The Legend of Zelda:
The Untold Tale

Chapter One

Ganondorf had learned from his mistakes. He came to Hyrule once more, with a lust for the Triforce as strong as ever, but a mind unclouded by delusions of grandeur. He knew that some boy, Link by name, would end up destroying him in the end. It always happened. But this time, he would out smart the fate the three oracles had planned for this land.

Upon entering the castle with his ever-loyal monsters at his back, he had slain the king and queen, as he had ever done before. But this time, he was going to conquer Hyrule in a more conventional way. Namely, by making princess Zelda his wife.

As soon as the ceremony was over, his 'blushing bride' pale and in tears of grief, he set about with making his dreams reality. He sent out soldiers near and wide, to scour the whole of Hyrule. He didn't advertise what his plans were, because he wanted to avoid any mothers trying to pull a Moses on him, but the soldiers' orders were simple. They were to search every house, every cradle, every field, and if they found any boy with blue eyes, blond hair, and pointed ears, they were to kill him on the spot, no questions asked, no answers given. He would not fall to Link, not again.

The ground was wet with the blood of many who may have someday become his nemesis, but it was over. Link would never rise again to end his reign of evil, and so he could truly begin with his greatest work yet.

Little did he know that not every hero had to be born in tempest and swaddled in prophecy. Fate has a lot of work to do, and will often leave one's destiny to oneself to decide. For a hero, one he never could have foreseen, was about to be made...