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Chapter 8: OpportunANTy Knocking

The following day Dez continued his filming by following Angus around for the day. Trish accompanied him as well and she claimed it was because she had nothing better to do, but Dez knew she was beginning to enjoy his company. Angus showed the two of them his latest project, which was a robot that could make smoothies.

"Hey, what are you trying to do; put me out of a job at the juice bar?" Trish asked when she saw it.

"You still have that job?" Dez asked in surprise.

"That's a good question," Trish said as she pulled out her cell phone and called her boss. "Hey, it's Trish…what…oh okay. Nevermind, I was fired yesterday," Trish added after hanging up the phone.

Angus couldn't help but laugh as he made some more adjustments to the robot. After adjusting a few things Angus stepped back and hit a button on a remote, which brought the robot to life. There was a few seconds where it simply made a few mechanical noises before it finally started moving.

"Smoothie Bot 3000 is online," the robot said.

"Okay Smoothie Bot, I'll take a strawberry and banana smoothie…oh and add some bacon," Angus replied.

"You're adding bacon to it? That sounds revolting," Trish said in disgust.

"I add bacon to everything," Angus replied with a laugh.

The robot then turned to gather ingredients from the containers Angus had laid in front of it and then it began to mix them inside a cup. It then opened up a panel in its midsection where a blender was located and began to blend it together.

"Wow, that's impressive," Dez said as he filmed the whole thing.

"Thank you," Angus replied proudly.

Once it was finally done Angus took the cup and drank from it. After a small sip he had a satisfied look on his face as he simply said, "Mmmm."

"So Angus, how did you get into technology?" Dez asked.

"When I was little I liked to take things apart to see how they worked. My Parents were always impressed when I was able to put it back together once I was finished, so they started buying me more things to tinker around with," Angus answered as he continued drinking his smoothie.

"That's really cool. Is there any way you can help me edit my movie once I'm finished filming it?" Dez then asked.

"Of course, I have some movie editing software that will make your movie look like a Michael Bay film…except without the explosions," Angus replied.

"Some explosions would be nice," Dez said thoughtfully.

"You never should have told him that," Trish told Angus with a laugh.

Angus just laughed as he powered down the robot and began to clean it up. As he worked a thought occurred to Angus so he decided to ask some questions of his own.

"So, how long before you two start dating?" Angus asked bluntly.

"What!? Why do you think we will start dating?" Trish asked in shock.

"Well everyone else has hooked up, so I just figured you guys would too," Angus replied.

"Just because everyone else is coupling up doesn't mean Dez and I will," Trish said in annoyance.

"Well the two of you tease each other just like Fletcher and Olive do, so I figured it was a similar situation," Angus continued.

"It's not a similar situation. Olive teased Fletcher because she secretly loved him. I don't secretly love Dez," Trish stated plainly. "And Dez doesn't secretly have feelings for me," she then added.

"Actually…I do," Dez said timidly.

"What!?" Trish asked in utter shock.

"Trish, I really like spending time with you…and the truth is I've had feelings for you for a while now," Dez said nervously.

Trish wasn't sure how to respond. She stood there in stunned silence, trying to find the words to say, for a few moments. She had never even imagined a moment like this and she was frankly surprised that she wasn't disgusted by the idea. In fact, she found herself kind of wanting to say she felt the same, and that only made her feel more confused.

"So…how do you feel about this?" Dez asked when she didn't respond.

"I…don't know," Trish said weakly.

"Oh…okay, I understand," Dez said sadly and turned to walk away.

"Dez wait!" Trish called out and placed a hand on his arm to keep him from leaving. "Look, I know I give you a hard time, but the truth is…I like spending time with you too."

"Really?" Dez asked with a smile.

"Yeah, but this doesn't mean I'm madly in love with you or anything, but…I'm not opposed to giving it a chance," Trish said with a smile.

"I can live with that," Dez said and then hugged her.

"Awww," Angus said with a smile.

"Dial it down computer boy, I just said I would give it a chance," Trish replied with a laugh.

"With everyone hooking up then maybe I've got a chance!" Angus said excitedly.

"That reminds me; I expected you to be more upset about the whole Fletcher and Olive thing. Chyna said you have a huge crush on Olive," Trish pointed out.

"I did, and still do a little, but honestly I saw Fletcher and Olive dating coming from a mile away. Besides, at this new school I have so many dating options that I never had at Webster High. Everyone here is an ANT, so my chances are a lot better," Angus said with a grin.

"Good for you Angus," Dez replied.

Dez and Angus then sat down to begin editing Dez's movie, while Trish put her two cents in as well about how it should be made.

Meanwhile, Ally and Chyna were hard at work in the music room finishing Chyna's song for her audition. They were so focused on the song that they almost didn't notice someone enter the music room. When Ally looked up she saw a tall balding man wearing a Twisted Sister t-shirt, with a blazer over it, and corduroy pants.

"Mr. Grundy!" Chyna said when she saw him. "I would like you to meet Ally Dawson."

"It's a pleasure to meet you! Sorry I haven't come by sooner, but I've been very busy. Apparently Hashimoto has decided to start developing televisions and I simply have to design one of my own now," Zoltan said as he shook Ally's hand.

"It's okay, we've been pretty busy ourselves," Ally replied.

"So I've heard. I hear that love is in the air," Zoltan said with a smile.

"Oh yeah, it's in the air alright…and pretty much everywhere else too," Ally joked.

"Maybe this means I'll finally have a chance with…nevermind I've said too much," Zoltan replied awkwardly.

"Okay…moving on, we're just finishing up my song for my audition for Starr Records," Chyna then said.

"Yes, I heard about that! I came here to wish you good luck. I've actually met Jimmy Starr a few times, and I must say I was quite impressed by him," Zoltan replied.

"Ally here is actually signed to Starr Records as well," Chyna said as she pointed to Ally.

"I know, isn't this amazing? Between Austin and Ally these are the most celebrities I've ever had here at Z-Tech at one time."

"I don't know if I'd call myself a celebrity," Ally said modestly.

"Are you kidding? I loved your dance video. I think I have the dance down pretty well!" Zoltan said and then started doing the dance. "Climb the rope…wash the windows…dry my hands!" he called out as he did each step, but it was taking everything they had for Ally and Chyna not to laugh at how bad he was.

"That's great Mr. Grundy, but we have to get this song done by tonight," Chyna said politely.

"Oh of course, my bad, I'll talk to you all later," Zoltan said as he left the room.

"What an interesting man," Ally said with a laugh when he left.

The two of them then went back to work on the song. They worked all the way up until thirty minutes before Chyna's audition, just to make sure everything was perfect. Chyna had never felt more nervous in her life, but she also felt excited as well.

Dez set up a webcam in the music room so that they could communicate with Jimmy Starr over the internet. He then set up a table next to it where he sat his laptop computer, so that he could sit and monitor everything as it happened. Chyna had dressed in her best outfit she had for the occasion and had even straightened her hair. Finally, once everything was in place, Dez placed a call to Jimmy over video chat.

"Hello Dez, is everything ready?" Jimmy asked.

"We are good to go," Dez responded with a thumb up.

"Hello Chyna, my name is Jimmy Starr," Jimmy then said.

"Hello Mr. Starr. It's an honor to meet you," Chyna said nervously.

"The honor is all mine. Just begin whenever you are ready," he replied.

Chyna then took a deep breath to calm herself down before she began.

"This is a song that Ally and I wrote. It's called 'Something's Gotta Give'" Chyna said and then began singing as Ally began to play the piano.

Another day goes by

As she holds it all inside

She says she won't cry

As he stands by her side

Does he see her the way she sees him?

Does he know how she really feels deep down?

Will there ever be a day where it won't hurt anymore?

Girl you gotta take that risk

Girl you gotta let him know

No more holding it in

It's time to let it go

Cause something's gotta give tonight

Everything is gonna come out right

Tell him how you feel

It's time to make it real

Cause something's gotta give

Another day goes by

She wonders what could have been

She says she won't cry

When she's looking right at him

Does he wish that things were different?

Does want to give it another try?

Will there ever be that second chance for them?

Girl you gotta take that risk

Girl you gotta let him know

No more holding it in

It's time to let it go

Cause something's gotta give tonight

Everything is gonna come out right

Tell him how you feel

It's time to make it real

Cause something's gotta give

Something's gotta give.

Chyna finished singing and then there was a silent pause before Jimmy finally spoke.

"That was amazing Chyna! A talent like you does not come along every day," Jimmy said and sounded quite impressed.

"So does this mean I get a contract?" Chyna asked anxiously.

"Yes it does! I will send a contract down to my Los Angeles office and have someone bring it up to your school by tomorrow," Jimmy said with a smile.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" Chyna replied as she jumped up and down in celebration.

"You're very welcome, and have a great day," Jimmy then said as he signed off.

"Congratulations!" Olive said as she gave Chyna a hug.

"Thank you! This is the greatest day of my life!" Chyna exclaimed.

Everyone took turns hugging her and congratulating her for a good few minutes. Finally everything settled down and Chyna had an idea.

"I say we throw a party to celebrate!" Chyna said.

"Awesome! I'll go get the cake and party decorations and Angus can supply the smoothies!" Dez said excitedly.

"I'm not so sure about that. My smoothie isn't sitting too well," Angus said as he held his stomach in pain.

"I knew you shouldn't have put bacon in it," Trish said as she rolled her eyes.

Dez and Trish then went to gather party supplies while everyone else helped set everything up for the celebration party. Once they got back it took hardly any time at all to get everything ready. Soon they were enjoying themselves to some cake and punch while dancing to the seemingly endless supply of music that Angus had on his computer. After everyone started to settle down a little Dez brought out his laptop.

"Hey guys, wanna see the trailer I made for my movie?" Dez asked.

"Sure," Ally said as everyone gathered around to watch.

Dez then sat the computer on a table and pressed the play button.

The trailer started with an outside shot of the Z-Tech School with Dez's voice speaking over the footage.

"Welcome to the Z-Tech school for ANTs. I know what you're thinking…why would you make a school for ants? Well these are not your typical ants. This is a school for people with advanced natural talents, so come inside and be amazed!"

The scene then cut to a shot of the inside of the Roomavator. A group of students stood around talking to each other as the voiceover continued.

"These incredibly gifted students live and go to school here at Z-Tech. They live inside a technical marvel of a building that even comes equipped with a Roomba!"

"It's a Roomavator you goofus," Trish whispered to Dez.

"I'll edit that later," Dez replied.

"They may not seem like ordinary students, but I assure you they are just like you and me. They put their freshly shaved legs into their pants one leg at a time…"

The video then showed a shot of Fletcher and Dez showing off their smooth, hairless legs and Fletcher hid his face in his hands out of embarrassment. Olive just laughed and gently rubbed his arm to assure him that everything was okay.

"…and they fall in love just like everyone else. During my time with the ANTs I saw love blossom like a delicate rose and it was all thanks to their friendly neighborhood Love Whisperer."

Everyone laughed at this part, even Trish, and Dez simply smiled proudly.

"These kids are extraordinary, but they are also just like you and me. I saw some amazing things during my time here. So join me on a journey through the life of an ANT."

The video then faded to black, but suddenly there was a big explosion on the screen followed by the words, "Edited by Angus Chestnut," appearing on the screen. After a few seconds the words, "and Dez," appeared in smaller letters beneath that. After a few more seconds the words, "oh…and also Trish," appeared in even smaller letters beneath Dez's name.

"See, I told you I would add an explosion," Angus said with a laugh.

"That's all the credit I get?" Trish asked in annoyance.

"Angus created that part," Dez said defensively.

"I'm just messing with you Dez. I thought it was good," Trish said and then kissed Dez on the cheek.

"Whoa! Did Trish really just kiss Dez on the cheek!?" Ally asked in shock.

"Yeah I did. We're kind of sort of…maybe dating," Trish replied.

"Awww, I'm so happy for you guys!" Ally said with a joyous smile.

"Awesome!" Austin said and then gave Dez a high five. "What up!" they said together afterwards.

"This is great, but you two have to promise me something," Ally then said.

"What is it?" Trish asked curiously.

"If you two ever get married…please don't move in with me," Ally replied sincerely.

Everyone burst into laughter at that and the laughter carried on for a good minute, but no one seemed to realize that Ally had been completely serious.

The following morning everyone gathered together to say their goodbyes to Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish. It was a bittersweet moment for everyone involved as no one wanted to see them go.

"I wish you didn't have to leave," Chyna said as she started to cry a little.

"I know, but we left my Dad alone, back in Miami, to watch the store by himself, and I'm sure he's freaking out by now," Ally said sadly.

"Well it's been an amazing experience. I'm so glad we got to meet you guys," Austin said as he shook hands with the guys and hugged the girls.

"Me too, If it weren't for you guys I wouldn't be with Olive right now," Fletcher said as he gave Olive a smile.

"And if it weren't for you guys I wouldn't be with Ally right now," Austin replied with his own smile.

"And I wouldn't be kind of sort of with Trish right now," Dez added and then seemed a little confused about what "kind of sort of" meant.

"I just wish we could have found someone for you Chyna," Ally then said.

"It's okay; I'm honestly not looking to be tied down right now. I'm more of a free spirit," Chyna replied.

"Yeah; and her crushes change on a daily basis anyway," Olive added with a laugh.

"Okay Olive, that's enough of that," Chyna said playfully.

"Well I'm sure this won't be goodbye for long. Now that you're with Starr Records maybe we could tour together sometime," Austin said to Chyna.

"I would like that," Chyna replied with a smile.

"Well, since this isn't a goodbye then let's just say see you later," Ally said while trying to hold back her tears.

"Okay then…see you later," Chyna replied and then hugged Ally as they both began to cry.

"See you guys!" Austin added as he started putting his bags into the trunk of the waiting taxi cab.

Austin then opened the door to get in, but he was shocked to find someone already inside.

"What are you doing in here?" Austin asked.

"Oh hi Austin; fancy meeting you here," Lexi said in mock surprise. "I suppose we could share a cab."

"Lexi, get out of there," Chyna said in exasperation.

Lexi stepped out of the cab in a huff and then stormed off towards the front door of Z-Tech.

"I'll give her credit; she's persistent," Austin said with a smirk.

"Well we better get going," Austin said as the four of them started getting into the taxi. "Keep in touch!"

"We will!" everyone answered back.

"Don't worry guys, I'll invite every one of you to the premiere of my documentary when it's finished!" Dez said as he got into the cab.

"Awesome and I'll even have a date to the premiere!" Fletcher said as he lifted his and Olive's clasped hands.

"Yeah you will! Stay smooth buddy!" Dez then said to Fletcher as he closed the door.

As they watched the taxi drive away everyone had a few tears in their eyes. Even though not all of them had an eidetic memory they still knew there was no way they would ever forget they day they met Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish.

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