Hey dudes and dudettes! The thought of pregnant Titans and the struggles they could have captured me, so, yeah, another chapter centering about this theme... Enjoy and SMILE!


"Mom?" the seventeen year old Jewel called cautiously as she peeked in the kitchen of her parents' home.

"I am here, Jewel," Raven replied. She sat at her favorite reading spot at the kitchen table, a mug with herbal tea in front of her.

Hastily the teen sat down right next to her, grabbed her arm and exclaimed: "Mom, Dad once told me that whatever may happen, you all would always be there for me. This is still true, right?"

Raven closed her book and looked attentively at her eldest daughter. Her face, usually pale due to her grey skin complexion, was almost white, she was sweating heavily and seemed out of air. Even her eyes were widened and she sent off strong waves of anxiety.

"Of course, Jewel. What happened?" her mother asked her in a soothing, calm tone.

Jewel gulped heavily before she answered stuttering: "M-Mom, how… how did you… did you know… did you know you were pregnant with me?"

A loud shattering noise interrupted their conversation and a low growl that sounded like: "I'll kill him!" came from inside the small storeroom behind them, where Garfield Logan apparently had been busy.

"Dad!" yelped the girl. In her worry she hadn't noticed his presence there, but she had been absolutely sure that she would not talk to him about this until she was certain. Although she knew this wouldn't work out anymore now…

He exited the storeroom, holding a broken jar of jam in his hands, but this didn't make her going even paler, but his look. His usually always present joyful smile had gone, it was replaced by a frown and he bared his teeth. A grimace which he normally reserved for the villains he most despised.

"What did this good-for-nothing half alien bastard do to you?" he snarled. Though he was one of the most tolerant fathers she knew and he usually liked Xand'r a lot, his overprotective side showed like Jewel had dreaded. Lucky for her, her mother was with them.

"Calm down, Gar. She isn't pregnant," Raven interfered.

Both father and daughter gave her a stunned glare. "She's not?" "I'm not?" they shot in unison.

"Well, who is the empath around?" she countered in a huff.

At first Gar and Jewel sighed both in relieve, then he shot her another angry glare.

"How come it could even be possible for you to be pregnant, Jewel Logan?" he menaced.

She gulped again. She knew she was in deep trouble, when he called her Jewel Logan and not puppy as usual.

"Come on, Daddy… you know about… bees and flowers and stuff… right?" she tried joking but failed miserably.

"Oh, maybe you care to explore, Jewel Logan, what we taught you about bees and flowers and stuff. Especially the part about contraception would be interesting right now…" he replied. It had been a long time since she last had seen him so angry and it caused her to shiver. Usually her mother was the one lecturing her, but when her father got angry, heaven may help the poor bloke that drew his wrath on himself…

"It-it's not like that dad! We used contraception and everything, but… it's a girl thing…" she explained blushing.

"You were stressed because of the exams and were a bit late this month, so you dreaded that the contraception didn't work due to your both heritages," Raven interrupted again, completely relaxed taking a sip of her tea.

At days like these Gar and Jewel were thankful of how composed Raven almost always was and that she seemed to have a gift hitting the nail onto the head. Father and daughter suddenly laughed in relieve how simple the situation could be solved.

As they calmed down, Jewel wondered: "But if anything would happen, you would support me, right?"

"Sure thing, puppy! But I would beat that guy to pulp if you wouldn't wear his ring on your finger before the baby would come! A man has to take his responsibilities. And please try to wait getting pregnant until you finished your studies and feel ready for it, okay?"

Jewel beamed, got to her feet and hugged both her parents.

"Thank you, Mom, thank you, Dad! You're the bests!" she said and left again.

Garfield let himself drop on the chair next to his wife and sighed deeply.

"I think I aged a decade in the last ten minutes…" he said exasperated.

Raven stroke over her husbands' head and smiled: "You remember how it was when we got pregnant?"

It had all begun with Jess and Wally dropping in declaring: "We're going to have a baby!" halfway through her third month.

Starfire had gone really excited and didn't stop asking questions about the 'earthly way of breeding'. After an hour of joyful and delighted questions, Jinx had shot Raven a begging glance and the dark empath had immediately understood.

"Kori, let her catch a breath. Why don't you go and ask Richard and Wally more about it? Pregnant women tend to be very tired, you know."

"Oh, of course, friends! Excuse me for tiring you, dear friend Jess! I'll let you to do the sorceress talking!" she obliged brightly smiling and hovered out of the second living room where they sat.

Jess released a deep breath: "You are my savior, Rae! Thank you!"

"No problem. So, how is it really to be pregnant? And stop the silly crap you're dishing Kori and the others, I'm not buying it!" she declared with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Oh, Honey, you have no idea!" she whined finally completely relaxing. She knew she could trust Raven, they both shared a strong bond since Jess had joined the good side. "I'm constantly tired and I feel like throwing up all the time! Those who call it 'morning-sickness' are dumb idiots, I wish I could curse them! My morning-sickness lasts the whole day! I'm constantly gaining weight despite throwing up regularly, I feel already like a whale! And don't let me even get started about my cravings or mood swings! Poor Wally is more beaten up then in the first months of our relationship! And my breasts! They hurt and are swollen, I don't even have a bra left that fits!"

"Don't let Kori or Karen hear that or they will drag you to the mall…" Raven joked.

"Ah, that wouldn't be so bad. You know I'll have to go and buy baby stuff sooner or later…"

"Let Wally do this, I'm sure he will be overjoyed and he will be much faster."

"You're right. I'll let him do this, it will be best for all of us! But, you know Raven, this isn't the worst thing… I… I'm terrified for my baby," she admitted the last sentences in a low whisper.

"Jess, what is the matter?" her empathic friend asked concerned and laid a hand on her shoulder.

"You know, with Wally and me as his parents, it will probably have powers… What if it can't control his powers, what if our child will suffer from them? And if not, it certainly will have to become a super and challenge mortal dangers on daily base. Or worse, maybe it will become a villain! Or what if it will hate us for inheriting its powers? I mean, it will probably be thankful if it gets Wally's, but who wants to have bad luck powers?"

"Stop it, Jess!" Raven interfered in her friends' rant, "It's absolutely pointless to worry about problems that don't even exist yet! You will face them, if they even will occur, when they will show up."

Jess hugged the other woman and started to sob: "Oh, Rae! Thank you! Where do you always take this wisdom stuff?" Raven gently patted her friends head.

"This one I learned from my husband. Sometimes he has some bright moments… But don't tell him, or his ego will be up on the ceiling for months."

Jess started to laugh through her tears and whipped the remaining ones away.

"I don't know what I would do without you! I am really glad Wally helped me onto the right path so we could become friends."

Suddenly Changeling burst into the room, locking the door behind him with one hand, carrying something in the other.

"Gar, what are you doing here?" Raven asked in her perfectly normal monotone.

He bounced over to them and jumped between them on the couch, presenting a tray of sweets to them.

"Just thought you two would want something to nosh!" he grinned slyly.

"Garfield Mark Logan, are these Vic's very private, very well hidden, very priced homemade sweets he had put aside for Karen's birthday?" Raven scolded her husband playful.

"Bah, he can make new ones! I scented sadness from inside here and thought you might need something to cheer you up!" he grinned. At this instant, they could hear Victor roar through the tower: "Who broke into my room? AND STOLE MY SPECIAL SWEETS?"

The green man gulped, hastily placed the tray on the table in front of them, kissed his wife on her cheek and left saying: "I'll distract him, so just enjoy your sweets, ladies!"

The women exchanged a glance and burst into laughter.

"You know, he really is something else!" Jinx giggled as they slowly calmed down.

"Yeah. He is really special…" the dark empath said with a warm smile.

"Maybe we should make him godfather. Any man who can make you smile like this is good enough to take care of my baby if ever there may happen anything to me and Wally," Jinx mused.

"This will be your choice. Just don't forget how many bad pranks he will certainly teach her to annoy you two."

"You're probably right, he… wait, her?" Jess asked surprised.

Ravens eyes grew wide and she clasped her hands on her mouth, but it was already too late. "I'm terribly sorry, Jess I didn't want to spoil the surprise for you…"¨

Jess laughed evilly as she responded: "Oh, I am grateful you told me! Wally is the one who wants to get surprised, not me! I can torture him with this until the birth… Just swear to me you won't tell him."

"I swear!" Raven grinned.

"It really comes in handy to have an empath around from time to time!" Jess stated as she bit on homemade chocolate fudge.

From that day on, Jess had visited them almost every week to find comfort from her sorceress friend.

"You know, Rae, I would be completely lost without your help!" she stated shortly after she had entered her seventh month.

"You're exaggerating, Jess. You're doing great."

"Yeah, but you are the only one who really understands me when I'm complaining! No one else – ow! Iris, filthy little girl! She is kicking me!"

Raven watched her intently, as she rubbed her now very prominent belly. Jess gave her a glance and smiled: "Want to feel it too?"

"You-you mean…?"

"Go on! Wally is doing it all the time, but she always stops as soon as he says 'my little boy'. Lucky he didn't notice yet."

Very carefully she placed her hand at her pink haired friends belly and beamed at her.

"This… this is amazing! It seems like she is running around in there! I can't wait until my own girl grows enough to-", but she immediately shut up as she realized, what she had spilled again and blushed.

Jess shrieked in surprise and yelled: "You're telling me that Iris' godmother is becoming a mommy too?! How long do you know already? What will it be? Does Gar now yet-"

"Jess! Shhh, please, shut up! I only got pregnant two weeks ago, no one knows it yet, it's much too early! So please! Don't tell anyone!"

"Alright! I swear I'll keep quiet! But it's so exciting! Our babies will grow up together! Oh, I can't wait until it grows! I'll be her godmother and will help her staying on the right track and…"

"Jess! Calm. Down. Please!" Raven insisted, "There is something else I got to share or I'll go insane…"

"Okay, okay, I'm calm! So tell me, what's the other big secret?"

"Did you notice how Kori behaved? Moody and cranky and kind of sick all day?"

"Don't… don't tell me she… she is pregnant too?" Jess shouted excited.

Raven nodded smiling. "But keep it to you, she isn't aware of it yet…"

"Fine. But I want a baby-hammock for little Iris to help me keep her quiet. With small white bunnies on it!"

It was only a month after this conversation as Gar took her book out of her hand one evening as they lay next to each other on their bed and stated: "Raven, we need to talk."

She gave him a quizzical look, as she said: "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, Rae, I just… wondered if you feel fine…" he stated with slight concern in his voice. Raven looked intensely into his eyes, then realization hit her.

"You… you know it…" she whispered slightly trembling.

"Yeah," he said with an uncertain grin, "You… you too?"

"How long did you know?" she asked.

"Six weeks ago your scent started to change, but I wasn't certain until yesterday when I heard her heartbeat for the first time… How long do you know already?"

"You… you heard her heartbeat?" she smiled with tears in her eyes, "I… I knew it from the start, I'm an empath after all, but… You really heard it?"

"Yeah…" he grinned back. "So how do you feel, love? No morning sickness, no crazy mood swings? No irrational worries?"

Her smile dimmed. "I… I don't have morning sickness or mood swings. I really feel exceptionally fine…"

"But you are worried," he stated and looked in her eyes. His looks always made her weak, she couldn't lie to him, even if she wanted.

Raven started crying and sobbed into his chest: "Gar… I… I'm so damn afraid! What if she inherits my powers? She'll be a quarter demon, what if my father will…"

"Stop it, Rae," he interrupted her rant and caressed her soothing, "Our girl will be fine. She is your daughter! And we'll be at her side to help her. We will protect her, I promise."

She pulled back and kissed him all over his face.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a wonderful husband! I am so grateful for you!"

He laughed out loud as he asked: "You sure you have no mood swings?"

They both laughed, then he pulled her in a deep, passionate kiss.

"I love you, Rae," he stated as he released her, "and I love you, baby girl." He glanced down at his wife's belly which wouldn't remain flat for long anymore.

"I love you too, Gar! And she loves you as well," she smiled back at him.

For a moment they just laid there, happy with themselves in their small universe.

But as usual he had to break the silence: "You know that Star is expecting too?"

"Yes. A little boy. But don't tell them. I wonder how long they will need to find out," she grinned wickedly causing her husband to laugh again.

One morning Wally speeded by and announced the birth of his daughter Iris. He never had smiled this happily, except maybe for the day he and Jess had married.

"Come on! Let's drink to this!" Vic shouted joyful, "I'll get some Champaign!"

"Not for me, buddy, I still need to run home! I'm a daddy now, I need to take responsibility!" Wally stated.

Vic started distribute some glasses. "I pass," Raven said calmly.

"Come on! You're the freakin' godmother of the girl!" the half-metal man yelled.

"I said I pass. And you should pass too, Kori," she said and took the glass out of her redheaded friends' hand. She had wanted to let them find out on their own, but she couldn't endanger her friends' unborn son.

Unfortunately, Koris' mood swings didn't alter in the past weeks. "But maybe, I want to drink, friend Raven," she said menacingly.

The empath stood her stance: "Just bad luck, because we shouldn't drink at least for the next seven months, Kori. And I think we shouldn't drink either as long as we'll be nursing."

Most of her friends stared at her with their jaws on the floor. Only Nightwing, the usual genius detective, as well as his wife, the alien Raven had spoken to, remained clueless and Gar seemed to beam joyfully.

"So it's finally official!" he cheered and hugged his wife from behind. All eyes turned to him.

"You-you knew?" Vic inquired.

"Hello! Enhanced hearing? I could hear their heartbeat for a while now!" he said pointing at his ears, "And their mommies' scents have changed. Plus you all must have noticed at least Koris' bad condition. It was kind of obvious…"

"I… I'm going to have a child?" Dick stuttered stunned as he finally realized too.

But Kori still didn't get the hints and didn't cope well. She had one hell of mood swings.

"Why is no one ever explaining me anything?" she cried desperately and left for her room.

"K-Kori!" her husband called and went after her.

The remaining Titans shared a laugh, then Wally announced: "I gotta go! Jess and Iris are waiting for me!"

When he had gone, Vic took a seat and said sadly: "So this is it?"

"Vic, what are you talking about?" Gar asked in confusion. He and Raven sat next to their cybernetic friend.

"You are all leaving… I mean, you can't stay here with your kids. It would be much too dangerous. This is the end of our team…"

"Come on, tin-man, weren't you and Karen trying to adopt a child for a while now?"

"Yeah, but, I thought we would have a little more time left together…"

"Oh, stop the weeping!" Raven said calmly, "We still will be a team, we just won't live under the same roof anymore… That doesn't mean we won't be a family anymore, we belong together, you know!"

The two men looked at her, Gar with a proud smile, Vic with a tear in his human eye.

"Rae, you're amazing. Thank you! When did my baby sister learn to be so confident?" the later asked touched.

"I learned a lot from someone very important," she glanced at the green man who just smiled and held her hand.

"You know, we never had anything easy, but your pregnancy was piece of cake compared to Kori's!" he stated at the memory.

"Yeah, just her mood swings were enough to drive any husband insane…" she chuckled.

"So I'm not allowed to do my duty as hero anymore? Is it that what you are saying, husband Richard?" the alien woman asked menacingly.

"Listen, Love, it's just too dangerous! You and Raven stay here and…"

"I was out there the last two months with our bumgorv in my belly so what did change? That you know now?" she shouted angry.

"No… I mean, yes… I mean…" Richard searched for help from his friends who were assembled on the couch behind the enraged Kori.

To his surprise, Gar spoke up: "Kori, the difference is that now you know about the baby. You are responsible for the unborn life inside you and now you know you are putting it willingly in danger if you insist on fighting crime during pregnancy. Is this what you want?" Gar and Kori had always had a sibling like bond due to their personalities but Dick usually ignored how well the green man could handle her. Both of the women in their team in fact…

"But what am I going to do all day?" his wife whined. At least she wasn't completely objecting the thought anymore.

"Oh don't worry, Kor! There is a lot to do! You have to choose the entire interior of your new home; that is traditionally the women's job! Then you have to learn a lot about earthly ways of child care, birth and babies, you'll have to do plenty of shopping and Rae is home too! You can organize both your baby showers!" Gar pursued.

"Tell me, what is the shower of the baby, friends?" Kori asked suddenly mesmerized at the thought of her new tasks, stars started to sparkle in her eyes and she restarted to float out of anticipation.

Raven got up with a gentle smile. The pregnancy helped her greatly to control her emotions and left her with a rather bright mood. Apparently she didn't get other side effects.

"Come with me, Kori. I'll give you some books and tell you about baby showers. You'll like it!"

Her redheaded friend squealed in delight and clapped her hands, then floated over to the empaths' side and hooked her arms.

"So… you are okay with staying home, sweetheart?" Dick asked hopefully.

Kori gave him a nasty, un-Kori-like glare and shot: "I will give you the treatment of silence for the rest of the week for your insensitive and insulting way of speaking to the future mother of your child and a tamaran warrior princess nonetheless!"

With a sparkling smile directed at her pregnancy-companion she turned and both women left chatting.

"Why is she blaming me?" their fearless leader pouted.

"Because you made her pregnant, dude. It's a law of nature. When Raven will suffer from her pregnancy, she will blame me for everything," Gar tried to console him.

But Vic just butted in to ruin it: "Yeah, only that so far, your wife didn't suffer from her pregnancy at all. Look at her! She is like a ray of sunshine!"

The changeling shot a glare at the half-robot and turned to Richard again.

"It will soon pass! In less than seven months everything will be over and she won't have the mood swings all her pregnancy…"

But Koris' mood swings didn't alter the following months, increasing even as the sickness dimmed and was replaced by irrational cravings. As soon as Dick wasn't out for crime fighting or watching over the building of their future home, he could be seen running around in the tower, trying to fulfill his wife's menu wishes beside of her other requests.

"Husband Dick! I am out of mustard! And where is the chocolate ice cream topped hamburger I requested from you?" – "Husband Dick, my soda is warm again, just for once be not a clorbag and bring me a cold one!" – "My feet are swollen again, Husband Dick!"

One night she asked him: "Husband Dick, I have the craving of the food for Zorkaberries. Would you mind go and fetch me some?" and he dared to respond: "Sweetheart, it's three in the morning and I am way too completely exhausted to fly to Tamaran right now for Zorkaberries. Why don't you try the cranberries I bought?"

"But I want Zorkaberries!" she screeched.

That was when something snapped inside him and he just fled their bedroom, invading the one of his other expecting friends.

He whispered in a panicking tone: "Gar, Raven, hide me! Please! I can't stand this anymore! Now she wants Zorkaberries! Zorkaberries, for heavens' sake! I-I-I just… I can't… I can't take this… I…"

At his last words he started to sob uncontrollably into their bed sheets. The barely woken pair exchanged a sleepy glance and a sigh, then Gar got up.

"I'll go and talk to her. Maybe I can calm her down a bit…" he said as he left. Sometimes Raven was simply mesmerized by his ability to stay calm and patient even in such situations. He would make a great father. But first she had to deal with another father-to-be.

"Richard, calm down, everything will turn out fine. Trust me, I am sure if you talk to her reasonably and not just follow blindly any of her wishes, she'll understand" she tried to console him while she softly patted his head and wished she could continue sleeping instead of dealing with their teary leader right now.

After what seemed to be an eternity but surely was only mere minutes in which the empath horribly failed to get through to their broken-down leader, her husband returned with a very ashamed, pregnant alien princess.

"Oh, husband Dick, I am so of the sorry for pushing you around! I didn't mean to be such an erwallnit glerknif to you! Please, forgive me, my love and stop the shedding of the tears! I promise I'll behave!" she begged as she kneeled down beside him.

As she added: "And I really liked the cranberries you bought me. They are even better than Zorkaberries, you know…" he finally lifted his head.

"They… they are?" he hiccupped while he brushed off his tears with his pajama sleeve and looked at her pleading.

She gave him a bright smile, what had become a rarity in the past months, and nodded happily.

"You… you know, Kori, I… I just want to make you happy but… it's so hard lately and… I am just so tired all the time… I'm sorry I can't be a better husband… I…"

She shushed his stuttering with her index finger and shook her head: "You are an amazing husband, love, I am just so mean lately without wanting it, and I just want to have you with me right now in our bed. I'll try to keep the requests at an accurate rate, I swear."

They shared a smile and a kiss, that quickly became more heated, so Gar coughed slightly.

"Um, guys, if everything is settled now, can you have your little reconciliation-party in your own room? My wife and my daughter need their sleep."

Dick and Kori smiled at him sheepishly and left with some 'thank you's and 'good night's.

He let himself drop on their bed next to his wife and sighed: "After having to deal with those two for years, I guess our children will be a piece of cake…"

Raven cuddled back into him like she had before their leader had interrupted their sleep.

"If they are only slightly like you we'll give them a game station and some tofu and they'll be like little angels…" she smirked.

"Hey, no joking about tofu, love!" he objected with a wide smile and drew her in a kiss.

"At least we could ease their relationship-troubles for a short time…" Raven reminisced.

"Yeah, until she got into labor…"her husband snorted at the memory.

"AHHHRGH! I'll KILL you, Richard Greyson! You galbernack, sputneck, vorblinit…" Koris' screams echoed through the whole tower, damaging the med bay with star bolts and eye beams as she laid in labor.

Raven was blocking her husbands' sensitive ears with her magic to protect them from permanent damage while they sat in the common room, waiting for their friends' son to be born. Dick was nervously pacing back and forth in front of them, looking like a comic relief checking the clock every few seconds, pale and nervous. He still wasn't sure if it wouldn't have been better to go to a hospital, though the doctors probably would all have freaked at his wifes' behavior. Vic had him made to leave the med bay after she had thrown Dick three times into a wall, asking him to wait somewhere he would not end up in a hospital bed the day his first child was born.

The hours passed, the screaming got on, the threads became more vicious, then – finally – the cry of a newborn could be heard.

"I… I am a dad now!" Dick whispered unbelieving, immediately frozen on the spot.

Raven lifted the spell and she and Gar got up to congratulate him.

"Let's check out your little boy!" the green man cheered, but they almost had to drag the newly minted daddy to his wife and son. He was still a bit cranky due to Koris' threads.

As they cautiously entered the half destroyed med bay Kori, with her little son in her arms, floated over to her husband and crushed him into one of her infamous hugs, visibly overjoyed.

"Oh, husband Dick! I am so happy! Look at our little bumgorv Xand'r! Isn't he the most endearing, beautiful, lovely, little baby boy you have ever seen? Oh, I just love him! And I love you! And I love his tiny hands, and his tiny feet, and his tiny cute nose, and…" she ranted happily.

Dick just returned the hug and looked at his little family with the biggest smile ever seen on the usually rather serious leaders face. Nothing could disturb their happiness right now.

Well, except maybe the next sentence Raven would say: "Um, guys… I think my water just broke…"

The couple was laughing merrily at the memory they shared.

"It was just hilarious! I'll never forget their shocked faces as you said that!" he snickered.

"Yeah, but yours wasn't any better! I think it was the only time during my pregnancy I saw you actually freak out. You ran around like a headless chicken, shouting orders and almost throwing a tantrum at my every sign of pain as slight as it could have been…" Raven taunted.

"Come on, I wasn't that bad…" he frowned playfully.

"No, you were worse" she chuckled, "but I felt completely safe, thanks to you. If you wouldn't have been the one shouting and freaking, it surely would have been me… Like this I could concentrate on the labor and it wasn't that bad after all…"

"Always at your service, beautiful!" Gar grinned warmly at her compliment and put his arms around his wife. For a moment they just enjoyed the current silence they could share, but as always, the changeling couldn't stand it very long.

"You know, I think it was because of their difficult first pregnancy that they only have one child…" he mused.

"Probably. But I'm glad for every single one of our children, no matter through how much pain we had to go through" she smiled.

"Me too. Although they make me age much faster. Seriously, asking about pregnancy…" he slightly grumbled and made her smile again.