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Beth took a deep drag on the cigarette and held it till her lungs burned. Exhaling slowly, she raised the rifle and quickly took out the three walkers ambling along the road behind the camp.

Not walkers. Biters. She really had to stop doing that. Thinking that way was dangerous. If it wasn't a totally ridiculous notion she would swear that he was a mind reader. He could sense when her mind wandered back to her old group. Her family.

As if on cue, he emerged from the tent behind her.

"Bethany. Time for bed." His tone was one that brooked no arguments.

A minute tremble shook her small frame, but she turned to face him anyway. She stamped her fear and nausea down and entered the tent with him. The Governor, her lover. How she hated him. She hated the way he looked at her, the way he was always touching her. But he owned her now, he could touch her anyway he wanted.

"You know I love you, right Bethany?" he whispered as he moved inside her.

"I love you, too." She whispered back.

Beth was woken a few hours later by her bladder. She dressed quickly and crept from the tent, sneaking past the dozing guard. She was always under observation, though the security had lessened over the past year. She only had one guard posted outside her tent these days. She was less of a flight risk; she had learned her lesson the hard way.

The first time she ran away, she was passed amongst the men. They had used her body till they were all done with her. Then they had marked her ribs, leaving a large scar so she would think twice before she ran again. She had accumulated more scars than she cared to think about over the year.

She made her way to the camp toilets and emptied her bladder. Walking back to the camp, she froze when she heard a sound behind her. But her instincts weren't telling her to run, or to fight. They were telling her to move towards the noise. Her instincts had kept her alive this long, she wasn't about to ignore them.

Moving as silently as she could she crept towards the edge of camp, ears straining to hear another noise that didn't belong.

Nothing. Nothing moving outside the boundary. Then she saw it, a felled walker. With a familiar looking arrow planted between the eyes.

She stopped breathing, sure this was another test. But then where would he have gotten one of those arrows? She knew he was an expert tracker; it wasn't out of the question that he would eventually find them.

Her body felt like it was moving in slow motion. She clung to the hope like a drowning woman would cling to a life vest.

She figured that if he were here he would scout around the camp whilst keeping out of site, so she moved to do the same. She moved quickly, not wanting him to finish his run and vanish before she could catch up to him.

Even though she had lost her faith a long time ago, she sent up a little prayer that he was still there. That he would take her away from this hell. If he weren't here she could only hope for two outcomes. Either the Governor would kill her, or he would never find out. Both options were a long shot. He didn't give up his property easily and he seemed to know everything. He had eyes everywhere. The very woods seemed to whisper all its secrets to him.

Weariness suddenly flooded her body. She stumbled slightly and the noise sounded uncomfortably loud in the silent woods.

"Bethany. What are you doing out here?"

She froze.

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