Chapter 20: Azarath Motivation

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"I still cannot believe you slept with Harley Quinn who really had a thing for you" Mario explained

"Yeah what a surprise isn't it" Sonic confessed

"Yes it is surprisingly. Anyway, now that you've told me about you and Harley Quinn. Who else did you sleep with?"


"From the Teen Titans"


"Sonic I'm going to say this… How on earth did you sleep with Raven anyway. Did she let you in her room or anything particular?"

"Well… Yeah, she always been alone in her room just reading books and meditate and everything so I thought I approach her to her room and talk to her and man I was in a big major surprise of how she acted towards me…"


Sonic hang out with the Titans at the tower having a good time. Starfire keep smiling at Sonic and Sonic smiled at Starfire.

Hours went by as the Titans were doing their usual stuff and as for Sonic and Starfire…

In Starfire's room…

The bed was shaking in movement and motion. The side table also shake from the movement of the bed while it was shaking coming from Sonic himself thrusting into Starfire hard and fast.

Sonic thrusts rapidly into Starfire in a missionary position. Sonic and Starfire been having a sexual relationship for about a month and a half. Starfire moaned hard and wild into the sexual pleasure and had her arms spread out knowing che could not hold it much longer.

"Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes oh Sonic yes, Give it to me. Mmm harder… Deeper, please go deeper and harder. I can't take much more of it no longer" Starfire moaned

"I'm getting close Starfire" Sonic groaned

"Oh Sonic… Oh Sonic… *Moan* OH SONIC!"




Moments later, Sonic pulled out his manhood as cum start to burst onto Starfire's stomach. Starfire rolled her eyes as she breathes heavily and out of breath. Sonic smiled and start to put his threads back on. Starfire smiled and sat up on the bed.

"Sonic, that was amazing incredible" Starfire complimented

"It sure was hey listen we don't have to have sex all the time you know, we can still hang out like for an example get some pizza, see a movie, show or go to the park and take a walk there" Sonic explained

"I know but I just couldn't resist having sex with you. I want to do this again please"

"What again but Starfire I'm tired and exhausted. Can we do this another time I just want to get some rest and some shut eye of course"

"Please Sonic one more and that's it and we'll even rest together after this"

"*Sigh* Very well then I guess one more round won't hurt a thing"

Starfire smiled and laid herself on her back of the bed and gestured Sonic to come take her again which Sonic did. As Sonic got onto the bed, Starfire position herself on top of Sonic in a cowgirl position and the two resume on with their sexual night together.

Later, that day…

Everyone who had nothing else to do as they begin to watch a movie together except for Raven. Sonic soon start to get suspicious.

"Hey where's Raven?" Sonic asked

"In her room like always reading books or meditating dude" Beast Boy responded

"Yeah she mostly stay in her room most of the time and sometime come out to talk and hang out" Cyborg added

"Is that so will I better go talk to her and to get to know her a little" Sonic said getting himself up from the couch

"Good luck with you man"

"Yeah dude and if she gets angry and attacks you, don't say we warn you" beast Boy added

"I'll take my chances"

Sonic heads over to Raven's room to talk. Once he arrives at Raven's door, Sonic took a deep breath and knock on Raven's door.

"Who is it?" Raven called

"It's Sonic, Raven" Sonic responded

Sonic waited patiently for Raven until the door burst open.

"Sonic, what's up?" Raven asked

"Just to talk, are you um… Busy?" Sonic asked

"No, please come on in"

Sonic nodded and steps inside the house and look around Raven's room.

"Looks like Halloween came early this year" Sonic teased

"Don't push it" Raven scowled

"Mow what is it that you want to talk to me about?"

"Raven… Why do you stay in your room most of the time and not hang out with your friends"

"I uh…"

"Is it because you're different?"

"Guess you can say that, I don't really much fit in with anyone. I'm different and some people look to me like I'm a loner and a depressed girl"

"Raven you're not alone. You have friends that cared about you like a sister, they always will help you make you feel happy and will always be there at your side whenever you're in danger or anything. You should know that by now"

"I… I guess you're right, thank you Sonic"

"You're welcome"



"I know"

"Know about what"

"About you and Starfire"

"What are you talking about, wait you've been"

"Yes I have seeing you and Starfire head into her room and do whatever you two do and I can even hear Starfire screaming your name and did you two just spend time yesterday last night.

"Damn She's good" Sonic thought

"Yes we did last night, are you trying to blackmail us or something?"

"No I thought I tell you and your secret is safe with me. But I have a question?" Raven asked

"About what"

"How do you make Starfire make her feel good so well?"

"Well I have my ways"

"Do you think you um…"

Raven frowned down a bit trying to finish her sentence until Sonic smiled.

"Oh I see where you're going at, alright I'll do it with you but aren't your powers will go out of control if you do this with me?" Sonic asked

"Yes but I will try my very best to control them" Raven responded

"Ok then its Showtime"

Sonic pushes Raven onto her back on the bed. Sonic gets on top of Raven and Raven looked so surprised.

"What are you doing to me?" Raven asked

"To give you what you want right but first why don't we do a little teasing" Sonic suggested


Sonic smiled naughtily and start to kiss Raven on her neck which got Raven to feel good.

"Ah…" Raven moaned

While kissing Raven's neck, Sonic move down his hands and begins to rub Raven's crotch slowly and sensual. Raven felt this feeling as she begins to moan softly a little.

"Oh Sonic…" Raven moaned

"You this feeling aren't you?" Sonic whispered

"Yes please continue I want this all of it"

"Ok, you ask for it"

Sonic stop kissing Raven's neck and got her to sat on Sonic's lap and spread her legs wide open. Sonic soon begun to rub and massage Raven's breasts which made Raven moan some more. While Raven moan, Sonic let his free left hand to slide down to Raven's crotch and start fingering Raven's wet pussy and smiled naughtily.

Raven closed her eyes feeling the sexual teasing and the excitement rising into her body.

"Yes…" Raven moaned

"Now think something dirty that me and you are going to do"

Raven moans softly right after hearing Sonic's words. She begin to think of some dirty fantasies between her Sonic. As she begin to think, Sonic turns things up a notch when he fingers Raven's pussy deep and fast. Raven start to breathe heavily to the teasement and wanting more from Sonic.

Sonic continued to massage and rubbing Raven's right titty with his right hand while having his left hand fingering her pussy. Raven moans start to increase from the amount of pressure Sonic giving to her.

"Ah…" Raven moaned

"Tell me you want me" Sonic commanded

"I want you"

"Do you really want me?"

"Yes I want you"

"Say it again"

"Yes Sonic, I want you"

"You want me to fulfill your fantasies that you're thinking right now"


"You want this don't you?"


"Don't you"

"Yes yes yes"

"C'mon baby tell me"


Within seconds passing by, Raven then reach her climax as she squirt her pussy juice cumming letting it all out from the amount of excitement. Sonic releases his hand from Raven's pussy as she start to moan softly.

Sonic then got Raven off of him having her on her feet. Raven turned around as she got down on her knees which Sonic had got her into it.

"Now it's your turn Raven" Sonic stated

"What do you want me to do?" Raven asked

"I want you to suck me hard and satisfied me"

Sonic unzipping his pants and pulling out his manhood in front of Raven and smiled down naughtily.

"Now place it inside your mouth and suck me hard" Sonic commanded

Raven nodded in response as she grip on Sonic's shaft and stroking it slowly. After that then Raven start to suck on Sonic's shaft hard as she could since Sonic commanded her to do. She suck it slowly nice and deep pleasuring Sonic.

"Ah yeah that's it Raven, keep sucking that lollipop" Sonic moaned

Raven slurping and sucking on Sonic's manhood slowly and hard. She then increases her pace when she sucks it fast a little hard. Sonic enjoyed the pleasure as he place his hand on her head watching her sucking him off.

"Ah yeah Raven, I'm going to burst soon" Sonic moaned

Sonic then decided to thrusts himself into Raven's mouth. Raven's eyes were in shock of Sonic's motives and his movements but had no choice to suck on his manhood while he thrusts in her mouth. As time went by to all of this, Sonic knew he was about to cum so he then burst his cum inside of Raven's mouth. Raven jerk away and cum start to burst out more and came on her face.

Raven start to swallow the cum and wipe the cum off her face.

"Sonic, that's a lot of cum you have in you" Raven said

"Yeah I sure do but now it's time we get down to the real show" Sonic suggested

Raven threw Raven to the bed as she was on her back. Sonic soon begin to rip off Raven's leotard outfit and stripping off her shoes until she was completely naked. Raven was surprised by all of this and Sonic soon begin to strip off his clothes and shoes and places them to the side.

"Now let's get the show on the road" Sonic stated

Sonic pulled Raven by her hips and grabbing on hold by her legs. Sonic strokes his shaft readied to insert it inside of Raven's pussy.

"Wait Sonic don't go so rough, this is my first time" Raven demanded

"Really this is your first time?" Sonic asked

"Yes please be gentle on me ok"

"As you wish"

Sonic prepared inserting his manhood inside Raven's pussy. Once it's in completely then Sonic thrusts his hips into Raven slowly. Raven soon begin to moan watching Sonic thrusting inside her.

"Ah" Raven moaned

Sonic smiled naughtily and start increasing his pace when he thrusts himself into Raven a little fast. Raven rolled her eyes into pleasure and excitement.

"Yes oh Sonic yes" Raven moaned

Sonic smiled naughtily thrusting inside Raven fast and hard. Raven start to give in the sexual manner. She then watches Sonic pumping inside her fast and hard as he could. While thrusting inside of Raven 30 minutes later, Sonic turned Raven over as she had her ass up and Sonic reinserting his shaft inside her pussy and rapidly thrusts inside Raven hard which gotten her moan wildly, breathing heavily to the excitement.

"Looks like Raven is really enjoying it well I better best give her the time she desired to" Sonic thought

Sonic rapidly and hardly thrusting Raven fast, deep and hard for an hour and a half. Raven grab the bed sheets of the bed giving in the sex, the excitement, pleasure, satisfaction and lust driving in to her entire body arousing her in every way possible. Her powers start to lose control as she could not take much of it no longer enjoying the sexual moment with Sonic.

"Uh… uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh oh my… Yes Sonic, I'm about… I'm about to cum" Raven moaned

"Me too Raven, I'm about to climax"

3 minutes later, Sonic and Raven soon reach their climax together, mixing their love juices together. Sonic finally pulls out his shaft from Raven's pussy to catch a breather and his energy while Raven laid on her stomach exhausted.

"Did you enjoy it Raven?" Sonic asked

"Yes… I did…" Raven responded weakly

"Good because we got all day and I'm going to make you satisfied baby"

"Oh no…"


Beast Boy soon begin to wonder what Sonic and Raven are doing.

"Man Sonic is sure been in Raven's room for so long; I wonder what they're doing?" Beast Boy wonder

"Hmm probably reading book or getting to know one another" Cyborg responded

"Whatever they're doing I sure hope they're getting along just fine" Robin stated

Back to Sonic and Raven…

Their sex lasted for 9 hours throughout the day and night. They switched position to position, satisfying each other one another to their heated sexual moment.

First: Sonic thrusts in Raven in a Bulldog position, going balls deep inside of Raven that got her moaning crazily.

Second: Sonic sat on the edge of the bed and Raven was on top of Sonic as Sonic hold up Raven by the legs and thrusting rapidly inside of Raven hard and fast making Raven scream and moaning of excitement.

Third: Sonic lay behind of Raven as Raven had her right leg up and Sonic then thrusts into Raven hard and squeezing her breast with his left hand.

Fourth: Raven who is on top of Sonic in a reverse cowgirl position and Sonic pulled Raven's arms back and rapidly thrusting Raven in rapid speed.

Fifth: Raven who is down on her knees on the floor while Sonic sat on the edge of the bed as Raven sucking Sonic off giving him a blowjob once again but this time she is sucking him fast, hard in rapid speed which Sonic had place his hand and made her suck him off fast.

Sixth: Raven begin to move her hips up and down back and forth pleasuring her firm rear against Sonic's erected shaft by hotdogging Sonic giving him a buttjob.

Seventh: Sonic thrusts himself into Raven rapidly still behind Raven as Raven who is in a doggy position. Her body move back forth in motion including the bed shaking with them from Sonic's speed. Her ass cheeks began jiggling and bouncing from every motion from Sonic's rapid thrusts making Raven moan ever more. Raven even had her eyes rolled back breathing heavily and moaning wildly in excitement.

Right now Sonic was on the bed having Raven on top of him bouncing onto him in every lust and excitement. Her breasts jiggle and bounce in every movement and motion occurring.

Raven lost control of herself, moaning, groaning wildly into excitement. Sonic also groaning watching Raven moving herself onto Sonic with her hands onto Sonic's chest, breathing heavily to the excitement in ecstasy and losing control of herself.

"Yes… Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes almost there Sonic, I'm going to cum" Raven moaned

Sonic wrapping his hands around Raven's hips gotten her to move her faster and which she did. Their sex continued on for 32 minutes, the two moan, groan together under much pressure of the excitement that occurring them inside.

"Sonic… Sonic… OH SONIC I'M ABOUT TO CUM!"

"Raven… here it comes… I'm about to burst"



"I'M CUMMING!" Sonic and Raven yelled altogether

Seconds later, Sonic and Raven climax once again together. Raven collapsed who she snuggled with Sonic and they passed out asleep.

Later, that morning…

Sonic woke up realizing that he is on Raven's bed.

"Oh man, what on emeralds did I do last night?" Sonic asked in shock

Sonic turn his head and seeing Raven sleeping very silently.

"Oh yeah, me and Raven had sex yesterday throughout the day and night. It was crazy and wild" Sonic whispered

Sonic slowly getting up on his feet from the bed and get his clothes and prepare his exit to leave the room. Before Sonic could he, he soon was interrupted by Raven's power which blocked his path.

"Leaving so soon" Raven asked

Sonic turned around seeing Raven still in bed having her blankets wrapping her body.

"Yes, this is the part where you beat me up with your powers and see flying out of your room right?" Sonic asked nervously

"Nope. Sonic, I had a great time with you yesterday all day with the sex. I've never had that much fun before" Raven responded

"What really after the way I act towards you that we had sex all day and night yesterday Raven you're supposed to be mad right now"

"But I'm not and I enjoy the sex. Sonic I want to thank you for your company"

"You're welcome Raven and I'll be on my way. Do you think we can you know do this again"

"Certainly, looking forward to it when you're ready and want to sleep with me feel free to knock on my door and I'll be ready for you"

"Sure thing"

Sonic smiled and leave Raven's room. Raven smiled and went back to sleep. Sonic was on his room until Starfire approach to Sonic.

"Sonic there you are, why are you in your underpants?" Starfire asked

"Well I uh… Long night that's all" Sonic responded nervously

"Now that you are here, let's go to my room and mate together"

"What really right now?"

"Yes right now, I could use some company"

"Not right now Starfire, I just want to relax that's all I wanted"

"But I can help you relax with a shoulder massage and a back massage if you want"

"Well… Ok I guess it's ok with me, let's go to your room then"

Minutes later…

Clothes were scattered all over the place and the bed was shaking in motion and movement. We see Starfire who is on top of Sonic riding on him in a cowgirl position, bouncing on top of Sonic, moving her hips with lust and excitement which had Starfire moan into satisfaction, excitement and ecstasy.

"Yes oh yes Sonic, right there sweetie… *Moan* Right there" Starfire moaned

"Why did me and Starfire have sexual relations together but ah well at least I'll feel better our sex" Sonic thought giving in the sexual moment

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