Eren stared in the distance at his two friends. Mikasa was just staring at his poor friend, who in turn was looking down at his feet and blushing.

He kinda felt like he knew what the two of them were thinking.

Mikasa is probably thinking about how adorable and cute the blonde was while Armin is thinking something about how scary Mikasa was sometimes.

Seemed pretty normal if you'd ask Eren.

What wasn't so normal was the fact that almost everyone they all knew was creeping around and watching the scene in front of them. He could see Jean in one of the bushes, an aura of murder emitting from his skin, Sasha with her face pressed up against the window and a bit of bread hanging from her mouth, even people like Annie and Ymir were spying from a slightly open door. Eren didn't have the slightest idea why, but he didn't hesitate to make his way toward his friends. He was about to make his presence known, but Reiner quickly pulled him into the bushes next to him.

"Shh!" he motioned his finger over his mouth and looked back on the scene. Eren was about to open his mouth in protest when Connie put his hand over Eren's mouth.

"Don't ruin their moment! Just watch!" was all he said before moving his hand from Eren's mouth and looking back on the scene before them.

"How many of you are spying on them right now! This is just rediculous!"

"Shut up, Jaeger! Your ruining this for me!" Christa whispered from her spot in the bushes. Suddenly, a click was heard and everyone turned to look at Bertholdt.

"What? It's just a camera?"

"What's a camera?" Said Jean, who was momentarily distracted from glaring at Armin.

"It's this thing that takes pictures of whatever moment you want. Here, look at this." Bertholdt said as he held up a picture of a blushing Armin.

"Ooh, give me one of him!" Connie said before snatching the picture from Bertholdt's hands

"Me too!" Added Reiner

"All of you are so weird, why are you all spying on them?"

"Have you never noticed how cute Armin is? Whenever he's been around Mikasa recently, his cuteness multiplies by one-hundred percent!" Christa's expression was a bit terrifying to Eren since she looked a bit rabid, but he'd be facing titan's soon so he couldn't let one girl scare him.

"So you all are part of some sort of Armin fan-club?"

"Not just him, Mikasa too! Well, most of us want to see them together, but Jean's a bit different." Christa and Eren both looked over to Jean who looked as if he was about to attack Armin at any second. "We just keep him around so we can stop him from trying to hurt Armin."

"Shh! Look!" Connie whispered as he pointed to the couple everyone was watching. Mikasa had begun to wrap her arms around Armin after mumbling something that sounded like 'cute' as Armin gasped at the sudden contact.

Bertholdt didn't hesitate to take another photograph.

"M-Mikasa! Why are you hugging me all of a sudden?"

"I'm just giving our fans something to enjoy." She whispered into his ear. Armin's face turned even redder and he had to take a minute to regain some composure before saying anything again.

"You shouldn't mess with them like that, Mikasa. It's not nice."

"Neither is them spying on us. Besides, you're cute. Who wouldn't want to hug you?" Mikasa squeezed a bit tighter and Armin gasped a bit due to the lack of air.

"Aw, look at those two!" Christa said. She began to gush and ramble on about why they were so cute together and 'opposites attract' and random little things like that.

"Uhg, whatever. Mikasa would be much better off with me instead of him." Jean mumbled as he turned away from the scene in disgust.

"Well, whatever. I still ship it."