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As he looked into those chilling green eyes, Naruto felt his body go numb. This time, he knew for sure that he was going to die. The mob from earlier seemed a petty joke now as he was faced with Gaara.

Why did my friends have to leave me, he thought faintly, before Gaara's hands flashed forwards with inexplicable speed and grabbed the blonde.

The first thing Naruto noticed through the pounding of his head was the thick, absolute darkness which engulfed him from all sides.

He also noticed a sharp pain in his neck and he groaned, but the sound came out muffled and he nearly gagged on the action. There was something in his mouth.

He tried to move his hands to his face, to tug at the thing in his mouth, but he felt restraints holding him back, keeping his hands tied above his head.

Where am I? Naruto wondered. His body felt cold, and with the pounding of his head and the pain in his neck he almost blacked out again, surrendering to the darkness which held more answers than reality. But his head simply lolled forwards and he groaned again as it stretched his sore muscles.

It was then that it hit him. The smell that was overpowering his one capable sense.

It was damp.

The damp, coupled with the cold, seeped in through his clothes and clung to his skin, awakening him from the drowsy fog. He blinked against the darkness and found his eyelashes brushing against the cloth which he now noticed tied around his head.

What the fuck.. ? Naruto began to panic as his heart rose into his throat and he began to struggle weakly against the ties binding his hands together.

The last thing he could remember was him on the roof with Gaara. He could remember feeling scared, knowing that something unpleasant was about to happen. His friends had left him and gone to class. So where was he now?

"I see you're awake at last," murmured a quiet voice from in front of the blonde. Naruto stilled, recognition seizing him in a cold grip. That voice…

"I'm sorry about the restraints," he continued, "but I knew you'd resist. This is easier."

And then there was pressure against the back of his head and the cloth slowly slipped down Naruto's face. He blinked against the light which hit his eyes, momentarily blind. And then he saw him.

It was Gaara.

His face was smooth, impassive. His haunting green eyes stared intently at Naruto, the ghost of a question swimming beneath the surface. A question Naruto didn't know how to answer or even if he wanted to.

Gaara lifted the cloth away from Naruto and discarded it at his feet. The blonde's eyes followed this movement silently, still frozen in shock, and noticed the wet gravelly ground which he was currently sat on. He cautiously looked up and reviewed his surroundings, noting that they were in an alleyway. He recognised this place; he walked past it every day on his way to and from school. It was almost directly next to the school, with a row of houses beyond the alleyway walls and the school car park separating them.

He frowned slightly, still confused, and looked up at Gaara hesitantly.

Gaara saw the question in Naruto's eyes and leaned forward slightly so that his face was brushing Naruto's cheek.

"Nobody can disturb us here," he murmured. His breath warmed Naruto's ear and he shivered, suddenly unsure if it was indeed from fear.

I should have just gone to class with my friends, Naruto thought, weakly.

This was by far the worst situation he had gotten into since the love spell had failed.

And Naruto had no resolve whatsoever to do anything about it. Hell, he couldn't even if he wanted to! He was bound and gagged, in a damp and deserted alleyway, with Konoha High's most feared and mysterious student.

Naruto began to laugh. It was a high-pitched, hysterical sound which bubbled up around the gag in his mouth. He squeezed his eyes shut, willing the noise to stop, but it only retreated into a low whine.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Gaara still inches from his face. His head was tilted slightly to the side, and his eyes were studying Naruto's features in a clinical fashion.

He reached forward slowly with a pale hand and touched his fingertips to Naruto's cheeks, causing the noise to die down in the blonde's throat. His fingers glided down the lines of the scars and came to a stop at the corner of Naruto's quivering lips. He then traced the outline of his mouth, softly, eyes never leaving the blonde's face.

Naruto's eyes widened as he stared back at Gaara. Those ice green eyes were drawing him in, rendering him weak and motionless.

But why?

Gaara's fingers left Naruto's lips and pushed themselves, still softly, into his hair. They wound around the blonde tufts, slightly damp with sweat, and he captured them in a loose fist. He did the same action with his other hand until both hands were now tangled in Naruto's hair.

Why is he being so gentle?

Naruto's breath faltered as Gaara tugged softly on his hair, pulling him closer. He stared deep into those green eyes, which held now a more prominent question, and he noted distantly that his mind was being left behind. He had no more thoughts. The indignation was gone, and for some bizarre reason… Naruto wanted to answer Gaara's question.

As soon as the realisation of this feeling hit him, Naruto's eyes flew open in shock. What was with him?! A second ago he was angry and absolutely fucking terrified of his predicament, and now he was almost accepting it… No, he was welcoming it!

What is this feeling?!

Gaara was still watching Naruto, but his calm expression was marred only by his eyes which were now half lidded, drinking in Naruto's every movement.

He continued to pull the blonde boy closer, until his eyes closed completely and his breath was mixing with Naruto's. His lips ghosted across tanned skin and his nose trailed the line of his jaw, where he stopped.

Naruto was frozen, not daring to allow himself movement. His body was reacting to this onslaught of sensations in a completely surprising manner, and he didn't trust what he might do if he gave himself freedom to move. In his mind he was still scared of the redhead before him, and knew that this behaviour was all down to a magical error, one which he had brought on himself.

However, his body told him that he didn't care. And for some reason, it was responding to Gaara's administrations.


Gaara's eyes narrowed as he pressed the blonde closer to him and bit down on the soft skin of Naruto's jaw, eliciting a low moan from the boy as he threw his head back with parted lips.

"Gah- ahh," Naruto gasped around the cloth, and instantly hated himself for it.

His breath was laboured as Gaara continued to bite down on his skin, moving down his jaw and onto his neck, each bite harder than the one before.

Naruto gasped desperately each time he felt the sharp teeth puncture his skin, no doubt leaving tiny pricks of blood in their wake. The pain brought another feeling, one which Naruto was battling furiously as he shut his eyes tightly with a flushed face.


Gaara's hands travelled down from the blonde hair and found their way to the hem of Naruto's shirt, tucking underneath the material.

No, I'm not feeling this, this isn't – "Nnngh," Naruto moaned loudly against his will as Gaara bit down on a certain spot on his collar bone, his cool hands pushing up against Naruto's stomach.

Gaara stilled his movements and lifted his head, pales eyes studying Naruto's flushed face. Slowly, he lowered his face back to the same spot, eyes never leaving Naruto's, and bit down again, even harder than before.

"Nnhgaah- ahh!" Naruto all but screamed as he arched into Gaara's form. His will power was rapidly fleeing from the scene, but Naruto still fought to maintain it. He clenched his fists behind his head and bit down hard on the cloth inside his mouth as he felt Gaara lap up his blood with a soft tongue, trying to ignore the pressure building inside his pants.

No, fucking god dammit!

He whimpered as Gaara's fingers found his nipples and gently began caressing them.

I'm fucking straight! STRAIGHT!

His eyes snapped open, and he was about to shove against the weight of Gaara's body when his eyes met ice green orbs, blazing with a sudden desire.

And then instead, Gaara was pushing his weight against Naruto, backing them both up against a wall. Naruto felt the cloth being tugged from his mouth and then it was gone, discarded along with the blindfold. Lips, soft and warm and anything but gentle now, crashed against Naruto's and any kind of resolve Naruto had managed to salvage was again lost to him. This time, it would be irretrievable.

Naruto's eyes became lidded as he subconsciously returned the movements of lips against his mouth. He whimpered when Gaara bit down on his lower lip, again drawing blood, but he really fucking did not care anymore.

To hell with it, he thought, and blindly began pressing himself against Gaara's body, parting his lips at request and allowing the warm tongue to dart inside his mouth. Their tongues brushed against each other and the battle for dominance was over before it had even started as Gaara easily overpowered the blonde.

The kiss deepened as Gaara was suddenly in Naruto's lap, pushing the blonde's bound hands further up behind him against the wall. His nails dug into the skin of Naruto's wrists as he held them there, and Naruto whined desperately. His mind was an incoherent mess. He could no longer think straight and for the life of him could not remember why he had feared this situation. All he could do was respond earnestly to the lips moving roughly against his own, almost mirroring the desire he felt resonating from the redhead.

Gaara's nails dragged down Naruto's arms, leaving harsh red claw marks, before they stopped at the blonde's shoulders and found purchase in the skin there.

With pain searing in his arms, neck and shoulders, Naruto bucked blindly against Gaara's weight, the pressure in his pants building unbearably.

And then instantly, Gaara was off him and standing before him once again. His hands lay limply at his sides, claws seemingly retracted, and he stared at Naruto with tousled hair and a barely flushed face.

Naruto blinked at the sudden loss of heat and pressure on top of him and bit his lip, wincing when his teeth snagged on a cut.

He looked at Gaara. His first impression was that the boy looked beautifully aroused and that he wanted him back in his lap, so that they could continue…

But then sense slowly reformed itself in his mind and his eyes widened slowly as they became unglazed. All of a sudden, he remembered everything and felt his cheeks burn. This time, though, it was for the shame of his actions.

Why had I acted like that? He thought, blinking at the ground in confusion.

He heard a noise and raised his head to glance at the redheaded boy standing in front of him. Gaara was turned slightly, his head raised to the sky as if he had heard something in the distance.

"School is over," he murmured. His voice was normal (well, as normal as a dangerously psychotic person could be), with no hint of what had just transpired. Naruto resented him for it.

"It is time for us to go."

And with that, he began walking away from the blonde, towards the mouth of the alleyway.

"Wait!" Naruto shouted, hesitant but angry.

Gaara stilled, stopping in a patch of sunlight near to the end of the alleyway. The brightness of the sun illuminated his hair, making it seem like a mass of scarlet curls, rather than the red of blood. His alabaster skin glowed in the light, along with his ice green eyes which were now gazing back at Naruto. A breeze lifted his tousled scarlet hair and swept it into his face but he made no effort to right it.

Naruto's breath hitched in his throat. He was a sight to behold.

"You… haven't untied me," He said quietly, referring to his bound arms.

Gaara merely gazed back at him before answering.

"It's interesting, Naruto," he murmured and the breeze carried the words to the blonde.

"Most people fear pain and shy away from it, but you seem to like it."

Naruto recoiled, reminded of his response to Gaara's inflictions.

"I think," Gaara continued, deadly quiet, "that I have found a way to activate the stimulus."

And then he turned around again and stepped out of the sunlight, leaving the alleyway and Naruto behind as he disappeared.

Naruto furrowed his brows.

"What the fuck did that mean?" He muttered.

"Was this-" and then he began sputtering in realisation.

"That bastard," Naruto huffed. "He only wanted to figure out the first step to our project!"

He pouted. "But I guess I already knew what that…"

So why do I care? Why do I feel like this?

He ground his teeth angrily and narrowed his eyes. "I don't care," he spat. "I'm not ashamed of anything."

His anger became more profound as he realised that his hands were still bound.

"That prick didn't even untie me!" he wailed.

He shakily got himself to his feet without the help of his hands and stood, his arms twisted behind him.

"Argh, what the fuck!" He shouted with a scrunched up face.

He then stomped his way home with his arms held behind his back and his clothes rumpled, muttering under his breath and completely oblivious to the looks he received along the way.

When Naruto finally managed to push on the door handle using his chin and swing the door open, he was immediately aware of the five extra people in his hallway. There stood Kiba, Shikamaru, Lee, Shino and Chouji, along with his grandma Tsunade who was looking at him with blazing eyes.

They were quiet instantly, obviously having been in a very important and heated conversation, and all eyes were turned to him.

"What the fuck man," Kiba said, startled, "What happened to you?!"

But Naruto ignored him, and instead was looking at his grandma fearfully as she came walking towards him with her fists raised.


"BAKA!" She screamed, and Naruto whimpered, trying to edge to the side.

"You have a lot of explaining to do, you little shit!"

And then her fist was swinging towards Naruto, causing him to jump quickly backwards. Without the help of his arms, he yelped and swiftly lost his balance and he tumbled backwards, right before Tsunade's fist collided with his cheek and sent him crashing to the floor, where he lay twisted and bleeding. He hadn't thought today could get any worse, but apparently it could.

He stared up at his grandma, who was towering over him and breathing heavily, her fists still clenched.

"Start talking," she said threateningly, "Now."

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