Hey ho! Happy New Years, everyone! So here, New Year chapter and the end of the Satan arc.

A blinding flash took Rose Tyler to her destination of nowhere. She didn't really think. She just pressed the button, hoping for the best. That might have been stupid, but she didn't have time to dwell on that. She got only one chance and she used it.

She appeared on a solid ground, but other than that it was pitch black. She couldn't see a thing. Until she turned around and saw a light, emitting from a torch. It was keeping still, unmoving and Rose nearly started walking towards it, towards the light, when the voice, stopped her.


Her heart skipped a beat. It couldn't be... could it? She couldn't mistake that voice for anyone or anything else(as her current lifestyle had already thought her). It was...


She asked so softly that she was not sure if anyone even being there could answer her, but then it began to move. The torch was moving and steadily coming right to her. She followed its movements with her eyes, it keeping mid-hight. Rose gasped, when she felt two strong arms wrapping her in a big hug, holding her tightly.

"Doctor," she choked, letting a relief filled laugh escape her lungs. It was him. He was here. But how...?

"Rose," he breathed. "What're you doing here...?"

"Oh, my God. You're alive!" she exclaimed, clinging to him desperately. She melted into the feeling of peace, of having him breathing and clearly alive. The Doctor was keeping his arms securely around her back but after hearing her words stiffened in their embrace and started to pull away.

"What d'you mean?" he asked, his voice sounding fearful.

"I thought..." Rose began. She lowered her head, biting her lip. "I thought... oh, my God." She laughed nervously. "I thought, I saw you... um, back on exploration deck, there was this screen... and um... they were gonna leave for the rocket when the computer screen flickered suddenly and there was this...well, you...in some dark, hollow place... just laying still..."

"I fell, yeh," the Doctor began. "The air cushion supported the fall. Still, it left me unconscious for a while... For one reason or more," he muttered almost inaudibly. "Anyway, I woke up la-" There was a silence of sorts and a sound of inhaling. "But you thought..."

Rose tensed up. All her thoughts when coming here were in preparation for the worst. Even if she did have a small hope left that he might somehow be there, alive. That it was all a misunderstanding. After all, it was the Doctor. If anyone could surprise her in strangely coming back from the dead, it would be him.

"And you came here..." His voice was low, mixed with unshielded worry and accusation.

Rose stood firm on her ground. She knew the trip was dangerous enough, but she could never regret her decision. Even if it wouldn't have turned out that well.

"What d'you expect? That I go back on some planet, wait until Jack takes me back on Earth and then what? I get a job, eat chip and beans on toast? That kinda thing?" She laughed half-humorously. It was ridiculous to expect her to do that. "Well I can't." She shrugged casually. "Not anymore. Not for a long time. I've made my choice a long time ago. I'm never gonna leave you."

The Doctor released a shuddering breath. He looked sideways, swallowing the deep emotions. What did he expect? Was there anything else to expect of Rose Tyler? Coming, coming and coming... coming back for him. He sends her back and she just pushes back, towards him. There was nothing he could do. The last of the Time Lords was hopeless in persuading one pink and yellow human to go home, to be where it's safe.

Because she knew him like nobody else did before. In ways, which didn't require her knowing about his past, which he would consider to gradually introduce her with, after all he did try...before. By abruptly telling her he was a father once. He wanted her to know. But it was still too scary for him to dwell deeper into that...

But she would understand... She always understood him. Going past his seemingly unbreakable shields. And he didn't want her to leave. All those times when he sent her away, a part of him just wanted her to stay. But another part pushed her away. Because besides wanting her to live a fantastic life, he also couldn't bear to see her die before his eyes. Her life to whither away with him standing helpless there.

"Doctor." A soft voice and a hand, tugging on his space suit sleeve returned him to reality. He swallowed.

The Doctor lifted his both hands, reaching out to cup her cheeks, feeling her leaning into his touch. He pressed his own forehead against hers and exhaled. "Be safe."

A rustle of something living and chains, followed by a snort reached their backs. Rose stiffened in his arms. "Doctor? Do we have company?" she asked, chuckling. The Doctor soon joined her, feeling warmth fill his insides.

"We certainly do have company, Rose Tyler," he announced solemnly, stepping a few steps away from her. "And that would be-" He bent down to pick up the torch, which fell from his grip just before. "The true face of the Devil," he breathed. "Or more like an idea of him. Either way." He took a few firm steps and Rose followed after him, her legs feeling slightly unsteady as she put her feet on the ground.

"Rose," he began softly. "Meet our neighbour." His hand flew to reach the vase on the left side. With a single touch something inside it began to shine, until the whole vase gained a solid colour. The vase on the opposite side soon mirrored it on its own. "Also known as the Beast." He pointed with his mouth, his hand falling to his side.

Rose gasped at the creature right in front of her. Her one hand flew to her mouth.

"Is that... him? The Devil?" She timidly pointed towards the creature in chains. "What is he anyway?"

"Well..." The Doctor trailed off, thinking it through. "I'm not sure," he breathed and the horned beast ahead raised its head and reached one of its hands on the wall nearest to him for support. Without much of dwelling it leaned in towards them, roaring into their faces. Rose shrunk to the Doctor's side a little bit more.

Rose met the Devil's mind. But this was new altogether. The massive in size body. Black eyes sparking dangerously as the hot air emitted from its mouth. With one single hand it could snap them dead. There wouldn't even be any body left for cleaning.

"Doctor..." Rose's voice wavered in warning but she kept herself right by the Doctor's side. She had a very real feeling that they shouldn't stay for tea on this one. "You sure we should stay so close...?" she asked, a half-hearted laugh escaping her mouth.

"Yep, perfectly safe," the Doctor breathed, sensing her worries. "He's chained. At least for now."

Only then did Rose notice that those chains in fact kept him steady and that no matter how big his exterior body was, he couldn't get out. He was trapped. Sealed away from the whole civilisation. She swallowed.

"What does it want?"

"Now that's a good question. What do you want, really, mm?" the Doctor took a step forward, daring the beast to say it. "Not the first time meeting so let's drop the introductions, shall we? Good. Why I'm here again!?" he asked in a raised voice.

Rose's head snapped towards the Doctor. Did he already settle down with the thought that all of this he had gone through before... or was it something else.

"Because it's not only that you knew me. No. That we all learned long time ago. You knew something else." His eyes narrowed. "You were aware of something you shouldn't be," he said in a low voice. "You know this's happening the second time, don't you? You can feel it! Right into your every bone and mind... Oh oh, speaking of mind! Where did you hide it this time, eh? Only took the Ood this time? Nah, I don't think so. It's in him, isn't it? Always was. You just hid him. So nobody would know. But what for? Why would you hide your own mind so desperately?"

Rose's gaze shifted from the beast to the Doctor. She was beginning to feel more and more lost by the second. "Doctor?"

And then it downed on him. "I wasn't the only one expected here..." he said in a faint voice. He abruptly turned, facing Rose.

"How did you get here anyway?" he asked her casually, narrowing his eyes.

"I, um, took Jack's Vortex Manipulator?"

"He let you!?" he exclaimed.

"No." She laughed. "I snatched it away," she said, smiling with tongue between her teeth. The Doctor raised his eyebrows at that, feeling slightly impressed.

He then furrowed his brows. "But how did you know where to go? What coordinates did you put into?"

Rose moved her shoulders. "I didn't," she said faintly, not looking into his eyes. "I just pressed the button and it took me here..."

"What?" the Doctor exclaimed, his eyes narrowing even more. "How did you even-" He stopped mid-sentence, realisation on his face. "Oh," he breathed, looking into the distance. "You took her to this place," he said in a low voice, turning to face the Devil again. His previous lightness gone completely. "There's no way the Vortex Manipulator would randomly happen to connect here. Not unless there was something interfering. Why did you bring her here? What do you need her for!?" he yelled in fury, his eyes burning with Oncoming Storm. The beast roared his own fair share.

"Who ARE you?!" He wanted answers. This time not just settling down with an explanation of humans sealing the beast, as an idea in. No. There was something much deeper than that going on here.

"Doctor, come take a look!" Rose called out for him when suddenly her (or, technically, Jack's) Vortex Manipulator flickered and a hologram came to view. It made no sense to her. It showed a humanoid shape-like figure. A metal head, rhombus shaped head, with holes fitted for eyes and mouth, a metal collar and a long robe with metal hands hanging from it.

"No," the Doctor breathed. "It can't be!" He took a step forward, watching the view with wide eyes. "Impossible. You can't... he dead."

"Doctor, who's this?"

The Doctor swallowed. "A Time Lord. Omega. One of the greatest of all my race," he said huskily.

"And what does it got to do with the beast right there?" Rose pointed in it's direction.

"You're looking at it." He raised his eyebrows, slowly walking back towards the beast. "He's the same one."

Rose didn't know what was surprising her more. The fact that apparently not all the Time Lords were dead or the fact that not only could Time Lords change faces, but body structures too. No matter how bad one's opinion about human race could be, the thing before her eyes, fell from the perception of humanoids as far as it could get.

"What d'you mean he's the same one...?"

"No no no. But you can't be! I saw you dead! Right before my eyes. You.. crumbled away!" he exclaimed, grimacing. "And now you're telling me, what? That you swanned off to be trapped here?" he cried. His brows were furrowed, not accepting even the existing fact of what was before his eyes.

"Doctor, what d'you mean he's a Time Lord?" Rose took a step forward to the Doctor's side, despite getting chills from the thing in front of her.

The Doctor turned to look at her. His eyes unsettled. "He's not a Time Lord."

"W-what?" Rose sputtered. "You just said he was!" This man was making no sense!

"Well, not anymore. Not for a long time..." The Doctor took a deep breath, turning to face the creature. "Long, long ago, we learnt the secret of time travel, but in order to make it a reality we had to have a colossal source of energy. Omega provided that energy by a brilliant feat of solar engineering. He was thought to be destroyed, instead of which he ended up in the black hole."

"His imprisonment was the price of our freedom to travel in time," the Doctor breathed.

"So he's... the creator of time travel." Rose looked up at the creature who roared at her in full force.

"He's one of the founding fathers of the Time Lords itself," the Doctor breathed, locking eyes with Rose who looked at him for a moment and then at the creature in amazement.

"But... but how did he become like that? His body... it was the shape I saw on the Vortex Manipulator, yeh?"

The Doctor had his steady gaze fixed on the beast, who was struggling with his chains. Reaching out. "When Omega was transported through a black hole into the anti-matter universe, he gained control of the singularity and used its vast power to create his own world. He was able to shape matter within it at his will. But the corrosion in it already made its work. There was nothing left of him. He was living by his will alone," he breathed in a low voice. "We stopped him there. Blimey. All three of me, in fact," he muttered in amusement.

"What?" Rose shook her head. She soon composed herself. "So he has no body."

"Weeell, technically, yeh. So he created this. A body born from anger and thirst for revenge. A horned beast. That's all what was left of his imagination. A beast of himself, trapped in a planet of his own creation, watching over the black hole for eternity."

"And this's so not right," the Doctor whispered, shaking his head. "He was gone. Supposed to be gone. You shouldn't be here. It's wrong... unless..." His eyes suddenly widened.

"Unless what?" Rose whispered.

"That time, when we came back from the anti-matter universe, back home, to our rightful places... you came back too. Of course, you did. But what's you rightful place? You're not a Time Lord anymore. It's not Gallifrey. Not for a long time..."

"You're the holder of time. And black hole is your price. As long as there's time travel, there's also you. Holding it in place."

It roared and clenched its fists in anger, spitting fire from its mouth. "You can't escape. I'm sorry!" the Doctor looked at the creature with a disturbed expression, stepping backwards. "But I've got to stop you. I can't let you pull people here." He stopped one step away from the gate. "Black hole is your home. But then again... it leads us to one big difference. Because this black hole is not the same you were in originally. This one isn't a pathway through universes. This one just eats. And eats and eats...and it'll eat you too."

He bent down to pick up a rock and was ready to swing it over his head, to bring it crashing down on the vase - but then he stopped. Dropping it.

"I know why you're here, Rose," he breathed, his voice barely a whisper.

"Yeh? Because I still haven't got a faintest idea." She laughed nervously. Surely she couldn't be important enough for the creator of Time Lord race to meet her.

"I destroy this planet, I destroy the gravity field. The rocket loses protection and falls into the black hole. You fall in. But so do I. And Rose..."

"You're clever enough to use this against me. I can't kill her with my own hands..." he said in a pained voice. The beast laughed in triumph, roaring moments later. Rose shifted on her feet, watching it. She could only stare at him for a moment. Oh no. He was not going to get away so easily. But before she could protest of the Doctor's retreat, the alien himself interrupted her.

"Except," the Doctor began in a casual voice.

"I'm not a Time Lord you saw back then." He casually walked over to the vase on the right side. "I'll tell you who I am," he said grandly. "I'm the Doctor. With the TARDIS, together with Rose Tyler!" he exclaimed and then he swung the rock on the vase, hard, it crumbling down to pieces. The vase on the opposite side soon following as he locked his gaze with Rose, her hands with a rock in her grip. They grinned at each other.

Flames came running from the beast's mouth as it struggled in its chains. The whole ground began shaking, rocks falling from the walls. The light falling, only the beast and its fire lightening the place.

"Roose! Come on!" He took her hand to drag her from the crumbling place. She ducked as one and two more rocks flew right beside her head. They ran further inside the pit, the Doctor leading them to the place where he knew, or expected, or honestly really hoped the TARDIS had to be at.

They were running down the tunnel, away from the Beast. Suddenly a blast of air knocked the Doctor backgrounds, him taking Rose with him. His arms securely around her, taking most of the impact on his back to himself. He was sent straight into something blue...

Rose looked up, her face lighting up. "It's the TARDIS!" she exclaimed, laughing in delight. The Doctor just beamed at the sight.

"Still there." He looked at his magnificent ship with pride and relief in his eyes.

If before she had some doubts, now Rose was more than sure that her previous assumptions were right. "You're back," she said in astonishment. The Doctor turned to look at her, considering what had she just said for a moment and then giving her one of his wide grins.

With a bit of a struggle, they managed to get themselves in their home and the Doctor rushed straight to the controls as they had yet one more trip to make before they could fetch their captain back.

"Ready for Ida Scott." The Doctor pulled the necessary levels and knobs, rushing about. "Hold on tight!" he exclaimed and grinned at Rose as the last pull of the lever took her nearly off guard and she had to grab on the jump seat to keep steady.

The TARDIS materialised right at the top of the pit and the Doctor ran to the doors. Rose tried to follow but the Doctor stopped her, warning her that there was no oxygen there and he would be back in a sec. He found Ida fallen unconscious from lack of oxygen same as the last time. His respiratory bypass kicked in when the lack of air made him struggle to breathe. He didn't waste time and after briskly picking Ida up in his arms, carried her back to the TARDIS.

Soon after Ida was packed into the TARDIS and resting to gain her oxygen back, the Doctor rushed about to fetch the rocket out of the grasps of the black hole.

"Aaah!" the Doctor sang in delight, taking one step back as he looked on the screen. "There they are!"

The TARDIS lurched for a moment, taking Rose sliding off the jump seat. The Doctor glanced sideways and took her hand in his, her taking support in him to keep steady. She slowly lifted her head up to meet his gaze. Her Doctor's gaze. Who was back.

"You're back," she said softly again. The Doctor only gave her a warm smile. And then, without another moment of consideration, they met each other in a hug. Rose locked her arms around his neck, burying her face into his neck while the Doctor lifted her up, taking a few steps back to slowly swing her around. Rose chuckled in his neck, making him slightly ticklish but feel the irreplaceable feeling of home. He hummed in contentment.

Rose and the Doctor stood side by side near the console, their hands between each other linked, just for reassuring purposes.

Suddenly the screen came to life, showing the inside of the rocket with its occupants looking more than a bit confused. Rose grinned at the sight. So good to be the one by the Doctor's side in this moment. It was where her place was.

Rose could have sworn she felt a slight squeeze of her hand, as if confirming her own thoughts but other than that, the Doctor appeared not affected by that and just casually addressed the crew.

"Sorry about the hijack, Captain. This is the good ship TARDIS," the Doctor exclaimed to the screen, while flicking some buttons with his free hand.

Rose saw as Jack's mouth literally dropped open and his eyes lighted up.

"Just to be on the safe side. Have you got Captain Jack Harkness on board?" the Doctor asked, the corners of his lips twitching up.

"Doctor! Rosie! You're both okay. Oh, you both nearly gave me a heart attack." Jack laughed through the comm. The Doctor hummed in response, smiling.

"Told you everything's going be alright, Jack!" Rose exclaimed, beaming at the screen.

"Where're you both?" Jack asked.

"Just towing everyone back home. Gravity-schmavity. My people practically invented black holes," the Doctor said casually.

"Well - in fact, they did," the Doctor said and locked his gaze to Rose for a moment, who smiled at him knowingly. He pulled a lever, turning his face back to the controls. "In a couple of minutes, we'll be nice and safe."

"Oh, and. What do you say, if we... make a little swap? Let's say you give us the Captain, not your Captain, there's no need of him for us, not that I have anything against you, brilliant man you are, but still don't need you."

"Doctor," Rose chided him playfully, patting on his arm with a smile on her face.

"Right. Where was I? Oh, yeh. Captain. Let's take our Captain and trade him for... would it be fair to say... Ida Scott?"

"She's alive!" Zach exclaimed in delight.

"YES! Thank God!" Danny joined him.

"Bless us all," Mr. Jefferson said softly.

"Yeah! Bit of oxygen starvation, but she should be all right," the Doctor said casually. His face suddenly twitched into a grin, beaming at the crew. Zach shifted on his seat a bit unsure what to expect next.

"Mr. Jefferson!" the Doctor exclaimed. "You are..." The Doctor shook his head in disbelief.

"Is something wrong, Doctor?" Jefferson asked, being eyed by his crew questioningly.

"Wrong?" the Doctor asked, blinking. "Oh. No no no. No, in fact, I would say, brilliant. This is...Blimey, it's good to see you Mr. Jefferson!"

Jefferson laughed nervously. "We're very glad to see you two again too."

Rose grinned at the Doctor, who smiled warmly at her. He was so proud of her. She kept on surprising him. Making more and more reasons for him to care for her so unconditionally... He then remembered, clearing his throat.

"I couldn't save the Ood," he said in a more solemn voice, switching back to the screen. "Had time for one trip. They went down with the planet." Rose squeezed his hand in a comforting gesture. He gave her a gentle smile in return.

Suddenly something on the computer bleeped, taking the Doctor's attention back.

"Ah! Entering clear space - end of the line - mission closed."

Rose stood by the console with the Doctor, both of them waiting for Jack to come back up in the TARDIS. Ida Scott was already rushed back to her teary-faced crew. Even if nobody would have admitted that. But they were...glad to have her back. And Rose was so glad everything worked out this time too. She just had one nagging feeling to settle still.

"Um... since you're back now." She took a string of hair under her ear. He looked up to her. "What d'you feel like more? I mean... which one of you, is the real you? Is it the you from our..." She gestured. "Time." She shook her head slightly.

"Original timeline," the Doctor offered, smiling at her.

"Yeh, the you from original timeline," Rose began again. "Or the new you." She looked up at him. "The New New New Doctor." She could hardly suppress the grin on her face.

The Doctor giggled, beaming at her in delight.

"So?" Rose asked, prompting him.

"Oh," the Doctor caught himself. "Weeell." He rubbed on the back of his neck. "Uh." The Doctor trailed off, curling his lip. "I'm both," he announced, grinning at her sheepishly.

She blinked. "Both?"

"Yep," the Doctor agreed casually, pointing with his lip. "I'm still the New New New me, but not just that. I have the whole knowledge of our past time together. Aaand, at the same time, I'm the old me." He stopped suddenly, frowning. "Old me. Brr." He shuddered, startling Rose a bit. "Not using that again," he spilled. "Anyway, I'm...both. Yeh, just both. One or two. Or two in one. Or a mix. Yeh. I like mixes...I think."

Rose laughed out loud at him. "What?" he asked innocently, amused. She shook her head. "Glad to have you back."

"Glad to be back," he said warmly.

Suddenly the doors opened up and Jack came into view, grinning at them both while at the same time shaking his head in disbelief. Rose grinned at him and skipped to meet him in a hug. "Uhh, good to see you!"

"Good to see you, Rosie! Never expected to see you again after that stunt with my Vortex Manipulator. Which reminds me, where's it?"

Rose laughed and stepped away from their embrace. "It's here. Here you go." She handed their captain his device back, who put it safe back on his wrist. He then looked up to see the Doctor standing by the console with a raised eyebrow.

"Good to see you too, Doc." Jack began walking towards him with a smile on his face. Rose leaned in to the walking Jack to whisper. "He's back by the way." Grinning to herself at the abrupt stop Jack done. Putting quite a bit strength in himself, Jack lifted his eyes to see the Doctor casually walking towards him.

He expected the worst. He really did. But what came was only a bear hug! For a moment he didn't know what to do but then hugged the Doctor back just as happily.

When the two broke apart, Jack spoke first. "I'm sorry, Doc," he said regretfully.

The Doctor gave him a small smile. "I know." Rose smiled to herself at their exchange.

"Right then!" the Doctor suddenly exclaimed and walked to the controls once again. Rose went to settle into the jump seat.

"Zach? We'll be off, now. Have a good trip home. And the next time you get curious about something- oh... what's the point? You'll just go blundering in. The human race..." And most of all... Rose Tyler...

"But Doctor," Ida suddenly said, taking the Doctor off his musings. "What did you find down there? That creature - what was it?"

The Doctor's eyes travelled to Rose. She kept silent, just looking at him, waiting.

"I don't know!" the Doctor exclaimed blithely. His attention back on the monitor. "Never did decipher that writing. But that's good! Day I know everything? Might as well stop," he muttered. "Right, onwards, upwards - Ida - see you again, maybe!"

"I hope so," Ida said through the comm.

"And thanks, boys!" Rose called out.

"If those two doesn't call you back, you can always leave me a message!" Jack exclaimed, making the Doctor and Rose chuckle, their heads shaking.

"Hang on though, Doctor. You never really said... Captain Jack introduced himself..." Jack grinned at her words. "But you two... who are you?"

"Oh..." The Doctor paused, his face breaking into a grin. "The stuff of legend," he said fondly, while looking at Rose.

They smiled at each other and turned their heads to watch the rotor rise and fall steadily.

What came next, only surprised the Doctor mildly. They all knew that was coming. Jack asked to be sent back to Cardiff, giving the two of them best regards. Leaving them to have some space and time alone. They needed that. Time was coming short for them and Jack wanted them to use it to the fullest, without being in their way, no matter how tempting it could be. He promised to come to their aid, if the situation asked. But they all knew it would be soon.

It was night time in the TARDIS. Rose had already changed to her pyjamas but couldn't quite bring herself to go to sleep just yet. She expected the Doctor to pop in and tell her goodnight but more than that, she hoped he would stay with her. It had been a long day for them all and she didn't want to let go of him. Not today. Well, truthfully, not ever, but at least for today.

A knock on the door startled her a bit. She came to a stop from her pacing around the room. Without having an answer, the doors swung open and revealed a lean figure coming right in. He had a tentative and tender smile on his face, just watching her smile to him in return. He kept his hands in his pockets like not fully knowing just where to put them better.

Rose locked her gaze to him, searching for something to grab onto. The Doctor was watching her, with one of his deep gazes, being far far away but still seeing only her. But then he shook his head and addressed her casually.

"Ready for bed then?"

Rose's mouth quivered into a smile. "Yep." She nodded, fiddling with her top and taking secret glances at him.

"Good. Good," the Doctor agreed absentmindedly.

"Wanna stay?" she offered softly.

The Doctor's head suddenly snapped to meet her eyes, mouth slightly agape. "W-what" he sputtered, blinking.

Rose pressed her lips together, but moments later composed herself. "I mean, it's been a long day and... I expect you would want to check into my head now?" She smiled at him, chuckling. "To see what's going on."

He swallowed. "Yeh," he breathed, his eyes glazing with fear, curiosity and need. Oh, Rose. It's so much more than that...

"Come on, then." She urged him, coming to sit on the edge of her bed. "Sit yourself, Doctor." She patted the place next to her, beaming at him.

The Doctor kept himself stoned to the ground for a moment longer when he slowly began closing the distance between them. He kept his eyes locked to hers and after reaching the soft material of the duvet, sat down next to her.

She kept a warm smile on her face. He could tell she was slightly wary of what was coming next but her whole body was radiating trust and curiosity for herself. Whatever was going to happen, she had already decided to go for it.

Now it was for the Doctor to make the move. It was hard. He was a telepathic being, he needed that touch of a mind but after the Time War he lost it. And the only few times he got to pass through someone's mind was for a higher purpose. For saving lives. It was the same with Rose here, sitting right ahead of him, in a way... But the problem was, that it could never be the same with her.

And no matter how much shields he would put to his memories, his past, no matter how much he would prepare himself for this...

"I have to tell you first..." he began carefully. Rose let him continue. "You may put doors behind the memories you don't want me to look at, although we might need them... but no, I would just have to find another way, it doesn't matter-"

"Doctor," Rose said, chuckling at him softly, she wanted to tell him...

"Anyway. That's that, but..." He stopped, his mouth open, looking at her fearfully. He exhaled, lowering his gaze. "You can't hide from me completely. You can put doors for your memories but the thoughts you are having right now, would be...visible. It's necessary to not block them for the connection to work through. So I could... er, talk with you, in your mind..." He looked up to her.

Rose only nodded, seemingly not affected all that much or maybe not even at all! "Yeh, thought it would be something like that," she said faintly.

"Rose..." the Doctor began in a low voice, his brows furrowed. "I'm..." He swallowed. Her head suddenly shot up.

"Oh, no you don't. Don't you dare apologizing. This's what I have accepted and decided. And it's alright. I want this too."

"You do...?" he asked her softly, a slight smile playing on his lips.

"Well, yeh, I suppose. I don't know." Rose chuckled, brushing her hair from her face. "I mean, I don't know what it's like, but..." She locked her eyes with him. "It's you. Why would I want anything hidden from you?"

The Doctor's breath hitched in his throat. And it was starting to get difficult to breathe even with his superior respiratory system. He was trying to say something but each time his mouth opened, it would just close again. Having understood that he wouldn't be making a next move himself, Rose took matters in her own hand. She scooted closer and enveloped him in a hug.

The Doctor released a breath and put his own arms around her. Closing his eyes at the feel of her. Letting it relax him.

After a while, he pulled back from their embrace, looking deep into her bright eyes. "Rose..." he began in a low voice. He opened his mouth, but no words came the second time either. He felt a soft hand rubbing circles on his arm.

"It's alright," she said softly. "You can tell me."

He freed his arms from having them on Rose's forearms and ran one hand through his hair. He looked sideways. "Your thoughts won't be the only ones visible..." he said faintly.

"Oh," Rose only said.

"Yeh." The Doctor smiled at her, his smile still not quite reaching his eyes though. "I have many shields on my mind, but... I can't separate my thoughts."

"Well, I guess it just works both ways, yeh?" She tried a casual approach.

"Actually, no."

Rose furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. "What d'you mean?"

"Humans are not able to create shields on their thoughts. They can put their memories behind the doors, but the thoughts just keep swirling around, not staying in one place for long. They are not able to hide them, because they're nothing solid. They're a big mass of...everything."

Rose nodded. "Right. Because we're not telepathic."

"Well, yeh." The Doctor chuckled. Rose joined him but soon stopped.

"Hold on. Then how you..."

"I can hide my thoughts from others, but I can't hide them from you... Even if I wanted to, which may be a good idea, sometimes," he muttered. "Still, I... just can't."

"Why not?"

"We have a connection, Rose... Going through strangers' minds to me is like... well, if we put it in professional side, like a doctor with his patients. Looking for what's wrong. But with you... " He pressed his lips together. "I can't be casual with you. Not with your mind. It's...I guess I got too attached." He smiled half-humorously. "And now I can't be objective with you. I can't separate my going into your mind as professional. Because you... This..." He faltered, his voice slightly shaky.

"It means a lot to me."

"I would be mad if it wouldn't," she joked, giving him a warm smile, a brush of pink on her cheeks.

"Yeh?" he asked faintly.

"Yeh. Well, not really, I suppose. Since.. I couldn't really... I mean, it's not my place to be mad about something like that, but... I would be a bit unhappy, yeh."

He smiled at her tenderly. "Then you have nothing to worry about, Rose Tyler."

"Good to know," she joked, smiling with tongue between her teeth smile. "So, what do I do?" She sounded quite excited.

"Just relax. I'll guide you through. Just let me in." He scooted over, to gain better access and more comfortable position for them. He then slowly, some would say achingly slowly, lifted his fingers to her temples, stopping just an inch away to get one last approval.


"Yeh." She nodded and the next moment she felt a huge wave of gust fill her mind. It felt like everything became confusing at once. So many thoughts swirling around, that none seemed to make any decent sense. She twitched her face muscles in concentration.

"It's alright. Stay with me. It's me. Only me." The Doctor soothed her. "I'll try speaking to you now into your mind. Just concentrate on my voice." Rose nodded absentmindedly.

"Can you hear me?"

Rose gasped, flinching slightly on the surface.

"It's me. The Doctor."

She seemed to relax a bit.

"Um, hello?" she tried in her mind. The Doctor was silent.

"Doctor? Am I doing this wrong? Oh, I don't know..."

"No," he said. "No. You're doing fine. Brilliant, in fact. I didn't even tell you how to speak here."

"Just think it through and it pops in the conversation, yeh?" she joked. He laughed with her.


I love your laugh.

The Doctor suddenly tensed up on the surface.

"Um, Doctor? Was that your random thought or something?" she joked, expecting him to deny it. But he didn't.


"Oh. I see."

"Is that alright?" he asked in a tentative way.

"Yeh," she answered at once.

"Right then. Let's try get going."

"Going where?" she laughed.

"Weeell... we can try... let's just try that door over there. Or, an arch, more like. Rose, why do you keep doors there if you leave them open anyway."

"Dunno. Just thought it would leave us better access. You know. One time period with another. So it won't get messy."

"Rose Tyler. Your real room is a mess," he joked.

"Well yeh, but it's my own mind. I might need to know what I'm looking for." He only chuckled at her.

"Come on, then." He lead their way, tugging her by her hand.

"You're holding my hand," she said, watching them linked.

"No. It's only my mind taking yours with me. I just put it like an image of hand-holding. I like hand-holding. I think it fits... us..."

"I like that too."


Suddenly a burst of memories came crashing to them. They saw Rose, ten years old Rose at her cousin Mo's wedding. She sat with some other girl, who was younger than her by a few years, watching the pair at the aisle with fascination.

"How do they know who to marry? Is it written somewhere?" the girl asked absentmindedly.

"Mum said once you see him, you know," Rose said. "When I see him. I'll know."

"How would you know?" the girl asked, either taking Rose not seriously or being curious.

"I just will."


The Doctor had a warm smile on his face. Well, or a projection in his mind of a warm smile. Or a projection of his feelings.

"That wedding was ridiculous." Rose laughed. "Mum always said they're gonna kill each other one day. They were just like cat and a mouse. Always doing this-" she stopped abruptly, another flash coming right up. But it felt different. It didn't feel like it was coming from her memories. Not even from her herself, in fact.


In this flash, of event, Rose saw two people standing by the aisle. But when she looked more carefully to see who was the bride and the groom, she saw...well, herself. And she looked very beautiful. She didn't know if she ever saw herself that beautiful. She was smiling, radiating with joy at the man in front of her. And what made Rose's heart leap, was that the groom... was the Doctor himself. Wearing a black/brown pinstriped suit and converses.


Right. Of course it would his choice of clothes. But then she felt like something was drifting away from her mind. The presence. The Doctor's presence suddenly felt completely still in her mind. She tried searching for him but even so she could still feel him, she couldn't reach him.

Very carefully she tried to grab onto the Doctor's sleeve on the surface. It felt like a rush of electricity came rushing back into her mind. She gasped. Both in her mind and outside.

"Right. Yeh. Sorry. Off we go then?"

Rose was sure the Doctor could pick on her curious thoughts, but if he felt like dropping the subject... She let him. It was not really the time, or place to consider...whatever was that all about.

They walked further into her mind, to more recent memories, in somewhat an awkward silence. Rose tried desperately to not Think about Anything. But it was hard to do. Sometimes it would get so weird that they would walk into a bright red, bricked wall. But the Doctor was acting even more strange. Because he would just lead them both around the wall, like nothing was really there out of place.


They came to a stop when they felt a rush of wind coming from the not-so-closed door. They walked in just to step onto... sand.

Bad Wolf Bay.

"It's cold here," the Doctor said faintly. "Was it cold there?"

"Just a bit."

The Doctor half expected to see himself appearing on the cursed beach, but not only did he not see himself, he neither saw Jackie or Pete or Mickey the idiot.

"Where's everyone?" he asked, looking around.

"I came by myself."

The Doctor turned to look at Rose, who was watching something in the distance. He followed her gaze to see Rose, memory Rose, sitting on the cold beach, watching the ocean.

"I came here five and half days after." She chuckled faintly, biting her lip.

The Doctor tried to smile but it only came as a grimace.


His thoughts were suddenly disturbed, when the memory Rose appeared, on the same day, but was now walking near the rocky mountain, where the path lead. He felt how his Rose, well... let's just call her his Rose for now, right, then, he felt how His Rose tensed up. He squeezed her hand in reassurance and then heard a yelp, coming from the memory Rose. He looked up to see a big piece of rock laying near her. She was breathing heavily, but other than that, she didn't seem to feel That bothered about being almost killed by the rock.


They suddenly were dragged to another memory. In this one, she was with her family. Pete, Mickey seemed to be there too, a rather pregnant Jackie and Rose. Rose. She was sitting on the table, writing something, while the others were rushing about in the room, going in and out, which looked like a study room. Suddenly Mickey's voice rang from the hall.

"Rose, it's starting!" he called out. Rose stopped her writing and sighed. She put the pen back on the table and got ready to stand up when her leg chair got mixed in the carpet bellow and her leg twisted. She unbalanced and came crashing hard on the floor. The next moment the whole bookcase began shuddering and a glass statue, standing on the very top shelf was swinging dangerously.

"You've got to be kidding me," memory Rose exclaimed and rolled over just at the time when the statue came crashing on the floor, shattering to pieces. Some pieces flew far, and they stuck to Rose's skin. But only shallow wounds were made.


Rose could feel the Doctor next to her, clench his fingers into fists in his pockets.


Other memories were crashing onto them like a roller coaster. She would be walking in the bank and suddenly a pair of masked men would decide to rob the bank, armed. While their intentions would look like they weren't even trying to pull the trigger, it would suddenly get off, inches from grazing her head.


Or she would be swimming in the pool, somehow getting out the last, before the closing and then would be pulled right in the water, by some unknown energy.


It went on and on and by the twentieth of those memories the Doctor was barely standing still, well, mentally standing, his eyes black with self loathing to have left her there and worry for his pink and yellow human.

At first he still tried to joke about her being jeopardy-friendly but they soon saw that it was not the case.

Something was coming...and bad.

Nothing really could have prepared him for this.


In the memory, Rose was on a mission from Torchwood. It was the only place which really felt like she was being at least a bit closer to the Doctor.

And being joapardy-friendly as she was, she managed to get herself shot by an alien gun, directed towards the aliens for a purpose.

The impact was instant and the Doctor, together with Rose, saw how her own image crumbled to the ground, clenching her chest.

She was laying on the cold, hard ground. Her breathing shallow and eyes unfocused. She could barely feel her surroundings, so her memories were slightly fuzzy, hard to see. They felt how memory Rose saw Pete come squatting down next to her, together with Mickey, who was on the verge of tears. He was asking her to keep awake but her eyes would get heavier and heavier. Their view on the memory would get cloudier and cloudier until it got pitch black. And Rose knew what was coming next, but she never got to Show him that.

The next moment, Rose was thrown aback by an abrupt link severing. She gasped in the surface, her head spinning and eyes unable to focus. She rubbed on her temple, grimacing a bit. Little by little her focus came back to her and she could see the view ahead of her. The Doctor was sitting very still. His forehead getting a whole new level of wrinkled line. And then she understood what was wrong.

The Doctor was no longer in her mind. He got out. And as fast as he could.

She reached out to take his hand, trying to reassure him that no matter what happened she was here, alive. At her touch he only closed his eyes tightly shut, trembling slightly.

They stayed like that for a moment, Rose brushing her thumb on his hand. She inhaled a breath. "Do you... want to try again...?" she asked carefully, her voice faint.

She could hear the Doctor exhaling a shuddering breath.

"I can't...Not right now."


"I just...can't."

Rose only nodded, even if the Doctor couldn't see it. She knew he could feel it at the very least. She understood.

"I'm here," she said softly, giving him a small smile.

He knew what he was getting himself into. By accepting her, by taking that one step forward. He knew. But to have seen that... He was reminded once again that not only was he condemning himself to watching her age her whole life and eventually die from old age, he was also signing up for the possibility of her accidental death. For one of the times when he would not be able to save her.

Would it be him? The one sitting by her laying still body, pleading for her to stay awake. Would it be him next?

"You won't be," he said in a low, pained voice, his eyes opened. Not always.

Rose opened her mouth to say something, but he didn't let her finish. He leaned in and sealed her lips with his, tugging her closer by her neck with his one hand, another cupping her cheek. He wanted reassurance. That she was alive. But most of all, he wanted her to know, just how much she meant to him.

His kiss was tender but firm too, not letting her escape for a second longer when she broke their kiss to take a breath. His mouth soon followed hers and captured them once more. She never did protest though. She was more than eager to show herself all the reassurance he needed.

When they broke apart, Rose was panting slightly. They had their foreheads pressed together, just staying like that for a few moments.

"Sleep, Rose," the Doctor said faintly. He pressed one last kiss on her forehead and got ready to get up but came to an abrupt halt, when a hand stopped him. He looked down to see Rose grabbing his hand.

"You too," she only said.

He swallowed. "Rose, I don't need-" he tried to say but was interrupted.

"Yes, you do," she said firmly and reached out for his face, to brush her fingers under his eyes where heavy bags were visible. He didn't have the will to fight it anymore. But neither did he make a move to lay down. He just slumped on the bed, staying still.

Rose scooted towards him, lifting herself up on her knees and took charge of taking him out of his suit, which he just let her to take off and then tie. When he was done and only in his shirt, she moved away from him to get under covers. She settled down and for a moment there was just a silence in the room. The Doctor still sitting by the end of the bed, Rose already set for sleeping.

Their eyes met for a moment.

And she just smiled at him. "Come here then." She patted the place next to her, almost playfully. The Doctor eyed the place a bit suspiciously for a moment and then sighed, running a hand through his hair. His one hand instinctively came towards his collar, wanting to readjust his tie, but then found nothing there.

Rose chuckled. "Right. Already off," he said and went to settle down next to Rose.

And that night, one of them indeed had a blissful sleep. Snuggling up to the Doctor, his one hand resting on her waist while her own hugging him close to herself. The Doctor counted her breaths while playing with the strings of her hair and looking in the distance.

He couldn't lose her now. The battle of Canary Wharf had to change.

After a few hours, he closed his eyes.

to be continued...if you won't kill me, in Fear Her. (let's just say Love & Monsters just didn't happen in the reset timeline. It kinda ruins my progress... sorry ;p)

Okay. So. Questions are welcome! Now then. The thing about Omega. Is my stretched canon. He's a real classic Who character and he was a Time Lord, got trapped into black hole, could create world there by his will alone, lost his body and etc.

Well, it's just my created way of explaining who the hell is the Devil guy, since it was never really explained besides him being "the Idea". And it had too many similarities to Omega that I just couldn't pass the opportunity ;D

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