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Jewel was fuming as she returned home. She slammed the door with so much force it fell out of the frame. "DAMN!" she shouted, summoned some black energy and repaired it without a second glance. Of course, the noise she had performed didn't get unnoticed by her mother. She came out of the kitchen, looking at her eldest and asked in her usual monotone but with a single lifted eyebrow: "Has something occurred on your date that would justify such an outburst of anger?"

"If something occurred? If something occurred? Teddy Rancid occurred, that stinking pest totally screwed our date! That's what occurred!"

"Watch your language towards your mother, young lady. And you better calm down before you wreck the entry again," a green man scolded with a smile on his lips as he joined them at the door.

Jewel took a deep breath and said with tears in her eyes: "It's just not fair, dad! It was our first date and it got interrupted by such a clorbag villain… Xand'r had to take him to the police station and said we should delay it on another day…"

"What, because of just one villain?" her father said with a grin, "You're superheroes, your dates are meant to be interrupted! That's the thrill; you never know when you'll have to take an opponent down before you can continue flirting!"

"Dad! It's not funny!"

"Your father isn't joking, Jewel. Did we never tell you about our first date?" the women from whom she had inherited the purple hair and the dark powers interfered.

Jewel looked at her parents in disbelieve: "No… There was a villain at your date too?"

Her father burst out into laughter: "Just one?"

Her eyes grew wide and she stared at her mother hoping for an answer. Or for a comment giving her father's statement away as a joke. But Raven just smiled and said: "Let's sit down. We'll tell you."

"Wait, I'll make some tea," her father said calming down from his laughing fit and whipping away a tear from his eye. As her mother led her to the table and sat down with her, she could hear her father softly giggling while he put the water boiler on, murmuring under his breath something that sounded like "just one…"

She took a deep breath in, letting the scent of the tea her father had chosen tickle her nostrils. The enhanced senses were something they shared. Carefully she took a sip from her hot beverage before she asked: "So, what happened on your first date?"

Her parents shared a warm look, before he started.

"You see, we were together for five months before I really could take her out on a date…"

"What?" Jewel almost chocked on a sip of tea.

"Well, duh, we were in the hero-business after all. There wasn't much time to go out back then, Richard was having us on the short line because Slade had made his comeback. As we finally had that masked bastard locked up for good, we all were much too tired to do anything at all for a week, so after five months we had our first date."

"You forgot that you were so nervous to ask me out that it took even a week longer before I could muster out from your stuttering what you wanted…" her mother added smirking.

"You know I wasn't that experienced, Rae! So, you wanna tell or can I go on?"

She leaned over and gently kissed him on his cheek and said: "Go on, I'll just add some details."

He snorted but got on with the story: "We didn't plan a big outing, we just wanted to go for dinner and the movies, nothing to fancy to start with. We were on the way to our favorite pizza parlor…"

"You took mom to a pizza parlor for your first date?" Jewel asked incredulous.

"You see, I asked him the same thing but he explained to me that he had wanted to choose a place I'd feel comfortable. I was rather introverted back then," Raven defended her husband.

The teenage girl admitted: "Oh that actually was really thoughtful."

"Yes it was."

"Don't make me blush, Rae. Anyways, we were walking down the street, holding hands, and passed a bank. Guess who shot out of it with his hands full of stolen money? Old mumbo, swaying his magical wand and turning your mother into a bunny! She had done nothing yet and he already attacked her! You see, I got pretty angry at him…"

"Pretty angry? Gar, you morphed into a Bengal tiger and almost bite of his hand…"

"I just wanted to get the wand and break the spell…"

Jewel was completely caught in the story and watched her parents in awe. "Did it work?" she whispered.

"Of course it worked. Your mom was back to her beautiful self and Mumbo handed over to justice…"

"Not before you scared the old bloke half to death. Your father stayed longer in his tiger form than necessary, sitting on top of the old man, growling and showing his teeth. As we left he even said, that it would hopefully teach Mumbo to play stupid magical tricks on his girlfriend…" Raven smirked at the memory.

"Served him well, that idiot. Anyway, we arrived at the pizza parlor, taking our usual and who had to walk in, turning the whole place into little Britain and our pizza into fish and chips? Mad Mod, the next old creep! Man, was I glad when we had him caught up so quickly."

"You defeated him that fast?" their daughter asked in disbelieve. She knew some old stories.

Raven smiled: "Your father was still pumped up from the encounter with Mumbo and a little annoyed by the interruptions, so Mad Mod suddenly had a green North American grizzly bear on top of himself. He fainted, and everything turned normal again. Apparently he had a minor heart attack at the sight…"

"He deserved what he got! He got into jail as well and we had some quiet time as we got our pizza. But not for long, because as we headed to the movies, well, there was already the next villain…"

"Gar your missing out my favorite part!" his wife playfully scolded.

"What's your favorite part?" Jewel wanted to know.

"The cheesy one of course, your mom is a romantic…" Garfield taunted.

"We passed a flower stand and your father let go of my hand to go buy some flowers. I already feared he would buy me a ton of red roses…"

"Dad, you didn't!"

"Sure thing I didn't! I know your mom better than that!"

"He bought me a hand full of the prettiest violets you can imagine."

Jewel's jaw just dropped. "Didn't you know the meaning of the flowers?"

"Hey, I'm not the big reader; I hardly knew the difference between roses and tulips…"

"Tell me you're joking! I mean, that was almost a proposal! Violets are so often related to secret love and marriage, you should have known…"

"Jewel, we're talking about your seventeen year old father. He just didn't know."

"But you told him, right?"

"Not that day. You know, he kept buying them for me, saying they reminded him of me and what he feels for me. He was rather surprised as I finally told him."

"I almost fainted and apologized a thousand times…"

"But still you couldn't offer me other flowers." Their gaze locked and their hands intertwined.

Jewel blushed as she witnessed the pure love they were displaying in front of her. She had known violets were her mother's favorite flowers; half of the garden and the house were plastered with them. But still, these were her parents, goggling at each other like some love sick teenagers…

"Okay, he bought you flowers with the meaning of everlasting love or something, and then?"

They turned their attention back on their eldest daughter. Garfield scowled at the memory: "Then, Johnny Rancid toppled us over on a Harley and crushed your mother's flowers."

"Must be a family thing to crush others' dates!" Jewel huffed darkly.

"You should have seen the angry face of your father. He turned into the largest anaconda I've ever seen and squeezed Rancid until he gave up. As he turned back into human he still held Rancid on his throat and threatened him to never crush his girlfriend's flowers ever again or he would crush him."

"Wow! So dad actually caught three villains almost single handed on your first date AND found the time to come up with some cool puns?"

"The date wasn't over yet. Your mom and I were finally in the cinema, the film about to start and then – ZAP – there was the next screwed up pest."

Raven started to giggle uncontrollably, a rare sight to everyone. "Control Freak just choose the wrong day, it was really impressive how you took him out…"

"I can deal with interruptions, but there is only as much as every man can take, love!" the green man snorted.

"What did you do?" Jewel asked with wide eyes.

"As Control Freak showed up and started with his signature introduction, your dad didn't even let him finish. He just got up, marched over to him and yelled infuriated: 'I've really had it with you freaks! First this tricky old fart, then an even older british-moron, then that motorbike-jerk and now an overweight looser with a damn command! Can't a boy take the girl he loves more than anything in the world on a date without any of you bastards interrupting?' and Control Freak almost wetted himself even without your dad using his powers, he had been so afraid as your father stood in front of him fuming. He handed himself over to the police without objection…"

"How come you still remember every very word I said back then?"

"It was the first time you said out loud you loved me…"

Jewel saw her parents blush like children again. Although she had to admit, this was a story to remember…

"So afterwards, you could finish your date without further interruption?"

"Ha, you wish. Gizmo sat in the front row and after Control Freak was taken care of, he just shouted something about who'd ever would go out with such an elfish green loser as me…" her father said with a smile.

"Ouch… I hope you trashed him for that."

"Well, that was when your mother got angry… He stayed in the mental hospital ever since…"

Jewel gazed at her mother: "YOU made him stay there? I always thought he got insane because of his technical supplies getting to his head…"

"They did, trust me…" her mother grinned wickedly.

"Anyways, after that, we choose to go home, we both were too exhausted to take a walk in the park or something like that…" Garfield pursued.

"Not that we could walk home in peace, we had to take down Doctor Light in the process and as we were back at the tower and about to kiss good night, the alarm got off because of Billy Numerous…"

"You're kidding! But as I assume, they went down rather fast, considering the anger you two had build up?" Jewel smirked.

"They were totally screwed…" thegreen man said.

"Cyborg even asked afterwards if we didn't want to date more often, so we could be faster at beating the villains up …" Raven added.

"… but we kept it in a reasonable frequency."

Raven and Garfield smiled at each other and shared a kiss. Jewel grinned widely and got up. She put her tea mug in the sink and headed to the door.

Her father asked quizzically: "Where are you going now?"

"Finish the date with Xand'r! If your date could succeed even with seven interruptions, we surely can deal with one," and with this she was gone.

"Glad we didn't tell her about Kori and Dick's first date…" he stated.

"You mean the twelve times they got interrupted? It was only beaten by Vic and Karen's fifteen times…"

"You know, we always were rather lucky with timing, Rae," he said moving closer to his wife again.

She smiled back at him. "You're right; the kids are all out tonight and the others on the watch."

"Exactly. No interruptions in sight," he murmured before they kissed.