After finally being released from the hospital Naruto was busy being smothered with affection by his new guardians, not that he was complaining and trying to get used to being taken care of by not one but two beautiful kounichi. It had already been a week of living together and the three slowly got into a routine.

The two kounichi would always make sure at least one of them was watching Naruto and on the rare chance both had missions at the same time a friend of theirs by the name of Yugao Uzuki would watch over little Naruto.

At first Yugao was a little reluctant to babysit some kid she never even met until Anko and Kurenai told her how and why they ended up taking Naruto into their home. To say she was furious was an understatement. After calming down she agreed to watch over him when she could.

When Naruto saw her for the first time he looked at her with awe and blurted out, "Are you an angel too?" Yugao had blushed slightly, while she was used to getting compliments about her looks it was usually from men that just wanted to get in her pants, however just by looking at the little blonde's face she could tell he was being completely serious. She tried to hold back an even bigger blush again when she heard her two friends behind her giggling, obviously at her reaction to the question.

After that incident Yugao got into the routine of helping to look after the cute blonde. What made her frustrated with herself though was that every time some guy would try to flirt with her she would always compare them to said cute blond. She knew it wasn't rational or logical but every time she did compare Naruto was always the clear winner. Even though he was young she could agree with the other two kounichi that he was definitely better company all around.

Two years passed this way before the first major incident put Naruto down his chosen path in life. The little blond was camping out in the woods practicing his basic survival skills his angels had been teaching him. They didn't always like to let him out on his own but they were also willing to admit that he needed to grow on his own to become stronger. Of course that didn't mean they enjoyed the fact they couldn't just keep him in sight twenty four seven for some cuddle time.

Naruto had just sat down to start cooking his dinner he had caught when he heard the sound of rustling leaves and what suspiciously sounds like a struggle. Quickly getting back to his feet he doused the small fire he had going before sprinting at an impressive speed for his age in the sounds direction. Stopping when he felt he was close enough he used the stealth skills his beautiful angels had taught him and assessed the situation.

The young blonde began to feel his blood boil when he spotted what exactly was causing the noise. It appeared that a cloud ninja was kidnapping a young girl who was apparently trying to fight back with little success considering she looked about Naruto's age and the cloud ninja looked to be a possible jounin level ninja. If there was one thing that really brought out Naruto's rarely seen rage it was when an innocent was being hurt in some way especially if they were a female. Not surprising considering his most precious people are all female except old man Hokage and the ramen chef.

Apparently the ninja had just smacked the tiny girl on the face if the bruise was any indication which really didn't help calm the young blondes rage any. The girl was crying but no sound reached Naruto's ears which made him suspect that seals were somehow involved. The young blond has been studying as much about seals as he possibly could after a certain angel of his finally told him a condensed version of her past.

Naruto quickly snapped out of his thoughts when he noticed the ninja about to put the young girl back into a sack he had with him. Taking a deep breath to help steady his nerves of what he was about to do Naruto took out one of his non practice kunai and carefully took aim. Immediately after throwing it the young blond knew he had missed the quick killing blow he was hoping for so he wouldn't have to fight a jounin ninja just yet knowing even with the advanced training he's had he stood only a slim chance.

The young blond immediately jumped into a defending position in front of the young frightened girl and the ninja who was pulling out his kunai from his left thigh with annoyance and anger on his face. Before the cloud ninja turned to look at him Naruto flared his chakra as much as he could knowing there had to be ninja nearby on patrol if not looking for the young girl. Thanking his angel's inside his mind for teaching him that emergency technique. When the cloud ninja finally noticed him he couldn't hide his surprise when he saw a kid in miniature ninja styled clothing.

"What the hell do you think your doing brat?", the cloud ninja asked in a decidedly calm but deadly voice. He obviously didn't understand why the little blond was even out in the forest let alone trying to apparently kill him.

"What does it look like you idiot I'm saving this girl from you.", Naruto replied with narrowed eyes which showed how angry and frustrated he was with the situation. It skyrocketed when the cloud ninja burst out laughing when the young blond said this.

"You've got to be kidding me kid, now step aside before I gut you like the idiotic brat that you are.", the cloud ninja said this with humor in his voice before it turned deadly at the end. It was obvious the cloud ninja thought the little blond brat wasn't much of a threat and the only reason he got hit with that kunai at all was luck.

Before the blond could answer back his sensitive ears picked up movement that was quickly heading in their direction. The young blond schooled his face so he wouldn't give anything away to the cloud ninja all the while hoping it wasn't another cloud ninja coming, although even if it was his only plan of action was to get the girl to quickly run back toward the village while he held the cloud ninja off as long as he drew breath in his tiny body.

He didn't have to worry long when he saw a medium sized snake appear from the ground and immediately had the cloud ninja in a full body choke hold. Naruto didn't even get a chance to sigh in relief when he was body slammed to the ground by one of his angels. Grunting in pain, though there was a happy smile on his face as he hugged his snake angel back. Said angel finally pulled back after a good few minutes and gave him a fierce look though he could easily see the worry still lingering in her eyes.

"What do you think you're doing out here brat picking fights on cloud ninja, huh?", Anko asked in a slightly crazed and anxious voice, completely ignoring the struggling cloud ninja behind them. Naruto only gave her a calm and loving smile easily seeing through her tough facade. Which of course made his angel try to ignore the blush on her cheeks when she saw said smile.

"You know I don't go looking for trouble snake angel, trouble seems to find me. Besides I was just camping not too far from here when I heard some strange noises that sounded like a struggle and you know I wouldn't have been able to ignore it, especially after seeing that asshole hit a girl. I wasn't going to be able to just sit back and let that happen.", Naruto replied in a slightly calm voice although his earlier anger returned to his voice when he mentioned what the cloud ninja had done.

Anko could only sigh with small wry smile on her face as she had suspected that was the case when she had spotted the young blond in the middle of the situation. Before she could tease him about his luck she turned her head in the direction of the little girl that was being kidnapped when said girl gave a small sniffle apparently the silence seal had worn off. Anko decided to introduce the young blond to who exactly he had just saved, smirking evilly on the inside since she knew Naruto hated politics with a passion and because of his weird luck and saving people thing he had literally stumbled onto one of the biggest political shit storms.

"Naruto I would like to introduce you to the first heir to the hyuga clan Hinata, Hinata your tiny savior is Naruto Uzumaki.", Anko said while still smirking on the inside. She watched as the young blond was about to say hello to Hinata when he seemed to freeze as if suddenly understanding something. He slowly turned his head back to Anko. She only nodded her head slowly in the universal answer of yes.




Naruto closed his eyes slowly as if he was in pain and face palmed.