because it was requested of me, I will have an extra chapter! Yay! And I'll put it up the day that I wrote it!

At the end I will give an explanation to the story!

Unfortunately our honeymoon had to be postponed for certain reasons, then we realized the elephant in the room and said that the fact was, was that it really just never happened.

Translation: we never had a 'real' honeymoon.

But several weeks (about 2 months) later, we had a type of vacation that lasted a day and a night during which we all went to the beach. We all meaning myself, Eru, Ibara and Satoshi.

We had everything packed, a car rented, everything planned to the last detail-at least that's what Ibara said. She and Eru had gone out and bought new swimming suits so that they could look 'fashionable' when on the beach. I don't know how fashionable you can get with swim trunks, so Satoshi and I just brought our pairs from home.

I wasn't in the greatest shape after the car ride, even though I was the one that drove. I've never really been too good with long car rides. So while everyone jumped out onto the sand and booked it to find a spot to put our things, I stayed behind, trying to make sure I was going to be okay for the day and locking up the car. I was fine after a moment, then casually followed the trail left by the others.

It was a hot summer day. "Perfect to go to the beach!" Satoshi announced, beaming even more so than usual. When it's hot I just want to stay home. I get sleepy. Huh...I've never slept on the beach before...I might give it a try.

Everyone had worn their swimming suits under their clothes so they changed easily then began to get ready for the day.

"Satoshi, could you rub sunscreen on my back?" Ibara asked as she finished rubbing it onto her arms and legs.

"Sure sweetie!" he quickly moved to help her out. Chitanda appeared to be watching this scene as well as she applied her own. Then she turned to me, blushing slightly.

"H-Hotarou, could you get my back?"

I started. "S-sure..." I took the bottle from her, a little unsure of what exactly to do. I watched Satoshi as he helped Ibara then ended up tickling her and getting smacked.

I'm not doing that. So I poured some into my hand and rubbed it on her back, feeling my face burn a little as I did so. It was at that point that I realized what kind of swimsuit she was wearing. Then I realized how cute she would look in this swimsuit. NO...just put the sunscreen on. My face grew even warmer. I finished quickly then put some on myself.

When I finished I capped the bottle and set it aside. That wasn't so bad, I thought.

"Thank you!" Chitanda smiled back at me and I nodded. She stood and turned to go with Satoshi and Ibara. Then paused. "Do you want to...?"

I put my hand up to stop her and shook my head. She giggled a little then went after the others. Yes, that swimsuit did look cute on her. I sighed and relaxed under the umbrella reading a novel; I was really quite content.

A little while later I opened my eyes; it hadn't even occurred to me that I had fallen asleep. I put my hand to my head, but felt something on my face. I pulled my hand away and saw something yellow. Mustard. I debated in my mind whether or not to go get Satoshi or just wipe it off like nothing happened. Ugh. I was too tired to do anything. It's too hot. It was at that point that Chitanda came bounding up to me. She gasped a little, pointing to my face. I shook my head, signifying that I knew what Satoshi had done. I rested my head back on the blanket. Then suddenly felt something touch my face. It had a particular smell...Chitanda's handkerchief? Yep. She was wiping the mustard off my face. I looked up, but her face was incredibly close to my own. I started. A little too close...

"The three of us already ate lunch. You were sleeping so peacefully that I couldn't wake you up," Eru commented as she removed her kerchief.

"Well thanks for waiting," I said sarcastically, sitting up as I did so.

"We saved food for you!" she added as if I was worried about it. She went to the ice box and opened it up, then suddenly let out a gasp.

"What?" I said moving over to her.

"It's gone! The onigiri we saved for you is gone! Now you only have one to eat!"

Oh well, I shrugged. I'm okay with only one. I reached in to grab it, but my hand was intercepted by Eru's. She clenched my hand in hers. Oh, no.

"Hotarou...I'm curious!"

No, no, no. I had gone a couple of weeks without this happening, let's not start today! "I..."

"I'm curious!" she insisted. "Can you take a moment to think about it?"

This girl, my wife...she'll never change. And I can't say no to her. "I suppose...I could. But can I eat first?"

"Hotarou!" I heard Satoshi call from a ways away. He came running up with Ibara in tow. "I heard that your onigiri is missing!"

How the heck did you hear that? Stupid telepath, always around to prod Eru on.

"Oreki, it doesn't make any sense," Ibara insisted. "I closed the cooler! I made sure I did! How is it missing?"

I'm not going to be able to eat before I solve this, huh? Might as well solve it quickly then. If I don't have to do it I won't, that's not an option, if I have to do it, I'll do it quickly, that's my only option.

Everyone sat down under the shade of the umbrella to discuss the problem.

"There aren't many people out here today," Satoshi noted.

"Besides, who would steal someone's lunch like that?" Ibara added.

True, most people wouldn't. I scanned the beach. Not many kids. That's good for a number of reasons. That eliminates that option.

"Maybe I just put it somewhere else in the ice box?" Eru said nervously. "I'm sure it could be in there still..." she turned and checked again, but returned empty-handed.

"Maybe a crab stole it?" Satoshi suggested stupidly. "Ibara and I found a lot of crabs today!" Ibara poked him in the ribs with her elbow. "Not a realistic option?" he laughed.

Hmm. That may not be too far off. I tugged on a piece of hair, considering my options.

"Hmm? Oreki's figured it out?" Ibara said slyly.

"More or less. But we might need to do some looking," by we, I mean everyone except me. "Perhaps you can find an animal on the beach?"

"What?" Ibara glared at me. "why do you want us to find an animal?"

"It's part of my theory."

"Well, let's go look!" Eru started up grabbing my arm in the process.

"No, someone needs to stay here to make sure that no more food is stolen," I protested.

"Satoshi can do that," Ibara replied flippantly, as she stood up.

He stopped mid-standing pose. "What? Why me?"

"Because you're the one who said that we shouldn't let Oreki take advantage of us by using us to do his work. You'll stay here."

Satoshi sighed and sat down. "Did I say that?" he mumbled.

Chitanda held my arm as we walked along the beach looking for animals. And while there were plenty of birds and crabs, there wasn't that one that I was looking for...then we rounded a bend in the beach and found it. It was a large black and white dog that looked very ill-kept.

"Here's our culprit," I said. Noticing that it still had rice around its mouth.

"Oh! It's cute!" Eru and Ibara chimed.

"What I suppose is the case is that this dog doesn't have an owner, so it wanders around on the beach looking for scraps. But it's learned by observation how to open an ice box to get to the food. So I'm guessing that what this guy did.

"Eru, was the ice box actually closed?"

The dog came up to Eru and Ibara and they started petting it.

"No, it was a little opened when I went to get your lunch. But I thought it just hadn't been closed by the last person who was in there," she answered as she petted the dog who in return tried to lick her face.

That's a case closed then. I didn't think it was a very cute dog, but apparently it was cute enough for the girls. I called Satoshi over and traded spots with him, eating my lunch as I waited for them to return. When they did, the dog came with them. Apparently Satoshi and Ibara decided they wanted to keep it. I wondered how many times this dog had been adopted then escaped or was released. With a shrug I returned to eating.

That night we stayed at Satoshi's aunt's house. She welcomed the dog and it was given a bath, a hair (or fur) cut, and a name: Onigiri. Because that's how we found him.

Some how we managed to get him and the rest of everything home, even in the small car we rented, even though we told the company that there wouldn't be any pets in it...but we arrived home in once piece. Granted it was with an extra fine in hand because Onigiri did his business in the car...but I guess if Satoshi, Ibara, Eru, and Onigiri are happy, I guess I'm supposed to be as well.

Okay! Hey all, I hope you liked this extra-sode! (Extra-episode ^^;) now here's a bit of an explanation after a huge thanks to those who read and commented!


I guess you could say the reason I was able to write this so well is because I really have a similar personality to Oreki (in a Myers-Briggs sense; Oreki's pretty much an INTJ, as am I—go look up Myers-Briggs if you're curious, it's interesting.)

Because I have a similar personality I really can understand what goes through his mind as a character (my sis jokingly says we're twins).

I know some readers probably were like: 'Dude, Oreki should just get a grip and ask her out!' but that's where the 'I' comes in, in INTJ. He's an introvert. He's shy, just like me! So kissing or even asking someone out is really, really hard. Even rubbing sunscreen on someone's back is a little too...scary and weird. Too touchy-feely. Readers want him to be aggressive in perusing a relationship with Chitanda; but he's just not. He's shy, and I know that sounds weird for a snarky, sarcastic person like him, but I get where he's coming from.

He's also a logical thinker, (the 'T' in INTJ) so emotional Chitanda (probably an ENFP) getting all in his personal space and throwing off his 'groove' with tears and emotions and whims...would probably be really unnerving for someone like him. That's why he's so good at figuring things out. Notice in the series he never really mentions feelings/emotions? That's why it's a little hard for a character like his to realize they like someone and be romantic about it. That's why he wouldn't kiss Chitanda a lot in my mind. He loves with his brain almost more than his heart. :P

So there's that. If you read it, cool, tell me what you think! If not, meh, so much the worse.

Ah, here's another thing:

I might write another story for Hyouka. My two ideas are a TRAGEDYor a SCI-FI story. If y'all prefer romance that's okay too. I've just never really written a tragedy or a full-on sci-fi FanFiction and I wanted to give it a shot. I look forward to hearing from you!

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