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Do you want to go to Cybertron?

Tell me now that you rethink that it doesn't remind you of a tune. So, when I heard those words I'm not gonna lie…I was so happy. Dad hasn't let me go because of Predaking being loose and the fact Shockwave and Starscream might be lurking around but since they've been gone and haven't shown their faces I can now go! I feel so giddy!

As the grondbridge began to activate I took notice of the bots coming with me. Wheeljack, Ratchet, Avia, Smokescreen, and Dad. Avia kicked at the ground in annoyance as some ice began to form. "Icy, we need to learn to control that ability of yours" she muttered wrapping her arms around herself. She had nicknamed me icy since…an incident. Let's just say she shouldn't have made out in the rec room with Smokescreen and I found them.

Not my fault that transfluid had been all over both of them.

"You know I can't control my ability" I whined lightly kicking her lower leg. I barely reached her hip.

"You could try"

"You think I'm not?" I asked.

"Kind of" Smokescreen spoke rubbing the back of his helm. I growled and glared up at him. In the next moment Dad shifted his foot. Since he was so tall and could barely see over his chest he'd shift his foot as a warning instead of kneeling or hitting me. I growled and crossed my arms.

"Smokescreen, Aviatrix" he it comes. "You haven't exact mastered your best abilities"

"Hovering is a completely different thing!"

"I told Ratchet I needed to clean my guns but he didn't listen" the two spoke. I hummed in approval as we went through the bridge.

"Just deal with the fact she can't control her abilities" Wheeljack spoke to them.

"Easy for you to say! You haven't had to thaw your…your thing! "

"Don't talk about things like that in front of Burn!" Ratchet spoke.

"Please don't ruin my daughter"

"You had to do what?" Wheeljack asked beginning to laugh.

"My wings got stuck and I couldn't fly for a week thanks to Icy" Avia muttered.

"I only froze the transfluid…ewww why was it on your wings!" I shrieked. Wheeljack was still laughing.

"Hey" Wheeljack spoke through a laugh "Burn, will you help me in a prank spree when you understand how to use your abilities?"

"I will wreak havoc!" I shouted as we exited the bridge.

"Not if you want your goodies" Uncle Magnus spoke passing by our little group. "Hello Burn"

"Aloha, Uncle Magnus!" I ran from our group towards Bulkhead. "CHARGE!" I shouted jumping on his back.

"Hey Burn! How's your weapon making coming along?" he asked as I managed to sit on his shoulder.

"Stupid" I muttered. "I can make the blade but I can't make a handle"

"ah you'll get it sooner or later" he spoke typing something into the monitor. Recently we had figured out that I could make weapons out of ice and I've been trying to make a sword. The blade part is easy but I can't make a handle that I like.

"How's thou day coming along?" I asked kicking my legs.

"Good. Miko's been sending messages non stop about a movie she wants to go see and wants to know if you'd like to come along with us"

"Sure" so that was what he was typing! "What's the movie called?"

"How to Train your Dragon"


I was now on the floor glaring at the ceiling.



"No cursing kid"


My dad stomped his foot.


"That is what I thought" he muttered. "Come along Burn" I got up and ran after him. He punched in a code and the ramp outside lowered. I began to tap my foot. This is taking too long!

"Whoa" I muttered seeing everything. Cybertron is just…just amazing.

"You should have seen it before the war" Wheeljack spoke passing us. As he did he ruffled my head.

"Watch the antenna!" I growled feeling one of them get bent. "That's my-"I took a step forward and tripped. "OW!" I fell off the ramp. Dang, the universe really wants to push me down huh? I felt the ground vibrate next to me.

"-whole balance thing"I muttered.

"Burn are you alright?" Dad asked. I opened my optics and raised a thumb up. He helped me up and I shook myself.

"So…where are we?" I asked as we walked.

"Right now we are on the outer border of Iacon" he spoke. "I grew up here"

"What was it like?" I asked seeing the drones work on a building.

"Calm…rather normal" he sighed looking to a large building. "My mentor use to live there"

"He's…Alphie Tron right?"

"Alpha Trion" a new voice spoke. I looked over my shoulder and saw a femme. She was tall and shades of purple. She had large yellow optics and a sort of crown like helm piece.


"Optimus" she replied. "That is your daughter?" she asked raising her optics from her datapad.

"Yes. Burn, this is Acryl Trion. Acryl, this is my daughter Freezer Burn"

"It's nice to meet you" the Acryl femme gave a nod to me.

"When did you get here?"

"I've been here for a while actually. I never left Cybertron" I blinked. Had she been in stasis or something? There's no way she could of survived without energon unless she was immortal.

"Optimus, Ratchet sent me to tell you earlier that he had found an energon mine. Also, you are late"

"I never had a schedule"

"Yes. Yes you did. Now-" Acryl whipped out a pen.

"- he also wishes to know what from earth you need to bring" Dad seemed to go into deep thought.



"This may take a while and I think you'd be better off exploring. Don't go anywhere further than outer Kaon and keep you comlink on at all times. Use your GPS and I will call every few minutes to check up on you and when I say come back, you will come back" the last bit was a threat. I nodded.

"Good. Now…go explore"

"Yay" I muttered walking away. As I walked I began to notice how huge everything was. It was kind of scary. There were huge buildings and now that Cybertron had its energy, the biolights on them had turned themselves on. The problem was the bio-lights are glowing orange and purple and now I am scared. As I walked along the old roads a sort of fog had settled. This must be Kaon.

Each of the buildings were designed to look triangular and the purple bioloights glowed way brighter here. I squinted my optics. The fog was getting thicker and thicker. "Dang it" I muttered hugging myself.

"Primus!" what was that?

"What is wrong?" I know who that is.



"I'll tell you in a bit" I turned in a full circle and squinted seeing two forms. One was most definitely Predaking and the other…Christina? Who's she?

"-I'll tell you in a bit!" she hissed putting her hands on her hips.

"All I wish to know is why you seem so moody!"

"I'm on my cycle then!"the black and silver femme growled.I'm sure she was lying to the guy.

"Uh…hello?" I asked. The two forms froze. "I'm lost! Can you tell me how to get out of here?"

I saw Predaking's silhouette transform and I felt a sinking feeling in my gut. I knew that move. I too transformed and made a run for it whenever I was scared or felt threatened. Only Predaking was an adult. A powerful adult. He wasn't about to run away from me.

He was going to hunt me.

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