"No don't wanna!"

"Freezer Burn!" I grabbed the blue femmes waist and refused to let go. Ok on this note let's just say Freezer Burn HATE'S baths. When ever she stays there for too long her hair begins to freeze or the water becomes too hot for her. Today she realized she can't touch water. I really don't know how she's so smart like this it's just scary.

"Freezer Burn you need to take a bath!"

"NO" she tried to escape my grasp but failed…mostly because I was already holding her above the water. She landed in the water with a thump and began to growl. I know once she's in she can't get out without my say.

It's that personality that make's me really believe she's my energon and flesh. For some reason once she does something she refuses to do she's stuck doing it no matter how much she hates it. Same as me when I was a youngling.

"Sorry Freeze but this has to be done" I said pouring some anti freeze on her head. Why her hair freezes and not herself is a mystery. "Almost done" I said washing the A.F off of her head.

Suddenly she shivered and the water seemed to boil. "Ok done" I quickly pulled her out and checked for burn marks. This time there was nothing. So at a minimum she can only stay there until the water gets warm.

I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her waist taking care to dry her wings. Like most if her wings get wet she can't fly but it they tear while wet say goodbye to the sky.

"Ok free to go Burn" I said putting her on the ground. I payed close attention to the way she walked and realized she liked the dark more then the light a little while ago. The only time she can walk without a care is on the Nemesis.

"Does she have any new burns?" Ratchet asked as we entered.

"Thankfully no…but she hates water" I said eyeing the water guns the kids had left.

"Don't worry it's so hot they chose to get some ice cream-"

"Were back!"

"Then please leave"

"Leave us alone!" Miko retorted grabbing the water gun and pointed it at Ratchet. Said mech looked unimpressed.

" Oh like a little waters going to-" SPLAT

Ratchet looked at his chest only to see a big blob of red.


"Paint! Jack give me yours I need to hit him with green!" Ratchet unseathed his scalpels.

"Ok never mind" she ducked into the couch.

"Either way mine has water" Jack said squirting Raf.

"Hey! If your shooting me then at least let me pick what to watch" Raf said grabbing the TV remote.

This is what came on.

Water Earth Fire Air

Long ago the four nations lived together in harmony,

Then everything changed when the Fire nation attacked,

Only the Avatar Master Of All Four Elements Could stop them,

But when the world needed him most he Vanished,

A hundred years past and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar,

An Airbender Named Ang,

And although his Airbending skills were Great,

He has a lot to learn before he's able to save anyone,

But I believe ang could save the world.

"NO…wait… can Freeze…no No NO WAY!" Miko pointed at the TV now showing humans using fire and water as weapons- Oh Primus don't.

Miko looked at Burn with an insane smile. "No Miko" I said pulling Burn close.

"Aw come on-"

"No Even if she could she won't be able to activate her abilities until she's older-"

"she can burn people already"

"I'm not going to let you try until she's older" I said walking away. As I entered the hall Freezer burn suddenly became…annoyed? She struggled to get out of my grasp and seemed to want out.

"Ratchet?" I asked returning to the med bay.

"Yes Optimus" he replied yawning. Was he on the monitor all night?

" It's Burn. She seems…" I searched for a word.

Freezer Burn

I struggled in Daddies Grasp and bit his arm every now and then wanting to get out .Yes while I was in bot mode. I don't know why but it suddenly feels …tight.

"-she's a flyer which must mean she likes to fly."


"And? Optimus think! Flyers love the sky and need space heck on the Nemesis drones and Starscream constantly escaped wanting to fly"

"Burn can't-"

"She wants room to run. Like…she's claustrophobic"

"What?" Bumblebee asked coming over.

"Lets see…..Optimus put her in …the energon storage room for a minute"

"NO!" I shouted jumping out of his grip. I was there once…it felt like the walls were closing in…

"Ok she's Claustrophobic. Now go take her outside"

"YES!" I pumped my fist in the air.

"Can we come too?" Raf asked coming over.

"Um…sure" Bee picked him up and transformed as the bridge opened up.

"This should be a safe spot-"

I ran into the bridge.

"HEY" I was suddenly grabbed by my wings and I felt two optics glare at me.

"No pulling a Miko"

"But being Mimi is fun" I said as we made into a clearing.

"Maybe but you can't just run off like that" he said setting me on the ground. Nah I'll just keep running.

I darted away giggling .

"BURN" he shouted as I tripped.

"Ow" I muttered as I was picked up by Dad.

"Burn I told you not to run away not a minute ago"

"But its FUN"

I jumped out of his grasp and slumped over to Miko.

"HAHA you fail" I growled and looked her in the face. I was bigger than her and up to Arcee's hip. I may be small but I'm not afraid to fight.

"Ok" she muttered walking away. I walked away and sat under a big tree. I transformed and silently groaned as I felt something climb my back. I lifted my neck and looked over my shoulder only to come face to face with Miko.

"MOVE" I suddenly felt a rope come across my neck and I was up on my paws.

"Miko? What are you-" She pulled again and I bucked. I growled as she forced me to move to the right.


"What it isn't hurting her!" She screamed the last part because I let my wings snap open causing a gust of wind to hit lifting her off my back for a moment.

"OK Freezer Burn Miko that's enough!" Optimus picked me up and grabbed Miko off my back.

"Both of you need to talk to-"

"HEY BULKIE GET US OUT OF THIS!" Miko shouted screaming for her companion.

"Pay the bill Miko" he said walking past.

"Traitor!" I squeaked out angrily. Ok I Know what your thinking. How am I talking in beast form? I'm not. If I want to speak I transform.

"Awww she thinks you're a traitor Bulkie." Wheeljack taunted walking out of the bridge.

"Yeah it won't work Freezer Burn" Bulkhead stated seeing my pout.

"Oh shooooooooot she's doing the puppy dog pout"

"What's that?"

"It's her version of Optimus's stare. How do you think she made it out of today's checkup?" Miko said glaring at Daddy.

"Speaking of which-"


"Not again"



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