Chapter 21 Metropolis, Cell Phones, and Turkey

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Since Dick's kidnapping was only the week before Thanksgiving break, Bruce decided to let him stay home for the rest of the week. Part of that was due to Bruce's need to keep Dick close by to make sure that he was okay. The reason Bruce told Dick was so his concussion could heal. Dick didn't believe him, having gone to school with injuries before, but considering how much he disliked school. He was not complaining. However, it was shocking when Dick came downstairs for breakfast to see suitcases at the bottom of the stairs. He entered the dining room to see Bruce on his cell phone, with Alfred no where in sight. Bruce waved at him when he come into the room.

"I'll look into it. I should be in Metropolis by this afternoon," Bruce said, before hanging up the phone.

"You're going to Metropolis?" Dick asked, disappointed.

"We're going to Metropolis," Bruce corrected, sipping his coffee.

"What for?" Dick asked, sitting down in front of an empty bowl. Bruce pushed a box of Dick's cereal and milk toward him. Dick poured the cereal and milk into the bowl as Bruce answered.

"It's been awhile since Bruce Wayne has checked how the Wayne Enterprise branch was doing in Metropolis. Also, Superman is in need of assistants with an investigation involving Lex Luthor, and Lex Luthor has been wanting to speak with Bruce Wayne about using Wayne technology for a military contract," Bruce explained.

"It's really creepy how you talk about yourself in third person sometimes," Dick mused.

Bruce scowled at him.

"No, seriously why do you want me to come?" Dick asked.

Bruce raised an eyebrow at him, "Thanksgiving is in less than a week and I don't know if I'll be back in time. I assume you don't want to spend Thanksgiving alone?"

Dick shook his head, spooning cereal into his mouth.

"In any case, I enjoy your company and I have become somewhat relate on your help in the field. Besides, after your kidnapping it would not look good to leave you here while I go on a business trip," Bruce continued.

"Because what the public thinks is the only reason. Face it, Bruce, me getting kidnapped shook you up more than you're willing to admit. It never occurred to you that Dick Grayson was as much of a target as Robin," Dick pointed out.

"Go get packed," Bruce instructed.

Dick took another bite of cereal, before jumping up and running out of the room.

Bruce heard him yell "Good morning!" at Alfred as he ran past him.

"He is right you know," Alfred said, entering the room.

"He usually is. He's a smart kid," Bruce sighed.

Alfred, Bruce, and Dick arrived on a private jet to Metropolis around one that afternoon. Unlike the last time Dick had traveled with Bruce, there was press as they got off the plane. Bruce walked off the plane first, trying to shield Dick as much as possible. In Dick's arms was Ace. The puppy had grown considerably. Soon Dick would not be able to hold him. Alfred followed them carrying their luggage. As soon as Bruce step foot on the ground the press ambushed him.

"Mr. Wayne, what are you doing in Metropolis?"

"How long do you plan on staying?"

"What did you feel when your ward was kidnapped a few days ago?"

Questions were aimed at Dick as well.

"Have you seen your uncle since he woke up?"

"What was it liked being kidnapped?"

"How come Mr. Wayne hides you from the public?"

Walking as quickly as possible Bruce and Dick dodged the reporters on the way to the limousine that the airport had provided for them. Ace growled at reporters that got too close to Dick. Standing beside the limousine arguing with a service men was a woman with long black hair dressed in a business suit.

"I just need to speak to Mr. Wayne for a second!"

"Ms. Lane, I can not let that happen. Mr. Wayne has a very busy schedule," the man told her.

"And I hardly doubt speaking to him for less than a minute will ruin that schedule!" the lady cried, stomping her foot.

"What is it that you to speak to me about Ms. Lane?" Bruce asked, stopping in front of Ms. Lane.

"My partner, Clark Kent and I were wondering if we could have an exclusive interview with you while in Metropolis," Ms. Lane said.

"Of course, you're from the Daily Planet, correct?" Bruce asked.

"Yes," Ms. Lane nodded.

"I'll make sure to call before leaving town," Bruce promised, before opening the car door. He motioned for Dick to get inside. Nodding at Ms. Lane Dick slide into the backseat. Bruce following. A few moments later Alfred had caught up and put their bags into the trunk before getting behind the steering wheel and driving away.

"Uncle Clark must trust her for you to agree to do an interview with both of them," Dick commented.

Bruce grunted, as he dialed a number on his cell phone.

"I swear sometimes the only thing you speak is troll," Dick muttered.

Alfred chuckled, "Why troll?"

"While, I just started reading Harry Potter and the Sor-"

Bruce started waving his hand at Dick to make me be quiet.

Dick stuck his tongue out at Bruce.

"Hello, Lex, it's Bruce Wayne. The last time we spoke you were interested in working together for a military contract. I'm currently in Metropolis, and was wondering if you have time for a meeting today," Bruce said

"Wonderful, I'll be there in twenty minutes," Bruce said. He hung up the phone and looked at Dick.

"Superman has reason to suspect Lex Luthor has been working with Metallo, and he needs proof to bring to the police. Furthermore, Metallo runs on Kryptonite, and Superman will probably need some help bringing him down. Your job is to find proof while I'm talking to Luthor. If it is possible to take it or download it do so, but do not leave any fingerprints," Bruce instructed.

Dick nodded, "But what am I suppose to download it on?"

Bruce handed him a touch screen cell phone that was more advanced than one Dick had ever seen. Ace jumped on Dick's lap and began sniffing the phone.

"This is so cool!" Dick exclaimed "Where'd you get it?"

Bruce smirked, "It's Wayne Tech's newest cell phone. It's scheduled to come out June of next year."

"So nobody else has it?" Dick asked.

Bruce shook his head, "I haven't upgraded to it yet, so no."

"Awesome!" Dick cried, turning it on.

"It also has a tracer in it. So keep it on you at all times. Like everything else I have given you it is connected to the system in the Batcave. Additionally, if I am ever late picking you up again you are to stay on the phone with me the entire time. If something does happen I'll be able to get to you quicker," Bruce told him.

"Same the lecture for later. We got a job to do," Dick said, as Alfred parked the car in the LexCorp parking lot. Ace fell of Dick's lap and into the floor. Dick giggled, and patted the dog's head.

Bruce rolled his eyes, and got out of the car. Dick followed, grabbing Bruce's hand. Ace stared out the window at the two. Dick turned around and waved at him. The two walked in the building and to the front desk.

"I have an appointment with Lex," Bruce told the woman.

"One moment please," she replied, dialing a number on the phone. Bruce and Dick stood waiting. Tapping his foot, impatiently Dick watched as she spoke to someone on the phone. After a moment the woman hung up, "He's waiting for you."

"Thank you," Bruce smiled at her before walking toward the elevator. Dick skipped along beside him. The two got in the elevator and Bruce pushed the button for the top floor. Since they were the only two in the elevator, Dick sat down and leaned his head against the wall.

"Headache?" Bruce asked.

Dick merely nodded.

"I'll get Alfred to give you some more medicine when we get back in the car," Bruce said.

Dick nodded again, and stood up as the elevator neared the top floor. Exiting the elevator, Dick kept close to Bruce. He wasn't about to forget anytime soon how Luthor's dealings with Joker leading to him being kidnapped as Robin. Bruce seemed to realize what he was thinking and gave him an encouraging smile as they approached Luthor's office. Outside his office was Mercy. She opened the door for Bruce and Dick.

"Bruce, good to see you," Lex smiled, standing from his desk, "And your ward. It's good to see that you are alright after your kidnapping a few days ago."

Dick nodded at him.

"Yes, it was very traumatizing for him. I was hoping you would not mind him staying in here while we talk," Bruce said.

"Not at all," Lex replied, with a wave of his hand, "You can read any the books on my shelf over there if you see anything that interest you."

"Thank you," Dick muttered, walking to the bookshelf. He heard Bruce and Luthor start talking about contracts and weapons, but mainly he tuned them out. He needed to find some proof that Luthor was dirty, and if it gave them a clue about where they could find Metallo, even better. Picking a book randomly from the shelf, Dick opened it and held it in front of his face. Looking over the book, his eyes scanned the area around him. Beside the bookshelf was a small table with a lamp, phone, and scrap of paper with what Dick guessed to be Luthor's handwriting. Glancing back to see that Bruce had Luthor facing the other direction, Dick grabbed the paper. He placed it on top of the page the book was open to, and began to read the messy writing.

Suicide Slum Alley 11:00

Dick smirked and placed it into his pocket. It may not have been evidence of Luthor's shady dealings, but it was a location to catch him in the act. Slipping the paper in his pocket, Dick turned back to the bookshelf to start looking closer at the books. There might be something that could help them later...

"Dick," Bruce called.

Dick turned around to face Bruce and Luthor.

"Time to go," Bruce said. Turning to Luthor he added, "I'm sorry that this deal would not work. I was looking forward to the chance to work together."

Dick walked to Bruce, who placed a hand on his back, leading him from the room. The two exited the building quickly. As soon as they were in the car, Bruce turned to Dick.

"Near the phone was this slip of paper," Dick informed Bruce, pulling the paper from his pocket. "It's rather late at night to be meeting in an alley on the worst side of town, don't you think?" Dick handed the paper to Bruce. Bruce read it before looking at Dick, "Good work."

At nine that night, Batman and Robin were hiding in the shadows at Suicide Slum Alley. Superman was hiding in the next alley ready to fly in at a second's notice. Batman and Superman had decided that he would be too noticeable, but that Batman and Robin would not be.

Robin sighed leaning against the wall, "The note said eleven."

"When on a stakeout always get there early. It'll give you a chance to know your surroundings so when you need to confront the enemy. Also, which ever criminal gets to the meeting place first will usually speak to a henchmen about their plan, which sometimes involves double cross. This gives you a chance to be better prepared for the fight you will have against them. It also gives you a chance to stop the plan and save lives," Batman explained.

Robin's expression turned serious and nodded. He turned to face the alley, and watch for Metallo and/or Luthor. Soon enough, Robin began very bored and laid down on the ground.

"Careful with your head," Batman reminded him.

Robin rolled his eyes behind mask.

Batman glared at him.

"How did you even see that?" Robin demanded.

"I'm Batman," Batman replied, simply, causing Robin to laugh.

Batman shook his head at the boy.

Robin pulled out his cell phone and began looking at all of the different features. Meanwhile, Batman glared at everything in the alley. Thirty minutes before eleven, Batman made Robin put his phone away.

"The light will give our position away," Batman told him, as he groaned.

Robin started tapping his foot on the ground.

"Don't make any noise," Batman growled.

Robin sighed, and sat up. To entertain himself, he began counting backwards from 1,000, which was still quite boring. Finally, a black limousine pulled into the alley. Batman and Robin both stood extremely still, careful not to make any noise. A few minutes later, a man with a hat pulled down over his face, and an overcoat came walking down the sidewalk. Someone in the back of the limo put the window down, "Metallo."

"Hello, Luthor," Metallo nodded.

"I see you still have not succeeded in killing Superman like I asked," Luthor said.

"You never give me any more Kryptonite. The more Kryptonite I have the easier the job will be," Metallo replied.

"I never said the job would be easy." Robin could almost hear Luthor roll his eyes.

Metallo took his hat off, "It's be easier if you would uphold your end of the deal."

"I've upheld my end of the deal. I gave you all the Kryptonite in my possession if you use it to kill Superman. Once you do that, I pay you one hundred thousand dollars," Luthor said.

Robin looked at Batman in alarm, only to find him smirking. "Cover me," Batman mouthed, pressing a button on his utility belt. Robin nodded and pulled two explosive Batarangs from his utility belt. Batman rushed forward aiming a kick at Metallo. Metallo saw Batman coming and grabbed his leg, throwing him into the wall. Robin threw the batarangs at Metallo, as Luthor put his window back up. His driver quickly backed up down the alley, but was blocked by Superman.

Meanwhile, Metallo had swung back around to grab the batarangs Robin threw at him. He threw both of them back at Robin. Robin ducked and rolled before they exploded near him. Batman ran toward at Metallo from behind, jumping and kicking him to the ground. Metallo jumped back to his feet and punched Batman in the jaw, throwing him back. Robin ran toward Metallo, throwing two batarangs at him. Metallo caught both of them as Robin continued running toward him and using one arm pulled the Kryptonite in his chest. With his other arm, Robin grabbed Metallo's shoulder and flipped himself over the cyborg. Metallo looked down at his chest and realized what Robin had done. With a roar, Metallo grabbed the arm Robin held the Kryptonite in.

"Batman!" Robin cried, throwing the rock at him.

Batman caught it and stuck it in a case of lead lining in his utility belt. Even more enraged, Metallo threw Robin at the wall. Luckily, Robin quickly did a backflip and landed roughly on the ground. Robin looked up to see Batman shot out two cords of electric wire at Metallo. Batman pressed a button on his glove sending shockwaves through Metallo's body. Metallo cried out before finally falling to the ground and shutting down. Breathing slighter heavier than usual, Batman pressed another button on his glove. The cords shot back inside. He then turned his attention to Robin, "You okay?"

Robin nodded, turning to look at Superman. He had Luthor and Mercy tied up. Batman and Robin run over to see Luthor struggling.

"You can't do this! There is no proof of me doing anything wrong!" Luthor shouted.

Superman smirked, "Wanna bet?"

Batman pressed a button on his utility belt. Luthor's voice rang throughout the alley, "I've upheld my end of the deal. I gave you all the Kryptonite in my possession if you use it to kill Superman. Once you do that, I pay you one hundred thousand dollars."

Luthor's face drained slightly of color, "I have the best lawyers in the world. I won't even spend an hour in jail."

"Maybe," Superman shrugged, "But this will be released to the press and it'll be the first view the public gets of the real you."

There police cars pulled onto the street as Superman said this.

Batman nodded at Superman, before using his grappling hook to pull himself onto the roof. Robin pulled out his grappling hook, but before leaving he turned to Superman. "Bye Uncle Supes!" he waved.

"Robin!" a voice from above them shouted.

Robin rolled his eyes, "Coming!"

"Good bye Robin," Superman smiled.

Robin used his grappling hook and shot himself upward.

On Thanksgiving day, Clark Kent came to interview Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson at their hotel suite in Metropolis for the Daily Planet, much to Dick's delight. Since it was Thanksgiving and Bruce thought very highly of Clark Kent, his parents were invited as well. At least that is what Clark wrote in his article to explain why himself and his family was spending Thanksgiving with Bruce Wayne. In reality, Dick just begged to spend the holiday with his Uncle Clark.

So when there was a knock on the hotel door, and Ace started barking loudly; Dick skipped to the door. Giggling, he jumped up to see through the peephole (Bruce would lecture him otherwise) before letting Clark and his parents in. As soon as the door was shut, Dick hugged Clark.

"Hey, Dick," Clark smiled, ruffling his hair.

"Hi, Uncle Clark!" Dick cried, jumping back.

"Dick, these are my parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent," Clark introduced, gesturing to the two behind him.

"Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Kent," Dick replied, holding his hand out to shake.

"It's nice to met you, too," Mrs. Kent chuckled, shaking Dick's hand.

Bruce entered the room behind Dick. Mr. Kent held out his hand to shake Bruce's, "Thank you for having us here today."

"Thank you for coming. Dick wanted Clark to be here so I thought I should invite all of your," Bruce replied.

"Well, it was very kind of you," Mrs. Kent told him, walking over and wrapping an arm around her husband's waste.

Bruce smiled at her before leading the guests into the dining room. Alfred was standing beside the table placing a plate of rolls down. "Please take a seat," Bruce requested. Everyone did so, as Alfred brought in the turkey before sitting down himself.

"How about we go around the table and everyone says one thing they are thankful for," Clark suggested.

Dick nodded grinning.

"Since it was your idea, how about you go first," Bruce suggested.

"I'm thankful for family," Clark said, before turning to look at his father.

"I'm thankful for the good harvest we had this year," Mr. Kent chuckled.

"I'm thankful for my boys," Mrs. Kent announced, looking at her husband and son.

"And I am thankful for mine," Alfred added, looking at Bruce and Dick.

"I'm thankful for Bruce," Dick grinned, looking up his father.

"And I'm thankful for you," Bruce said, ruffling Dick's hair.

"Now can we eat?" Dick asked, as his stomach grumbled.

The adults laughed as Bruce nodded. Dick immediately pushed his plate in Alfred's direction so he could get some turkey.

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