Chapter 11

Before long, Clem, Jed and the others were traveling in the one vehicle they had left towards Savannah, with the rogue pilot in tow. Since it was a large vehicle it was big enough to carry them all.

"Are you it's them?" Jed asked Clementine as they drove towards the city. "The people that guy mentioned earlier, you sure it's your friends Christa, Omid and Molly?"

Clementine nodded. "I'm sure."

"Then let's not waste anymore time." Toni stated. "I'm tired of losing people."

"Same here." Daryl agreed.

"Please, those freaks are gonna tear you apart the moment you get there." The pilot said in the back seat.

"Told ya we should have just left him for the walkers." Robert told them.

"We couldn't take the risk that he'd tell his friends that we're still alive." Erica stated.

"When I get free I'm killing you right after your brother here…" The pilot said before one punch from Erica knocked him out cold.

"Doesn't mean we have to listen to him though." The blond girl said. Clementine smiled, relieved that she didn't have to hear the man anymore as they continued driving to Savannah.

Then before long, the remaining Wolverines and Clementine parked in front of the entrance to Savannah where they could easily see hordes of walkers from just several feet away.

"Whoa…" Jed breathed.

"There really are thousands…" Daryl remarked.

"Told you." Clementine said to them.

Toni smirked. "Good thing we like a challenge."

"That's what I said." Robert added.

"So… what are we gonna do?" Clementine inquired.

"What we Wolverines always do little lady… save some lives and create chaos." Aaron answered. Clementine looked at him interested, wondering what kind of 'chaos' they had in mind.

"Robert, where you able to scavenge anything we could to get through them?" Jed asked.

"I think so." Robert nodded.

"Good, we're gonna need it." Jed said, as he then began to back out a bit and head in the direction of a more hidden part of the town that was a bit closer.

A short while a later a skateboard with a loud alarm on it rolled down the street of walkers, easily catching their attention and made them follow the sound like moths to a flame. The Wolverines were all hidden in tight but well hidden parts of the neighborhood with Jed holding some kind of trigger in his hands and everyone readying their weapons in case they needed to shoot their way out.

The walkers continued to follow the runaway skateboard till it hit a rock and fell over, revealing some C4 explosive attached to it. Jed saw all the walkers that were bunched together and pressed a button that caused the C4 explosives attached to the board to explode, taking out all the walkers that surrounded it.

"That's our cue, come on, let's move it!" Jed called out.

Everyone then got out of their hiding spots and began running down the streets together in a tight formation,

"Hurry! Before more of those freaks notice we're here!" Aaron told them.

They then rushed over to an alley way and hide behind a large dumpster, Robert looked the other way to make sure nothing way on the other end of them.

"Now what?" Clementine whispered.

Most of the others pointed upward. Clementine looked up and saw a long metal pole connected to the building they were leaning against, it lead all the way up to the roof, which was pretty high.

"We're gonna climb up." Daryl told her.

"Climb up?" Clementine echoed, a bit scared and worried.

"Relax, we've done this before." Robert assured her as he grabbed on the pole.

"Really?" Clem asked as he began to climb up.

"Yeah, we've done lots of building hopping in our time." Toni stated, as she began to climb up as well "You don't want to know…"

"I've never jumped from a building before…" Clementine commented.

"There's nothing to it." Erica told her, following the same path as the others. "Just take a few steps back, run really past, don't look down and bend your knees when you land."

"If you land." Aaron added, as he began to climb up as well. His last words worried Clementine a bit. "Well… good thing these building are all bunched up together."

"Don't worry Clem, you go first, I'll be right behind you." Jed told her. "That way if you do fall, I'll be able to catch you."

"Just don't scream." Robert called out a bit quietly. "Or you'll have the whole city on top of us."

"Ok." Clementine nodded, looking a bit nervous as she grabbed the pole with one hand, then the other and then wrapped her little legs around it as she begins to slowly climb up.

"That's it Clem, keep climbing." Jed urged her as he watched her from above.

"Yeah, atta girl." Robert smiled.

"Just whatever you do, don't look…" Erica began before Clementine glanced down for a second and let out a girlish yelp that caused her to cling to the pole even tighter. "Down…"

Her yelp ended up attracting the attention of a few walkers who slowly began to make their way to the alley they came down.

"Uh… do us a favor and go a little faster, ok kid?" Robert asked her, noticing the horde moving towards their direction.

"I can't!" Clementine cried.

"You have to!" Daryl hollered. "Those things are coming over here by the thousand!"

"Daryl quiet! Your freaking her out!" Toni stated, stressed.

"So are we!" Daryl pointed out.

"She's just a kid, you can't blame her if she's scared." Tanner stated.

"Hey, don't talk about me like I'm not here!" Clementine called out. "I can still hear you by the way."

Jed then noticed the horde getting closer and closer to the alley way. "Just hurry up kid!" he hollered. "Daryl, see if you can reach her and pull her up."

"Got it," The muscle man said, as he went closer to the edge and leaned down as far as he could so Clementine could grab his hand and let him pull her up. "Quick! Grab my hand!"

Clementine struggled to reach his giant hand, but because her arms were also short and scrawny it was very difficult. Meanwhile the walkers below all began to gather around the area below Clementine and started waving they're bony arms in the air trying to grab her as well as eat her alive. Jed and Robert managed to get on top of a dumpster just in time and started shooting any that got too close.

"I can't… reach!" Clementine said, distressed.

"Keep trying!" Daryl told her. "Pull yourself up, you should be able to reach then!"

"Ok!" The girl said, as she tried to climb a little bit further so she could reach Daryl easier. They both reached as far as they could and looked close to grabbing each other but Clementine accidently loses her grip and begins to fall towards. She screamed.

"No!" Daryl yelled as he dropped down further and grabbed her before she could fall into the ever so hungry arms of the walkers below. Clementine saw above them that all the others were holding on to him and each other to create a human chain of some kind. The walkers all gnarled, snapped and scratched at her heels as The Wolverines began to pull her up with all their strength combined. They eventually succeeded and got Clementine onto the roof. Everyone panted heavily.

Jed and Robert soon stopped shooting walkers, after wiping out half of them then jumped onto the pole and climbed up on to the roof also.

Clem looked up toward Daryl. "Thank you…" she breathed.

"Not a problem now let's get moving." Daryl stated as they all begin to run across the building and towards the next one which was directly next to the other one, just like Tanner said they were.