The Walking Dead: Resistance

Chapter 1: Introduction

It all began just like any other day…

And then… the dead started to rise and attack the living left and right. It amazing how quickly things can go from bad… to total sucksville. Within weeks a fast acting virus infected everyone in the United States, and within months… the world. The virus reanimates peoples bodies, makes them hateful, violent… as well as give them a really, really bad case the munchies.

There's no way anybody could have seen this coming, or even prepare for it. How could we? At first people didn't know what to make of it, the dead were up, eating people and turning them into more of them, of course many people also thought the army or the national guard would eliminate them all, well they were wrong.

Then as the infection spread and the chaos grew, the people of the world started to realize the hard truth; they all had to get a weapon or gun and learn how to use it. Of course many people didn't realize at first that to kill a walker you need to destroy their brains, or shoot them in the dead. If they had realized that in the first place… then some innocent woman out there could have avoided becoming a human happy meal.

As walkers began to outnumber humans, well that is when people started to lose whatever was left of their minds and turn on each other. The once good people of the planet Earth began to lie, cheat, steal and even kill in order to survive. Some organized themselves into groups, others severed all emotional ties and focused solely on their own survival.

Others on the other hand somehow found redemption in this new world by protecting their fellow survivors, people like former UGA Professor Lee Everett for example, who spent a majority of the post apocalypse protecting a little girl named Clementine. Both eventually joined up with a group of survivors in Macon and for over three months the group struggled to stay alive.

Eventually, they all fell one by one, either due to the dead or the living, though it was mainly the latter. Soon enough it came down to just Lee and Clementine, unfortunately Lee became bitten by a walker while trying to find a man that Clementine shouldn't have trusted and in order to prevent him from turning, Clementine tearfully put him down to prevent reanimation.

Now on her own Clementine must now find a way to survive this horrific world without the help of Lee or any of the others. But it's a large world out there, a very large world full of all sorts of survivors. Some fight to protect the free, the others only have one goal on their minds; survival. Clementine must also make a choice; either hold onto her idealistic and childlike morals and die, or harden and do whatever it takes to survive…

She thought it was over, she thought she had survived the horror… but she was wrong. Once again, the survivors of the post-apocalypse are all gonna be fighting… fighting… for their lives.

And so, the war of the post-apocalypse begins now.

Author's Note: Parts of this chapter were inspired by various forms of media that I like, admire and honor but I do not own them.