A/N: Chapter Warning: This is an epilogue chapter; it is set FOUR YEARS after the last chapter and is a sort of catch up a few years later to see how everyone is doing.

Last Time

He fell asleep with a smile on his face, surrounded by his family and the knowledge that he would be left alone, left in peace now that no one was hunting him or his lover down. He was finally at peace with the pack, the family, that he loved and no one could now rip that away from him. He slept easily and peacefully without nightmares or the visits from Voldemort, with the knowledge that he would not be hunted down by anyone now that they thought him and Fenrir dead.

Murmuring in his sleep, Harry wriggled a little in his arms and Fenrir smiled as he kissed the back of Harry's head gently, he lay himself down and squeezed Harry around the middle, pulling his mate closer to him as he settled himself down in the summer night to sleep. He cared for his family a hell of a lot and he would do anything for Harry and their sons. He would do anything and everything to protect them and no one would ever hurt them, or try to hurt them, while he still drew breath, he would never allow it. Not ever.

Chapter Eleven – The One

Harry made sure to give his lover, Fenrir, a good kick 'accidentally' on his way past as he stormed away to the river to go and cool down. He was used to the teasing now, the ribbing and the jokes at his expense, but he'd forgotten how damned hard it was to deal with while his body was full of hormones and carrying so much extra weight.

Harry placed a hand under his pregnant belly and groaned as the ache started in his lower back again. Recently it had come to the point where he could only take a few steps before his lower back started protesting the movement.

He bent over and rested his forearms against his bent knees and breathed through the stab of pain, the pain he knew would get much worse as soon as he went into labour, but currently he was only in his third month of pregnancy, near enough half way through.

He was so out of practise that he'd forgotten how uncomfortable and painful pregnancy was, it had been four years since he had last carried any pups, not through lack of trying on Fenrir's part, he mentally added with a naughty smile, but he just hadn't caught in the last three breeding seasons, which had given him a much needed break from being pregnant every year and gave him more time, energy and ability to run around after the five, very energetic, sons he already had.

His four year old twin sons, Ulric and Felan, had grown so big it brought a tear to his eye when he watched them wrestling with one another or with the beta males, they were eating with the pack, sleeping with the pack and could talk in almost complete sentences and they were spending increasing amounts of time with their Father, Fenrir, who was teaching them god only knew what.

His three year old triplets, Ferus, Lorcan and Garvan, had also grown big, they too liked wrestling and play fighting, though he had to get a handle on Lorcan's biting soon, there wasn't a member of their pack who hadn't felt his little teeth sinking deep into their arm or leg or anywhere else that Lorcan decided to bite them. They were all walking; they were talking, though the daily questions of 'what's that?' and 'why?' coming from all three of them was enough to make him want to hit himself in the head with a rock.

Felan and Lorcan still whined, Ulric still lashed out at people with his 'alpha streak' as Fenrir proudly claimed it to be, Garvan was still such a serious little boy and often sat next to Harry quietly or went off to play by himself and Ferus had decided he liked playing doctor and patching people up, the only problem was that he didn't quite understand that he wasn't supposed to injure his 'patients' in the first place in order to be an actual doctor, but Harry didn't mind too much, a bit of blood was a small price to pay for his little boy's happiness.

Harry sat down on the edge of the river and yanked off his shoes and socks, dipping his feet into the mild water. It had been a mild winter too and spring had come earlier, everything warming up sooner than it otherwise would have. It was nice, for now, but meant a long summer ahead, which in his current condition was going to drive him completely fucking insane.

Harry run his hand over his bump and felt the soft movements from within. He couldn't feel said movements outwardly, not yet. He smiled, he wasn't too sure, but he thought that this pregnancy might only be the one pup. Fenrir was going to be disappointed. He still hadn't forgotten that Harry had promised him that he could name the entire of the next litter and Harry had promised him that shortly after the triplets had been born, which had been nearly four years ago, but Fenrir still remembered and he liked pointing out that Harry had held off on the pregnancies in the hopes that he would forget.

Harry smiled to himself as he remembered angrily demanding Fenrir show him proof that he was doing anything to prevent pregnancy. Fenrir had grinned and yanked him onto his lap and whispered in his ear that they weren't getting in enough 'practice.' Harry still laughed at the memories from that day.

Fenrir was bound to be disappointed that he was pregnant with only one pup, if he was actually only pregnant with one pup that was, the other could be just very inactive or squashed against his spine by its littermate, though he just couldn't see this pregnancy being any more than two pups. But it wasn't so much that it was only a single birth that would disappoint Fenrir, but that Fenrir wanted to name a lot of pups. Harry chuckled and shook his head as he remembered fondly how excited Fenrir had been when Harry had agreed to let Fenrir name his pups and then, when he'd gotten confirmed pregnant, how excited Fenrir had been when Harry had reiterated that Fenrir could name the entire litter.

At twenty years old now, twenty-one in just two months, Harry felt more adult about everything he was doing and about what had happened to him in the past. He had never once regretted coming into Fenrir's life, nor letting his alpha mate and breed him. It was hand's down the very best thing that had ever happened to him, even trumping finding out he was a wizard for the first time, because that had led him to being thrown head first into danger and into a war he hadn't known anything about. Fenrir had led him to love, family and peace and really, that was all he had ever wanted. Sure there had been arguments, fights and heartbreak on the way, but sometimes that was just life. They had lost nine good packmates over the years and nothing took that pain away, not even time, though the sharp, agonising pain of loss blunted and dulled with every passing year, laughter and love came back and muted the pain, but it was always there in the back of their minds and it would never go away.

"You alright?"

Harry bent back and tilted his head to see Fenrir standing behind him, Garvan in his arms. Harry smiled.

"I'm fine. I just needed to cool off before I gave Bryan another black eye."

Fenrir snorted in amusement and came to sit beside him, handing a struggling Garvan over to Harry when he kicked and lashed out at Fenrir to reach for his Mummy.

"Might have been better if you had given him a black eye." Fenrir grunted.

"I'll consider it for next time. There's always a next time with Bryan." Harry said fondly.

"Mama, was 'at?" Garvan asked, pointing a little finger at a blade of grass.

Harry frowned; Garvan already knew what grass was, so it couldn't be the obvious. Harry looked closer at the particular blade of long grass that his youngest son was pointing at and sighed, seeing the small beetle crawling up the underside of the blade. Harry plucked the grass and held it up to Garvan, who poked and prodded the little red beetle.

"That's a ladybird, Garvan."

"No look like bird." Garvan frowned, jabbing the poor red bug harder.

"It's not a bird, it's an insect, but it's called a ladybird, or a ladybug if you prefer, though it isn't actually a bug at all, but a beetle."

"'Adybug." Garvan repeated with a nod.

Garvan continued playing with the beetle as Harry rested on Fenrir and spoke to him softly before they fell quiet, watching Garvan as he giggled at the little ladybird.

"Are you ready to go back to the clearing?"

Harry nodded and stood with his youngest son in his arms, allowing Fenrir to help him up to his feet and escort him back to the clearing, snagging his shoes and socks on the way.

"There you are! We were going to send out a search party!" Oscar said with a grin, his head still in Bryan's lap, his hair being groomed.

Harry flipped him off and sat down with a groan and a hand pressed to his bump, his other supporting Garvan's bum, but his son wriggled away as soon as they were at floor level to go and show his brothers his ladybug.

Looking after five boys was nigh on insane sometimes, but he loved them all so much and he'd never wish to change a thing about them, even though he was slowly breaking them of dangerous, destructive behaviours, like the biting and the sometimes real fights that happened between the brothers.

It happened so fast that Harry had no time to prepare for it, one minute he was sitting against a log, head tilted back, catching the rays of the warm sun on his face, the next thing he knew was pain and he screamed, curling over his belly, only to encounter Ulric and as he struggled to breathe, he realised that Ulric had either kicked his baby bump, or had run and jumped on him.

Ulric was yanked away viciously and Harry's protective instincts rose up immediately when he head Ulric's shout of pain and surprise, hearing his little neck snapping from the force of how hard he had been yanked away and Harry wanted to yell and scream at them to leave his baby alone, but he was winded and he couldn't get the air he needed into his shrunken lungs.

He took comfort in the fact that Fenrir was trying to help ease him to breathe, the beta males wouldn't dare strike one of the alpha pups, but he could hear Ulric fighting and screaming, crying, begging for his Mummy and Harry hated it.

He tried to force himself to sit up, but when that caused him to wheeze painfully and made him dizzy, he stopped and focused on breathing first, ignoring Fenrir's quick, rapid questions and panic stricken tone.

When he could breathe again, Harry sat up and allowed Fenrir's arms to help him upright. He kept his hands on his belly and stroked gently and soothingly.

"Are you okay?" Fenrir asked gruffly.

Harry nodded as he was still too pained to speak, but he saw Ulric in Warren's grasp, fighting to reach him, crying floods of tears and curling soft hands at him, he shoved everything else away, all his pain and the fear he had for his newest litter and held one of his arms out, ignoring how badly it was shaking.

"Let him go." Harry panted out breathlessly.

Warren nodded and instead of letting him go as asked, he handed Ulric right over instead and Harry hugged his upset, distressed pup as Ulric cried into his neck.

Harry patted his bum gently and pulled back to get some eye contact.

"You must never hit me when I'm pregnant Ulric. I have a baby inside here." Harry explained bringing Ulric's little hand down to touch his belly. "I know you were too young to remember your younger brothers being born and you weren't strong enough to hurt me back then, but you are bigger and stronger now, you could hurt me and the pups I have in here, you don't want that, do you?"

Ulric shook his head, still crying his heart out. Harry took a soft cloth from his pocket and wiped his oldest son's face for him. He had learnt long ago to always keep a snot rag in his pocket.

"I'm sorry Mummy! I love you." He sobbed through tears and sniffles.

Harry sighed and pulled him back into rest against his chest, putting that little head in the crook of his neck as he cuddled and soothed his oldest son, brushing light fingers through the soft hair at the back of Ulric's neck, his other hand patting his lower back rhythmically.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Fenrir asked again.

"I'm fine, a bit breathless, but nothing lasting. The litter is fine too, I can still feel movement."

"The pups are moving?" Fenrir asked.

Harry nodded. "Not enough to outwardly be felt, but they are inside my body after all, I can feel the shifts."

"What does it feel like?" Tackett asked curiously.

Harry frowned as he considered the feeling. "Like I've got ants crawling around inside me, or butterflies. Soft brushes of movement against my insides. The pups won't be strong enough to move within me with enough force to be felt from the outside for at least another few weeks."

Ulric pulled back and gently petted Harry's belly with a small hand. "I no wanted to hurt the babies." He insisted. "I just wanted to play."

"I know love, but you need to play with your brothers, your Father or the beta males, I can't play just yet, the babies are too little and too delicate."

"Like Felan." Ulric nodded.

Harry rolled his eyes and glared at Bryan, who had told Ulric that Felan was a submissive wolf and that he had to treat him gently and delicately.

"No, not like Felan. The pups are going to be a lot more delicate than your brother, you'll need to be so careful and gentle with them Ulric."

"Like a flower." Ulric said confused.

Harry chuckled. "I've seen what you do to flowers, if I see you doing that to any of your brothers I'll punish you."

Ulric pouted and looked at the floor. Harry tucked two fingers under his chin and got eye contact back.

"I love you Ulric and I'll teach you how to be soft and gentle with the new pups. It'll be okay. I promise."

Ulric nodded trustingly and Harry sent him on his way with a peck to the mouth. He looked around and checked on his pups, Ulric ran and joined Ferus and Lorcan who were fighting with two sticks and Felan and Garvan were hunched down together and were watching the ladybird scuttle along the floor, they poked it and giggled every time it stopped moving. That poor, poor ladybird.

It hadn't been too much of a surprise to them when Ulric took over Felan in height, weight and size. Not to mention ferocity. As Fenrir had pointed out often, Ulric had the alpha streak in him and Felan didn't, in fact Felan took after Harry in a lot of ways, not just being a submissive wolf, but he was quieter, kinder, but no less temperamental and argumentative. Felan was their only submissive and Ulric was their only alpha, at least for now. Harry thought as he pressed his hands to his belly and stroked it softly, he couldn't wait until this new litter of pups was born.

There was little else that Fenrir liked more than lounging in the sun, his pack all around him, his pups screaming, yelling and laughing as they played about him and his pregnant alpha bitch in his arms, resting against him.

In fact one of the only things that beat it was getting said alpha bitch pregnant in the first place or the practice that came throughout the year. He grinned and snuffled into Harry's hair, his mate was sleeping, but he still murmured lowly as Fenrir traced the vein in his neck with his tongue.

He put a hand on Harry's large belly and felt the movement inside. He was so excited for this litter to be born, he would get to name them all and that Harry let him name his own pups was something he could never reward him enough for. He'd never gotten the chance to name his pups before, his bitches had all done that for him, but if Harry had said no even after him asking, then he would have been content to know that at least these pups were alive still, that he had five, big, healthy, boisterous sons; two, four year olds and three, three year olds and even more pups to come.

He loved them so much, he could admit that to himself now and he was working on being able to say it aloud too, but it was still difficult for him to let go of the past, of all the hurt and torment he had been through, but Harry made it so easy. He knew Harry loved him, not only did his mate tell him several times a day, but Fenrir could see it written clearly on his face, in his eyes as he looked at him, how he'd catch Fenrir staring at him and smile softly, his eyes sparkling. He knew without a doubt that Harry loved him, that his children loved him and his beta males looked up to him and respected and cared for him. It was a culture shock for him, to be surrounded by so much love and care, but he was getting more and more used to it and he was coming to look forward to when his pups would greet him when he woke up with a kiss to the lips and a hug, claiming their love for him before they sat down and ate from one of the kills he'd made. When Harry would come to him, eyes sparkling naughtily as he copied their children and cheekily mock lisped 'I love you Daddy.'

Fenrir would pin Harry to his body and smack his pert arse and nuzzle his face and grunt out how cheeky Harry was, but he knew he'd come to love the mornings and he wouldn't change a damn thing about Harry, who would laugh and then greet him properly with a stomach clenching, deep and passionate kiss and a loving smile.

Fenrir slipped from under Harry and rested him down gently, hating the deep, black bags under his eyes. This pregnancy was affecting his sleep more than anything. His pregnancy with Ulric and Felan had made him violently sick; his second pregnancy with Ferus, Lorcan and Garvan had affected his mood so badly that he went from one extreme to another, usually from sadness to severe anger, but this pregnancy was affecting his sleep, he had been sick only a few times in the first two months, but nowhere near as bad as his first pregnancy, but the lack of sleep was taking a serious toll on Harry, as he refused to take out his bad moods brought on by his lack of sleep on anyone else, though he was a bit snappy sometimes.

Fenrir stretched and stood, tugging his fingers through the messy tufts on Ferus' head as he passed the son who was named for him.

"Dada." Ferus turned to him, arms up and Fenrir smiled slightly as he hefted the three year old up into his arms.

His sons loved being up high and as the tallest person there, they loved being up in his arms and even better was when he rolled them up on his shoulders, but he had to be careful doing that, Harry had beaten care into him, especially when it came to their sons.

Fenrir sat down with his beta males and joined their conversation easily, though his attention easily and often slipped back to a sleeping Harry.

Felan jogged over and sat next to Fenrir, a sweet smile on his face. His protectiveness for his sweet son had only grown as he had aged and there was no stopping it as he cupped Felan's face and pulled him into a kiss. He was stuck in his bent over position as Felan insisted on kissing his little brother Ferus before he'd allow Fenrir to sit up again.

"How are you Felan?" Fenrir asked.

"'M'kay Daddy." Felan answered with a toothy smile, his tiny little baby teeth looking too delicate and small to get through the tough, raw meat that they lived on, even the tender fawns that Fenrir hunted just for his sons, but they managed it if their food was cut up into small, bite sized pieces and Harry took excessive care in cutting up their sons' food.

"Dada, 'Orcan says I'm a baby. I'm not a baby!" Garvan complained with a deep scowl at his brother.

"Lorcan, stop calling your brother a baby." He grunted as he tried to stop Ferus from kicking his balls as his third son wriggled in his lap.

"I didn't say he was a baby Dada. I said he was the baby. Ulric says he's the baby a'cos he's the youngest."

"Am not!" Garvan almost snarled. Fenrir hid his proud grin.

"You are the youngest Garvan, but you're not the baby. Your Mother is carrying the baby inside him." Fenrir tried to explain as his beta males grinned at him as he tried to wrangle all five of his sons, he blinked, frowned and then counted them, four sons.

He looked around and saw Ulric halfway up a tree. His heart leapt into his throat and he darted to his feet, dumping Ferus into Bryan's lap, ignoring that Oscar's head was also in Bryan's lap.

He put his huge hands under Ulric's armpits, holding his little rib cage.

"Daddy! No help!" Ulric demanded, trying to push Fenrir's hands off.

"You're not allowed to climb the trees. You're too little."

"Am not!" Ulric screamed.

"Be quiet, you'll wake your Mother." Fenrir hissed as he plucked Ulric from the tree like a little monkey and hefted him kicking and punching over his shoulder.

"I want to climb!"

Fenrir dumped Ulric on his bum and sat down again, holding Ulric down as his restless son tried to leap back up again, it got increasingly difficult when Lorcan started whining in his ear and Ferus climbed back onto his lap. He was swarmed with sons, why did he think it had been a good idea to have more?

"You coping okay?" Harry asked tiredly as he gave a small smile, his pale skin making the black and purple circles under his eyes stand out in starker relief, making them look infinitely worse.



Harry sat down and, predictably, was immediately swarmed by their boys; he sat Felan on his bump as he hugged Garvan and smiled at Lorcan who had wrapped skinny arms around his neck and pressed against his back, little head jutting over his shoulder so they could kiss.

"How are my favourite boys?" Harry asked teasingly.

All five boys tried to talk at once, even as Ulric tried to fight Fenrir off, he growled and pulled Ulric further back and onto his lap and held him tightly.

Harry talked to their boys one by one, seeing how their days had been so far and what they had done.

"Ulric, how was your morning love?" Harry asked after he was done with their four younger sons.

"Daddy no let me climb the tree." Ulric pouted.

"I turned around and he was halfway up that damn tree he likes climbing, I told you, we need to take off the bottom branches."

Harry sighed and he looked so worried that Fenrir almost wished he hadn't opened his mouth, but there had been no shutting Ulric up.

"You know you're not allowed to climb the trees Ulric, not until you're older." Harry said firmly.

"But I can do it now Mummy!"

"No Ulric." Harry said firmly, with a bite to his voice. He sighed and rubbed at his tired eyes. "No, love. Please, if you fell you'd really hurt yourself. I told you, you need to wait until you're eight years old and only then if an adult is with you."

"But I'm only almost five!" Ulric sniffled.

"Then you have three more years to wait." Harry said sternly.

"When will I be five Mummy?" Felan asked sweetly from up on Harry's chest.

"The same day Ulric turns five, love. You don't have long to wait."

"What about me Mama?" Lorcan asked.

"You, Ferus and Garvan will turn four a few weeks after Ulric and Felan turn five, love. Not long either."

"When will baby be born?"

"Not long." Harry said with a smile. "I think this litter may even make it all the way to the end of June, maybe even July."

"You think so?" Fenrir asked consideringly.

"I'm carrying well. I know it can all change in an instant, but this litter is very content to stay where they are, very lazy." Harry smiled.

"They take after you then." Tackett teased him gently.

Harry laughed. "I hope so! I can't be doing with all these boisterous boys; we need some calm little girls or at the least a relaxed, laid back boy."

"I don't think our alpha has any calm pups in him." Loren complained with a grin. "Not even girls. They'll be just as wild and boisterous as the boys."

"Don't curse it!" Harry whined. "This litter of pups is calm and quiet, if you curse them now that might change!"

That started them off laughing and Harry rolled his eyes. Warren came into the clearing, damp from a dip in the river, and he yawned widely as he scratched the fuzz on his naked belly.

"Eww! Put yourself away." Harry complained. "I felt fine this morning and now I'm queasy."

Warren flipped him off with a smile and ruffled his hair as he went past, sitting down and resting back against a log.

"Don't you like fuzzy men?" Oscar asked.

"No, that's horrible." Harry shivered.

"Our alpha is smooth then?" Loren winked.

Harry frowned as he got the feeling he was being led around.

"Not completely smooth, but fuck you can braid that hair." Harry pointed out. "You mentally scar my sons and I'll string you up with your own stomach fuzz."

That made them laugh and even Fenrir snorted as he bounced Ulric on his knee, their oldest son forgetting all about his anger and his need to climb trees as Fenrir bounced him harder, hands helping Ulric to bounce higher and faster as their little boy giggled madly and screeched for more.

"When is your godfather coming for another visit?" Worrick asked. "Tell him that if he tries to bring more dog treats I'll force him to eat them until he pukes and then force him to lick up the mess."

Harry rolled his eyes and rubbed his large belly. "Way to make my morning sickness ease off Worrick! Besides, you like Sirius."

"He tried to groom me!"

"If you look anything like your brother under your clothes you need more than fucking grooming." Harry deadpanned.

"Do you need a drink alpha?" Burne asked, noticing that Harry's hand hadn't stopped moving on his belly.

Harry frowned and then shrugged. "Maybe, it might help."

Burne filled him a beaker and handed it over.

"Thank you Burne, how are you feeling this morning?"

Harry drank deeply, feeling instantly better for the warm tea. Sirius had been invaluable for bringing them tea bags so that they actually had a selection of drinks rather than the usual choice of water, water, more water or animal blood.

Sirius had tried to bring them so much stuff, but Fenrir had put a stop to it and Harry hadn't liked it much either. They didn't need so much stuff and they didn't want or need their clearing so cluttered. They accepted small things that they perhaps didn't exactly need, but were appreciated, like tea bags, extra blankets, brushes, scissors, string so they could set up snare traps, clothes for their growing boys as they couldn't steal everything each child needed in the size they needed easily and they greedily accepted the potions Sirius got for them, but that was about it. They didn't need or want anything else; Harry respected and trusted Fenrir, as his alpha male, to get anything and everything he, their children or their pack needed. It was part of Fenrir's role of being alpha male, to look after the needs of his pack and Harry would not take that away from him and he wouldn't let Sirius take it away from him either.

He would not have Sirius undermining, disrespecting or otherwise upsetting Fenrir, he just wouldn't have it and he'd taken his godfather aside and explained it all and got Sirius to see that he wasn't so much helping them as he thought, but rather upsetting their alpha and causing unnecessary strife and tension within their pack. It was for Fenrir to get them the things they needed, not Sirius and the insinuation that their home, the territory that they had fought for, that members of their pack had died for, wasn't enough was an insult that not even Harry could ignore when Sirius had offered to get them tents or even a house. So he had put a firm stop to it and things had settled down nicely once again.

"I'm fine, thank you alpha. I slept well and I've eaten well this morning. How are you feeling? Are the pups being good?"

"I'm fine, just tired." Harry sighed. He said the same thing every morning. "The pups are fine too."

"That's good to know." Burne gave a small smile and moved away.

Burne had been doing so much better lately, he had a feeling it was more to do with Loren's bashful and almost painful attempts at seducing him than anything else, but Harry had been terrified at first that Burne was going to either completely break down and try to kill himself or choose to leave the pack and make his way as a lone wolf after the events of the confrontation by Voldemort.

Losing his Mother, his last blood relative, had been hard, being stabbed almost fatally by Liang as he had followed orders from his alpha pair to protect his alpha pups had almost been the straw that broke the camel's back.

They had rallied around him however and comforted him and accepted him still, even Tackett had eventually thawed out enough to stop ignoring Burne, but Harry had still worried. He actually, truly believed that if it wasn't for his five sons, Burne would have killed himself or left them, but Burne had bonded with the boys enough to keep him with them. He had loved Ulric and Felan enough to stand in front of them even when confronted with a dagger, he had informed them all of what had happened in the cave, how Liang had given him ample time to move out of the way and had even stabbed him when he had refused, letting him feel how painful being stabbed actually felt and still he had refused, which had sent her into a frenzied rage and still Burne had tried to protect Ulric and Felan.

The birth of the triplets and Burne's role in comforting Harry and being the one to hand Harry his newborns for the first time personally had also helped Burne to recover and Harry made sure to remind Burne every day that he still had a family, that he had his pack and that they weren't going to leave him and though he was still officially their omega wolf, he hadn't actually been hit, struck, yelled at or used as a punch bag or a fuck toy in over three years now, making him more of a beta wolf than an omega one.

Now it seemed that it was Loren who was helping Burne recover and feel better and they were all noticing how much Loren's attentions were bringing Burne out of his shell and it gave Harry hope that Burne could finally find some happiness of his own, if only he'd let himself have that happiness as it seemed Burne was still holding out on Loren even as Harry's long-time friend and pack brother tried awkwardly to get Burne to notice him and reciprocate his feelings. They were so cute together that Harry wanted to coo at them, but Fenrir always stopped him and grumbled that they were already embarrassing themselves enough without Harry starting on them too.

"You need to eat something." Fenrir said concernedly as he watched his mate play with his pregnant belly. "Are you really feeling so sick?"

Harry smiled at him and Fenrir felt his heart soar. "I'm okay, but right at this minute, I don't think I could eat anything."

Fenrir nodded and pulled Harry into his arms, their sons' scattered to the winds as they ran and screamed and jumped on anyone and everything, Fenrir kept his eye on Ulric and the tree he kept trying to climb. Harry was right, he might think he could climb it, he probably even could climb it, but if he fell he would have to go to a Healer and as he and Harry were supposed to be dead, they wouldn't be able to go with him and that would tear them both up as they waited anxiously for any sort of news, not knowing what was happening to their own child. It might even push Harry into an early labour and they were more likely to lose the pups if that happened.

Fenrir pulled Harry more firmly into his arms and between his legs, pulling his mate right up flush to his groin and holding him tight, splaying his hands over his pregnant belly, feeling his sluggish pups half-heartedly swat at him from within.

He loved Harry so much and he loved the children he had given him and even the one's he hadn't yet given him. He rubbed Harry's pregnant belly firmly, but carefully. He loved these pups so much and knowing that he was going to name them all made him so happy and excited for them to come, even as he watched his boys run riot, cheeks pinked from the exertion, Ulric and Ferus fighting with sticks, Felan and Lorcan were rolling around the floor wrestling and growling at each other. He squashed the urge to drag Lorcan from Felan to make sure his second born son was alright. Harry had beaten it into him that Felan may be smaller and sweeter than his brothers, he may be a submissive werewolf, but he was still a normal little boy and just like Harry had proven how fierce he was despite being a submissive, Felan also wanted to play, fight and wrestle and act like a normal boy with his brothers.

He looked around for his fifth, youngest son and found Garvan scowling at everyone. He saw so much of himself in Garvan that his little scowl brought a smile to his face. Lorcan shrieked happily and Garvan's frown deepened until he got the scowl lines in his forehead that Harry loved so much, he cooed over them every time Garvan made his scowly face, which just made Garvan scowl all the more.

Fenrir turned to tell Harry about Garvan and his scowl, but he found his mate fast asleep on him, lounging on his lap, head tucked firmly up against his chest as Fenrir's hands still rubbed light patterns onto his belly.

He smiled and petted Harry gently, making sure not to move a muscle so that he didn't disturb Harry from his sleep. Harry needed his sleep and he made sure to continue running his hands soothingly over Harry's belly to keep him relaxed and asleep.

He looked back up, keeping half an eye on his children and half an ear on his beta males as he drifted into his thoughts, his hands never stopping their movements over his new litter of pups so that Harry could sleep for a little longer, even if it was only an extra hour or two.

Harry curled up tighter and stayed curled up, even as a little wriggly body crawled all over him. He did crack his eyes open though, only to see that it was still predawn. He groaned and tried to gently shove his son off of him while clutching the newborn pup to his chest tighter, trying to protect the little baby.

"Be careful Felan." Harry heard Fenrir growl as the small body was snagged from him.

"Want to cuddle Mummy." Felan whined.

"He's only just had a baby and they both need sleep. You have to be careful." Fenrir scolded. Harry knew what was going to happen before it did.

Sure enough, Felan reacted to the scolding and started grizzling, then whining and then full out crying as Fenrir tried to calm him and shut him up without apologising or coddling him and thus ruining his reprimand.

"Felan, you need to be careful." Harry said as his whole body tensed, a grimace forced its way onto his face as he rolled slowly and carefully onto his back.

"Muma!" Felan sniffled, holding his hands out.

"You can't hug me love. I'm sorry. I'm too hurt right now."

"I didn't mean to hurt Mummy." Felan cried louder.

"You haven't hurt me Felan, but I had a baby last night, remember?"

Felan nodded with a pout on his mouth.

"I'm still very hurt from having the new baby, I won't be better for at least a week." He explained as carefully and patiently as he could with the white hot agony ripping through his stomach, back and hips.

"Then I can hug Mummy?"

Harry nodded. "Of course. Would you like to come and kiss your new brother good morning?"

Felan nodded as he wiped his sodden eyes with the side of his hand.

"You need to be very gentle and very quiet, he doesn't like loud noises, they frighten him."

Felan nodded and crawled around Harry to the bundle of blankets Harry had been wrapped around. Fenrir lent over Harry and pulled a fold of blanket away from his new son's little face, looking on with pride as his new pup snuffled and Felan bent to greet him, giving his new brother a soft kiss.

"Tell Tavarus that you love him." Jonas told Felan from where he was lying on the other side of the blanket cradle, his eyes cracked open and he grinned as Harry winced at the name.

"Love you." Felan told the newborn pup dutifully, petting his still damp curls.

Fenrir pulled Harry up and his mate hissed, glaring at him with eyes that promised a whole lot of pain and retribution, until he shook the little bottle of pain potion at him and then Harry tried to move his body high enough to reach it.

"Calm down. It'll be alright, I've got you." Fenrir soothed gruffly as he pulled the stopper out with his teeth and brought the bottle to Harry's lips and then tipped it, letting Harry gulp the pain potion down greedily.

"Oh, that's amazing." Harry moaned as he flopped back bonelessly. "But are you really serious about naming him Tavarus? Is there no way I can change your mind?"

Fenrir shook his head. "It's a good, strong name. It suits him." He answered stubbornly.

Harry sighed. "Fine. He's little Tavarus, but the next time you get to name any pups, you run them past me first, when I'm not high on pain potions either!"

Fenrir grinned. "So I can name more in the future?"

"Not exactly, next time, we name them together."

Fenrir grinned wider and settled his body down next to Harry's and pulled him back into a hug.

"Thank you." Fenrir whispered.

Harry just huffed and settled further into his arms, closing his eyes once again and drifting back off to sleep. It was still predawn and he wanted another couple hours of sleep at the least.

When he next woke up it was because he was in agony again and he almost bit off the tip of his tongue as he rushed to clench his teeth together to keep in the scream of pain. He didn't want to alarm his sons.

He crawled out of his nest of blankets, through the clearing and flumped onto Fenrir's lap.

"More potion?" Fenrir asked and Harry merely nodded as he tried to control his breathing through his clenched teeth.

Fenrir pulled him up and Harry couldn't stop the mewl of pain that escaped him.

"Alright, I've got you." Fenrir whispered softly as he took out the familiar bottle of pain potion and Harry reached for it eagerly, swallowing it all down in two huge, painful gulps, but he didn't care as it took several seconds to work before his pain was just gone.

"I love potions so much." He groaned. "Thank you Burne."

Harry took a sip of the warm tea he'd just been handed by the shy wolf and let Fenrir sit him up as Burne melted away to go and sit by Loren once more.

"Where's Tavarus?" He croaked.

"Sitting down Tackett's shirt, he likes being skin to skin so I handed him over ten minutes ago, I knew you'd be waking up soon and that you'd need me." Fenrir explained.

"I always need you." Harry said with a smile.

"I…" Fenrir swallowed and Harry gave him a look. He gave him his whole attention, sensing how Earth shattering what Fenrir had to say could potentially be.

Fenrir sighed and petted Harry's hair, looking away at their children and his beta males, before he looked back at Harry, who was still watching him with a smile, not pressing, not pushing. Harry let him do things in his own time, he hadn't demanded his life story like his other bitches had, hadn't demanded anything from him that he hadn't wanted to give, he just let him do everything at his own pace and he loved Harry for that. He just loved Harry and with the appearance of yet another pup, one that he had named himself, he knew nothing would break him and Harry apart, he'd never do anything to hurt Harry or drive him away and it was beyond due that he finally told Harry that, his past hurt and experiences be damned.

"I love you." He said so softly he was sure that Harry had missed it and he'd have to repeat himself, but the smile that lit up Harry's face, the happy shine to his eyes, the love he could see in them denied that Harry hadn't heard him.

"And I love you too." Harry told him just as softly and with a wide smile.

Harry turned from him then and looked out to his children and Fenrir was so grateful that Harry didn't make a huge deal out of it, but he felt so much better for saying those words. It had taken him six years to be able to tell Harry that he loved him. Six years was too long to tell the man he loved so very much how much he meant to him, but Harry had understood, Harry had always understood and Fenrir loved him all the more for it.

Harry felt ready to burst when he heard those words from Fenrir's mouth, but he made himself calm and he replied in kind before removing his attention from Fenrir. He knew by now how his alpha male worked and thought and he knew that if he made any sort of fuss or drew any attention to what Fenrir had done, he'd never do it again, so he forced himself to show how much those words meant to him before turning away and tracking his sons, his two, five year olds and his three, four year olds. He had been right about one thing, or rather two things. One was that he had carried into early July and the second was that his litter had only been one pup.

Harry looked up to the sky and said a thankful prayer for that. If Fenrir had named one baby Tavarus, what the hell would he have named any others? He was too afraid to ask.

Waiting several minutes to ensure that the pain potion had worked throughout his body, and just because he liked lying on Fenrir, Harry finally moved when Tavarus started crying insistently for a bottle.

Tackett pulled Tavarus carefully and gently from under his shirt as Jonas handed the bottle he had just made to Harry and he groaned.

"This is something I didn't miss." He complained as he accepted his nearly naked pup from Tackett and shoved the bottle teat into his mouth, watching that tiny mouth stretch around the bulb of the bottle and suckle at the milk.

"You'll find a lot of things you didn't miss about newborn pups now." Oscar told him. "I didn't miss all the night feeds, but they'll be back now."

"Every three hours." Fenrir grunted.

"Did you do all of the night feeds?" Harry asked with a frown. He couldn't remember waking up at all last night.

Fenrir nodded. "I got the baby, Jonas got the bottles."

"Thank you, but it really should have been me."

"You were hopped up on pain potions and recovering from giving birth in the dark." Fenrir grunted. "I wouldn't have wanted you awake."

Harry laughed at that. "Thank you so much. I love you too."

He turned back to Tavarus and nuzzled his little face as he suckled with his eyes closed tight, long, dark eyelashes fluttering against his soft cheeks. Harry frowned as he saw some patches of his newborn son's skin was peeling, particularly on his little hands.

"Why is he peeling?" Harry asked.

"What?" Fenrir demanded, coming to look closer.

Harry picked at the flaky skin on his wrists and showed his mate that their son's skin was peeling.

"Does he need a Healer?"

"I don't believe he does alpha." Jonas told them as he looked over Harry's shoulder and as their live in expert of sorts, they both listened to Jonas. "He was overdue, most werewolves only carry for five months, Harry went into a sixth month so Tavarus was overdue, most overdue babies have some peeling of the skin. It'll clear up, I promise, but if you want him to be checked out, I'll take him to a clinic myself."

Harry shook his head. "It doesn't seem too bad, but if it gets worse you can take him to the clinic, just to be sure. It doesn't seem to be causing him any pain or discomfort."

"Likely because it isn't." Jonas agreed. "He's just been in the amniotic fluid a lot longer than the other five, so his skin has been soaking in the fluid for longer. It will clear up."

"Mummy, is the baby awake?" Lorcan came over to ask, he was streaked with mud and the only part of his face that was clean was an inch of skin around each eye. He looked like he was wearing a facial mask.

Harry laughed at him as he handed Tavarus off to Fenrir to burp him as he took Lorcan into his lap and tickled him.

"Look at you, you little mud monster, what have you been doing?"

"Playing Mummy, can the baby play too?"

"No Lorcan. Baby Tavarus can't even hold his own head up yet." Harry explained gently.

"Oh. Why not?"

"Because he's too little, there was a time when you couldn't do that either."

Lorcan's blue eyes went wide. "Me?"

"Yes you." Harry laughed. "You were smaller than Tavarus too."

Lorcan looked at him so disbelieving that Harry laughed louder.

"You were and Garvan was even smaller."

"Garvan is still little." Ulric said as he pushed his little brother.

Garvan growled and gave Ulric a solid kick.

"Stop it the both of you!" Harry said sternly. "No fighting at all and no play fighting around Tavarus, do you understand?"

They were both frowning, but they nodded sullenly. Harry pulled Garvan onto his lap and Fenrir got Ulric's attention and they easily separated the two of them.

Felan bounced over and took up the remaining part of Harry's lap with Garvan and Ferus rushed over too, not wanting to be left out.

"Is baby awake?" He asked as he tried to peer at Tavarus in Fenrir's arms.

"He's going back to sleep now." Fenrir grunted.

"But he was just asleep." Ulric frowned.

"For the first week or two of his life the only thing he'll do is eat and sleep." Harry explained.

"And wet nappies." Bryan said from behind him. Harry could almost hear the grin on his face.

"That's boring." Lorcan whined.

"Babies are boring and loud too." Harry told them. "But they grow very fast and very soon he'll be running around after you all."

"I can't wait!" Felan said with a giggle. "We have to help him learn to walk and talk though, don't we?"

"Yes we do." Harry said with a nod. "But until then, your Father and I have to do absolutely everything for him and he can never be left alone."

"I won't leave him. He needs to be protected." Ulric said decisively with a nod.

Harry shared a proud look with Fenrir, who was grinning. Fenrir ruffled his hair roughly.

"You don't need to be with him, not yet. You're young yourself and you need to have some fun, but if I need any help, I'll ask you." Fenrir told Ulric, who didn't look happy, but he nodded regardless.

"Okay, but only if you promise you'll ask if you need my help Daddy."

"Of course I will." Fenrir nodded with a wide grin.

Ulric nodded and then dragged Lorcan and Ferus away to play away from the baby, telling them they needed to be careful and couldn't play around the new baby.

"We have such good sons." Harry said with a grin.

"I'm the goodest, Mummy!" Felan said with a sweet smile.

Harry smiled back and gave his upturned face a kiss. "You're my sweetest, that's for sure."

"What am I?" Garvan asked with a pout.

"You're my cutest." Harry said and when Garvan scowled he laughed and kissed him gently. "You're my fierce little boy."

Garvan seemed happier with that and nodded his head and Harry grinned widely.

"I love you boys, now go and play; you have an hour before Warren teaches you your numbers."

"No. No Mummy, I don't like numbers." Felan whined.

"You still need to learn them love." Harry told him firmly. "Now go and play."

Harry sighed as they ran off and Harry happily fell into Fenrir's lap and snuggled into one of his legs.

"Do you think I could get away with another nap?" Harry asked Fenrir.

"Take as much sleep as you need." Fenrir told him, petting his head gently and picking the tangles from his hair gently.

"Oh gladly." Harry said softly. "You make sure those boys have their lessons, even if Felan gives you those puppy eyes."

"I will." Fenrir nodded. "I more than learnt my lesson the last time I got them off their lessons."

"Good." Harry nodded as he curled up around Fenrir's knee. "That's not uncomfortable for you?" He asked concernedly.

"No." Fenrir answered softly as he started playing with the back of his neck, relaxing Harry further and keeping him where he was. "I like you sleeping on me."

Harry nodded, but didn't move. "If there are any problems, just call me."

"Get some sleep and stop worrying." Fenrir grunted. "I have everything under control."

Harry smiled and yawned, relaxing and wrapping his one arm over Fenrir's shin and lightly touching his groin, not to wind him up, but merely for comfort. He was asleep in just ten minutes.

The wizarding world had been rebuilt and purged of all Death Eaters and suspected Death Eaters. The trials had been closed to the public, but had been held fairly and the Wizengamot had invited select individuals from the media. All Death Eaters and supporters of Death Eaters had been sentenced to life in Azkaban, which had been rebuilt.

Hogwarts was still seen as a safe haven to people and had mostly avoided any damage or taint due to the noble Professors that had guarded it and its young students within from Death Eaters and from Voldemort himself.

The Ministry however had taken considerable damage, including ruined and destroyed statues, portraits and even eradicated departments which were being replaced once more and the 'new' departments that Voldemort and the Death Eaters had added had been abolished along with any and all laws they had passed.

The public had sunken back into a familiar routine, people were more happy to leave their houses now, regular visitors had started going back to Gringotts and Diagon Alley once again and regular trade had started up once more. Life carried on as normal and it had gone down in history books that the werewolf, Harry James Potter, had been the one to finally kill Voldemort for good, before he collapsed and died from a severe cutting hex that had almost severed him in half at the waist.

A huge monument had been erected in the Ministry, where the Fountain of Magical Brethren had once stood, to honour his young life and his huge sacrifice to the Wizarding world, people barely remembered that he had killed several people. The statue bore a huge likeness to how Harry had looked in his fourth year and the donations went to a charity for better understanding all magical creatures, something the Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, had been insistent upon.

The Weasley family had grown once again in the last four years, Percy had married his girlfriend Audrey and they had had a little girl they had named Molly and had since had a second daughter they had named Lucy.

Bill had won Fleur over and after two years of long dating, Bill had proposed and the two of them were expecting their first baby, a third little girl. The Weasley family were having an influx of baby girls, something which made Arthur Weasley very happy and the three boys were proud and ecstatic as their Father came out of his shell more and more.

Sirius had taken Arthur to go and see Harry and that had helped a lot more than any of them had thought. Bill, Charlie and even Percy had gone with them and they had been introduced to the new man that Harry was, as well as the man he had chosen to spend his life with.

Of course seeing Fenrir Greyback and several large males running around after a group of five rambunctious toddlers had done quite a lot to eradicate any fear lingering from the scare stories they had been brought up on as children and seeing Harry order them around like he owned them had also helped a lot and Arthur had gotten to finally tell Harry that he didn't blame him for what had happened, that he hadn't blamed him at all for what had happened once he had calmed down and begun to think rationally. It had gone a very long way to healing both men.

Sirius Black had been officially pardoned by the Ministry and though he no longer lived imprisoned in his own home, he didn't often venture outside either. People were still frightened of him, even though it had been stressed that he had done nothing wrong and hadn't been responsible for the deaths he had supposedly caused and had been imprisoned wrongly, but people were slow to forgive and even slower to forget.

But life had carried on mostly as normal; slowly things had gotten back to the peaceful times of before Voldemort's rebirth and people felt safer and more secure. It was almost as if nothing had ever happened, but it had and some people still remembered, some people lived with the pain of loss and some people didn't live at all, but time helped to ease the pain of death and even those who had struggled to live again after the war had been able to laugh and smile again, had learnt to live again after four long years.

The war would never be forgotten, the lives lost would never be forgotten, but life, as it always did, carried on and nothing could ever change that. The war had happened, but it had also ended and the Dark Lord was dead and his followers imprisoned for the rest of their lives, though a certain few weren't so foolish as to think that there weren't more evil people out in the world, another person who could easily be the next Dark Lord, but for now, it was over and everything was peaceful and the world carried on as normal, the people within carrying on as normal, uncaring of anything outside of their own lives. They all had their own problems and strife, but their lives were all relatively peaceful and hopefully they would be for many, many years to come.

Harry ran around the bank of the river and laughed loudly as he got a bucket of water thrown over him by Ulric.

It was September now and it was just getting a bit chillier at night, but the days were still warm. Warm enough for him and his pack to be playing in the river with the new load of plastic buckets and spades that Sirius had brought around on his last visit for the kids, only the beta males seemed to be having more fun with them that the kids.

Loren rushed past Harry, a bucket full of river water in his hands as he caught up to Bryan, who was laughing so hard he could barely walk, let alone run, and upended it over his head, making him yelp and turn on Loren, his own bucket in hand.

Harry tipped his own bucket over Garvan and got the world's biggest scowl for it and it made Harry laugh all the more.

"Come on, love. You've got your own bucket." Harry encouraged him.

"Not fun!" Garvan said with a fierce scowl, even crossing his arms over his chest.

"It is fun Garvan; you just need to let yourself enjoy it."

Garvan huffed and turned away. Harry rolled his eyes at his serious little boy and looked to Fenrir, who had near enough the same scowl on his face as he held Tavarus in his arms, almost like a shield up to his chest to stop anyone from throwing water on him.

Harry grinned as he dived back to the river and filled up his bucket. He got soaked several times on his way there and back and he laughed as he ran from Worrick who chased him, but Harry made sure not to lose his water as he doubled around Fenrir and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"You dare!" Was as far as Fenrir got before Harry tipped his bucket of water down his back and he ran away screaming with laughter as Fenrir cursed and threatened to maim him.

Harry tripped and went tumbling down the short river bank and into the river. He inhaled one lungful of water and came back up spluttering and coughing.

He was pulled out and lain down on the river bank and then Fenrir was there, leaning over him.

"I'm fine!" He insisted, even as he gagged a bit, dribbling river water over his chin.

"Are you bleeding at all?" Fenrir asked worriedly.

Harry checked his legs and his stomach and chest, then his arms. He shook his head.

"No. I'm okay, who saved me this time?" Harry asked with a grin.

"Take a guess." Loren said with a puffed up grin.

"Cheers Loren. I'm still going to get a bucket of water over you though."

"Are you okay Mummy?" Ferus asked.

"Of course love. Don't you worry about me, but that is why you should always be careful around the river bank and why you should never come here by yourselves, you could be very hurt and swallow lots of nasty water."

"I think this is the cue to go back to the clearing and set up dinner." Fenrir told them and naturally, the beta males took it less of a request and more of an order as they immediately started packing up.

Harry wrangled up his children, holding Tavarus carefully as he grabbed Garvan's hand.

"Told you it was a bad idea Mummy." Garvan said.

Harry rolled his eyes. "I think I'm going to start calling you my little old man." Harry teased softly.

Garvan scowled at him and Harry laughed, pulling Garvan to rest against his legs.

"I love you." Harry told him. "I never want you to change."

"Love you." Garvan said back, squeezing Harry's leg.

They made it back to the clearing where the beta males were all drying themselves with blankets and were setting up dinner, they hadn't hunted today, so they'd have to make do with a salted stag from their cache, but Harry didn't mind, he'd rather have had the day down by the river having such fun as they had than have a fresh meal. It wouldn't do for them to forget the more intricate details of life.

"I still owe you for that bucket down my back." Fenrir growled in his ear as his arms came around his waist.

Harry grinned and tilted his head back to look into those dark blue eyes.

"I think I punished myself enough." He pointed out.

"Oh you do, do you? I don't think so." Fenrir bit his earlobe and Harry made a soft sound as he moved his head to the side to give Fenrir more access.

"Mummy! Baby doesn't want to see that!" Ulric told him sternly.

Harry blinked down at his son and was a bit bemused by his behaviour.

"Tavarus isn't awake, love." Harry explained.

"He could wake up for his bottle at any minute Mummy! You and Daddy have to stop." Ulric insisted.

"Tell me again why it was a good idea to teach them to talk?" Fenrir groaned in his ear.

"You wanted to hear them call you Daddy." Harry pointed out with a laugh.

Fenrir grunted and stood up fully, breaking away from the back of Harry's body.

"Cock blocked by my own son." He shook his head.

"Why are you surprised? They've been doing it since they were born and you want more of them!" Harry said with a laugh.

"We're cock blocked anyway, why not have more." Fenrir grinned.

"Because when they're older they'll be running off on their own, but if we have more, we'll always have little ones around us." Harry said.

Fenrir blinked and then groaned. He looked at Tavarus and then at Harry.

"I suppose it's too late to give that one back?"

Harry laughed, but Ulric gasped.

"Daddy! No! We're not giving Tavi back, he's ours!"

"Your Father was joking Ulric, Tavarus isn't going anywhere, we love him just as much as you and your brothers."

"I'd love them more if I stopped getting cock blocked." Fenrir grunted, just loud enough for Harry to hear.

Harry tried to swallow his laugh so Ulric didn't demand what was so funny; he knew Fenrir didn't mean it. He loved them all and he'd die for them all if he had to, but blue balls was setting in, permanently it seemed as well as Ulric did not seem impressed with their displays of affection and love.

"Go and eat dinner!" Ulric demanded.

"I think he thinks he's the alpha male." Fenrir snorted as they went over to the beta males.

"Yet we're the ones who are following his orders and demands like omegas." Harry teased.

"I've told you before; I'll have that boy over my knee soon."

"You always threaten that, but you never actually do it."

"What if I hit him too hard or he hates me for it?" Fenrir asked him angrily.

"You won't hit him too hard and he won't hate you, even if he says he does, he won't, not truly."

"I don't think I could stand to even have him say those words to me, even if he doesn't mean them." Fenrir said quietly.

"Then you need to get ready to hear them, because he will say them at some point, they all will, whether directed at you, me, one of their brothers or even at one of the beta males, they will say it to someone." Harry said firmly.

"I don't want them to ever feel so negatively about our home or anyone in it."

"They'll say it to hurt us." Harry explained. "Not because they actually feel that way."

Fenrir sighed and looked at his five sons, clambering over one another and the beta males to eat their food. He nodded. "I'll be ready when they do."

"Just make sure you never say it back to them, even if you don't mean it yourself. Kids have a very long memory for bad things and if you say it to them once, they'll always have that little niggle of doubt in the back of their mind."

"I'd never say something I didn't mean, not even if I was angry or upset, I have more control than that as an alpha male. I thought you knew that."

Harry smiled. "I do, I was just reminding you."

"Cheeky bastard. I still owe you a punishment for that water down my back, don't make it two." Fenrir warned.

"But I do so love your punishments, Fenrir." Harry said with a grin.

Fenrir snorted and they shared a chaste kiss.

"Mummy! Daddy! What did I say about doing that over the baby?!" Ulric said angrily, his little cheeks going red.

Harry couldn't help laughing, but he decided to nip the disrespect in the bud. "You do remember that we're your parents, right Ulric? As such we can put you to bed right after dinner while your brothers play and have a story."

Ulric seemed so confused that Harry shared a look with Fenrir.

"Is this typical alpha wolf behaviour or is it disrespect?"

"A bit of both." Warren said, avoiding eye contact as he hadn't officially been invited into the conversation.

"Which bits?" Fenrir asked him.

"The wanting to order people around is classic alpha wolf, as is expecting everyone to do as he says. The doing it to his own parents, that's disrespect, alpha wolf in the making or no."

Harry nodded. "Tavarus is fine Ulric, why are you so worried about him?"

"I don't want him to ever be hurt or sad." Ulric sniffled.

"Now that is a rare alpha wolf trait, the caring about others and wanting to protect them." Worrick added. "Our own alpha is the same, which is likely where he learnt to be such a good, caring alpha wolf in the making."

Harry felt more than saw Fenrir closing down and stiffening up, he hated anyone drawing any attention to him and being praised so openly made him uncomfortable still, so Harry did what a good mate should and drew the attention away from Fenrir until he could get himself back into control.

"Who is such a good little alpha in training." He went to coo over Ulric, digging a finger into his belly and making him giggle.

"Mummy! You're ruining my 'epulation!" Ulric told him through giggles.

"Oh, you've been listening to Bryan again, haven't you? And its reputation love."

"How do you know it was me?" Bryan demanded.

"You're the only one who goes on and on about your reputation." Oscar told him with a shove.

Bryan shoved him back before pulling him into a kiss and soon they weren't saying much of anything, but they were still rolling around the floor together.

"If you're going to take that any further, leave the immediate vicinity and go far enough away that we can't hear you." Fenrir told them. "My sons don't need or want to see you two going at it like bitches in heat."

"You know all about bitches in heat, don't you alpha?" Bryan said cheekily before he ran laughing from the clearing dragging Oscar behind him.

Fenrir cracked his knuckles. "Remind me to string him to that tree for a week, Harry."

"Only if I can piss on his leg." Harry growled.

"I wouldn't dream of stopping you."

Harry ate his fill before he gave a two month old Tavarus his bottle, burped him and tucked him into his blanket cradle, tucking him in against the rapidly chilling night air and went to wrangle his five other sons into their thick pyjamas so they could have a story, hopefully one more appropriate than the one Tackett had told them last night.

He was tired, he'd had a fun, active day, but he'd see his sons wrapped in their blankets and sleeping soundly before he'd join them.

Seven in the evening saw all six of his children wrapped up and sleeping and Harry went to sit on Fenrir's lap, he could force himself to stay awake for half an hour at least and he liked cuddling with Fenrir enough to do it and without Ulric shouting and bitching at him for kissing and cuddling too. He grinned and looked over to his little alpha boy, he'd make an amazing alpha male one day, but for now, he was just a little five year old who still came running to him with a grazed knee.

He snuggled into Fenrir more as the night hit them and the mild breeze turned sharper and when Fenrir took his own jumper off to slip over his head, just to keep him that little bit warmer, Harry couldn't help but kiss him gently, even if Fenrir had been in midsentence.

He sighed and settled down more as he looked around him fondly, he'd found somewhere to belong, somewhere that he fit in and was just Harry. Here he wasn't the Boy-Who-Lived, he wasn't the Chosen One, he wasn't Potter the traitorous, ex-Gryffindor werewolf. Here he was just Harry and he was loved and respected for things he had done, for who he was and he was with people he loved, respected and even adored. He had found his place in life, this clearing might not be much, but it was his home, the only one he wanted and it was all he needed. He loved this place, he loved the people and most of all, he loved his family. His mate and lover and their six children.

He nuzzled Fenrir's bare chest, the cold breeze making his nipples erect and Harry playfully licked and nibbled on the one closest to his mouth, rolling it with his lips. Fenrir swatted his bum and Harry laughed before settling down. Fenrir was the love of his life, his soul mate, his one. The only one he ever wanted and he'd fight for him, as he'd proven again and again. He loved Fenrir and even if the scenery changed now and then, as long as he had Fenrir, nothing else mattered. Fenrir was the one person he could always trust and count on, Fenrir had saved him, had loved him and given him everything he'd ever wanted, a lover, a home and a family, a place for him to belong, a place for him to be loved. Fenrir was his one and nothing, or no one, would ever change that. Not ever.

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Zana20: They don't want camping equipment or a house, why can't you see or understand that? They just don't need it. As for food, they hunt their own, why would they need Sirius to give them more? Again they just don't need it. The only thing they really, truly need from Sirius, as explained in this chapter is medicine, which isn't easily stolen and could result in exposure, therefore danger, of the pack.

Nicki Valentine: Oh I know all about unfinished documents, not every plot I have ends up as a story. I think at last count I had 450+ documents of half started stories and plots. Sometimes though, something really special comes along and the inspiration just doesn't stop or dry up and I can write for it for days at a time, the inspiration and plot just flowing and continuously coming for weeks, those end up as the stories I post, most particularly this fic and Rise of the Drackens, Lycanthrope Factory and Damaged Bodies, I just get a flash of an idea, for this fic it was the idea of Harry being bitten by a werewolf in human form, I was only meant to jot it down, but it just took over my entire thoughts until I couldn't work on anything else, for Damaged Bodies it was just an image that started it all off, an image of Harry, beaten and bloody, hanging in chains in a dark, metal room. Likewise for Lycanthrope Factory, it was the image of a childlike Harry perched on someone's lap, head cocked to the side coupled with the idea of him being experimented on with gene splicing.

So I'm not really sure how to answer, a variety of things set off my inspiration and I can comb together a plot for them as easily as breathing, but on the other hand, the majority of the stories I start never see daylight again after a day or two, others can last a week or two, it takes something very rare to keep me writing for it.

Andy: His key was left at Grimmauld when he ran, so he can easily get that via Sirius, but he doesn't need any money. He just doesn't want it, so my view on it is, he's keeping it for his sons, for when they're older and might have need of it. I see him keeping it for them, just in case they need it or any of his future grandchildren need it.

Jayne: Four of the pups are little werewolves, two are human. I didn't mention it in the fic because it wasn't really important. Fenrir and Harry don't really care, they love all six of them just the same.

RhiaRhia: The full length Fenrir/Harry fic will be posted likely after Rise of the Drackens is complete, I want to focus on finishing Rise of the Drackens first, but it will be posted.

I really can't believe this fic is ending, but that's the truth of it. This is it and I feel so sad, but I can't put it off any longer. I hope you've loved this story as much as I have, but now it's time to say goodbye, lots of love,

StarLight Massacre. X