Title: Faerie Child

Author: Tainted Rose Wings

Warnings: OOCness, violence, angst, language, drama, darkness etc.

Pairings: AragornxArwen (Others are unknown feel free to make suggestions)

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Summary: Waking up in the middle of the forest he doesn't know who he is, where he comes from or what happened to him. All he does know is that he's a child, he's in danger and his ears are pointed. All they know is that Mithrandir needs them to save this boy but upon saving him they get their own shock. What elfling has the ability to shift into a leopard cub and why does he have the family name of a very ancient race of elves that had been lost?

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Chapter 4

"I…I hear…the w-wind blow?" Elrond smiled down approvingly at the small child and nodded his head. The Lord of Rivendell had taken to trying to teach Syllith the Common Language and at first it was a chore to do but the child was catching on quickly. "Very good, Syllith. Soon enough you'll be able to hold full conversations with everyone."

Syllith scrunched his nose up, taking a moment to concentrate on what Elrond just said in common before smiling brightly. "Will I be able to read common language books soon?"

Elrond looked at the child expectantly and he huffed before screwing up his face in concentration. "B-Books…Will…I be able to…read them soon?"

His tone was slightly halting and you could hear the uncertainty in them but there was also determination there. Elrond smiled at that before he looked through the mess on his desk and lifted a small thin book. "You might be able to read this one now."

The child cried out happily, taking the book and rushing out yelling a hello to his 'Ada' when he passed him by, going straight for the gardens. Elrond chuckled and shook his head as Aragorn walked into the room shaking his head. It was now almost two weeks since Syllith had arrived on Middle-Earth and only nine days since he'd made his way into their hearts. "How are his teachings going?"

"He is a quick learner once he puts his mind to it. He is slightly uncertain but a good student." Aragorn smiled fondly before a troubled look crossed over his features and Elrond waited patiently for the man who had always been a son to him to speak. "He has been…spending an unusual amount of time in the gardens lately. Legolas says each time he comes from the gardens he smells of buttercups and rainfall yet the child always remains solemnly silent when he questions him. I am…worried."

Elrond hesitated before he spoke, "The Old Ones…they were very connected to nature perhaps it is just his lineage showing through. I am sure there is no need to worry."

Aragorn only looked slightly pacified before he said, "Arwen and I will be heading back to Gondor…she wishes to take Syllith with us…will you come? I feel it will ease the transition if everyone he is familiar with comes along."

The Lord thought about it for a moment before nodding his head, "That might be for the best. Although I fear he might not be all that happy with the decision."

Aragorn winced before he sighed. "That is our fear as well."


Syllith rushed through the tall maze garden, giggling as he held the book close to his chest. "Delia! Whisperwind! Firelight! Come look!"

Syllith had taken a shine to the three females although Delia and Whisperwind were friendlier than Firelight who could be mischievous to the point of dangerous. He liked Butterbee and Brownnose as well but the Bwca was always busy talking to the Seelie Queen and Brownnose was always so shy and solemn. At the moment both Brownnose and Butterbee were back with the Seelie and UnSeelie Queen's discussing something Butterbee promised to explain later. A part of Syllith, the part Syllith tended to shun because of the way it thought ad how much older it seemed, made him feel slightly uneasy with all the secrets being kept from him. All those thoughts were pushed away though the moment he broke through his secret place in the garden, where he'd first met the Faeries. "Guuuuys. Where are you?"

He let out a soft whine that they weren't there waiting for him like usual. It was only then he noticed something slightly different about his favorite part of the garden. It seemed darker, more sinister than it usually did and he felt uneasy about it. He felt like he was being watched by something that wanted to hurt him and he quaked, frozen to where he stood before a small ball of light shot out from the bushed and stayed in front of him like a shield. For a moment the dark energy seemed to intensify before slowly fading and Syllith realized the ball of light was Firelight. Her black eyes seemed harsher, almost blood thirsty as she looked out into the forest at whatever had been threatening. His voice was soft and meek when he uttered her name, causing her eyes to soften slightly and look at him. "Things are progressing princeling. You're kin are surely taking their sweet time."

Her spunky personality and rueful words brought a small smile to his face just as two trees shimmered and the two Dryads rushed up to him. Gathering him in their arms and wailing their apologies over him while the pixie huffed and rolled her eyes before snatching his book and dangling it in the air. He let out a little yelp and reached for it but she playfully kept it out of his reach making him chase her. "Firelight! That's not nice! Give that back! Deada gave it to me!"

The little pixie cackled, shooting rhymes at him as she taunted him. Soon enough he collapsed into the grass, a grin on his face before the Dryads pounced on him and tickled him. Shrill laughter filled the garden as he pleaded for mercy, tears of laughter rolling down his cheeks. Soon enough the situation was forgotten and he was curled up against Delia as Whisperwind weaved a crown from the moss of a willow tree nearby. Firelight sat in front of him, paging through the book that lay in front of her since she was too small to have it in her lap. Emerald eyes watched before he asked, "Why do I think differently than a child?"

Firelight glanced at Delia and the grinning Dryad shrugged uncaringly, continuing her ministrations of combing her fingers through his hair. The pixie went back to her book before saying flippantly, "Because you are not a child. You are already of age but your body hasn't yet realized that."

Syllith frowned, he didn't really understand but he was sure that if Butterbee knew she'd told him that she'd be in trouble so he was content with that much. Whisperwind swatted Delia's fingers away from his head and slipped the crown on his head, both of them cooing at how cute their little prince was. Syllith yawned tiredly and snuggled into Delia's lap and sighed happily, as much as he loved his makeshift family a piece of him always felt at home with the Faeries who were his kin. He would only vaguely remember the whisper of wind moving past him, the gentle arms encircling him and the loving kiss pressed to his brown as he slept peacefully in an embrace that smelled of peach blossoms. "Syl…Syl? Pen tithen?" (lit. little one)

Syllith's face scrunched up for a moment before opening his eyes and looking into icy blue. He watched Legolas' face for a moment before reaching out for the elf, something seeming to resonate with the older elf's presence. Unthinkingly he murmured as the golden haired elf picked him up, "Did Firelight leave my book? She knows I'd be displeased if she took it."

He felt Legolas freeze at his words before he asked, "Firelight?"

However, Syllith froze realizing what he said and wriggled around in Legolas' grip. He rubbed his eyes and pretended to yawn, his more childish mine pouting at the fact he could pretend so well when he should be but a child. Something, that other part of him quietly whispered in the back of his mind 'But I'm not really a child…am I?' He looked at Legolas quizzically seeing the book in the older elf's hand he gave a cry of delight. "You have it! Deada said I could read it now. He said I'm doing much better with my Common Language lessons."

Syllith watched carefully as Legolas looked as though he would pursue but he must have thought better of it because he gave the child a gentle smile and said, "That is good news, pen tithen. I am glad to hear it. Maybe you will read to me some time in the future."

He nodded his head happily, excited but relieved that Legolas was once more letting the matter drop when a thought popped into his head as Legolas carried him. "Where are we going?"

He noticed his older companion seemed to grow quiet and refused to look at him as he spoke. "You're Ada and Nana wish to speak with you."

"About what?"

"I cannot say…"

"Can't or won't?" Legolas looked down at the child in his arms, slightly surprised at the shift in tone. There was something there that had sounded older than the child-like way little Syllith usually spoke and it worried him immensely. The past few days Legolas had begun to notice a shift in the little child, while he was still very loving and innocent he'd begun to withdraw a little he spent most of his time in the gardens and always came back smelling like buttercup and rain but today he smelled different. He smelled more like peach blossoms and dirt. He stopped and knelt down, setting the child on his feet and laying his hands on his shoulders. "Syllith be truthful with me. What is going on, child? Why do you spend so much time in the gardens?"

He noticed an unusual dark expression slide over the child's face before he pouted and refused to meet his eyes. This time though, there was not a sight of tears to accompany the look. Just a look of vague annoyance and this worried him as well. Syllith hardly ever showed these kinds of emotions if at all, he was always a very timid and loving child. He was patient and honest but this secretive, easily annoyed person in front of him didn't seem completely like his Syllith. "Syllith, talk to me. You know you can tell me anything."

The little child suddenly glared at him and stomped his foot, causing him to pull back sharply in shock. What in all the Valar? "You always ask the same thing and I always tell you the same thing. Why can't you just leave me alone!? I do nothing wrong!"

The tears finally came and Legolas felt his heart shredded, realizing that by continuously asking Syllith over and over was like saying he did not trust the child. Sighing lightly he pulled Syllith into his embrace and shushed him gently, picking up the child and carrying him. "I am sorry, pen tithe. I will question you no longer. Understand I trust you but I was simply worried. I would be very sad if something bad happened to you."

Syllith sniffled guiltily, the child part of his mind hating the fact he made Legolas feel bad purposely while the other part understood it was necessary. He hated that part, the part that seemed too old for a small child like him. The part that new he was not like everyone else. They soon entered lounging room where his Ada, Nana and Deada stood conversion but unlike usual he didn't stay in Legolas' arms. He slid out of them and quickly rushed to his adopted Nana, finding a small amount of comfort in Arwen's arms that felt so similar to another. Arwen gave Legolas a questioning look over Syllith's head when the child snuggled into her embrace but Legolas just gave her a pained smile. Aragorn walked over and patted Syllith's head gently, earning a soft sigh as the child relaxed. He sat on her lap, laying his head on her shoulder as he looked at Aragorn quizzically. "W…What is wr-wrong…father?"

Aragorn smiled proudly at Syllith's quiet, slightly uncertain but determined common language. Chuckling softly he said, "I have important news for you. We have important news for you."

Syllith scrunched up his nose as he tried to comprehend his father's words in common tongue before pulling away slightly and looking at Arwen. "Nana? What does he mean?"

Arwen chuckled slightly, taping the tip of the boy's nose gently but Syllith could see the worry in her eyes. "You know Ada and I are from Gondor…correct?"

Syllith felt unease churn in his stomach and he tightened his grip on her dress as fear filled him but he nodded his head. "Well we have to go back an-"

"So you are leaving me…?"

Arwen blinked, feeling her heart break at her adopted son's hopeless tone before shushing him gently as tears began to fall. Smiling gently just as Elrond cut in. "No child…They want you to go with them. To live with them in Gondor…I will be traveling with you as well."

At first elation at the fact they would not be leaving him and instead would be taking him with them filled him but that quickly changed. Gondor was a city of iron and stone not nature. His Kin would not be going with him. Suddenly, a rage filled him but he didn't let it unleash. Instead he turned to Legolas for even though he was somewhat upset with him and felt guilty, he knew if Legolas went it would be okay somehow. "You will come…You will come too right…Las?"

Legolas winced at the child's use of the little nickname. It hurt to hear it come out of Syllith's mouth in that hopeful tone when he wouldn't have the reply he wanted. "Syl…I will always be right by your side. I won't be able to go there right now but I will go and visit you as soon as I can."

The look Syllith wore nearly shattered his heart, there was nothing but pure agony in the look before something dark and fierce twisted his childish face. Legolas found it to be…terrifying. To see such a look on a child's face no matter how old the child might actually be. "So you will leave me…you will leave me just as they did?! And you will rip me from the only home I have known?! I won't go! I won't ever go!"

The last part he'd directed towards Arwen and Aragorn before running out, not caring to see the concerned but surprised expressions on everyone's face when the glass around them shattered. Syllith ran as fast and as far as he could, tears blurring his eyes as he called out for his Kin. "Firelight! Whisperwind! Delia! Please!"

He didn't know how he got to the gardens but the next thing he knew, he was wrapped up in the two dryad's embrace as he sobbed. They murmured comforting words to him and made soft shushing noises as Firelight flitted around, he could feel her frenzied worry practically radiating off of her as she pestered him with questions trying to understand what made him so hysterical. He looked up at Whisperwind and begged unthinkingly, "Take me with you! Don't leave me here! They want to take me away! They want to take me to the city of iron and stone!"

He immediately noticed when Firelight stopped flitting about and he could see the shock in Whisperwind's eyes. He let out a little cry when Firelight tugged a strand of his hair sharply, her dark eyes narrowed dangerously as she asked, "They want to take you to the great city? The place they call Gondor?"

He sniffled lightly and nodded his head, shocked to hear Whisperwind and Delia's muffled sobs. He even noticed Firelight seemed to wilt a little at his confirmation. She petted his head gently and fear filled him once more, "Take me with you! Do not let them take me!"

The little pixie shook her head and stated calmly, "You need to go princeling. The pieces are falling into place finally. You will be better protected from her there and there are ways for us fairfolk to reach you. You are partially one of us after all. You have strong blood in you, merely look into water whenever you need to and we will be at your beck and call."

Syllith felt his lip quiver gently, ager bubbling just beneath the surface. This was their fault, if they didn't want to take him to that city he would be able to stay here with them. As though sensing his thoughts Delia tweaked his nose gently, a dreamy smile on her face as she said, "Do not be that way. They love you very much, of course not as much as we love our little princeling but they wish to do well by you. Is that not why you call the human man and elf woman Ada and Nana?"

Syllith hesitated as he sniffled before nodding his head in agreement. As his anger slowly faded he realized how shamefully he had acted and felt embarrassed. Suddenly, he heard the yells of his Ada and Nana before long Legolas' and Deada's voices joined in. Firelight pinched his cheek roughly before giving him a cheeky grin, her dark eyes glittering mischievously. "Give 'em hell. You are one of the fairfolk after all. I'll let stick in the mud and Brownnose know what's happening."

Delia and Whisperwind kissed his brow gently, giving him sad smiles before they disappeared into the trees. The closer the calls got, the more nervous and ashamed Syllith became. Without thinking he shifted into a panther and hid in a bush, reluctant to show himself to whoever found him first. Finally Arwen reached the general area he was in and after a moment spotted his small black form, partially hidden in the small bush. The small leopard cub made a little noise and Arwen smiled gently, kneeling down on the ground infront of the bush and talking soothingly. Aragorn and Legolas soon followed, both looking considerably relieved to see the small boy alright. After a moment of letting himself be talked into calming slightly, his Deada arrived looking relieved just as the little cub flung itself into Arwen's arms. She cooed softly, trying to ease the trembles of the small warm and furry body in her arms. Legolas knelt beside her and gently scratched behind one of the kitten's ears before starting to speak. "Pen tithe, I care for you very much. I worry just as much as your Ada and Nana do for your safety. Sometimes though, I will not always be there to keep an eye on you but know it is never willingly that I leave your side. If I could I would always be right where I could see you but my own Ada must be worried about me and will probably wish to meet you. So I can promise that as soon as I can I will go to Gondor to see you…agreed?"

Emerald cat-like eyes watched him closely before the small cub nodded his head and Legolas smiled. Arwen cuddled the kitten as Aragorn kneeled down beside them and tousled the small kitten's fur, earning and indignant look from the feline. "Does that mean you are open to coming with me and your Nana?"

The child seemed to debate it before slowly nodding his small head and everyone relaxed. However, Arwen looked worriedly at the small cub and asked, "Won't you turn back?"

The cub let out a small chuffing noise and shook its head, burying itself deeper into her arms. With a soft sigh Arwen looked up at Aragorn and knew they were both thinking the same thing. This was going to be a long journey.


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