A/N: Warning for this chapter: The hunting and consumption of live animals by werewolves.

Last Time

Harry swallowed, but he sat up slowly. He had a feeling that the alpha was playing with him and the evil glint in those blue eyes was telling Harry that the males in the pack were not going to be gentle or respectful of his boundaries, and his fear from yesterday came back tenfold as he was yanked up and manhandled out of the meadow and over to the bare clearing where a bunch of eight or nine males were fighting and growling over what looked like half a salted deer.

He tried to slow down, but the alpha male just pulled him along like a small child before stopping them just before the group of unmated males, who had stopped their fighting, tug of war game over the deer they were having for breakfast and looked up at them both, their alpha male and him.

Harry tried to step back away from them but the alpha held him still in one strong, tight hand as those different coloured eyes all turned to him, he swallowed hard and huddled down, he didn't want to be left alone with these males.

Chapter Two – The Hierarchy

The alpha male joined his subordinate males in gorging himself on the deer, but as soon as he saw that Harry wasn't joining in, he huffed and dragged him down by his ragged shirt and stuffed a large, lump of meat into his hands.

His belly grumbled and Harry started eating, a bit self-conscious at first, but his hunger very quickly won out, he hadn't eaten since the last full moon almost three weeks ago now and he was beyond starving.

One of the beta males tried to test him by attempting to snatch his piece of meat, but Harry growled lowly at him, warning him off, and he curled up over his food so that the other male couldn't get it from him. He heard the males above him laughing uproariously at him, but he didn't care. He was so hungry. He was not giving up his food for anyone now that he had it in his hands.

The alpha male dumped another lump of meat into his hands when he had finished the first and Harry ate this too, snapping at another male who tried to take his food from him, snarling lowly.

He didn't see anything wrong with eating the food that the alpha male gave to him, but of course he hadn't been a werewolf for very long, and the time he had spent as a werewolf he had spent it as a lone wolf, not a pack wolf. Harry saw an alpha distributing scarce meat supplies between his pack, but what the alpha werewolf was actually doing was declaring his intent towards him and by accepting the food from him Harry was accepting that intent, which made the alpha wolf grin, hidden from Harry who was gorging on the meat to fill his completely empty belly.

The beta males, nine of them, all stood and stretched after they had eaten as much as they could, they rubbed their cheeks against their alpha's chin and then moved off, all running into the forest, Harry tried to listen for them for as long as he could, but their laughs trailed off after a few minutes, indicating to him that they had moved out of earshot. Harry was glad, he didn't want to be left with them, but the alpha male was still eating and Harry hadn't been told what to do, so he stayed and he sat where he had been left, rubbing his now very fully belly, wondering when his next meal would be.

"You should eat more, you're skin and bone. You'll lose our pups if you don't have sufficient weight to carry them." The alpha male told him gruffly.

Harry paled significantly; he had hoped that the alpha male had been joking about impregnating him. He should have known better. If what he had heard was correct, then the alpha male hadn't had sex in ten years, he wasn't going to pass it up now that it was right in front of him. The thought made him queasy and he swayed lightly. The alpha male huffed, irritated, and yanked him down yet again.

"Sit down before you fucking fall. Bastard submissives." He grumbled before tearing hungrily into his meat with his teeth.

Harry glared at the ground, feeling very insignificant and stupid. He hated it and he curled up, still feeling tired. His wolf had relaxed enough to keep him off guard and he felt like, if he was allowed too, all he would do all day was eat and sleep. He hadn't been given a job and he highly doubted that the alpha male would expect him to know what to do during the day without telling him first, that was completely unreasonable.

"Go and sleep back in the meadow." The alpha snapped at him, giving him a sharp kick with his foot. "It's warmer."

Harry grumbled and he crawled slowly over to the meadow before he curled up in the long grass and wildflowers, not used to being told what to do after over a year of doing what he wanted, but it was a small price to pay for the immense sense of security that he felt at being with a pack, being able to sleep when he wanted without fear of being snuck up on and killed in his sleep by a larger predator or by humans when he was in his wolf form.

"You keep doing that and our breeding season will be starting a month early." The alpha chuckled darkly.

Harry flipped him off with a finger almost absent minded, which he finally realised what he had done when the heavy weight of the alpha fell on him, startling him and making him thrash to get away from him.

"Keep still." The alpha growled. "Do you think I'll let you disrespect me like that in my own territory, after I have let you eat my own food and let you sleep in my private meadow?"

Harry quivered as the alpha male bent over him, putting his face against Harry's turned cheek.

"Do you?!" He demanded loudly into his ear and Harry jumped.

"It wasn't meant to be disrespectful." He answered quickly; nearly hysterical with the thoughts of what this man could do to him.

"Oh? And how was I supposed to take it?"

"I didn't even think, I'm sorry, I wasn't challenging you or disrespecting you, I wasn't! I don't know what to do or what I'm not supposed to do, please."

"Show me your belly as apology." The alpha demanded.

Harry wriggled onto his back and arched it to push his belly out to offer it to the alpha male, his eyes closed to stave off the tears that he could feel building in his eyes at the thought of being hurt or beaten as punishment.

He felt the alpha's nose drag across his belly, heard him inhale his scent and then the man chuckled.

"You're a good boy. You've never been in a pack before have you? You have the neglected smell of a lone wolf about you. You have the uncomfortable behaviour of an isolated lone wolf who has never had to interact with other werewolves before. So young too, how did you survive on your own? When were you bitten?"

"I was fifteen when I was bitten." Harry said softly. "A year last December."

"The last blue moon, wolves bitten on a blue moon are said to be stronger, so far I don't believe the wives tale. Yet you're still alive, so you survived thirteen months on your own, how?"

"By avoiding civilisation, living in the woods and forests, eating when I could."

"You haven't been eating much." The alpha snorted, encircling Harry's bony wrists with his long, thick fingers. "How long until you last ate before this morning?"

"Three weeks."

"Did your last meal happen to coincide with the last full moon?" The alpha's eyes narrowed shrewdly.

Harry nodded. The alpha snorted.

"So you're one of those weak little pups that can't survive without your wolf to bail you out?" He said, disgusted. "If you weren't the only submissive I've seen in eleven years, I'd pass you over and wait for a stronger breeding mate. I'd give you to my beta males for their amusement."

Harry glared at the alpha, who snorted again and hit the top of his head, making Harry's eyes water in pain.

"Don't look at me like that, it's your fault for being so weak. I need to teach you how to be stronger, to be a real werewolf, a human hunter, if you have any hope of survival in my pack."

"I've killed humans before." Harry muttered.

That made the alpha's grin come back and he smiled widely, showing off those dangerous teeth.

"Then maybe I had you wrong, how many have you killed and don't lie to me, I hate lying and being lied to and I can tell if you do lie."

"Twelve." Harry said ashamedly.

"Twelve human kills in thirteen months. Not bad. Several of my beta males are just in double figures and they've been wolves much longer than you have. That's almost impressive for a stubby little lone wolf. We avoid humans for the most part. Filthy, arrogant creatures who believe that they're superior to us. But we do kill them if they come too close to our territory and especially if they're hunters who have rifles."

Harry hated that the alpha male was impressed with his human kill count, it made him feel sick, but his head hurt terribly after the alpha had hit him and that had been more of an offhand smack than anything else, he didn't want to be hit like the beta male had been yesterday, so he controlled his face and nodded, like he was happy and liked hunting humans so he wouldn't be hit again.

"They don't taste very nice." Harry told the alpha almost shyly, trying to gauge the alpha's reaction to him not liking human flesh. "Unless it's just the ones I've eaten."

The alpha laughed then, a deep, strong, but pleasant sound and he grinned widely at him, Harry gave a small smile back. "No, humans all taste bad, you get the horrible stringy ones that you're picking out of your teeth for days afterwards, the greasy ones that don't sit right in your belly, the tough ones that you almost break your jaw chewing for an hour before you can swallow, but the younger they are, the more tender and less ruined by lifestyle choices they are, have you had any young ones?"

"A fourteen year old girl was the youngest I've had." Harry said softly, remembering Ginny's vibrant hair, her cream coloured skin paled unnaturally from blood loss, half her neck torn away. "She was one of my first kills."

"Suppose you don't much remember the taste then." The alpha lamented. "I don't usually go for humans if I can help it, too much risk of death and coupled with the danger of a bad meal, it's not always worth the effort, though turning and killing for spite has gotten me a bad name for myself, but no, I go for any large prey animals, deer, horses, sometimes big cats."

"Those aren't prey animals." Harry pointed out with a small smile, feeling better that the alpha didn't actively hunt humans for food, though the killing for spite was a bit worrying.

"They are for me." The alpha grinned widely.

Harry laughed at that. "I went mainly for small prey." He confided a bit embarrassed as he looked at his hands. "Rabbits mostly, birds, though they didn't give very much meat, but they kept me from imminent starvation. I took down a fox once!" He said excitedly and the alpha chuckled.

"You're in a pack now, the strongest of us hunt and we'll share our kills with you."

"It's winter; there isn't a lot of food to hunt." Harry said worriedly.

The alpha snorted. "It's winter for the prey animals too, they're as inhibited as we are and they're more likely to break a leg if we force a chase. Food is scarce, but we hunt excessively in the autumn and make a cache of food to see us through the winter. We can get fresh meat sometimes on the full moons, but in our human forms we'll survive off of our cache. When it gets too cold, we mostly stay in our rendezvous clearing anyway, which is where we are now. We have plenty of food to feed you with."

"Why do you have this meadow?" Harry asked, unable to stave off his curiosity as things went quiet between them.

The alpha shrugged. "It keeps us warmer than sleeping out there on the frosty ground, most werewolves' die of the cold when the moon is farthest from being full, especially if it's too cold. We don't have the fur coats our wolf counterparts do to protect us. So even with the added strength, body heat and speed, we'll still die from exposure if we aren't careful. Probably why some pathetic werewolves try to live 'normal' lives in little brick houses like the pathetic humans. We are not humans, we can never live 'normal' lives by their standards, but we do alright for ourselves out here, in these forests we're the apex predators, as we're supposed to be. We're built to survive in all weather, we just need the brains to pull it off and not all werewolves have those."

Harry nodded at the logic of that and run his fingers through a stalk of bluebells.

"Why the flowers?" He asked curiously.

"They grow here in the summer. It's just the flowers that grow through the summer preserved all year round. You are a wizard aren't you? Most muggles and mudbloods don't survive the change."

Harry nodded, distracted by the long grass.

"What's your name? Should have asked earlier, but didn't much care back then."

"Harry." He answered.

"Just Harry?"

He nodded empathetically. "Just Harry." He confirmed strongly.

"I'm Fenrir Greyback, you must have heard of me if you're a wizard."

Harry shook his head, looking back at the alpha, Fenrir. "No, I'm sorry, but I don't remember much of what I was taught, I'm sure most of my history lessons went in one ear and out the other and since living out here in the wild, wizarding history doesn't have much place in my mind. Funny, most of everything that I was taught doesn't have a place out here in the wilderness."

"It wouldn't have been in no history class, didn't your parents warn you about me?"

"I don't have parents, I'm orphaned."

"Explains it then, well I don't hurt my own anyway, not unless they challenge me or annoy the fuck out of me, then a good, hard whack is in order. Any threat to my position of alpha is disposed of quickly and easily, so don't go around challenging me."

"I'm not sure what classes as challenging you for your position, but I'll never do it purposefully, I don't want to fight."

"You'll learn quick enough, just watch some of the betas and do the opposite of the ones that get whacked. Some of them just don't learn and I have to reinforce my lessons on them repeatedly, it gets annoying, but it's a good stress reliever. Some of them would be omegas if there were more of us, we'd need a few wolves to absorb the tension and stress if there were many more of us, but because it's mainly me and my second who get stressed and whack them, they're still betas. Useless the lot of them."

"What am I supposed to do in the pack?" Harry asked.

"We'll train you up like we would a pup because you've been without a pack to teach you, once you've got the hang of hunting, you can join our hunting parties, but we hunt most in the autumn before the long winter, this one is a bad one, which is why I'm surprised that you're alive. Glad you are because I need a good fuck, but still surprised."

Harry swallowed at that and he went quiet, hunching over. The alpha, Fenrir, lay down and pulled Harry onto his chest, either not noticing his sudden quietness or just not caring, as he put his arms behind his head and adjusted himself to get comfortable, leaving Harry laying where he had been left, stiff and uncomfortable, but his weakened state won out eventually, it was just too much effort to remain stiff and still and the tension drained out of him as he relaxed bit by bit until he was fast asleep on Fenrir Greyback, Britain's most notorious werewolf.

Albus Dumbledore rubbed his forehead with a wrinkled hand tiredly. It had been over a year since everything had gone wrong and there was no sign of them getting any closer to finding Harry and bringing him back. Tracking spells still worked when they searched for him, so he knew that the boy was somehow still alive, but it seemed that Harry was continuously on the move, day and night. Every time he and the Order moved in on where the tracker spells were indicating, they found small signs that Harry had been there, but he was always long gone before they arrived.

On one particular instance they found the ruined remains of Harry's trainers, they knew that they were on the right track, but they could never move quickly enough to catch him up. They were not foolish enough to track Harry near the full moons, they had seen what he had done when in wolf form and had been cornered and had felt threatened. Harry was not a werewolf under the influence of the Wolfsbane potion like Remus; he was a full, feral werewolf and he had never been subdued by the calming effects of the potion. They needed to find him as quickly as they could and they needed to get him under the influence of the Wolfsbane potion as quickly as possible to give him more control during the full moons so that he wouldn't attack them mindlessly.

Albus sighed wearily; he couldn't understand how this had happened. This had never been in his plans and he had been forced to announce that Harry Potter was now a werewolf and had run away into the wilderness after they had been unable to find him before the winter holidays were over and he was due to return back to Hogwarts.

The Ministry and the public were not being sympathetic towards Harry or his plight; in fact they were ripping him apart as thoroughly as Harry had ripped apart the helpless people in Grimmauld Place. There were even some people calling for his imprisonment for eight counts of murder, including Lucius Malfoy, who was poisoning the mind of the Minister to give Harry the harshest sentence possible, the death sentence.

Albus was fighting that sentence; the death sentence hadn't been used since the muggles had abolished the death penalty in nineteen-ninety-eight, though the last execution had been several years prior to that in nineteen-sixty-five. Though the wizarding world had never officially abolished the death penalty, it had been agreed by the Wizengamot at the time that the death penalty was never to be used again on British citizens in the country of Great Britain.

Voldemort was moving swiftly and dangerously quietly to gain power now that Harry was gone and out of his way, Albus had no doubts that he had sent some Death Eaters to find Harry with the werewolf colonies that he had links and access to and his worst nightmare was that Voldemort would send Fenrir Greyback and his pack to track down Harry.

Greyback was the epitome of the perfect werewolf; he was large, powerful, strong, vicious and completely without mercy or empathy. He would not only be able to track down Harry a lot quicker than they could, but he could approach Harry during the full moons to get him as well, where they could not and he was strong and fearsome enough that he could get Harry away from any other werewolf pack who may have taken Harry in, though the evidence thus far told them that Harry was on his own, that he was surviving somehow on his own as a lone wolf.

Albus' only saving grace was that Severus had informed him that Voldemort was having trouble tracking Fenrir Greyback and his pack down as their last known whereabouts was from several years prior and they had obviously moved on since that time.

Kneading the flesh of his arm as he thought about his next move, Albus cursed that this had happened at all. He didn't blame Remus entirely, he needed the man, who though subdued and sickly because of the prolonged use of the Wolfsbane potion, he was the only werewolf they had and he was thinking of sending him out on the full moon, into the forest of the last place their tracer spells had located Harry to see if he could track him any easier with Sirius as backup in his Animagus form. He hoped they could find Harry and he hoped that when they did find him, that Remus was more dominant, otherwise Harry would expect Remus to follow him, not the other way around and he hoped also that Harry was still the young, mostly innocent young boy that he had been before all of this, though he knew realistically that killing both of his best friends, his surrogate family and two Order members would have ripped something away from him and that living on his own in the wild for over a year with that guilt and grief would have honed him down a lot, he still hoped that there was some salvageable pieces of Harry inside him, the sooner they found him the more they could try to save.
Albus called Emmeline Vance through his patronus and he informed her to try and track Harry once again. He needed the closest possible location up to the full moon for Remus and Sirius. They couldn't give up and they couldn't stop for even an hour lest they lose his trail indefinitely. They had to find him and soon, they needed to reach him before any werewolves linked with Voldemort found him and they needed to get him back before any Death Eaters found him, if they didn't then Voldemort had as good as won.

Harry slept for most of the day, being disturbed only when the alpha, Fenrir he kept reminding himself, kicked him awake for food. This was his daily routine for the next few days as he recovered and regained his strength slowly and he started to look less like he would collapse and die at any moment, to gaining a bit of weight and looking healthier than he had in over a year.

Harry got the hang of eating with a pack quick enough; Fenrir always ate first as the alpha, except when he gave his permission for his beta males to start before him, though he noticed that they always left the best parts for their alpha, even if they did start before him. Harry was allowed to eat with the beta males, encouraged by the alpha and he sort of enjoyed the games that he and the other beta males played at meal times where they would try to take his food from him and he'd snarl and growl at them to warn them off his food. He had even wrestled with the one beta, Bryan, who had gotten a good hold on his food and had tried to yank it from him. Harry had rolled onto his back and kicked out at him, almost dislocating his jaw. That had made Fenrir laugh deeply, only the second time that Harry had heard that real laugh since he had joined the pack five days ago, but he was glad that he wasn't in any trouble for booting Bryan's jaw, not even with Bryan, who had laughed along with the whole pack about being kicked in the face by the new, feisty little submissive.

None of the betas left the rendezvous clearing the next day, the day of the full moon. So Harry got more of a chance to interact with the other males, to get to know them better. They all knew he was Harry, their alpha's mate, which made him the alpha bitch, a step ahead of them in the pack hierarchy, though one of the more stupid, almost omega wolves, had called him their alpha female, to which Harry had taken a leaf out of Fenrir's book and had given him a solid whack, as hard as he could manage in his malnourished body.

The wolf, whose name was Sidney, Sid for short, let Harry hit him and though Harry didn't have the strength or power to hit him straight to the ground like Fenrir did, Sid had dropped himself to his belly and he'd rubbed his chin over Harry's bare foot in apology regardless and Harry copied Fenrir and nudged his chin gently with his toes and Sid had gotten up and carried on as if nothing had even happened.

Fenrir, who had watched the exchange, came over and threw a massive arm around him.

"I'll make you my alpha bitch yet." He said with that grin that was more smirk than smile.

Harry smiled up at him, that Fenrir had called him an alpha bitch said that he saw him as an equal to him. If he had called him a beta bitch, he would have been declaring Harry as lesser to him, but being an omega bitch meant that he was the lowest of the low and he'd be used mainly as a fuck toy for the pack, not for breeding pups for the pack. He'd be a stress reliever like Sid, nothing more.

It started raining in the early afternoon and almost before Harry could feel the first few drops on his face, he was hefted up by Fenrir's second in command, the true beta male of the pack Jonas, and he was sat under a crop of rock, the same crop of rock that Fenrir had sat on to watch him the first day he had been brought to the pack's rendezvous point. There was a small cave under it mainly used to store things that the pack didn't want exposed to the elements because it was covered and it was dry.

Harry sighed at the soft treatment, but he was still not at full strength, and the rain and cold usually made him sick. It would take more than five days to combat over a year of rough living and near starvation, but he was getting better, but his pack wasn't taking any chances and Jonas, Fenrir's second, treated him like his much younger brother, or perhaps even as a son.

It was strange to think that he had his own pack, this time last week he had been in danger of dying from the cold and hadn't eaten in two and a half weeks. He had honestly thought that he was going to die this winter, which was so much colder and harsher than his first year out in the wide world on his own, but he had been saved by Fenrir and his pack and now he was a part of them, he was a pack member and everything would be perfect if he wasn't a werewolf bitch who was expected to not only breed with the alpha male, but to carry his pups as well.

"Don't worry too much about it." Jonas coached him as he settled down, giving Harry space, unlike most of the other beta males who clamoured him and tried to touch him and give him a sly grope every now and then, yet Jonas sat close enough to still be close at hand in case he either collapsed from his frailty or made a suicidal dash for freedom.

"About what?" Harry asked, playing stupid.

"You know what, it's written all over your little face. You're an alpha bitch, Harry, that's about as good as you can get without fighting anyone for your position, you're higher up the hierarchy than anyone else here except for Fenrir and let's face it, you don't want to try him on for position of alpha male, not that you could being a submissive wolf and all, he's too dominant. But if you had been a dog over a bitch, you'd be assuredly an omega, and that's not a position anyone ever wants to be in. No one want's to be the pack's punching bag, the stress reliever. Do you want that? To have every single member of the pack just fucking you for release? Beating you to get rid of pack tension?"

Harry shook his head.

"Then buck up and take a bit of interest in Fenrir, because if he loses interest in you, it'll fall to me to mate you and to be honest, I see you as a kid brother and I prefer females anyway, so I'd pass you over too and then you'd fall to the position of omega bitch and you'd be used by all of them out there for their amusement and relief."

Harry looked at where Jonas had indicated with a nod of his head, seeing the other eight betas wrestling and jeering at one another as they wrestled in the rain and the mud like childish idiots because there was nothing else for them to do.

They were all big men, some more so than others, some were taller, but they were all taller than Harry, because he was still a teenager and they were all men in their late twenties, early thirties. He did not want to be the entertainment and stress relief for any of them.

"I'm just worried." Harry confided.

"You're a virgin still?" Jonas asked.

Harry nodded. "I'm only sixteen, Jonas." Harry reminded him. "I've been running for a year, on my own for a year."

"I know, but fuck I lost mine at fourteen. Pretty Japanese girl in my school. She was gorgeous, can't for the life of me remember her name though." Jonas gave a small, private smile at whatever he was thinking before looking back at him. "I suggest that you tell Fenrir that you haven't ever had sex, he might take it on board, he might not, I can't say, he's my alpha and I won't question him, but it can't hurt to tell him."

"I'm more concerned about being pregnant, Jonas."

"You're more concerned about giving the pack its first ever set of pups than the pain of having your virginity taken?"

"It hurts?" Harry asked wide eyed and panicked. His breathing started coming in short gasps and his eyes widened further as he thought of being back to living in constant pain. He didn't want it; he didn't want to be in any pain at all, never again.

"Oh shit, no, Harry it might not hurt. It doesn't always." Jonas tried to back track, but Harry wasn't hearing him.

He got up and he ran. Not expecting it, it took Jonas a few moments to react and the wrestling betas even longer to react, by which point Harry had gotten quite far, but of course Fenrir had been in his favourite spot, on his rock, sitting in the rain, listening to his beta male have that talk with his intended breeding mate. He had known what was going to happen, he had been ready for Harry to run, alerted by the panicked quality that his breathing had taken on and before Harry could get more than twenty feet from the clearing, Fenrir tackled him as gently as he could and tried to take the impact of the floor onto himself, though Harry's head still caught a tree stump and knocked him clean out.

Fenrir was on his way back to the clearing, Harry thrown over his shoulder like a sack of rice, when his beta males caught up with them and he glared at them all.

"Some sentries you lot make." He growled roughly. "If it wasn't for me we'd all be slaughtered in our sleep by pathetic human hunters."

"I'm so sorry, alpha." Jonas said quickly as he lowered his eyes to the ground. "It was my fault, I was talking to him and I said something that panicked him, I honestly didn't think that he'd run though. I swear."

Fenrir growled roughly, but didn't let on that he'd heard everything that his beta male had told his intended breeding partner. He shoulder barged Jonas as he walked past, letting his beta male think he was in trouble, but he had overheard the conversation and he knew his beta male was telling him the truth. He valued honesty and loyalty from his pack members.

Fenrir crawled under his crop of rock and into the shallow cave to keep Harry dry, the last thing he needed was him getting sick and fevered in his weakened, half-starved state.

He laid Harry down on a collection of skins and hides that he had collected as trophies, he didn't usually use them as blankets, but then he had never needed to, but Harry was going cold again, his body was probably in shock from the blunt force trauma to the head, but he was no healer. So he covered Harry over and checked his head and face for injuries.

He found where Harry had hit his face against the tree stump, just on the side of his head, above the corner of his eye. He huffed, annoyed at the boy for running instead of facing his problems head on, though he supposed that he couldn't blame the boy too much. He should have guessed that the boy was a virgin from his age, or at the least asked him, but like Jonas he had lost his virginity early, well before he was 'of legal sexual consent' but then he had been bitten very young, so he had felt ready enough to start fucking when he had.

Harry had been bitten only last year, he probably hadn't been ready before then and he had been on the run since from the filthy humans. Let it be said that Fenrir could be quite dense sometimes with things that weren't personally about himself, he just hadn't thought or realised that Harry would never have had sex before when he himself had been having sex at his age, but now that he knew the problem he could fix it. Well…hopefully he could fix it.

Groaning, Fenrir laid back and wrapped Harry up in his arms, trying to mould a bond between him and Harry before the breeding season started next month. He wanted his intended mate to be comfortable with him, though it wasn't strictly necessary, Harry was his now, in his territory and he'd pup the boy no matter if he wanted it or not. Though he would prefer to have a willing sexual partner, he had enough control from being the alpha of his pack that he didn't need more by forcing sex on an unwilling partner. He'd much rather have the pleasure and arrogance that came from reducing a willing partner to incoherent quivering, he was no rapist. He prided himself on not needing to force or frighten his partners into having sex with him.

Harry made a soft sound and Fenrir rolled over to face him. Harry's remarkable green eyes opened and Fenrir grinned. He loved those eyes, they had drawn him right in from the offset and seeing them blinking sleepily at him made him truly smile, it had been a long time since something had amused him enough to make him truly smile and he rather enjoyed the experience.

Harry went to immediately sit up and Fenrir placed a hard, strong hand over his chest and held him down easily.

"Don't get up just yet, you'll make yourself sick. You took a nasty hit to the head."

"No thanks to you." Harry grumbled and all at once Fenrir's relaxed, mellow mood vanished and he rolled on top of Harry and bared his teeth in the boy's face.

"You were running from me. I am alpha here! If I say that you stay in this spot, you'll stay in this damn spot until I tell you otherwise!" He growled.

Watching Harry huddle up away from him made him frown, but he controlled himself. He was moulding Harry into a pack wolf, he needed to learn these lessons in order to survive as a pack wolf. He was being lenient due to the treatment he had gone through since becoming a werewolf and being a lone wolf to boot at such a young, impressionable age, but he would not let him get away with such blatant disrespect of the hierarchy. He would have beaten anyone else bloody by now, but he had claimed Harry as his intended breeding partner, a breeding partner who he wanted to be willing and unafraid of him and his advances. He was sure that beating Harry bloody would not make him a willing breeding partner, so he was stuck with scare tactics like pinning him down, growling and snarling and baring his teeth in Harry's face.

They had worked so far, but he hoped that Harry didn't force his hand and overstep the boundaries too much, he could easily order Jonas to beat the boy in his stead, but he had always done his own dirty work. It rubbed something inside of him to delegate such a task to a lower pack member, but he might not have a choice if Harry persisted and pushed too far.

"I'm sorry, I just hurt." Harry explained softly, raising a hand slowly and non-threateningly to his head and pressing down.

Fenrir peeled that hand away and looked more closely at the wound. "You'll live." He grunted unconcernedly, he refused to baby anyone for a mere surface wound, it would hurt for a while, it might even swell or bruise, but it wouldn't kill him or cause death if it was left to heal on its own.

"I know that." Harry huffed. "It just hurts."

"You shouldn't have run then." Fenrir replied unsympathetically. "You're in my pack now; you'll face your fears or talk them out, not run from them like a baby."

"Who am I supposed to talk to? I've only been here for five days!" Harry pointed out.

"Talk to me, I'm your alpha, your breeding mate. You should be able to talk to me."

"I don't know you." Harry said softly, trying not to incite Fenrir's anger.

"We have all the time in the world to get to know one another." Fenrir scoffed. "What are you, a woman?"

"No, I'm not, but I actually do have feelings and emotions too! Those aren't exclusive to women. We all have them." Harry snapped angrily.

Fenrir shut his mouth; he had no reply to that. He wanted to scoff again that feelings were for women and children, but he wanted Harry to be more comfortable with him, so he shut his mouth for, probably the first time in his adult life.

"Talk to me." He said again, as encouragingly as he could make his voice.

Harry sighed and raked a hand through his jet black messy hair, it was halfway to his shoulders, about mid neck length and in need of a good brush, or a cut, but then Fenrir's hair was no better. Though he did shear it off every summer to keep his head cooler, so it didn't have time to grow much or get into too much of a state before it was sheared off again. He would do the same to Harry's hair when the summer rolled around.

"I…I've never…never…" Harry stopped and Fenrir wondered if Harry was actually going to confide in him and he marvelled at the level of trust that he was being shown after just five days.

Normally people ran in the opposite direction when they heard who he was, or if they didn't know who he was then they ran as soon as they could after they saw what he was like. It was why he had been so angry, and a little hurt if he was honest, though no one else would ever find that out, when Harry had run, like everyone else except for the nine males he kept as his pack. They alone had stayed with him regardless of his violent moods, his cold, distant nature and his physical reprimands and for that, he would always look after them and protect them as well as he could. He rewarded loyalty with loyalty and they would get no better than that from him.

"I've never had sex before and I'm nervous about it." Harry said barely above a whisper. "Jonas told me that it hurt. I don't want to hurt anymore. I'm sick of hurting. I'm sick of always being starving and I'm sick of always being scared. I don't want to feel that way anymore."

"Jonas is a fuckwit." Fenrir stated. "If he's ever had sex with another man then it wasn't as the receiving partner, he would have no more clue about anal sex than a nun in a monastery would."

Harry laughed at that and he felt better, lighter somehow and more reassured. Though he doubted that the nerves would ever completely go away until he had experienced it for himself, but he had a feeling that Fenrir did not lie to his pack members often, so if he said that sex wouldn't hurt, Harry wouldn't exactly take it as law that it wouldn't hurt at all, but he wouldn't be expecting overwhelming pain from it either.

"Does that mean you have had anal sex as the receiving partner?" Harry teased and got his head shoved down affectionately for it.

"Not likely." Fenrir scoffed. "But I have had sex with other men before, I don't care for gender as long as they're willing and eager, unlike Jonas, and I know how to take the pain of penetration away."

"You do?"

Fenrir chuckled then. Harry was like an eager puppy and it aroused him. He shoved it down, there were mating rites to perform first or his wolf would reject Harry as a permanent breeding mate.

"Yes I do." He said gruffly, yanking Harry over to share body heat. "I won't have my alpha bitch in pain, it reflects badly on me as an alpha male."

"Do you find the transformation painful?" Harry asked after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

"A bit, there's no way to completely eradicate the pain of being forced to change your shape and species so quickly and drastically, but if you're relaxed and ready for the transformation, it helps. Tensing up and fighting the change causes more pain and stress, and it prolongs the transformation, which obviously prolongs the pain of it too."

Harry nodded. "I can never fully relax, I know that the pain is coming and I tense up so tight that I sometimes tear my muscles and it hinders my ability to hunt and I go hungry."

"I'll help you tonight; you haven't had anyone show you how to welcome the moon. You're better off now that you have a pack to help you and if you do end up tearing your muscles the first few times that you change with us still, we'll bring the food to you, like a pack should."

Harry nodded and he fell silent. He felt so secure and so safe being in a pack and being told that he would be helped through his change, that he'd be taught how to do it as painlessly as possible and how to be a pack wolf and that he'd be looked after by his pack mates, that he would still be fed despite being a crippled hindrance to them if he tore his muscles during the change, it felt amazing, reassuring. He felt cared for and it made him smile and relax into Fenrir. For once in his life since he had become a werewolf he didn't feel scared, he wasn't hungry and he felt reassured and safe. It wasn't too long after that that he fell asleep, he was still recovering after all and tonight's full moon was not going to help that recovery at all.

Severus Snape froze all thoughts and emotions as he stepped through the large double doors and slipped into his seat at the long, elegant, hardwood table.

He kept his head up, haughty as he looked blankly down his nose at the other Death Eaters around the table with him.

He was eager for news on Potter, but he didn't let it show, not even in his thoughts as he sat still and calmly, not lounging, but not poker straight and stiffened in fear like some of those around the table were displaying. He had more control and decorum than that, even with the giant snake winding its way around the legs of the chairs and the people sitting in them. He didn't so much as suck in a breath when it brushed against his calves, the power in the snake's muscular body bumping his legs forward from the movement.

When the door banged shut, several people jumped like they had been hexed and one or two even whimpered like mere children, but Severus sat calmly and patiently as the Dark Lord swept down the table and sat at the head of it, with Severus on his right hand side.

The Dark Lord made a show of petting his snake before giving the table his attention, letting them know that he valued the snake more than he did them.

He surveyed the table slowly, looking at them all in turn, his red eyes gleaming in a way that meant nothing good to any of them. Sometimes lingering for a longer time on one particular person until they were almost wetting themselves in fear. Severus was sure that it was some sort of kink for the Dark Lord.

"Severus." He said softly, his voice carrying throughout the entire room on just a whisper. "Has the old fool found the boy?"

"No, my Lord." Severus answered honestly, firmly and promptly. "I am assured that he is still looking for the boy and looking hard, they catch up to him with the tracking charms near the full moon, but they are too afraid to approach him when the moon is full after what he did last year. He travels a great distance during the night of the full moon and they are back to where they started when the morning comes. They'll never catch up to him if it continues in the same vein."

The Dark Lord snorted through the two slits that he had for nostrils and turned away from him to face the other side of the table.

"Lucius, have you found anything out from the Ministry?"

"I am still feeding the information to the Minister that you asked me to, my Lord. He is eating from the palm of my hand, but I did mention the boy in passing to an Auror, who tells me they have had very little luck in locating the boy, if he is even still alive, my Lord."

"He is still alive." Severus cut in arrogantly. "The tracking spells still point to him and they wouldn't move at all if he was dead, Lucius." He explained as if he were speaking to a particularly lack witted first year student.

The Dark Lord looked back to Lucius expectantly and Severus saw the man's jaw muscles tensing, indicating that he was likely grinding his teeth together in irritation and embarrassment, if it was one thing that Lucius Malfoy hated, it was being made to look like a fool, especially in public.

"I asked Amos Diggory about finding Greyback, my Lord. His team are continuously hunting him and his pack and have had no luck, though a pair of their searchers went missing near Crewe. They are investigating the disappearance, but Diggory doesn't hold up much hope that it was Greyback who attacked them." Lucius said calmly, choosing to ignore Severus' comment.

"How…disappointing." The Dark Lord said softly, dangerously.

"My Lord, why don't you let me track down the Potter boy?" Bellatrix asked breathlessly from opposite Severus.

"I need you here, Bella." The Dark Lord said distractedly. "Who will look after the prisoners so adequately if I send you away?"

The dining room fell into silence as they watched the Dark Lord gazing thoughtfully at nothing as he absently stroked the snake that had curled the top of its massive body into his lap.

"I want Potter found, I need Greyback. I want you all to find out something useful before the next time that I call for you. There is nothing else that needs doing; I cannot finish my plans until Potter is dead. That meddlesome boy always seems to pop up when he's least wanted. If you can manage to find Potter yourselves, bring him to me alive. If you happen to find Greyback, tell him that I have need of his services. I need to prepare."

Severus stayed where he was until the Dark Lord had left the room with his snake around his shoulders like a lethal, unattractive garment and then he stood and strode after him, ignoring the little hissed conversations that broke out like wildfires throughout the room. He was no gossiping housewife and he had nothing to say to anyone. He left the Malfoy's home and he exited their grounds as quickly as he could manage. He had been given a lot to think about and a mission to complete. He needed to see Dumbledore before he could retire to his bed too and he clenched his teeth. He had never been so busy since Potter had gone missing and not for the first time Severus cursed him, and the fool Lupin too, for biting him in the first place.

This had been one of their shortest meetings to date; the Dark Lord was rattled by the continued absence, yet existence of Potter and he didn't like the communication breakdown between Greyback and his pack, the silence was unnerving. It was worrying the Dark Lord and though he tried to hide it, Severus could see right through it.

Severus knew what the Dark Lord was thinking so hard and so often about; he had thought the same several times. Greyback was loyal to all of his kin who were subservient and loyal to him, if he had already found Potter, then he might be the wrong person to go to, to seek the boy's death.

The rain of the early afternoon had turned to snow in the evening and now that night had fallen, the snow was thick and getting thicker. Harry sat naked and cold on the snowy ground, Fenrir, also naked, was pacing behind and beside him, growling lowly at the cloud cover above. It was agitating him; he wanted the moon to show itself. He wanted to change. All they needed was for the moon to come out of the cloud cover once, just once, and the change would start, but until that first glow of light hit the ground for the first time that night, their wolves were locked in their human bodies and it was ten times more painful than the actual transformation.

Harry doubled over yet again, clutching his ribs and chest area, gritting his teeth against a scream. Fenrir knelt behind him once again and rubbed out the tension and tight knotting pain in his back with the rough, weathered heel of his hand.

He wasn't gentle at all, but Harry didn't care as it helped immensely with the pain and the suffocated, trapped feeling that he felt as his wolf tried to break free of his human body by force, making him yell the agony that he felt from that to the sky.

Then their agonising wait was over, a small, tiny break in the cloud cover appeared and the ground of their clearing was bathed in the light of the full moon for a fraction of a second, but it was enough and Harry felt a new agony take him over, a familiar suffering that had become as memorable to him as his own name and he screamed anew, but this time, as his bones snapped and reshaped themselves, as his skin ripped and pulled apart to reveal thick, greyish brown fur, arms held him and a strong, gruff voice soothed him through the change, even as those arms shifted and reshaped themselves with his own and that voice rapidly became distorted as its owner's throat, mouth and head changed shape.

It took just minutes for the transformation to be complete and Harry was gone, replaced by his wolf counterpart who ran on instinct alone and this wolf did not like being surrounded by new smells, by new sights and definitely did not like being surrounded by several unmated dominant wolves in a forest that smelt heavily of their scent markers.

He snarled and backed himself away from them as they approached him curiously. They were a pack; he could tell that from how they positioned themselves and how they greeted one another. He didn't like being cornered by a pack.

He growled lowly at them, but he knew that he was outnumbered, he backed away further as a large wolf approached and snarled at him. The urge to submit told him that this was the alpha male. He whined lowly in the back of his throat, but he didn't roll over for him and submit.

The alpha wolf moved almost before he could see him and the alpha seized him around the throat and forced him to the ground. He was still too weak to fight him off or get away; still too hungry and he whined again, throwing his head back to expose his throat, rolling onto his back and showing his belly and letting his legs fall open to expose his genitalia. He whined again as the alpha didn't immediately let him go and he felt a growl travel through the flesh still in the alpha's mouth before he was released and the alpha's nose snuffled along his chest, along his nipples and then right into his genitalia.

After he had been scented out and confirmed to be a submissive wolf in oestrus, the alpha wolf howled and his pack joined him, a moment later he joined in himself and the alpha wolf nudged him over and snapped at him to get to his feet. He did so quickly and when he went to fall back behind the pack, the alpha snapped at him again and fell in line beside him. The alpha wanted him beside him, the place reserved for the alpha's mate.

He brushed against the side of the alpha testing his reaction and when the alpha turned to rub his chin and cheek over the top of his head, scent marking him, he knew then that he had been claimed as the alpha's breeding partner. Happy with the established hierarchy, and his place within it, he trotted along with the alpha, his breeding partner, and he followed his lead as they travelled through the alpha wolf's territory.

The pack broke off and spread out, but not before rubbing against both of their alphas, which confused the younger wolf into snarling at them until the alpha male shoved against him, reprimanding him for his behaviour and also reassuring him that this was normal.

He stayed with the alpha male as all the other pack members dashed off; they were getting into a formation to better hunt prey through the thickening snow. He knew to be very quiet lest he frighten off the prey. He inhaled deeply and let the scents around him filter through his glands, recognising many of them and clearly picking out the scent of their prey. It was large prey and he had never taken down anything so large.

He fell slightly behind his alpha male, letting him take point. He wasn't a strong hunter and he'd be useless on a chase hunt as he was too weak to run for too long and he wouldn't be very fast, he needed to get stronger first and he knew that he'd get stronger now because of his pack.

He nudged against his alpha male, who had stopped to mark his territory, urinating against a snow covered bush. He wanted to eat, he wanted a fully belly, he didn't want to let the prey get away.

The alpha nudged him back before using his head to guide him to the marked bush and he urged him to mark against the same bush by nudging his head with his own every time he went to turn away. Relenting to his alpha male, he cocked his leg and marked the bush with a small amount of urine before the alpha male allowed them to carry on hunting.

They stopped and marked several times before the prey became close enough that they had to stop or risk their prey scenting them and getting away, each time he had been urged to mark the same spot by his alpha, who sometimes scratched the ground at the base of the rock or tree he had urinated against to make a double scent marker to warn off intruding wolf packs, letting all creatures of the forest know that this was claimed territory and that the pack that lived and hunted here, would not accept or tolerate intruders into their territory.

A howl to the left of them started the hunt in earnest and the alpha wolf dashed off ahead to join the hunt with his pack. He tried to keep up, but he was weakened still and he couldn't manage it, he had never taken down such big prey before, he had never been in a high energy pack, or any pack for that matter, he couldn't keep up with them and after only a short sprint through the forest, dodging trees, jumping barren logs and snow covered rocks, he flopped to the snow covered ground and stuck his tongue out to cool himself down, panting to regain the breath that he had lost running.

He was so tired and shaky after such a short sprint that he fell asleep right where he was, only to be woken up to a tongue licking over his muzzle and forehead. He whined in the back of his throat and shifted his body until his head was up, though he was still lying down. His alpha wolf was in front of him with a blood covered muzzle. The hunt was over, and his pack had been successful.

He was nudged and his scruff was tugged on until, annoyed and irritated, he got up and followed his alpha male just a few feet to where a stag lay on its side, two legs obviously broken where he had likely slipped on ice or tripped over a rock or branch hidden in deep snow as he was being chased, the bloody grooves scraped into the snow, trailing back through the trees showed that his pack had dragged it all the way here so that he could share in the meal, which was still alive and trying desperately to get away from the eleven hungry wolves surrounding it.

The alpha male licked his maw before baring his teeth and taking a chunk from the screaming animal's rump, tearing at it to get his favourite parts, digging claws in deep to hold his prey still as he ate. The high pitched sound made him shake his head and he stepped forward and bit deeply into the thrashing neck to silence it.

His alpha male licked over his head and huffed shortly to encourage him to eat and only when the both of them were eating did the nine other subordinate males heckle each other to join them in the fresh feast of deer. The alpha got to eat most of the organs, though he did let him have a kidney to help him gain some additional strength.

They left the carcass where it was after they had filled their stomachs. He stayed next to his alpha male and padded along slowly beside him as the subservient males started playing and wrestling with one another.

The alpha sat down, before lying down and he joined him, curling up against his alpha male, the one who would give him pups in the next breeding season. He was put out when the alpha male started cleaning him, taking care around his muzzle to catch all traces of blood, but he allowed the behaviour for a long while before he whined and nudged the alpha away once he had had enough and he curled up, too tired to stay awake for much longer. His belly was full and now he was tired and he wanted to sleep, he didn't care how clean he was, or wasn't in this case.

His alpha allowed him to pull away and even put his head over his back and rested himself. He wouldn't sleep, he might doze off a little, but he wouldn't sleep yet, his ears were pricked and erect, twisting and searching for dangers and listening to all sounds around him and his pack, he had ten wolves to look after, including his own mate, if anything came their way then he wanted to be ready for it, he wanted to be alerted and be able to get in an offensive position before the danger was upon them, he did not want to be caught off guard, half asleep and unprepared for an attack.

He did like lying with another wolf though, his own mate was warm in the cold snow and he shifted closer to him, keeping him warm in the wintery conditions. He would have to travel long and far to hunt furred animals to get pelts to keep his pups warm in the snow, he would be furious if his pups didn't survive the winter months.

The night passed quickly, the beta males wore themselves out after hours of hunting and wrestling with one another and as the moon was getting lower in the sky, they came to huddle around their alpha pair, keeping them warm and themselves warm too, but the hierarchy showed itself once more as the alpha pair were in the middle of the pile, and the lower, almost omega wolves were on the outside of the pile.

Safe in the pile of his pack, the alpha allowed himself a few hours of rest after scenting deeply and listening intently and not finding anything amiss, he kept his ears erect though and he was assured that any small sound would wake him immediately.

Settling his fur and shifting into a more comfortable position, he closed his eyes and slept until the swollen moon fell from the sky and the sun crested the horizon and the change back into his human body woke him with a growl of pain in the back of his throat as he ended up in a pile of his naked pack mates, one of whom was screaming as the transformation back into a human ripped through his weakened body.

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