Title: Faerie Child

Author: Tainted Rose Wings

Warnings: OOCness, violence,, angst, language, drama, darkness etc.

Pairings: AragornxArwen (Others are unknown feel free to make suggestions)

Disclaimer: I neither own Harry Potter nor LOTR. All claims go to their prospective owners.

Summary: Waking up in the middle of the forest he doesn't know who he is, where he comes from or what happened to him. All he does know is that he's a child, he's in danger and his ears are pointed. All they know is that Mithrandir needs them to save this boy but upon saving him they get their own shock. What elfling has the ability to shift into a leopard cub and why does he have the family name of a very ancient race of elves that had been lost?

Author's Note: I keep reading all these adorable stories with Harry being an elfling child so decided to try my hand at it and add a little twist! Hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 1

His eyelids opened slowly to reveal emerald jewels. He whimpered lightly as he looked around but saw only trees. Where was he? How did he get there? He couldn't remember anything, not even his name. Noticing a puddle not far from him he crawled over to it and looked at his reflection, making a small surprised sound at what he saw looking back at him. The child in the water was beautiful if not slightly broken. Emerald green eyes glowed in the moonlight, raven black hair fell to his shoulders in waves, soft pale skin looked slightly chunky and childish near his cheeks but it was his ears that caught his attention. They were pointed yet elegant, something, he knew, that meant he was not a man or at least a human man. Something in the back of his mind whispered the word 'elf' and he knew that was probably what he was or at least some version of it. He looked to be about five to seven years of age but he couldn't be completely sure, he thought much older than a seven year old would and his eyes spoke of a young man not a child. He frowned at his reflection before whacking the puddle in childish petulance. However, he quickly looked around him warily as he realized he shouldn't have made such a loud sound. The young boy felt his lower lip tremble as he looked past the canopy and at the moon, his little heart aching as he felt himself missing something or someone. Sniffling softly, he got to his feet and began to wander around the clearing, seeing if maybe he'd been with someone and merely gotten separated but there was not one person insight. Slowly tears began to slide down his cheeks and he cried at the aching in his chest that he could only relate to loneliness and abandonment.


Laegolas looked up from where he sat with a book in his hands. Aragorn kept scowling at a piece of parchment in his hand as though it kept insulting him. Letting a small smile, grace his features he set the book down and spoke, "What is it, friend?"

Aragorn glanced at him before scowling back down at the parchment. It took a few moments before he replied back to his elven friend. "Gandalf has sent me a letter. When does he ever send letters?"

"What does it say?"

A concerned look crossed his face and Laegolas sat up straight. That wasn't like Aragorn at all, even after taking control of Arnor and Gondor Aragorn rarely ever showed true concern less it had to do with Arwen or any of the other Fellowship Members. "He says that we must go to where the star fell and save the child."

Laegolas vaguely remembered a few days ago they saw what they had deemed a shooting star fall out the sky and land somewhere close to Rivendell. They had all brushed it off, saying it was a miracle rarely seen but nothing too important. However, at Aragorn's words about Gandalf's letter it seems as though they were wrong. "We?"

"Yes. He wants me, you, Arwen and Lord Elrond to go collect the child. What child could this be?"

"I do not know but if he is requesting all of us to go. The child must be very important."

He watched as the Elessar's eyes hardened with resolve before he rolled up the letter. Looking at Laegolas he said, "I will go tell Arwen. Prepare the horses so that we may let Lord Elrond know before we go searching for this child."

Laegolas let a full blown grin curl his lips as excitement for another adventure rushed through him before he nodded his head and walked out.


He ran through the trees as fast as his little legs would take him, glancing back when he heard the strange yells from behind him. He'd awoken in terror when something yanked his leg and clawed at him after he'd cried himself to sleep. His terror was only made worse when a disgusting creature with horrible teeth loomed over him with a malicious smile, strange words flowing from its lips that he couldn't understand. This seemed to make the monster mad and it yelled something to its companions, they swarmed around him and began to rip into him before he was able to duck under their arms and run. They let out an angry screech before chasing him into the forest, things that seemed similar to swords being unsheathed. Hence how he ended up running through the forest, bloodied up even more than when he first woke up with only a few scratches and a sad look in his eyes. Why was this happening to him? What had he done? He fell to the ground hard when his foot caught in a root, dragging himself into a nearby bush he hid between it and a fallen tree. He muffled his terrified whimpers by putting his hand over his mouth, closing his eyes as he heard their angered shrieks run by him. He waited for a little before he began to scoot out of his hiding place but a firm kick sent him flying back into the fallen tree. He looked up to see the original monster sneering down at him. It raised its sword and he flinched away, waiting for the killing blow when he suddenly felt a tingling all through his body. When the tingling stopped he heard the creature let out a series of guttural words as its companions arrived and they traded words before it grabbed him by his scruff. Scruff?! He opened his eyes and noticed everything was in a sharper clarity yet even smaller than it had been before. He looked down at himself and saw he was a leopard cub. He tried to figure out how that happened when suddenly he let out a yowl as he was shaken painfully. He let out a hiss as he looked at the creatures, fear coursing through him as they began to toss him around. They grabbed his tail, pulled at his ears and smacked him around as they laughed and continued to their camp. All the while he tried to protect himself as best he could but he knew there was nothing he could do to save himself.


Arwen watched her husband's hardened features with worry. All she'd been told when they left their home in Gondor was that they had to go to her father and look for a child. She wondered briefly what this child would look like and who he was for Aragorn to seem so tense about it. She looked over at her father and as though sensing her worry he glanced at her with a tender but reassuring smile. She looked over at Laegolas and saw that he was concentrated on the path ahead just like Aragorn. She smiled lightly at how alike the two were, the best of friends they were as it should be. They'd known each other for long enough, each of them knew each other for many years. She urged her horse a little faster so she was side by side with her king and she leaned over a bit when he glanced at her curiously, his expression softening a bit, "What is it my love? What has you at such unrest?"

He shifted as though he was uncomfortable but said nothing for a time before finally saying softly, "I do not have a good feeling. Something is wrong and I just hope we get to the child in time."

Arwen nodded reverently children were such a rare thing for elves that any child, be it man or elfling, was precious to them. The thought of any child out here in the woods made their skin crawl and so they'd set out immediately after letting her father know what was going on. "We are close to where the star fell."

Laegolas' words broke her out of her thoughts and she looked up, her own eyes searching to see what Laegolas had. It didn't take long for her to notice the slight indentation and disturbance in the trees ahead of them, like something had shot through them and landed there. They shifted their horse into a full gallop before entering the small clearing. Lord Elrond slipped off his horse and squinted down at something before frowning, his eyes lined with worry as he looked up at them. "Orcs have been here."

They all sucked in air. Arwen felt her heart speed up in fear for the child. There would be no chance if the child was caught, they would kill him or her and then all would be for naught. Elrond gritted his teeth and swung back up on his horse as he said, "Let's continue on the trail. They left a pretty clear one so it looks as though the child was able to slip away."

Aragorn seemed to study the clearing a little more and noticed what lord Elrond was talking about. There seemed to be a struggle before what he could only guess was the child slipped into the woods, broken branches a sign of his pursuers coming after him. They heard a sharp cry and before anyone could say anything Laegolas was off, his horse galloping into the woods after the sound. Elrond, Arwen and finally Aragorn followed behind in a breakneck pace. There were signs of a chase and a struggle almost everywhere but it ended near a fallen tree. They could see a few blood droplets that were obviously not Orcs blood and their faces drained of color. Night was beginning to fall but Arwen could feel the undercurrent of urgency to find this child. They had to. "We must keep going. It is fresh, they cannot have gone far."

Her words seemed to rouse them as they slipped off their horses. Laegolas and Aragorn immediately began tracking the Orc's movements from the fallen tree, noting there were no longer signs from the child. It didn't take long for them to hear the cackling laughter and sharp taunts of the Orcs as they sat around their camp fire, tossing something small between them. At first they thought it was the child until they saw it was some sort of animal that they couldn't be familiar with. "This will be a delicious morsel once we get done playing with it."

The one that spoke was obviously the leader of the three Orc pack and it seemed to yank on the creatures tail when it tried to crawl away, causing it to mewl pathetically as it stilled. Arwen felt her heart go out to the poor creature that was obviously just a baby. It had to be frightened to be so far from its mother and in these cruel monsters hands. "We should kill it now and just be done with it. I grow hungry after the hunt."

All four of them tensed unsure as to why the thought of them eating the poor creature startled them. Arwen stepped forward but both her father and Aragorn, held her arms to keep her at bay. She shot her husband a fierce look but he was not looking at her but the babe. She turned to see what had their attention and hand to stifle a gasp. Suddenly, there was no creature there but a small child, curled in on himself as the Orc leader grabbed his hair. Rage went through all of them at the sight and Laegolas was the first to act, faster than anyone realized he'd notched his arrow and let it fly. The leader was dead before he hit the ground and the child let out a soft terrified cry as he dove behind a bush to hide. The other orcs cried out in shock and rage as Arwen, Aragorn and Elrond ran at them from their hiding place with swords drawn. The battle was quick and not as bloody as it would have been years ago. Arwen turned in time to see Laegolas bent near the bush, talking softly to it and obviously trying to coax the child out. She approached them slowly and Laegolas looked up at her with pleading eyes, she'd never seen that look on his face and froze for a second. She nodded her head in understanding and bent down next to him. She moved the leaves of the bush a little to reveal the small spotted creature, it hissed and swiped a clawed paw at them before huddling deeper into the bush. Emerald eyes watching them warily and obviously terrified as the cub –because they couldn't deem it as anything else – trembled. "I have never seen anything like it. What kind of child is this that it can change forms so easily?"

Arwen noticed how the cub's ears swiveled forward as Laegolas' spoke in Sindarin to her and the cub seemed to watch them more carefully. Arwen didn't take her eyes off the cub as she replied, "I do not know but I think it understands us when we speak like this."

As though to confirm this, those emerald eyes watched her intently and the cub made a soft mewling noise before making a strange chuffing noise. Elrond and Aragorn had lingered behind but heard the two speak clearly, they looked at each other before Aragorn spoke lightly, "Try to coax him out Arwen."

She hesitated before speaking slowly and softly, "Come child. Are you not hungry and tired? We wish to help you. We were sent to find you."

Its ears swiveled back and forth between her and Laegolas as they spoke comforting words. When she reached out to touch the cub it flinched violently and curled in on itself but instead of pulling her hand back she petted gently. Arwen was amazed by how soft the cub's fur was, she could feel where blood from wounds crusted over in its fur but otherwise it was soft. She could feel the harsh tremors in its body slow to soft trembling as one emerald eye looked at her and Laegolas in question. Once again in the blink of an eye there was a child where the cub used to be. Arwen tried to slowly breathe through her nose but she could feel the rage building in her stomach. The child was littered with cuts and bruises, his emerald eyes looked up at them with pain, sadness and mistrust. It hurt to be looked at like that by a child of all things. As though sensing the anger everyone radiated the child let out a small whimper and curled in on himself, Arwen had to bite down a sob before Laegolas took initiative. He scooted closer to the child and curled his arms around him, even when the child flinched and struggled he held on and brought him out of his hiding place. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Don't hurt me, please don't hurt me!"

They all froze at the child's soft cries, surprise at the fact he spoke Sindarin freezing them and surprise that he would think they would hurt him. Elrond came forward and stroked the child's head tenderly from where he hid it in his own arms. "Peace, ion. No one will harm you, now or ever so long as we have a say in it."

His soft cries quieted and his trembling eased as he looked up at all of them and it was then they saw him fully. Pale skin, emerald eyes but most of all the pointed ears that told them he was an elfling. Rage and surprise went through all of them as this fact came to light and Arwen had to put her hand on her husband's arm to keep him from turning around and hunting down anymore Orcs. The child seemed to sense the shift in emotions before he whimpered quietly and huddled closer to Laegolas who still held him gently in his arms. Laegolas hummed softly, trying to comfort the terrified child and the young boy looked up at him in puzzlement.


He looked up at all the grown-ups around him and realized save for one they all had pointed ears like him. He studied one and then another, the one who petted him was a pretty woman, she looked like an angel with her long hair and green-brown eyes as well as that glow around her. The one who held him so gently was also pretty but he could tell it was a male and he looked different from the other pointed eared male. He had pale silver blonde hair and almost grey looking eyes or was it blue? The colors almost seemed to shift and it was…pretty. The other pointed ear male kind of looked like the pretty lady but not as pretty. He seemed to radiate power but it was a gentle feeling not overwhelming like the nasty monsters. Then there was the round eared male, he seemed to be the pretty lady's partner from the way they interacted with each other. He had shaggy brown hair and a mustache that seemed to be greying a little but his grey-blue eyes were kind as he looked at him. Something in him told him these people wouldn't hurt him but he still felt uneasy and mistrustful. He looked at the two pretty elves and clutched at the tunic of the one who held him, feeling at ease with him humming softly. "What is your name little one?"

His eyes shifted to the human partner and his head tilted as he tried to remember his name. As though coming at his request, a soft whisper in his mind revealed his name to him. He looked at them somewhat shyly and said softly, "Syllith Baequimitore" (lit. Faerie Child Blessed By the Moon)

All four adults looked at each other in shock. They had not heard that family name in centuries and the child's first name was uncommon but definitely contained Elven. Syllith watched the pretty lady move closer to him and tensed as he watched her warily but she smiled warmly and he relaxed a little. "My name is Arwen Queen of Gondor. This is my husband Aragorn King of Gondor and my father Lord Elrond of Rivendell. The one that holds you is Laegolas prince of Mirkwood."

The last two places called up a memory that he was sure had been forgotten. "You are Syllith Baequimitore now. You must go to either Mirkwood or Rivendell. There will be people there who will help you. You cannot stay here any longer, ion. You must go."

He shuddered as he remembered the urgency in that voice but he couldn't remember who had said it or why. They had sounded…scared. Syllith looked up at the pretty lady, Arwen, and spoke. "I was told to go to either Mirkwood or Rivendell. That I would be helped."

Elrond looked at his daughter in surprised and stepped forward as he asked, "Who told you little one?"

Syllith felt his bottom lip tremble and stick out as a wave of sadness and panic set in. "I don't know. I don't remember."

The last word was a little wail as he began to cry and Laegolas shot the lord an irritated look to which Elrond looked sheepishly apologetic. Laegolas murmured comforting words to the child as he rocked him gently. Syllith buried his head into Laegolas' shoulder, hiding from the rest of the world as the ache set back in his chest. He felt as though he lost something very important but he couldn't be sure what it was. Once he calmed down and was only sniffling, he laid his head against Laegolas' shoulder feeling tired suddenly. The adults noticed this immediately and let small smiles touch their faces. Laegolas looked up at Elrond and said, "Let us take him to Rivendell. It is closer and I am sure he will appreciate the more open beauty of it."

Aragorn murmured his agreement as he stroked the child's head, watching with a smile as Syllith's eyes fought to remain open and keep tabs on the conversation. Arwen smiled as the child's eyes finally closed and sleep took him. The trip back to the horses was quiet as they lost themselves to their thoughts. Who was the child and what had happened to his kin?

To be continued…

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