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Little Dragon

I opened my eyes hearing a boom and all I saw was some yellow liquid surrounding me. I moved my paw and started moving around hoping to find something solid in this thing. Suddenly all the liquid keeping me floating decreased and I was hit with cold cruel air. It was so cold I had to huddle into a ball terrified of what was going on. Then I heard beeps and just knew that was bad. I shakily stood up and ran. I've never ran before and stumbled on my 10th step causing me to crash into something.

"-it's a Predacon!" a voice shouted. "Do we take it?" it asked as I it picked me up. I curled into a ball and tried to hide into its elbow wanting to just get warm. I quickly took in its scent and it smelled like fresh dirt mixed with something like pepper.

"Let's just go!" another voice shouted. Next thing I knew all the cold air was gone and I felt warm. I slightly uncurled and looked around. Everything seemed to be blinking and bright. I shifted and felt how soft the thing I was on felt. It was smooth and soft…those never really mix properly do they? Hmmm…So I moved on the seat and felt it rumble as I touched something like a button. I put my paw on it again and suddenly heard laughter.

"Hey that tickles!" the voice said I wheeled back in terror. What's going on? Where am I? Where did the voice come from? I curled into a ball again as cold air hit me again. "Who is that?" the voice asked as I was pulled into his arms.

"The one who-"


My sentence was cut off when I saw what was in the white ones arms. A small dragon. Icy blue and black smaller than my lower arm.

"It's the Predacon!" the blue autobot shouted as an Explosion rocked the earth. Hot searing fire was suddenly in front of me as they took cover from the explosion. I kept my optics shut as the cave in front of me was destroyed only leaving glass and rubble as proof. I couldn't beleive it. My family, brothers, sisters, and warriors...all got

"What have you done?" I muttered shock turning towards anger.

"What" calm

"Have" anger seeped through

"You" I was mad

"DONE?"They are going to perish

Little Predacon

I was suddenly set on the ground behind a rock and heard a bunch of booms come from the other side. I whimpered hearing the booms come my way. About two minutes later I was roughly picked up and crushed against something hard and warm as someone shouted "NO!" after that shout it felt like the world was vibrating and wouldn't stop. I looked up to see some bot with a mask and from what I could tell was carrying all of us. I couldn't understand what's going on at all. One moment I was inside a cave the next I'm in a big room with people I've never seen before. I started to squeak in protest as I was set on a large flat piece of metal.

I latched on to the arm of the mech holding me with my paws and squeaked terrified of being left alone. I don't know what I am, where I came from, or how I got here but I know one thing. I'm a kid and I absolutely hate being alone. I looked up at the mech silently begging for him to stay. I saw his eyes soften as he pulled me into his arms. I snuggled into the crook of his elbow refusing to move. I took in his scent and couldn't help but purr. What? He smelled like warm laundry. I think I might have dozed off at some point because when the mech tried to set me down I snapped awake and latched on.


I sighed as the little thing latched on to my arm .It's a child not even a day old and so far the last youngling of its kind. "It refuses to come off Ratchet" I said as he came over.

"For real?" he asked looking at the little dragon.

I lifted my arm above the berth and felt the thing wrap its tail and limbs around my arm. "For real" I said the old me coming through for a moment. I brought my arm back to my chest and held the thing close.

"Could I at least scan it Optimus?" he asked bringing said machine out. I gently held it out and let him scan it.

"Ok she's alive-"she? "And is healthy all she needs is energon" Ratchet said going to get it.

"Could we see?" Miko and the boys were suddenly on the ramp next to me Miko on her tip toes.

"Yes but I don't recommend getting too close" I said lowering the little thing so they could see. She looked up and used her paw to try reaching them only succeeding in making her look adorable.

"It's cute" Miko said with a frown.

"What's wrong with Cute Miko?" Jack asked leaning to see better.

"I can't believe Predaking use to be so small…" she muttered a goofy grin crossing her face.

"I know right?" Raf said trying to get a good look.

Can I see? Bumblebee was suddenly next to me looking for the little thing.

"I think we should show her to everyone right now" I said walking back to the med bay.

Fair enough

Little Predacon

The one known as Optimus started walking away from the little furry creatures. They were cute. I moved so I was looking over Optimus's shoulder and saw some black and yellow bot. I tilted my head in confusion looking at him. Who are you? Is what I wanted to ask but sadly until I'm able to speak I have to just attempt and hope they understand. I suddenly felt something tingly behind my face. I put my paw there and it got worse. Suddenly a big quick puff of air escaped my mouth causing my eyes to shut and cause something to shout. I opened my eyes and saw that the black bot was gone. I turned around and saw him looking at me wide eyed.

How? He muttered stepping back as the white and red bot came back.


I can't believe that just happened. The little thing sneezed as I moved away and a burst of white shot out of its mouth .It hit the spot I was standing just moments ago and left a giant scorch mark. I had moved to face Optimus but was now just staring at the Predacon.

How? I muttered as Ratchet came over.

"I need a CNA sample" he said as the little thing turned around.

"I'd LOVE to see that happen…" Wheeljack muttered coming over.

"What do you mean Wheeljack?" Optimus asked as the little Predacon reached for something invisible behind him.

"Pft Ratchet you know how kids react to needles" he said smirking as his eyes darted to me.

Don't look at me I muttered as the Predacon started thrashing in Optimus's arms.

Ratchet pulled out a needle and the Predacon (we need to name it) started squeaking in protest accidentally sneezing hitting an unsuspecting Bulkhead. The white stuff started smoking but Bulk acted as if it was freezing.

"Dude is that ice or fire?" Miko was at his side as he started Shuddering.

"I don't know…It both Freezes and feels like a volcano's around me" he muttered as the stuff started falling leaving a black mark.

"Like a Freeze Burn…"she muttered as a screech came from the Predacon. (Ratchet had stuck the needle in her when her optics shut)

Little Predacon

Dumb Ratchet. I hate that pointy thingy with yellow stuff. I glared at him while he went to that glowing green thingy on the wall. "Told you Doc" Wheeljack said as pain started to wrack my frame.

"DO NOT CALL ME THAT" I heard Ratchet screech as I whimpered. My tummy hurt. I looked up at Optimus and kept opening and closing my mouth. He looked confused the first time but around the fourth he realized I was hungry.

"Ratchet Freezer Burns Hungry" he said getting odd looks from everyone.

"What? It fit's" he said as Ratchet came over.

"Sure whatever don't let her drink it too fast" he said giving Optimus the cube. I wriggled out of his grip and snagged the cube with my mouth.

"What did I just- What's she doing?" he asked I fell rolled out of Optimus's arms falling to the ground. I grabbed the cubes corner and started tearing the top off.

"Don't Predacon's have hunting instincts?" a femme asked coming close.

"Yeah I guess they like to act as if it's a fresh kill" the green bot said as I licked up the sweet energon from the cube.

"Umm…Fresh kill? Does that mean she's a cannibal! Or that she's going to eat the enemy?" that little pink creature shouted as everyone including me gave her an odd look. Why would I eat this 'enemy'? Then again I almost died in that cave. Maybe I should just do what they tell me.

"Yes…and No. Miko Predacon's are the Cybertronian equivalent of animals. Some are innocent and good. Others need to kill to live. But on Cybertron it's all for Energon and everything alive has energon…you figure out the rest" Ratchet said as realization dawned on the little things face.

I dipped my muzzle in the cube and reeled back realizing I couldn't take an intake. I heard a few giggles and used my paw to get the blue stuff off flushed with embarrassment . I pouted and lied down a little sad.

"Awwww Too Cute! If she was a puppy I would send a video of her to Too Cute on A.N!" the pink thing said this time getting a "what" look from everyone. "What? It's called TOO CUTE for a reason!" she said not making eye contact. Whatever fur ball. I yawned as Optimus picked me up saying something as he walked down a hall.


I picked up Freezer Burn as she let out a yawn snuggling into my arms. "Freezer Burn will be staying with me in my room I'll be right back" I said walking down the hall. I silently entered my room and set Freezer Burn on the bed. Right when I exited and closed the door I heard the most important sound in the world.

The sound of an Autobot Transforming.

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