Hi people I just Wanted to post a story I had in my head about my favourite MI character Randall and how I think things should work out. In the last chapter something broke through a door but what could it be? In the first chapter people were saying about my spelling and grammar it was because my computer was dogged and I only found out this mourning so I have fixed it best I can But it still might be a bit wired with missing letters or punctuation. nothing I can do till it gets fixed, but I don't what that to spoil my Chapters. :) Enjoy

Chapter 2 – What lies in the third draw

The Door crashed open with a loud bang then something flew out of the door and hid slid towards Mikes Desk. It was a purple creature about 10 feet in length, eight arms and legs. The creature was also had a long blue and aqua tail with the same colour spreading throughout its back that resembled a Lizard with additional limbs. The creature had three pink tipped Fronds on the top of its head and a large mouth revelling pearly white teeth.

The creature lay on its side with its eyes closed grunting and growling at the pain from crashing through a door. He steadily lifted is head and propped one of his set of four arms to the flaw to help him push himself up. He then opened his eyes revelling that they were a deep Emerald green. But his eyes narrowed as soon as he was able to sort out what he had just done. To his amazement he saw what he had know it to be the "Scare Floor" from his previous employment in Monsters Inc. He let out a sly grin and chuckled to himself…..

Pushing himself off of the floor and standing on his four back legs and lifting his tail. He stood up running his fingers along his fronds genially trying not to touch the large bruises and cuts on top of them. The bruises were from a previous meeting involving a mad lady and a Shovel.

The Lizard looked around the flaw everything seemed the same. Though it was very dark with only the orange glow from the sun, the Lizard squinted to try and see with his bad eyesight that left him almost blind since his college days. The Lizard looked at the desk that desk that he had slid toward it read on a piece of paperwork wozowski. The Lizard growled at the name thinking to himself that lying, cheating, traitor. He detested him and wanted nothing more than Revenge on Him and that no good marshmallow Sullivan. His fists clenched and his fronds began to twitch hurting as they did as revenge plots flew through his mind

Looking at Wozowski's desk he scurried closer to, and began to tip paper on the flaw searching for anything he could use against Wozowski. The Lizard began to frantically search through the draws only finding the occasional photo of Celia and more paperwork that looked like he'd been hoarding it for years. The Lizard thought to himself the lazy arse couldn't be bothered in doing paper work no wonder he didn't know anything. He smiled as he kept looking through the draws. Until he reached the third draw and he opened it, there was barely anything in this particular draw except a piece of paper that lay on the bottom of the draw face down. The Lizard looked narrowing one eye even more then he picked up the paper and flipped it to reveal something that forced to Lizard to widen his eyes and pulled on whatever was left of his heart.

He looked with wide eyes of a picture of Wozowski and a second monster together Wozowski and the other monster were both significantly younger in the image; the Lizard looked at it not blinking. The other monster there wore large purple glasses and smiled as Mike put his arm around him showing they were friends. The monster was reptilian, purple and looked extremely sweet. The Lizard looked at this image for at least ten munities. The Reptile in the picture was him when he was younger and happier, nicer and somebody who would hate what he had become…. On the bottom of the image said 'Best Chums' this make the lizard look at the work and remember the time when he said that meeting Mike of the first time before he drifted into a decent of darkness… The Lizard then looked in the draw once again still clenching the photo with his bottom left hand, to his surprise there was something else in the draw. He pulled it out and this only suppressed him more as it was a pair of glasses purple and large. He looked at them and clutched them tight and held them to his heart breathing heavily he felt something pull on his heart.

"W… Why would Wozowski keep something like this; wouldn't it be better if he just forgot about Randy or Randall, or whatever I am?"

He looked at the picture and the glasses with saddened eyes. This was Randall the twisted and hated creature of Monstropalis showing only resemblance to the sweet Randy who used to smile and made excellent cupcakes. Now truly a monster inside and out, who four months ago tried to suck the life out of a little girl for fame, fortune and superiority. But just from looking into the eyes of that picture shone the little piece of Randy the shy, sweet and loving person that was corrupted by jealousy and greed….

There was a sudden noise coming from the entrance of the flaw which startled Randall he quickly changed colour like chameleon to blend in with his surroundings and disappeared the only thing that was invisible was the floating glasses and photo that he clutched and dare not let go. As a security guard came around the corner Randall his under the desk despite been invisible he could risk it. He was a convicted fallen in this world and didn't fancy prison. The guard walked towards the door that was open and pressed a button on the key board allowing it to shoot up onto the coaster line and was carried away.

"Damn Laughters, never take any notice of the doors" the guard muttered to himself as he walked away.

Randall know this was his chance so he shot away out of the laugh flaw and rand to the entrance hall trying frantically to open the door's then he pushed and pushed they didn't open. He grew more frantic by the second as flashlights apprehend the corridor with guard saying


Randall tried and tried to open the door still invisible but it was no use was this the end of the line was dear old Randall Boggs going to be thrown in the slammer and forgotten?

Randall let go of the door and stood there accepting his fate. Until out of anger he pulled the door causing it to open to Randall's surprise.


He let out as he looked at the door and then decided to run out and into the world he missed.

Monstropolis hasn't changed Randall thought to himself becoming visible again and as he ran across the street looking at the city until he entered a dark alley with a couple of bins littered all over the place. Randall sighed and breathed quickly to gain energy.

"Good thinking Randall get back to mnstropolis, check. Get revenge on Wozowski and Sullivan,workin on it. Find a place to stay eat and sleep, um did not think of that…"

The time in the human world not able to talk to anyone made him a little short sighted about his plans and the shovel to the head didn't help in anyway.

Randall looked in the alley and saw a piece of card board that was dry and what looked like a duvet that was just thrown out he gathered up the duvet and laid down on the card board covering himself with the duvet from the cold bite of a Mostropolis night…

Suddenly as Randall was beginning to dose off he felt a splat of water on his head and another getting faster by the second it was beginning to rain pretty hard. Randall frowned a looked at the glasses and photo still clutched in his hands. "Oh grate!" he cracked as he pulled the duvet over his head trying to keep warm and dry thought the night…

The next morning Randall moved the duvet from him which was no help in the rain as he and the duvet were soaking wet. He looked around as the sun began to rise that illuminated the streets that revelled vibrant colours on the wet street that the rain had left behind. A few cars passed on the road getting that deep pitched revving sound of a car out. As the happy drivers passed where Randall now stood. A few monsters passed him as he hid in the alley oblivious to his presence. He couldn't help but smile at the fact that they were passing perhaps the most wanted monster in the city. He then herd a grumble coming from his stomach.

Randall placed one hand on his stomach and felt a shooting pain coming from; it was understandable since it had been two days since he had eaten last weighting in that kid's room unseen was something that had to be constantly serviced since he didn't want to miss the opportunity to go home. That meant no food and no sleep, So Randall felt kind of drained and painfully hungry. Then suddenly a smell of something delicious caught his nose so he turned his head to find where that enchanting sent was coming from.

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