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Chapter 1: Won it On the Radio

It was late one evening at Z-Tech and Chyna and Olive were hanging out in their room. Olive was curled up in bed, under her memory quilt, reading a book, but Chyna was practically glued to her radio. She had it tuned to the local Pop Music station there in Palo Alto and was listening carefully. Chyna had kept the volume at a decent level, so as not to disturb Olive, but Olive still had to stop reading when she saw Chyna practically hugging the radio.

"What are you doing?" Olive asked when she looked up from her book.

"Listening for the cue to call in! They are going to be giving away backstage passes to the Austin Moon concert!" Chyna replied excitedly.

"Are you serious!?" Olive asked as she stood up so fast that her book fell to the floor.

"Very serious! I'm so going to win those tickets. I have a huge crush on Austin Moon!"

"Yeah, him and about a hundred other guys," Olive said under her breath.

"What?" Chyna asked.

"Nothing! So, when you win, you're going to take me with you right?" Olive asked with a grin.

"Of course I will! They're giving away four tickets. So I will be bringing you, Fletcher, and Angus," Chyna replied as she went back to hugging the radio.

"If Fletcher goes then Kennedy is going to want to come too," Olive pointed out.

"Well that's too bad. We'll just tell her that Austin said he wouldn't vote for her in 2032. That should change her mind," Chyna replied with a laugh.

Olive just laughed and rolled her eyes as she sat back down to read. Chyna, on the other hand, didn't notice as she was too focused on the radio again. She sat there and listened for another 15 minutes before "Heard it On the Radio" by Austin Moon started to play.

"That's the cue!" Chyna yelled out so loudly that Olive jumped in surprise and dropped her book.

Chyna frantically reached for her phone, which was on her night stand, and became tangled in her bed sheets. She ended up falling out of bed and landing on the floor, but she didn't care, because she was already dialing the station. The phone rang and rang, and Chyna began to worry that she wasn't going to get through, when suddenly someone picked up.

"Hello there! You are the 100th caller! What's your name?" the DJ said into the phone.

Chyna squealed into the phone so loudly that Olive had to cover her ears. Once Chyna regained her composure she answered the man.

"My name is Chyna Parks! Did I just win!?"

"Yes you did! You are our winner of four backstage passes to the Austin Moon concert!" the DJ answered in an overly chipper voice.

"This is so awesome! I can't believe I'm going to meet Austin Moon!" Chyna replied as she felt like she was about to faint.

"Well believe it sister! Now stay on the line and we will get your information shortly!" the DJ then said as Chyna was put on hold.

Chyna then stood on top of her bed and began jumping up and down in celebration.

"I just won tickets! I'm going to the concert! I'm gonna meet Austin Moon!" Chyna sung as she jumped up and down.

"Whoa Chyna! No jumping on the bed!" Olive said sternly.

"You can't tell me what to do. Who do you think you are, Dorian Bannister?" Chyna asked and then stuck out her tongue.

Olive was about to retort, but there was suddenly a pounding on their bedroom door. Chyna stopped jumping and climbed off of the bed so that she could answer the door. When she opened it she found a furious looking Lexi staring at her.

"I cannot believe that you just won backstage passes to the Austin Moon concert and not me!" Lexi yelled.

"How did you know already?" Olive asked in confusion.

"I was listening to the radio for the cue to call in! Then I heard Chyna's voice over the radio and couldn't believe my ears!" Lexi replied.

"Sorry Lexi. I was just faster at calling I guess," Chyna said, while trying to hold in her excitement for Lexi's sake.

"Well you're going to take me with you right!?" Lexi asked.

"Um, no. I'm going to take Olive, Fletcher, and Angus," Chyna replied with a laugh.

"You have got to be kidding me! Just when I thought you and I were finally becoming friends!" Lexi said in a huff.

"We were?" Chyna asked in confusion.

"Don't you remember yesterday, when I said your outfit was less hideous than usual? That was supposed to be a compliment."

"Oh, how silly of me for not noticing," Chyna replied sarcastically.

"Well then it's settled. You will take me instead of Angus," Lexi then said as if they had agreed on something.

"I'm sorry Lexi, but Angus is my friend."

"Well then I demand that you take me, or I'll…I'll…tell everyone that I saw you wearing white after Labor Day!" Lexi said smugly.

"Oh no, what will I ever do?" Chyna asked in mock worry.

"So you'll take me?" Lexi asked.


"What!? Look here…," Lexi started to say, but then Olive reached over and closed the door in her face. "Not cool Odetta!" Lexi then added through the door.

Olive and Chyna then burst into laughter as they heard Lexi storming away from their door in a huff. The two of them just roared with laughter for a good minute before calming down. Chyna then spent the next few minutes giving her information to the radio station and finding out where she had to go to pick up her tickets.

Meanwhile Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish were all checking into their hotel in Palo Alto, CA. It had been a long flight and they were all ready for a good night's sleep. Austin was at the desk paying for the rooms while Dez was talking with Ally and Trish.

"You know all these big trees around here have given me an idea for a new movie. It's going to be about a giant killer bear that rampages through the woods, attacking unsuspecting campers. I'm going to call it 'Paws! Dun dun dun!'" Dez said dramatically.

"Really!? You're going to call it that!?" Trish asked in annoyance. "How original of you."

"Just for that you won't be in my movie," Dez replied, sounding hurt.

"Whatever, I just want to get some sleep," Trish then said.

"What about me Dez? Now that I'm over my stage fright can I be in your movie?" Ally asked.

"Sure! You can be the female lead."

"Oh good, because if you didn't put me in the movie it would have been unBEARable," Ally said with a laugh, while everyone else just groaned. "What? I thought you guys liked my bear jokes."

Austin finished paying for the rooms and walked over to grab his luggage. He looked worn out as he was finishing up a long tour of the United States and was ready to be done.

"Thanks for coming with me for my last show of the tour guys. It means a lot," Austin said.

"You're welcome Austin. We're all really proud of you for your first tour around the country," Ally said as she hugged him.

"Well it should be a good show tomorrow. Plus you guys will get to meet some of my fans backstage after the show at the meet and greet. I know a lot of fans have wanted to meet you Ally," Austin said with a smile.

"Me, really?" Ally asked in surprise.

"Of course! They want to meet the person who wrote all my amazing songs. Plus your career is starting to take off as well."

"I know, but this is supposed to be about you Austin," Ally replied.

"Without you I wouldn't be doing this concert Ally. I want everyone to know how much you mean to me," Austin then told her.

"Aww, thank you Austin," Ally responded and then hugged him tightly.

Dez and Trish then exchanged knowing looks and smiles as they could both tell that the two of them still had strong feelings for each other. After a few seconds, Dez and Trish both realized they were smiling awkwardly at each other, so they looked away quickly.

"Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm heading to my room. You know I get cranky when I don't get my sleep. I gotta be at my best for my fans tomorrow," Austin said as he grabbed his bags and headed for the elevator.

"Here Dez, will you take my bags up to my room? I need to go freshen up," Trish said as she handed him two bags.

"Sure," Dez said and then started to sag under the weight of Trish's bags. "What do you have in here, a body?"

"It's going to be your body if you don't stop complaining," Trish replied in annoyance.

Dez decided it was better to remain quiet as he headed for the elevator awkwardly under the weight of the bags.