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"Please don't look at me like that" Matthew whispers. His eyes flicker up to Gilbert for a moment, before immediately lowering them. He stands, naked, shoulders hunched, withdrawing. He looks as though he is trying to hide, to vanish.

It makes him look even paler and thinner. His thick, but almost translucent blonde eyelashes reflect the low light of the room. Gilbert realizes his lips are chapped. He had never noticed that before, always being too lost in the heat of their kisses.

"Gil-" Matthew breaks off.

Gilbert can't help but to look, because Mattie is beautiful.

And so, Gilbert plants kisses on Matthew's collarbone as the latter bucks his hips beneath him.

Matthew finds the scars on Gilbert's cheeks and shoulders and torso, from various drunk adventures. His fingers tug and the former's silvery white hair. A breathy moan escapes his lips. He wonders about the glow in the dark stars on Gilbert's ceiling.

Gilbert's hand find his way to Matthew's hips, and he discovers the neat rows of scars there. He runs his thumbs over the puckered, silvery skin, over the places where the scars have melded together, their edges no longer defined, as the wisp of a person moves underneath him. He traces the boy's hips with his hands while kissing the sides of his neck and behind his ears. He is afraid that he is going to break him; snap the ribs poking out from below his skin and bruise his thighs.

Gilbert kisses away the tears leaking down his lover's cheeks, and savors the shivers that run through his body when he runs his thumbs over the rows and rows of scars.

Author's note:

In the story, Gilbert mentions how thin Matthew is. Please feel free to interpret this, as well as the scars, in any way you like. If you would like to know my "canon" explanation, please let me know and I will get to you.

I imagine that Matthew and Gilbert have really beautiful, imperfect moments like this one.

This is my first "official" fanfiction. Please feel free to leave a review with advice, opinions, or critiques. Thank you for reading and I'll really appreciate the reviews!