YASSSSSS! The Sequel is here... Enjoy my love bunnies...

Ending of Graduation

"Goodbye my fellow students, teachers, peers, classmates... I will forever remember the good times", Cece said winking at me

"And the bad times", She said

Cece was the schools valedictorian, she was up there at the podium, looking all cute... I swear sometimes I would see her staring at me and licking her lips at me, and biting them... I would just look and look away, which made her even more anticipated to have me for 'dinner'.

"If there is anything else to say, rocky could say them in 4 loving words", Cece said ending her long, boring speech.

I walked up to the podium and pushed Cece out the way, making the graduation class laugh at my action.

"Well these 4 words are gonna sound so mean, but I will try to say them with love", I said taking a deep breath

"I hated you all", I said sounding confident

"Now, class of 2013, throw up your caps and be glad your out of the strict school, where the teachers may rub against you, give you booze, or even let you drive the principal's Corvet. Stand up high and lets go hit this after party", I said throwing up my hat

All the students turned those tassels and threw those hat's up high, while I was running from the teachers.

"I love you John Hughes", I said yelling and still running from the teachers...

Outside the school

"Mom, did you like my speech", I asked having my arm around her

"Yes, it was very interesting baby", She said giving me little slaps

"Mom, can we go to that after party in the bay", Ty asked my mom

"Guys, I don't know... Isn't there gonna be alcohol at this party", She asked me and Ty

We looked down

"Aye, Deuce", Ty said running to Deuce who was going to the bathroom

That nigga always be letting me hang by myself

"Even if there is mom, were not going to drink any of it, I promise", I said kissing her cheek

"Ok well lets go Georgia, I have to tell you about this guy I met", My mom said grabbing Cece's mom by the wrist

'Matter of fact, where is Cece', I thought to myself

I looked around the school campus and went into the bathroom

I heard moaning and heavy breathing

"Hello", I said

"MMMM Rocky", Someone said chanting my name

I couldn't tell it was Cece's, because the voice was real groggy

"Cece" I said sounding concerned

"Yes",She said

"What are you doing" ,I said knocking on the door

"Nothing, don't come in", She said

"Why baby", I said

"MMMM", Cece said moaning

"I want some of the action too", I said

"Im gonna come baby", Cece yelled

I was so mad, I just leaned against the door

"Ahhhhhh", Cece yelled

As she was getting done, she washed her hands and walked up to me

"Hey boo boo", She said trying to give me a kiss

I turned my head

"Oh, you don't wanna kiss me", Cece said

She started touching my friend

"Stoppp", I said

"Kiss", She said standing on her tippy toes

I gave Cece a cute peck and left out the bathroom with her

College for whole gang was just around the corner

This is only the beginning