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Last Time

Safe in the pile of his pack, the alpha allowed himself a few hours of rest after scenting deeply and listening intently and not finding anything amiss, he kept his ears erect though and he was assured that any small sound would wake him immediately.

Settling his fur and shifting into a more comfortable position, he closed his eyes and slept until the swollen moon fell from the sky and the sun crested the horizon and the change back into his human body woke him with a growl of pain in the back of his throat as he ended up in a pile of his naked pack mates, one of whom was screaming as the transformation back into a human ripped through his weakened body.

Chapter Three – The Breeding Season

Harry slowly came back into awareness and for a moment he was completely confused as to where he was and why, but he had felt like this a dozen times before and all of those times had been after a full moon.

That realisation helped to centre him and it kick started his brain and his memories into remembering that last night had been a full moon and he had changed into his wolf counterpart, but what was so different was that he felt so…normal after the moon had passed.

He wasn't in any serious pain, he didn't have any cuts on his body and the nauseated feeling he normally got after consuming a human being was absent, there was only a pleasantly full feeling that came from an exceedingly good meal and the tiredness that usually followed a night of hunting and running during the full moon. The shift always took a lot out of him and it was very painful, so it left behind a residual ache in his body which he had long since gotten used to, but at least he hadn't ripped any muscles this time.

He remembered a few fragments of what he had done and what had gone on during the full moon, but his memory was still very poor when it came to what he had done in his wolf form. He just couldn't slip into the wolf's head when he was out on the full moons, yet it seemed that his wolf never left him, not even when the moon was completely gone from the sky. His wolf was always with him.

He remembered being with his pack, he remembered sleeping in a pile with them, Fenrir curled up behind him, but that was the limit of what he could remember and straining his memory any further caused a dull throb to pass through both of his temples, so he stopped trying to remember so hard, he never remembered much of the full moon anyway, but at least he was better now than when he had first been turned, back when he woke up the afternoon after the full moon and didn't know where he was or what he had done or what he had eaten, when he didn't know where the wounds on his body had come from or how long he'd had them. When he didn't know how far he had travelled or in what direction, when everything around him was alien and unknown…had he been seen by the people living around the forest that he was in? Could they right now be hunting him with guns? Had he killed and eaten the town mayor's daughter? The shop owner's son? The fear, the confusion, the guilt, the pain, the not knowing, it had almost driven him completely mad.

He was better now, a year on, he knew where he had been when the change had started, he knew where he was now, he knew his pack was around him, despite the fact that he could hear and smell them, even if he hadn't been able to he knew that he was with them. He knew that he was safe, he knew that he had eaten deer last night and not another human and he had a few fragmented memories of the full moon, all in all he was so much better off now than he had been a year ago. He was more centred now, he may not have gained any control whatsoever over his wolf, but now he had a pack to help keep him in line and keep him distracted. His life had only gotten better once he had gotten a pack. He was so grateful to the pack for taking him in, or really just to Fenrir for taking him in because as the alpha male of the pack, it had been his decision, and his alone.

Crawling out of the little bed of hides he had woken up in, Harry crawled out of the small, shallow cave and he crawled to the nearest wolf, Scott, and greeted him happily before standing up and stretching himself.

Scott was a firm beta male, not too close to the top of the pack, but nowhere near the bottom either. There were two firm beta males in the pack, Scott and Stacey and though they wrestled with each other and sometimes they switched positions with one another in the pack, they were still both beta males in the middle of the hierarchy and as far as Harry could tell, very rarely did that change, they weren't powerful enough to get any higher, but they were too strong to slip down any lower in the pack.

"Sleeping beauty awakens!" Bryan teased and greeted Harry enthusiastically, giving his bum a sly squeeze as he did so.

Harry head-butted him, enough to make the man curse and rub the spot, but not enough to hurt himself or give either of them a splitting headache for the rest of the day.

"Why is it always me you attack?" Bryan mumbled good-naturedly.

"Because you're the one who always gropes me!" Harry replied as he kicked a drift of snow at him.

"I'm just having some fun."

"And he's just putting you back in your place." The deep growl of Fenrir's voice drifted over to them.

Harry turned around and looked up, to Fenrir's favourite spot, up on his rock looking down at them with a disapproving frown.

"I meant no offense, alpha." Bryan, higher up in the hierarchy that Stacey and Scott, but below Jonas and Grant, was one of their more powerful beta males, but he wasn't afraid to push the boundaries sometimes, which led to regular punishment and reprimands.

"None taken, my intended mate is very attractive, but need I remind you that I have claimed him for myself?"

"No, alpha. My apologies, it wasn't my intention to challenge you for him. I would never do that."

Fenrir stretched languidly before jumping down from his rock and landing in the snow, he stood up to his full height and came to wrap an arm securely around Harry.

"Apology accepted." Fenrir growled. "But be warned, if you try to challenge me for him, I'll kill you and hang your body from that tree so that I can piss on you in comfort when I deem it worthy of my scent."

Harry turned fully into Fenrir; it was more of a survival instinct. Fenrir was an alpha male and he was an alpha male for a reason. He could kill everyone here without batting an eyelash, and he'd still be able to sleep at night, and he knew it, they all did, so he was safest with Fenrir and if he only wanted to keep with one breeding mate in his life, then not only did he have to stick with Fenrir, then he needed to keep him safe and healthy too.

The thought process went through his mind in just mere seconds, but it made Harry slip an arm around Fenrir's waist and lean more of his weight upon him, before he actually realised what he was doing and going to pull away again, only for Fenrir's huge arm to pin him where he was.

"My mate is hungry. One of you go and sort out our next meal." Fenrir ordered gruffly.

Bryan went as soon as Fenrir had stopped talking, obviously being smart enough to know to make himself scarce for a short while. The pack looked at them both curiously, they knew something had changed and it had changed significantly. Harry knew it had, he was thinking differently and he was doing things without thinking about them, things that he wouldn't have done yesterday. Just what had he done during the full moon to change his way of thinking so quickly…and so drastically?

Remus Lupin was tired. Bone tired after the full moon. He sat in his favourite armchair and he thanked Sirius when he brought him a cup of tea. Things weren't exactly strained between them, but it had been different since Harry had gone.

Honestly he hadn't expected anything else, Harry was dear to them both, but Harry was Sirius' official godson, named personally by James and Lily themselves, and Sirius had taken his official title of godfather seriously from the very first day that he had been named. Looking after Harry had been the only time that Sirius had actually acted like an adult and not an overgrown child.

He had been good at it too. Everyone had scoffed at James for naming Sirius as godfather to his newborn son, they had told him that he was making a mistake, that Sirius couldn't look after himself let alone a defenceless infant. But Sirius had proved them all wrong, as James had known that he would. Sirius had never taken more care with anything in his life than he had with baby Harry.

He had treated that baby like a delicate piece of precious crystal, always second guessing and readjusting his hold on baby Harry, always asking if his arms were in the right place, always aware of the baby's head and neck, always willing to dive in and help the exhausted new parents with a few feeds or changes and even a bath time or two.

It had been Harry that had shown them the potential father in Sirius, and Remus knew that Sirius could have been an amazing father if he hadn't of been falsely imprisoned in Azkaban for twelve years. The carefree, fun loving young man from before Azkaban had all but vanished, but one thing that hadn't vanished was Sirius' love of Harry and Remus had hurt Harry terribly, thus creating a dilemma for Sirius who loved Harry so much and never wanted to see him hurt, and himself, his only remaining best friend of twenty-six years.

Perhaps he hadn't hurt Harry physically, though the bite he had given the teenager was deep and had drawn blood, but the mental agony of killing eight people, six of them as close as family to him, that was an anguish all of its own and Remus regretted that more than anything. He had no idea what Harry was going through, no idea what sort of thoughts were going through his head or if he was coping with the guilt and grief. Remus hadn't bitten him purposefully and he wanted Harry back as much as Sirius did, which was likely the only reason why Sirius hadn't cursed him and left him for dead after everything.

They had gotten so close to Harry's scent last night in one particular forest that it gave them hope that they could find him and bring him home, for some reason or another Harry was staying in this forest more than any other he had thus far, which had brought up fears that perhaps Harry had been injured in some way and couldn't leave this forest until he was healed, so naturally they had hunted harder for him this full moon, but they had had to tread carefully, it seemed that Harry was slowly and carefully worming his way between the claimed territory of two different wolf packs, one of which Remus and Sirius had had the unfortunate luck to run into last night.

He hoped that Harry was alright, the one pack they had run into were vicious and numerous, though Harry was not with them the thought had occurred to them that perhaps it was this vicious wolf pack that had injured Harry and were preventing him from leaving the area as quickly as he would have wanted to. Unfortunately it was so hard to tell if the wolf pack had been werewolves or real wolves, but they had not liked having him and Sirius in their territory at all.

The second wolf pack had been a no show, despite them crawling carefully into their territory to hunt for Harry, whose scent was very heavily, yet faintly, concentrated around an abandoned hunting cabin, particularly inside the cabin and on a mouldy blanket, proving that even though he was a werewolf, Harry was feeling the cold of this winter.

Remus hoped that he was safe and uninjured despite their fears and that Harry was using the brilliant mind that he knew was within him and staying warm and well fed, though the minimal animal bones they had found, from rabbits and birds mostly, suggested that Harry was not eating very well and that was another concern they had for him. Starvation.

"How are you feeling?" Sirius asked him, checking the covering on one particular area of Remus' wounds that one wolf of the vicious pack had given him last night. They were concerned about an infection setting in.

"Tired, but I don't doubt it's nothing to what Harry is feeling. We haven't found any animal bones in a while."

Sirius' worried expression deepened and he lowered his own teacup back to his lap.

"I was thinking the same thing. We need to find him, Remus. It's been nearly fourteen months since he ran and we haven't had any luck in catching up to him."

"There's only so much we can do during one night, Sirius. Harry runs terribly fast in wolf form and as soon as he catches our scent or the sound of anyone approaching, he's going to bolt. This is an impossible task; he doesn't want to be found."

"We're not going to give up on him!" Sirius roared.

"I never said that we were!" Remus denied furiously. "But we need more people to track him; we can't do it on our own!"

Properly chastised, Sirius deflated and he sighed heavily.

"I can't sleep, I can't eat. I can't do anything, Moony. I need him back, I need to know that he's safe. I want to wrap him up in my arms and never let him go again, but I'm so worried that he's not going to be the same Harry when we finally get him back."

"He is going to be different, Sirius; we can't realistically expect him to be the same little boy we once knew. He's been turned by me, a trusted adult figure to him, he's killed at least eight people, all of them friends and family that he knew personally, he's been living on his own, on the run in the forests for over a year in all weather conditions. The boy we once knew is gone; we need to mentally prepare ourselves to look after the boy we do find once we finally catch up to him."

Sirius nodded sadly. "Do you think he'll still like me?"

"I'm sure he will, Padfoot. It's me I'm afraid that he won't like anymore. I'd be surprised if he doesn't try to attack me on sight."

"He's not that kind of boy, Remus. He forgave you readily enough after you had bitten him."

"Yes he did, before he knew that it had turned him into a loathed beast."

"Don't speak about yourself like that, or about Harry like that either for that matter. Neither of you are loathsome beasts and I won't have that talk around me about you or him."

Remus fell quiet and sipped at his tea. It was hard to censor himself about what he was, but the knowledge that Harry was now exactly the same as him helped a bit. He couldn't see that bright young boy as a monster or a beast. Not Harry, his best friends' baby boy.

He had betrayed the trust that Lily and James had bestowed on him by letting a werewolf like him near their newborn, James had even hit him over the head and had handed him a sleeping, wrinkled newborn Harry, telling him that he was stupid. Lily had been the same, only she hadn't hit him, she'd just handed baby Harry over in such a way that he had to wrap his arms around him for fear that he would hurt the miniscule baby. That level of trust that his friends had shown to him had lightened his heart so much that he could almost forget that he wasn't normal, especially when a several month old Harry had sat up and called for him, holding arms up trustingly to be picked up and cuddled every time that he came for a visit.

Remus clenched his eyes closed and he swallowed bitterly. He had betrayed all of their trusts, James had once told him that he trusted him, not only with his own life, but with the lives of his small family too, a trust that had turned out to be misplaced. Fourteen years later, he had done the unthinkable and he'd bitten Harry and turned him into a werewolf, a creature that wasn't accepted, wasn't trusted, couldn't hold down any sort of job and suffered excruciatingly painful transformations twice a month. He felt such overwhelming guilt and pain for what he had done, yet it still didn't change anything. He had bitten Harry and now he had to live with that for the rest of his life.

Harry settled quickly into his role in his new pack. He'd been with them for over a month, had run two full moons with them, though unfortunately the transformation was still just as painful, though Fenrir had assured him that by this time next year he would find them less painful under his tutelage.

January had been so cold that most days were spent bundled up in the meadow with his pack members, just trying to keep warm, to keep themselves from freezing to death during the long, cold nights and play fighting to generate some body heat.

Fenrir hated it. It was too cold to do anything, they could barely hunt, so they were surviving off of the meat they had stored in their cache from autumn. They weren't running out of food, but Fenrir had grumbled that they'd have to hunt twice as much during the spring, as normally they had some provisions left after winter, but if they carried on going like this, then they wouldn't have much left come the spring and he didn't like the thought that he might not be able to provide for his mate and any pups that they could have conceived by spring. It made him feel inadequate and that made him even more ill-tempered than usual.

"Calm down." Harry encouraged as he watched Fenrir pace from one side of the meadow to the other as the heavy snow around the meadow piled up to their shins. "I'm used to going for three or so weeks without food; it won't kill any of us."

Fenrir just gave him a look and then he glared at his beta males as if it was their fault that they didn't have enough food to last through the spring. The beta males were too afraid of inciting Fenrir's wrath to do anything other than sit, huddled up in a large pile to keep warm. They had stopped play fighting, wrestling and joking…none of them wanted to be the one to absorb their alpha's current level of anger and temperament. Harry had been told that when Fenrir lost it, he lost it big time and he often beat his beta males so badly that they were immobile and bed ridden for days, sometimes even as long as a week and a half. Harry had yet to see this severe behaviour and he hoped that he never had to, but if he did, he hoped that it wasn't him that Fenrir was beating so ferociously.

It was now February, the supposed start to the werewolf breeding season where Fenrir would pup him, only it was far too cold still, which Harry was secretly very, very happy about, and neither of them had felt the 'urge' to breed. Harry had never felt the urge before, so he probably wouldn't recognise it if he did have the urge, but Fenrir had been living with the urge to breed every fertile season for thirty or so years now, he would know when the urge hit him this year and apparently it hadn't yet.

Fenrir listened to him a few moments later and he came and sat down with his pack, yanking Harry into his chest to hold him against the burning warmth. Fenrir had done this a lot over the last month, partly to keep him warm, partly to keep the bond fresh and ever strengthening and partly to keep him close by. Harry didn't mind too much, he had been isolated for the last thirteen months; any and all interaction and communication was welcomed and encouraged, as he did now by resting and relaxing on Fenrir, letting him take more of his weight as a show of submission.

It took half an hour for Fenrir to relax and with him, the whole pack relaxed and they started talking, joking and then wrestling and playing with one another again.

Fenrir put his nose to the back of Harry's head and he inhaled deeply, putting his sharply featured face next to Harry's and rubbing his cheek over Harry's own. Harry was cold still so he wrapped him up tighter in his arms and held him tightly, using rough, calloused hands to rub against Harry's arms to generate some heat through friction.

"Thank you." Harry said softly.

Fenrir merely grunted, but he was secretly pleased that Harry was thanking him for looking after him. His pack members took it for granted, he was supposed to protect them, he was expected to care for them so they showed their thanks through their loyalty to him. Harry was verbally thanking him and though it made him slightly uncomfortable, it pleased him too. It had been a very long time since anyone had thanked him for anything. He found himself enjoying it in the small doses that Harry offered him.

"We need to keep hunting." Fenrir told his beta males. "We have ample provisions for now, but when pups come along, we'll need to stay closer to the den for protection and we won't be able to go too far to hunt for prey, so we need to make a cache of food for the summer months for us so we won't need to go too far away from the pups."

"We're almost out of salt, alpha; one of us will have to go to a muggle town for more." Jonas said softly.

Fenrir growled in annoyance. "Grant, Miles. You two can go; do I have to remind you to go a few towns over and to remain stealthy?"

"No, alpha." The two replied immediately.

"Do you want us to go now, alpha, to get it out of the way?" Miles asked.

Fenrir grunted and looked up at the grey sky. "No, storm's coming. Stay here for now and go when it warms up a bit. End of February, beginning of March. It won't hurt to wait for a while; we have some salt reserves left."

"What if it doesn't warm up in March?" Harry asked. "It was still snowing in March last year."

Fenrir squeezed him gently. "They'll be fine to pick through a few snow flurries, it's this thick, blizzard snow that I don't like."

"Will we be okay?" Harry couldn't help being worried.

"I think it might be best to retreat to that little shack just inside the borders of my territory. It's less secure, but I doubt we'll come across anything that I can't deal with." Fenrir said gruffly.

"We haven't had to use the cabin in years!" Nick complained, one of the other, almost omega wolves.

Fenrir punched him so hard that Harry was almost vaulted from Fenrir's lap by the sharp, sudden, powerful movement.

"If I say that we need to go to the cabin, we go to the cabin!" Fenrir snarled.

Nick crawled to Fenrir and still dazed by the blow, he flumped onto Fenrir's leg, down near his foot and he stayed there.

"Get off." Fenrir grunted. "Your fat head feels like it's full of cement instead of a brain."

"Might explain a few things." Stacey chuckled helping his alpha out by pulling Nick off of his leg.

Fenrir pulled Harry back onto his lap from where he had been dislodged and hugged him back to his chest. He told himself that it was for warmth, that he was keeping his intended breeding partner warm, but he found himself enjoying holding a soft, warm body to his own.

He knew logically that it was the wolf in him talking, his wolf saw a breeding partner, a way to finally procreate after over a decade and to try for pups yet again and it liked having Harry close to them, their bodies touching. He was too hardened and much too happy to spend time on his own to like childish things such as hugging, though he admitted that it had been far too long since he had last had a good fuck. No witch or wizard would go near him anymore, not since the Ministry had outed and black listed him as a dangerous, deranged werewolf and muggles seemed to be good for little else other than being an occasional meal and even then he ended up vomiting half of them back up as they settled wrong in his stomach. Their little bodies were just not strong enough to handle a good fucking from a powerful, alpha werewolf.

"Did you want to head to the cabin now, alpha?" Jonas asked.

Fenrir nodded shortly.

"Did you wish for me to move the hides and skins to the cabin for extra warmth for our alpha bitch?"

Harry glared at Jonas, still not used to being called a bitch so casually and correctly.

"Yes, we need to keep him warm enough to offset the breeding season."

"Oh so that's why we're going to the cabin!" Sidney exclaimed.

Fenrir snarled in irritation and kicked him with a hard foot and Sid rubbed against the same foot that had kicked him in apology a moment later.

"I'm sorry, alpha. I meant nothing by it."

"Get up and help Jonas move the hides to the cabin." Fenrir grunted angrily. His pack members were irritating him more than they normally did and he didn't like it. He'd have to work his deep rooted frustration out somehow and he hoped that the release would have something to do with the small body in his lap.

Harry threw an arm around Fenrir's neck and rested his cheek back on his alpha's, hoping to calm him some. It worked and he could feel the surface tension slowly drain out of Fenrir as all the betas ran off to move the stuff from the little cave to the cabin and their stashed food to a new cache nearer to the cabin that they would be living in for the next few weeks.

"I hate being indoors." Fenrir grumbled.

"Are you doing it for my benefit because of this morning?" Harry asked. "I can handle this weather, Fenrir."

"Your feet were blue!" Fenrir snarled dismissively.

"They were a faint, pale blue, that's all. They've been navy before now and I'm still fine." Harry dismissed.

"I won't have you freezing to death under my care, or losing any digits or limbs when there is a perfectly usable shelter in my territory."

"I liked that little cabin." Harry said as he remembered fondly his few hours inside it and the small comfort and reprieve from the snow that it had given him.

Fenrir looked at him with narrowed eyes, silently questioning him.

"It's what made me stop in your territory in the first place. I was so cold and it was snowing again, it was night time when I found the cabin, I was just so tired and weak that I didn't even know that I was in claimed territory. I don't think I cared at that point, it was just so cold, so I curled up in the cabin with a blanket that I found in a cupboard, just to get a little respite from the snow. A few hours later I woke up feeling fevered, though I know now that I'd gone into oestrus; Loren, Scott, Nicko and Stace found me a little while after that."

Fenrir snorted. "They went missing on a routine check of the boundaries of the territory, they were taking far too long, so I went looking for them and to my amazement, they'd found a pretty little thing like you wandering through my territory. You are the best gift they've ever given me."

Harry snorted and tilted his head back to look up at Fenrir's deep blue eyes.

"You're only saying that because I'm the only submissive that you've seen in a decade. You're getting desperate."

Fenrir chuckled and rolled Harry over and onto his back, lying himself on top of him.

"You think so do you? It's not through lack of offers, little bitch, or through lack of submissives parading themselves in front of me."

"What is it then?" Harry asked curiously, his teasing gone under the seriousness of Fenrir's mood, but then Fenrir was nearly always serious.

"I want pups, little submissive. I want strong, healthy pups to carry on my genes that have a damn good chance of surviving the winters out in the wilds and I'm picky about who I'd have to carry those pups. I've had a few fucks here or there to see if my seed would take in a bitch, but either they weren't strong enough to carry them, the pups were sickly or the one stupid bitch who left the pups in a den to have a wash in the stream without telling the pack."

"You've lost pups?" Harry asked, horrified.

"I've lost several pups and bitches." Fenrir admitted. "Three very sickly pups to a very harsh winter back when I was barely older than you. I lost a bitch who I didn't even like to human hunters when we were running on the full moon, I killed all four hunters for that regardless of the lack of feelings I had for the woman, and I lost five near newborn pups to a skulk of foxes after my alpha bitch at the time left them to bathe. I killed her for that, the stupid bitch. I can't abide by stupid people who would just leave my pups alone and defenceless while they went and fucking bathed of all the stupid reasons. I got more picky about my bitches after that. I haven't had any pups that have lived more than a few months after birth and I learned to wait after that and I never pupped anyone else or even took another mate, that was eighteen years ago and I've been without so much as a fuck for eleven years."

"Will I give birth to wolf pups?" Harry asked, a bit worried.

Fenrir actually laughed, the third time that Harry had heard that laugh in the month that he'd been with the pack.

"What are you, stupid? Of course you won't. Too many human genes, the lycanthropy gene is actually relatively small in comparison to the overall DNA make-up of your body, it's why we're only wolves with the full moon and not all the time."

"Oh." Harry exclaimed softly. "What about the full moons?"

"They'll smell like us, they'll be our pups so even if they don't take the full lycanthropy genes and can't turn into wolves, we won't attack them or injure them, but as both of us are werewolves, expect the baby to change into a werewolf with the full moon."

"No!" Harry burst out loudly and then cowered when Fenrir growled and bared his teeth in his face. "The change hurts; I can't have my pup go through that pain!" He explained quickly, almost falling over himself to explain his thoughts and feelings before he was punished.

Fenrir actually looked at him intently and then he grinned and hefted him up. He sat up and sat Harry back in his lap, this time facing him.

"I keep forgetting how much you don't know. Pups born as werewolves strangely don't feel any pain at all during the shift, probably because they don't tense up waiting for it, but stay relaxed and open and because it doesn't hurt, they don't tense up with any of the following full moons because they know that it doesn't hurt."

"So you were bitten?" Harry asked carefully, his curiosity once again winning out.

Fenrir gave a curt nod. "When I was about nine." He grunted as he scratched the growth scruff on his chin.

"That must have been excruciating!"

Fenrir shrugged. "I don't remember much, I woke up in a hospital a few weeks later. Some muggle found me on the side of the road with half my side missing. The muggle police deemed it a wild animal attack."

"What about your parents?"

All at once the tension was thick enough to walk on and Fenrir's face went white with anger. "They abandoned me as soon as I was bitten and I haven't seen them since. I ran from the hospital and I was picked up not long after by a pack member of the bastard who had bitten me. He was killed for biting me and I grew up in his old pack. You never told me who bit you and where they are now." Fenrir changed the subject.

"Oh I was bitten by a werewolf in human form." Harry said.

"Come again? You really are stupid; a werewolf is only contagious in wolf form under the full moon."

"I was bitten, by a human, on the day of the full moon." Harry hissed through his teeth.

Fenrir scrunched his nose and eyebrows up in thought. "I've never heard of that happening, I'm going to have to test this out. The day of the full moon you said?"

Harry nodded curtly.

"So some random fucker comes up to you and bites you out of the blue?" Fenrir snorted. "I hope you knocked them the fuck out for it."

"I knew him." Harry replied. "I would never have expected him to bite me though."

"You knew that he was a werewolf?" Fenrir asked.

Harry nodded. "Yeah, I'd known that he was a werewolf for two years by that point, almost as soon as he came into my life I knew."

"Yet you still hung around him?"

"Of course. He was a very kind, compassionate man."

"Who just so happened to like biting fifteen year old boys?" Fenrir snorted in laughter.

Harry gave him an offhand slap, but gave a small laugh himself, before falling silent and thoughtful. He wondered what Remus was doing now.

"He was so sorry that he had bitten me." He carried on almost absently, remembering that day clearly. "We were fighting and we were both riled up, it was the day of the full moon and his wolf was close to the surface. I knew better than to provoke him, but I was just so angry that I didn't care, I didn't think and I paid for it. I didn't change that night with the rising of the full moon and we all thought that it was safe, that nothing had happened and me and him made up afterwards and we carried on like nothing had happened." Harry explained softly. "But the next full moon, the blue moon came and I changed. We thought it was fine, we didn't bother taking precautions, I had missed the first full moon after I was bitten, he had been in human form when he had bitten me, of course I wasn't a werewolf, but I changed that night. I savaged half of my own family and I didn't stop until they were all dead. I woke up in the morning covered in their blood and I couldn't remember anything of what I had done, I still don't remember much of that night. I was so confused, so panicked, I didn't know how I'd gotten from my bed to downstairs, I didn't know why I was covered in blood or where my family was. I found them all upstairs, torn apart and half eaten. That's when I ran and I've been running ever since."

"Why the fuck didn't you tell me this sooner?" Fenrir demanded.

"I don't know, it just…I felt like telling you now and I didn't before, does it matter?"

"Course it matters! Half the bad stories about werewolves come from werewolves who have had bad experiences or bad turnings. They drive themselves crazy with the memories of what they've done, what they've seen or what they've had done to them."

Harry blinked. "Is that why you have a vendetta against humans?"

Fenrir scowled. "That and they like hunting me and my pack. It's mostly hunters and their families who I target, or the wizards' stupid enough to try and capture me for the galleons over my head or the ones who dare to insult me or my pack."

"Would you keep our pups safe?" Harry asked.

"Sort of question is that?" Fenrir snarled. "Of course I would, they'd be mine!"

Harry nodded and wrapped his arms around Fenrir's neck and hugged him, which startled Fenrir and stopped him short as he tried to work out what had just happened.

"I can never go back to what I was." Harry said, pulling back and looking into those deep blue eyes. "I'll never be human again, the family members I didn't kill probably hate me anyway and they wouldn't want me back. So the way I see it, I can run away and live on my own in isolation again, barely surviving, so lonely, so scared, always in pain, always hungry and always on the move. Or I can stay here, with my pack, with you, and I can create my own family."

"Which one are you going to pick?" Fenrir grunted, as if Harry actually had a choice in the matter.

"I'd rather stay here with you and with the others, even though they're idiots most of the time, at least they can hold a conversation and keep me from being so lonely and scared."

"And us? Me and you?" Fenrir prompted.

"You're not too bad." Harry said cheekily. "Grumpy, short tempered and you get too much of a kick from manhandling me, but you still saved me. I would have died for sure this winter without you and the pack and for that I'm thankful. I like being in a pack. It's different and all the dynamics and rules are hard to understand sometimes, but it's such a huge relief not to be constantly afraid, or always on the move, continuously hungry and always at the edge of starvation. I couldn't imagine being without a pack now and it's only been a month. I think if I left now, then I'd die within the week."

Fenrir snorted and pulled him close. "Good thing I've grown attached to you then." He grunted and stood up, still holding him. "Those fuckers should have finished by now."

"If they haven't you can just hit them over the head. You're their alpha."

"No, we can as their alpha pair." Fenrir said with a grin.

Harry grinned right back. He was still nervous about having sex for the first time and about being pregnant and carrying Fenrir's pups, but after Fenrir had told him about his other pups, Harry found that he wanted to carry his pups and keep them alive, unlike the other alpha bitches that had at some point lost his pups through negligence or stupidity in less than a year.

He knew that obviously it was going to be so much harder to raise a baby in a forest as opposed to a house, where everything was at hand; out here they had to fight for absolutely everything, food, water, shelter, territory, warmth, survival. Any and every predator could kill his baby, every winter, lack of food, it was going to be a continuous upward struggle to raise the baby to adulthood, but he wanted to give Fenrir his dream of pups and he wanted to be the one to carry them, after hearing how Fenrir was turned and how he had lost so many breeding partners and pups, he didn't blame the man for being so grumpy all the time, though Harry found no excuse for the spiteful killing, no matter the excuses Fenrir made. He knew logically that Fenrir was never going to be a soft, cuddly man, but he hoped that having pups would help him be a little less short tempered and quick to strike out and a bit more patient and outwardly caring, after all, Harry would never allow anyone to hit or hurt his children, not even Fenrir.

Kingsley Shacklebolt moved into the lift and stood at the back as others joined him. He looked dead ahead and ignored the two men and they in turn didn't pay any mind to him, which he was hoping for as Amos Diggory started talking to his Department worker casually.

"I still can't believe the Minister cancelled all of our holidays." Diggory grumbled. "It's only because Malfoy is riding his arse so hard about finding Potter and Greyback. You don't see Malfoy losing his time off for this, no, it's us lowly Department workers that rake in the shit of his sown seeds."

"Have we had any word from Cusson yet?"

"No, he and Duggan have still not shown up, I sent Drewson and Onions to see if they could find anything. You never know, maybe Greyback slipped up at last."

"He hasn't slipped up in fifteen years, why now?"

"I don't care as long as we find the beast and bring him in. The Minister wants him and Potter brought to justice for their crimes."

"We can't sentence Potter until he's seventeen."

"I know that, but at this rate though he'll be seventeen before we finally track him down." Diggory grumbled.

"I can't go another half a year without any holidays, the wife will kill me."

"Have you found anything, Shacklebolt?" Diggory suddenly addressed him a little louder and Kingsley made a show of shaking himself out of his non-existent thoughts and looking to the two men.

"Pardon?" He asked slowly.

"Have you and the Aurors managed to track down Potter and Greyback?"

"Do you have information that the Auror department doesn't?" He asked carefully. "We have not heard that Harry Potter and Greyback are in league with one another."

"No, we're not assuming they're together, but it is common knowledge that werewolves stick together."

"You think that Potter and Greyback would…stick together?" Kingsley questioned.

Diggory flushed and stammered. "Well…no, but we're hunting for them both, my department and yours and the Magical Law Enforcement Department too."

"We haven't found even a hint of Potter, but apparently Greyback is in Lynton from our latest information."

"Latest information my arse." Diggory complained. "It's like the anonymous Black tip offs that he's surfing in Sydney or lounging somewhere in the Maldives."

"We have to follow up all tips, even the most ridiculous seeming."

"I know that, but when we get stupid tip offs, oh Sirius Black was at my bedroom window last night, or Greyback has been seen eating the penguins in a local zoo. I just want to stay in bed."

Kingsley nodded in agreement. "I had a tip off last week that Potter had been seen in a sea life aquarium. I had to get up at three in the morning to go all the way to Bewdley, to some muggle aquarium just because some muggle thought they'd seen a boy looking like him wandering around on the security cameras after hours."

"It's getting worse." The man with Diggory grunted. "People are jumping at nothing and calling the tip off hotline and we have to deal with the mess."

"So there is still no word on Greyback or Potter from your Department?" Kingsley asked.

"Nothing, they've both dropped off the map, which is why I thought that maybe they'd be together, but then I haven't rested properly or slept a full eight hours in weeks, could be I'm pulling a Mad-eye and going overly paranoid."

"Does Potter know who Greyback is? Did anyone ever think to tell him?"

Kingsley admired the man, Cousins he thought his name was, for asking such an intelligent question and he'd be sure to repeat it to Sirius later to find out the answer. If Harry didn't know who Greyback was and Greyback didn't recognise Harry or didn't care who he was, then they could very well be together after all, but Greyback wasn't known for his tolerance of others.

"Of course he did, everyone knows who Greyback is." Diggory smacked down immediately. "Which is why Shacklebolt is the Auror to go to when you have a crisis of logic. I can't believe what I was thinking."

The two men got off at the next floor and Kingsley quilled a letter quickly against the wall of the lift and sent it to Remus Lupin, he couldn't risk putting Sirius' name on it, just in case it was intercepted.

He walked into the Auror department, full of its tiny, squashed cubicles and busy people. If Diggory thought his Department had it hard having their holidays cancelled, it was nothing to how hard the Auror department had it, they were all still on their original cases, but in addition to that they had now also been charged with finding and bringing in Harry and Greyback. They had an impossible workload and all the Aurors were stressed and angry and tired. If Diggory thought having a few stupid tip offs were the height of his problem, then Kingsley wanted to switch Departments with him, the Auror department had a hundred or more ridiculous tip offs daily and each one had to be followed up and investigated, just in case.

The Minister was taking this terribly hard, the loss of Potter to an unknown werewolf bite, the loss of eight members of the magical community, five of them from the same family and one from a muggle family who were trying to sue for the death of their only daughter, the elusive Fenrir Greyback, who had gone underground with the fall of the Dark Lord fifteen years ago and hadn't resurfaced since, he could be dead for all they knew, but they were charged with finding him and bringing him in regardless. And of course Kingsley was still the team leader in the hunt for finding Sirius Black, but he could ignore that one whilst making it look like he was hunting for him too, all he had to do was send the team members helping him in the case on bogus searches to the far reaches of the Earth claiming another sighting or tip off had come up. He had sent one of them to Hogsmeade and Hogwarts twice claiming a report had come in that Black had been spotted up by the school.

Kingsley didn't know what the Minister was thinking, but he had obviously gone off his rocker and with Lucius Malfoy whispering who knew what into his ear, it wasn't going to get any better. He was rushed off his feet looking for Harry for the Order and Greyback for the Ministry, the workload was too much and if the Minister wasn't careful he'd have a full, Ministry wide revolt on his hands. They couldn't carry on at this level and pace, it wasn't going to work. They'd likely never find Greyback and though Harry wasn't dead yet according to the tracking spells they were using on the faint traces of his magical signature that he had left behind in the places that he had been in recently, he probably would be dead soon as the temperature had dropped yet again last night and from their latest collection of information, Harry had minimal clothes and no shoes still.

There was only so much that someone could go through, even if they were a werewolf and as Kingsley walked into his cubicle, he feared that the luck of the young boy looking down at him from amidst all the blinking pictures of Sirius Black was rapidly running out with each dip in the temperature.

Harry was so cold that he welcomed the pile of bodies pressing into him, lying on him, all around him. He shifted and buried himself under Fenrir's arm further, pressing against that warm chest and snuggling in, sighing when Jonas shifted with him to press up tight against his back.

All eleven of them were sleeping together in a huge pile of warm bodies, the hides and skins had been laid out on the floor thickly to keep them from lying on the cold ground, but they didn't have enough to cover themselves and the cabin only had a few mouldy blankets, which weren't even fit to burn.

Harry whined softly, pathetically, as he felt a cold wind travel over his lower body and Fenrir grunted and moved to throw a leg over Harrys' thighs, tugging him in tighter and closer as Harry shivered.

It was early morning, but it was too cold to move and Harry wrapped his arms around himself and he whined again, urging Fenrir to wrap his arms around him tighter. He was sure now that he would have died had he remained on his own; he had never been so cold in his life and that was with ten large men surrounding him to keep him warm. This winter was bitterly, icily cold.

Uncomfortably cold and now in need of a piss too, Harry groaned and tried to extract himself from the pile of bodies without stepping on anyone.

"Where you going?" Fenrir grunted, catching a good hold on his tiny, skinny ankle, still half asleep.

"Need a piss." Harry said groggily. "Keep Jonas from my spot."

Harry traipsed out into the snow and almost screeched at the cold snow that he stood in. He did not go far, in fact he didn't even go to the tree line, he went against the cabin wall, before dashing back inside the cabin and crawling back to his spot, that Fenrir was keeping open for him by keeping his arms straight, holding Jonas's shoulders.

Harry's cold feet woke up every single pack member and they all groaned and shifted closer to him, Scott even rolled over to lie on top of Grant. Fenrir sat up and took Harry's little feet into his warm hands and he rubbed them. They had gone white and bloodless; if he had stayed out for any longer then they would have been pale blue again.

Fenrir got his feet to go a bright red before they cuddled up once more in the pile of their packmates, Fenrir shoving Bryan over so that he had room to lie down again before wrapping him up tightly and they slept for a few more hours. It was almost like a semi state of hibernation, their wolf sides didn't hibernate, but in this cold, their human sides couldn't help but curl up and sleep through the severely cold weather.

When Harry woke up next, it was a little warmer; it must have been around midday or early afternoon. He sat up and stretched, some of the pack were up, some had traipsed all the way to the river in their territory to get water and some had even gone to their cache to get their next meal, it had probably been this that had woken him as his belly rumbled greedily and he crawled over to greet his awake pack members enthusiastically by rubbing his cheek against theirs.

"We know that look." Grant teased him, handing him a fistful of meat.

Harry took it and went to eat it, but his wolf snarled at it and Harry stopped and sniffed it, wondering if it was turned. It smelt fine, but his wolf refused to put it to their mouth and even threatened to savage his insides if he so much as touched it to his lips.

He handed it back to Grant untouched and he used his nose to scent out a bit of meat that his wolf would eat, only to have his pack members' fall about laughing at him. He growled furiously at them and smacked Stacey, the closest man to him.

"It was a test, little Harry, to see if you had accepted our alpha's claim to you, you have…or at least your wolf has. Welcome to the pack, bitch."

Harry growled and he punched Grant in the arm, and when he still refused to stop laughing at him, he jumped on him and started wrestling with him until a large hand yanked him off and he found himself up in Fenrir's arms. A very annoyed and temperamental looking Fenrir.

"If any of you try to feed him from the kills that I made myself, I'll challenge you to fight to the death." He snarled. "Remember whose pack this is and whose territory you're in!"

"No offence, alpha." They all murmured.

"I just wanted to be sure that he had accepted your claim, alpha." Grant carried on. "None of us want to see you made a fool of."

"You think he could make a fool of me?" Fenrir demanded, holding Harry out and shaking him at Grant.

"Put me down now!" Harry yelled.

"I'll do what I want with you!" Fenrir snarled. "All of you go and hunt! Now!"

All nine beta males were up and gone, despite the weather and Harry found himself pinned to the cabin wall before the betas had fully left the cabin.

"What is wrong with you?!" Harry hissed through his teeth as he tried to kick out at Fenrir.

"Those fuckers are testing my patience." Fenrir growled as he put his face close to Harry's and rubbed against him.

In the absence of violence to go with the snarling and harsh movements, Harry relaxed and offered his throat to Fenrir, who licked over the side of his neck.

"The urge came this morning when I woke up." Fenrir rumbled.

Harry's breath hitched and he looked wide eyed to Fenrir, his heart all of a sudden pounding against his rib cage. He didn't feel any different today than he had yesterday.

"Don't be frightened, this is going to be a day to remember between us. We could conceive my pups today."

"I can't help being nervous, I don't know what to expect."

"Think of the most intense pleasure you've ever felt and triple it." The alpha said cockily.

Harry frowned. "I don't think I've ever felt physical pleasure."

Fenrir's smirk faltered. "You're sixteen and you've never masturbated?"

Harry flushed unattractively and he squirmed in embarrassment.

"You haven't!" Fenrir laughed and Harry glared at him hard. "You're in for a treat then. In these conditions it'll take our betas at least three hours to hunt anything, you're all mine for that time."

"I don't want to hurt." Harry said softly.

"I won't hurt you." Fenrir told him as he fell onto the pile of hides, taking Harry with him, Harry landing on the bottom. "Here." Fenrir took Harry's hand and put it in his shaggy hair. "Yank on it if you think I've hurt you."

"What are you going to do?" Harry asked nervously, unable to keep the quiver from his voice or the tremble from his body.

"Right now, something I've wanted to do since I first saw you, but was too afraid of sending you running." Fenrir said before pulling Harry into a deep, vicious kiss.

Harry looked wide eyed up at Fenrir, too startled to pull away, not sure he wanted to pull away as he slowly relaxed into the kiss, his first ever kiss. It was strange and he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do, but he made a small noise when Fenrir shoved his tongue between his closed lips, licking around the inside of his mouth, licking over his own tongue and Harry tentatively pressed back with his own tongue.

Fenrir pulled back with a chuckle and pressed his nose to Harry's.

"Let me guess, your first kiss?"

Harry nodded almost shyly. "Yes. It's weird."

"Then perhaps I should try a little…harder." Fenrir hissed softly, pressing himself against Harry, resting more of his weight upon him and slipping a hand behind his neck to angle his head for another kiss.

Harry closed his eyes this time and tried to mimic Fenrir a little, trying to feel, trying to understand, trying to get into the kiss. The angle was different and Fenrir could lick over the roof of his mouth as well as over his tongue. It felt strange, but it didn't hurt at all, so he let Fenrir carry on.

It was when Fenrir started undressing him and touching his naked skin that Harry felt the first stirrings of pleasure. He let out a soft noise and petted Fenrir's head where his hand was still wound in his hair.

Fenrir touched all of his body, every inch of grubby skin and Harry found his breathing speeding up, his body tingling with each new touch and he couldn't keep himself from squirming lightly.

Fenrir chuckled and Harry opened his eyes and glared at him, even as his cheeks pinked in embarrassment.

"It's not funny, I can't help it!" Harry defended.

"I meant nothing by it; I like how sweet you're being. It's different and I like it." Fenrir told him, stroking a hand down his side and making Harry squirm again.

Fenrir kissed Harry again, a bit put out by how thoroughly inexperienced he was, but then when he had the thought that he could have a lot of fun teaching Harry personally, that slight disappointment turned to excitement as he finished stripping Harry of his meagre clothing, taking note of how thin they actually were and making a mental thought to get his pack to steal him some new clothes when they were stealing some more salt.

Fenrir moved his mouth over Harry's neck and down as far as he could before the hand Harry still had in his hair pulled on his scalp.

"Move your arm a little." Fenrir grumbled deeply. "Keep it straight so I can move down your body more."

Harry blinked softly, before he realised what was being said and he unclenched his hand a little and straightened out his bent arm.

Fenrir grinned and he used his new freedom to kiss around the bony ribs and the sunken stomach. He hated how thin Harry looked, how weak he had become since he was turned. It was disgraceful and he swore that he would put some more meat on Harry's bones, but until then, he'd have to suffice with feeding Harry as much as possible and making sure that he ate more than enough to keep him alive.

Moving down to lick over the very sharp, protruding hip bones, Fenrir growled as he realised that Harry hadn't gained as much weight as he had thought that he had. It was hard to tell under clothing, but he had thought that Harry would have gained a little something in the month and a half that he had been in his pack.

"Have you been eating every meal?" He asked, there had only been a few meals where he wasn't present, but he had thought that Harry had been eating.

Harry looked at him funny, his mind pulling away from the soft pleasure enough to understand what was being said. He finally nodded and looked at Fenrir strangely.

"Yes, I've been eating so well since coming to the pack."

"You haven't gained any weight; you look like you're slowly starving still." Fenrir grumbled.

Harry looked down at himself and critically noted where his bones were sticking out, yet he also noted where he had put weight on and he smiled.

"I have put weight on since coming here, see." Harry said as he run his hands up his own arms and over his stomach.

Fenrir grimaced and he wondered exactly how thin Harry had been when he had first joined his pack and he asked himself why he hadn't demanded to see how dangerously starved one of his own pack members was.

"I could see the bones in my arms and the joints in my elbows and I can see that I've gained weight in my stomach, before a meal wouldn't even make my belly swell, but now, look, this is always here now." Harry said with a grin, cupping a hand over the incredibly slight roundness of his belly.

"You need to eat more."

"We don't have enough supplies for me to eat more." Harry argued. "I'll be fine for now. The weight I lost has to be put on slowly and gradually anyway. Everything's going to be fine, Fenrir, I'm sure with the help of you and the pack I'll be healthy in no time."

Fenrir nodded and he lowered his head down to Harry's belly and licked around his bellybutton, Harry giggled and squirmed. Fenrir snorted and licked over his side, noticing that Harry's hand had vanished from his hair and he now had one on each of his shoulders. He appreciated the act of trust that Harry had given him, he would not take advantage of it.

Missing Scene

Once he and Harry were dressed again, Fenrir tugged Harry onto his lap, mindful that he might be aching and a little sore, and he started rubbing his arms to warm him back up.

"Not so bad is it?" Fenrir asked with a smirk.

Harry chuckled and shook his head. "No, it wasn't so bad, a little strange at times, but I'd like to do it again some when, if you'd like."

Fenrir laughed loudly and squeezed Harry tightly.

"Then it's a good thing that we aren't real wolves that only fuck during the breeding season, we can fuck whenever you like, or rather, whenever I like." Fenrir grinned.

Harry laughed and hugged Fenrir, ignoring how he stiffened up and tensed under him.

"That's fair enough, but if I'm ill, injured or sleeping, you're out of luck."

Fenrir snorted. "If you're ill or injured I doubt I'll feel like it and if you're sleeping, I can easily wake you up."

Harry laughed and snuggled into Fenrir tighter, seeking comfort and human affection.

"Stop that." Fenrir grumbled, trying to unhook Harry's arms from around him. "What do I look like, a fucking pillow. Stop it."

"It's a hug." Harry said with a snort. "It won't kill you. It keeps me warm and I'm showing my affection for you, stupid."

Fenrir snorted. "Thought we'd just done that in a much better, more pleasurable way."

"I like hugging and you're the only one I feel comfortable around enough to hug, so it has to be you. Though if you'd prefer I could find Grant or Jonas and get attached to them instead."

Fenrir growled lowly in his throat and wrapped Harry up in his arms and held him on his lap.

"No. If you want your stupid hugs you come and get them from me, you will not get involved with anyone else!" He demanded.

Harry turned his head and kissed his nose. "I knew you'd see it my way."

Fenrir snorted and then released him to cup his hands around his mouth and he let out a very loud, long, harrowing howl.

"You just reminded me that the pack is still out hunting, I'm letting them know that they can come back now." Fenrir said, answering the silent question in Harry's expression.

"Did they actually go hunting or were they just sitting around in the snow waiting for us to finish?"

"They had fucking better have gone hunting." Fenrir snarled. "It's what I told them to do after all and it would have kept them warmer to be running around rather than sat around doing fuck all."

"We did go hunting, alpha!" Loren exclaimed happily, tumbling into the cabin, almost taking the door from the hinges in his excitement. "We took down two stags! Jonas and Grant are preserving the one to put in our cache, but we thought that you would like a fresh meal today after your activities, so we kept one out for our next meal."

"You've done well." Fenrir praised and Loren puffed up and smiled happily. He was the youngest next to Harry at twenty-seven. "Any injuries or anything noteworthy?"

"No, alpha. Everything went smooth. I brought the first stag down after Jonas chased it into my path and Scott dragged the other one down just before you called us back, the freshest one is the one we are planning to serve you and our alpha bitch."

"I'm pleased with you all, take this one back to our cache and go and start eating, you've all earned it." Fenrir waved away. "We will join you in a minute."

Loren grabbed the untouched deer from the floor and he dragged it away to put it back in their cache, shutting the door behind him and he bounded away to the small clearing around the cabin to tell the others that their alpha had given them permission to start eating, leaving Fenrir to have a final cuddle and to catch Harry in a deep kiss.

They broke apart and Fenrir grinned at Harry and his partially dazed expression.

"Come on you, let's go get you fed, you could right now be harbouring my pups, we need to feed you, and them, to keep you all healthy and strong."

Harry smiled and stood up, turning to hold a hand out to Fenrir, who took it even though he didn't need it, it was the thought behind the action that mattered and Fenrir liked knowing that Harry was getting so comfortable with him and was interacting with him as a lover and not as a mere pack alpha. They were bonding together as a breeding pair and Fenrir was determined to keep it that way as they took their place around the dead stag with their pack members and started eating with them.

Fenrir placed a hand over Harry's sunken belly and imagined it being ripe with his pups. He grinned savagely and tore a hunk of meat out of the stag to hand to Harry, watching as he barely hesitated before tearing into it enthusiastically. His pack was near enough complete now, all they needed were pups for the pack. His pups.

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