Title: Faerie Child

Author: Celestial Seraphim

Warnings: OOCness, violence, angst, language, drama, darkness etc.

Pairings: AragornxArwen (Others are unknown feel free to make suggestions)

Disclaimer: I neither own Harry Potter nor LOTR. All claims go to their prospective owners.

Summary: Waking up in the middle of the forest he doesn't know who he is, where he comes from or what happened to him. All he does know is that he's a child, he's in danger and his ears are pointed. All they know is that Mithrandir needs them to save this boy but upon saving him they get their own shock. What elfling has the ability to shift into a leopard cub and why does he have the family name of a very ancient race of elves that had been lost?

Author's Note: So I remember some of you guys had wanted to see Syllith's family tree would look like so I thought…What the hell, I've made you guys wait long enough. I'll give you all a side chapter AND his family tree. At least a condensed version of it cause honestly those Fae were far too frisky lol so I just put the most important ones in there along with family members most likely to pop up….maybe lol. Hope you guys enjoy this cute fluffy side chapter and his family tree.

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Faerie Child (Side Chapter)

Syllith hummed happily as he made himself a flower crown. Delia had taught him how a few days ago and he wanted to make a whole bunch of them so that he could give one to everyone. He was very happy here in Rivendell. He was sure –for some odd reason– that he had not been this happy and content anywhere else, ever. Syllith hoped he would never have to leave this place because Rivendell was his home, he was sure of it. The little elfling let out a little giggle once he finished the crown and put it atop his head, touching it lightly in areas to make sure it stayed put. His little elfling ears caught the faint whisper of another elf coming his way and immediately recognized the stride of Legolas. Looking he beamed up at the taller elf and held his arms out, fingers making grabbing motions that made the older elf laugh. "Little one, what are you up to?"

He looked adoringly at the older elf that he'd silently, and quite childishly, claimed as his. "I am making a crown. Or at least I made a flower crown!"

Syllith bowed his head slightly to show the elven man his flower crown of lilies and wildflowers. Legolas smiled indulgently at the child in his arms and said, "It is very beautiful. Have you been making it for a long time?"

A rush of pride spread through the little boy and his chest puffed out a little making Legolas laugh. "Not at all, Las! I've gotten to be very fast."

He nodded his head as though agreeing with himself, as his fingers weaved through Legolas's white blonde hair. A thoughtful look came upon the little boy's features and he peaked up at his constant companion. Legolas gave him a curious look before the little boy asked, "May I put flowers in your hair…please, Las!"

Legolas opened his mouth to gently deny the child his want but the moment he looked into large, emerald, hopeful eyes he'd lost. Letting out a soft sigh, he folded his legs beneath him and sat on the ground with Syllith in his lap. "Only for a little, Syl."

The child let out a happy squeal and immediately began to pick flowers with amusing concentration. When he came back with both arms full of flowers, some of them even leaving a trail behind him as they fell, he stood behind Legolas and began to weave tiny white flower with yellow dots into his hair all the while humming happily.


When Gandalf came to bid his farewells he was surprised to see the older elf with his eyes closed, hair full of flowers and the little elfling determinedly finishing a flower crown. It had speckled white flowers and snowdrops weaved together almost expertly. The Istari blinked a few times before grinning when Legolas opened a single eye to look up at him. In that exact moment Syllith glanced up and made a dissatisfied noise with the elf and Legolas quickly shut the eye. "Hello, Mithrandir. Leaving already?"

The little elfling finally taking notice of the old Istari glanced up and let out a happy squeal, dropping the crown and jumping onto Gandalf. Tiny hands clutched at grey robes as emerald eyes gazed up at Gandalf with a mischievous sparkle. "Istari Mithrandir, doesn't Las look nice with flowers in his hair?"

Gandalf had to hold back a laugh at the elf's dismayed sigh, Gandalf was well aware Legolas like appearing to be a warrior and warriors did not have flowers in their hair. "Indeed, little one. It certainly suits him."

Syllith beamed up at Gandalf happily before continuing, "He says that he does not need a crown but he is a prince and all princes should have crowns, yes?"

Twinkling eyes looked down at the flower crown Syllith had been making and then into mischievous green eyes. Unable to help himself he laughed and said, "Yes, I too think he should wear one."

Legolas' eyes snapped open for a moment as he looked at Gandalf unhappily and Syllith let out another displeased noise as he said plaintively, "No peaking! You promised!"

The Mirkwood Prince quickly closed his eyes and was quiet for a moment a Syllith sat back down near him to finish the last touches on the crown. Only a moment later Legolas made a suspiciously thoughtful sound and he said almost too thoughtfully, "Perhaps Mithrandir would also like flowers in his hair to remember you by…"

Gandalf's soft chuckles of amusement stopped and he opened his mouth to decline but shining emerald eyes caught his and he knew he was doomed. With a soft sigh he sat down near Legolas and Syllith got up to gather flowers happily, Legolas' flower crown forgotten for the moment.


When Aragorn found them Legolas was adorning the flower crown with flowers in his hair and laying on his stomach. Gandalf was silently baring the reality of having blue bells and violets woven through his hair as Syllith happily hummed. A soft snort of laughter escaped before he clapped his hand over his mouth as two pairs of dismayed eyes and one pair of glittering emerald zeroed in on him. "Ada! Look! Look! Don't they look nice?!"

Gandalf and Legolas' eyes dared him to say it as he kneeled down to collect the bouncing child at his feet. Biting his lip for a second he nodded very solemnly to his adopted son, shooting them an apologetic look at he said to Syllith. "Yes, you have done a very good job."

Syllith beamed up at his adopted father, fingers tangling into his brown hair that was beginning to be peppered by grey. He gave it a curious look before glancing at the top of his head. Aragorn could see the wheels turning in his son's mind and warning alarms went off in his head. Clearing his throat he set the child down and said as he began to turn, "Well I just wanted to see where everyone was. I will be going now."

Legolas' and Gandalf's mouths opened to protest but one small childish voice beat them to it and made Aragorn freeze. "Ada…"

The call was soft and slightly hopeful to the point that Aragorn knew if he turned around now he was in trouble. He wavered for a second before Arwen's scolding voice in his mind made him turn around. Forcing a smile on his face as he looked at the little boy who would not look at him but simply scuffed the ground with the shoe. "What is it my little one?"

Emerald eyes glanced up underneath long soot colored lashes and the boy asked shyly, "Will you play with me as well? I miss playing with Ada."

Aragorn stifled a groan, his eyes closing in defeat for a moment before nodding his head slowly. He looked down into a grinning, sparkly eyed boys face and huffed at the triumph he found there. Guilt tripping, lovely. His new son was sneaky as well as manipulative. He was in serious trouble.


When Elrond found them Legolas was lounging against a tree, flowers and a flower crown in his hair while Gandalf stood near a flower stream examining the flowers in his own hair. Aragorn was trying to coax a giggling Syllith not to put the flower crown he was holding on his head. Elrond blinked at the sight, decided it was best not to get involved at turned around. Just as he took a few steps and relieved voice said, "Oh! Syllith look! It's Deada! Go ask him if he wants flowers in his hair."

Before he could act like he didn't see them let alone hear those words, tiny hands were wrapped around his leg and emerald eyes were looking up at him. "Syllith, hello."

The child grinned, almost wickedly if he didn't know better, as though he knew Elrond wanted nothing to do with flowers being put into his hair. "Hello Deada. Ada said to ask you if I can put flowers in your hair. You'll let me won't you, Deada? Cause you're the best, right Deada?"

Elrond shot Aragorn an affronted look but the King of Gondor didn't look the least bit sorry. "He did, did he?"

He looked down at the smiling child and silently noted to get Aragorn back for this. He was just about to explain why he couldn't stay when two voices interrupted. "Ada!"

"So this is where you were?!" Green eyes light up and Syllith twirled around, throwing himself at Elrohir and Elladan. "Uncles! Where have you been!?"

The twins laughed, ruffling their nephew's hair as Elladan lifted him high and tossing him into each other's arms. Earning squeals from him as the three flowered men tried to make their escape but before they could Syllith shouted, "Oh! Oh, wait! Elladan, Elrohir can help me!"

The twins stopped their game as Elrohir caught him snuggling in his arms and Elladan asked, "Help you with what, little mischief maker?"

Syllith grinned happily before pointing to Elrond and the three men as he spoke, "I am putting flowers in their hair and a crown on Ada's head. Will you help me?"

The twins looked at each other before looking at their father's dismayed face with wicked grins. Setting Syllith down both brother's agreed and set upon their father, never noticing the gleam in Syllith's eyes.


When Arwen found them she did not try to stop the laugh that escaped her at the sight she beheld. Legolas and Aragorn both wore crowns atop their head and flowers in their hair while Gandalf somehow ended up with flowers in his hair and woven around his staff. Elrond wore a crown of flowers, flowers in his hair and flower rings on his hands. At some point Syllith must have also coerced the twins into the same treatment because both were sporting flowers in their hair with good natured grumbles as Syllith made a crown for each. Arwen cleared her throat delicately, a smile playing along her lips as six pairs of pained eyes looked up at her with pleading gazes. Laughing once more she drew Syllith's attention to her, "Little one, is this what you have been up to after I said go amuse yourself?"

Syllith looked up with adoring eyes and ran to her, she smoothly lifted him up into her arms in one motion. She hugged him tightly as he snuggled into her embrace, a soft happy sigh escaping him as she played with his hair while being careful of his own crown. "Yes, Nana. Did I do well?"

She looked at the wounded prides before her and smirked, "Yes, little one. You did very well."

Laughing lightly she turned with Syllith in her arms and headed to the kitchen, deciding her little fairy earned a reward for the day.

The end!