there are two hunters here, Kaname-sama." While he explained, he felt more and more that his reasoning was incredibly foolish. The question could've waited until later, his leader was obviously under a lot of stress at the moment and what was he doing? Causing him trouble. Like always. Adiou's eyes furrowed in self-disappointment. Was he as useless to Kaname as Ruka always suggested?

"They are here for reasons I do not have to explain to you." Kaname said with a dangerous gleam in his eyes and Adiou flinched. "But I will say that they are here under my wish for them to be and they will continue to be here until I say otherwise."

"But what about Kiryu? He threatened to kill Yuuki-sama before! Do you really want that lowly level D here when he could." Kaname swiftly cut the lower vampire off, his voice rippling with anger. "Kiryu-kun is not going anywhere nor will he be receiving any ill treatment. He is under my direct protection and I will not hesitate to punish anyone that causes him harm emotionally or physically."

Shock set in as Hanabusa fought hard to keep the incredulous expression off his face. Why would you go that far for someone like Kiryu? Adiou eyes asked, but he never voiced it.

Kaname answered anyway. "Zero," Adiou's mouth parted at the loving way Kaname spoke the bastard's first name, "is someone I will not allow to get hurt. Not even Yuuki would ever be permitted to cause my precious person harm. Do you understand?"

The youth was at a loss for words, the implications of his king's words hitting him full force. Kiryu meant even more to him than Yuuki-sama? Adiou pieced everything together and to his chagrin, everything that had transpired in the last four years suddenly made sense. The three years spent making sure there was no one targeting Zero for "Yuuki's" sake was never for Yuuki but for Kaname himself. They had been unknowingly protecting Kaname's lover. The thought was infuriating, but an important factor stood out to the young genius. If Zero and that other hunter were here now… did that mean?

Adiou nodded but couldn't stop the next words from leaving his lips. "Is Kiryu here… because an enemy is approaching?"

For a split second Kaname looked impressed by Adiou's deduction. "Yes, but the knowledge of this will not reach anyone else. I don't need any fuss until the real battle begins." The blonde knew the threat hidden beneath those words and knew better than to doubt it. He had witnessed Kaname murder Shizuka as a needed pawn… and he didn't want to think about it, but deep down, he knew he could very well end up being on the receiving end of that brutality. If he ever betrayed Kaname, that is.

To show he understood, Adiou bowed low to the person he had respected since he was a child. "Yes, Kaname-sama."

"Once again, you do not ask who the enemy is or question my decisions."

Adiou blinked before straightening up to look at Kaname, the brunette was calmly staring at the white knight on his chessboard. "Of course not. You'll tell me and everyone else when you're ready, I trust you, not as a pureblood, but as my friend."

Maroon eyes briefly lost their superiority and for the first time in what felt like a millennium, Adiou saw Kaname smile faintly.

As shadows crept over the walls highlighted by the barely visible strokes of light gifted from the luminous moon, Zero came to the conclusion that his temporary room was too dark. Too empty and much too similar to the room Zero had undergone torturous training.

Lying in bed, the weary hunter draped his arm over his forehead while staring mindfully at the ceiling. It wasn't often he remembered the events that had caused him to become a legendary hunter, but when he did, he felt a small sort of accomplishment. It had taken two long and very enduring years of learning battle tactics with the best of the best to get where he was today. It was something to be proud of, he was not only stronger than all his teachers now but he had been the youngest person to ever master the art of what others would call brutal warfare. He had the brains and skill to command a fleet of a million men, the pride in that was invigorating.

Or it was before he remembered how that awe inspiring accomplishment paled heavily in comparison to the way his worst enemy made him feel. In the past and even now, underneath all the hurt, he still longed to run his hands over that beautiful creature's face, to gently mold their lips together again.

It made him sick to his stomach.

Especially after his dreams had turned against him, making him remember things he didn't want to remember. He was better off not remembering the way Kaname had deceived him into falling in love with him.

He was no longer a pawn in that man's game; Kaname could no longer fuck with him. Zero's lips curled into a bitter smile. "Both figuratively and literally…" He joked aloud before his eyes closed in a form of mock peace, his breathing evening out. Every breath he took brought with it a sharp sense of hunger; both animalistic and sensual.

The air as poisonous with the scent of Kaname as Kaname's blood itself was.
Zero groaned soundlessly, his eyes snapping back open in a red daze. He wanted that bastard to the point it was criminal.

Sliding his hands down to the front of his sweatpants, the breaking young man pushed against the ever growing bulge residing in his boxers. His body shivered in pleasure at the action and his fangs enlarged, his tongue dancing around over them as if he was waiting for Kaname's elixir to splash over them.

Another groan, this time more vocal, escaped Zero. His hand sneaking past the band of his boxers and pants to grip his weeping, rock hard, shaft and before he could decipher just what his traitorous body was doing, he began to pump himself firmly. His hips rocking up in time with each of his pumps. It felt amazing, and as his hand increased its pace sliding up and down his angry red member, he grumbled the name of the man he loved. "Kaname."

Another harsh pump and Zero was soon imagining Kaname's thumb rolling over the head of his cock, instead of his own, while the beast pumped him faster and faster. "Kaname."

Zero's head tilted backwards in ecstasy, a chuckle that didn't belong to him resounding in his ears. He didn't pay it any attention though, in his mind, that was Kaname being amused.

His hand jerked his twitching shaft harder, his mouth parted softly as his breathing grew ragged.


He squeezed gently. The feel of his own precum seeping from his tip to trail down his length turning him on enormously. Kaname. With his flesh heated and slick, he somehow managed to pump even faster.

Kaname. Moving his hips faster and faster, Zero all to soon had his vision splotch white, a growl spreading past his throat like wild fire as he exploded.

Within that feeling of pure pleasure, was distinct disbelief and shame.

He did not just do that.

Coming down from his high faster than he had achieved it, Zero ripped his hand out of his pants in disgust. His breathing labored as he stared at the white sticky substance coating his fingers, this was what Kaname's mere scent could do to him…

The argent-haired man rebelliously scrubbed his hand off on his ruined pants, jutting out of bed and changing his clothes in a haste to get away from the room where he had fallen prey to his cravings.

And as soon as he was able, he darted out the room that had watched his act of shame.

Not having any clue he was heading toward something he wasn't ready to face just as much. Yuuki.

Where the fuck was Kaito when he needed him?

Yuuki heard the footsteps loud and clear as her cold fingers rested idly on a cream colored wall. The young woman bent her head forward, her eyes wide and full of surprise as her long locks of brown hair fell over her petite shoulders in soft strands. She could sense his presence. Just beyond the wall acting as barrier between them, she could hear his breathing, smell his scent and … when she drifted her eyes shut; she could envision the boy she had wanted to protect. His silver strands framing his face as he gave her one of his very rare, faint, beautiful smiles and teased her the way he always did, his voice calming and natural to her ears. "You're a klutz, Yuuki." It was the smile and voice of the boy she had wanted to cherish.

The same boy who had promised to end her life. "The next time we meet. . . I will kill you."


Beneath her eyelids, forbidden tears of frustration and hurt welled up. Yuuki fought the overriding emotions by furrowing her brows, her gentle touch pressing harder into the wall underneath her fingertips. She missed Zero so much and the solitude she had been forced to withstand in the last four years at the Kuran manor did little to pacify the persistent desire to see his face again. But now that he was here, just paces away, the young pureblood didn't know what to do. The same person she had spent at least once a day contemplating about was also the same person who hated her with every fiber of his being. After so long of wishing she could stand by his side and laugh freely again, Yuuki honestly didn't know if she could handle the scolding hatred that would be sent her way through the lilac eyes that once regarded her with such gentleness.

Gentleness that even surpassed her own brother's... that had always surpassed her brother's.

In the back of her mind, Yuuki faintly remembered when she had begged Kaname to stay with her while she went to sleep…only to wake up without him there. It had hurt, especially back then when her human side had loved her brother in a romantic sense. But looking back on it, she was grateful that he left… because when she walked out the room to check to see if maybe, just maybe, he stayed… she had found Zero instead. His face full of concern as he sat outside her bedroom door. At the time, she didn't realize why he had been out there, but now she knew, as she recalled the floor that had been warmed by Zero's presence, that he had stayed there the entire night just because he wanted to make sure she was alright.

Zero worried about her.

Zero cared about her.

Yuuki took a deep breath of air, her body shifting away from the wall she had been leaning against. A small shake of her head being able to dispel the thoughts plaguing her mind. That Zero was dead and gone, she told herself sternly before locking up her heart with sturdy chains, refusing to dwell in the past any longer. Zero didn't need her anymore, their once unbreakable relationship with each other was shattered into unrecognizable pieces, Zero had proved that when he had pointed a gun at her face. She just needed to suck it up. She was a pureblood and purebloods didn't lose their composure over mere level D's.

Even if the level D was Zero Kiryu.

Opening her large brown eyes that bore a striking resemblance to her elder brother's, the short girl slipped her nightgown off her flawless skin, letting the pale pink fabric fall to a rumpled pile on the floor.

And as she began to change into her attire for the day, her hands taking out a pale yellow sundress, she decided that she would face him. It didn't matter if Zero wanted her dead, she would see him and talk to him today. He was here for a reason after all and she would find out what that reason was. It was her duty as a pureblood princess to assure he wasn't a threat.

Tying the ribbon to her dress around her slender waist, Yuuki's eyes grew dark. Suddenly recalling her resolve from four years ago, she had promised herself to be his enemy, for that he had a reason to live. But in truth, her feelings were still ambiguous about the subject.

Her gaze directed itself toward her pillow, a hollow smile creeping up onto her lips. The fact she hid a picture of Zero and her underneath her pillow more than likely didn't help to strengthen her resolve. In truth, it probably helped crumble up all she's been trying to accomplish.

Yuuki stepped over gracefully to her pillow, pushing the fluffy object out the way so that she could study the picture beneath it. She nodded. She would be his enemy if need be…but if there was the slightest chance it wasn't needed… she would do everything in her power to regain the place she once held in Zero's heart.

She didn't want to be enemies with Zero.

Not when he had never lost the special place in her heart reserved solely for him and him alone.

Silently and with a will as firm as a mountain, Yuuki put the photo of them back in its original place and headed out the door to her bedroom, making her way over to where she would confront her childhood friend.

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