"Baby, how do you like the condo", Cece asked Rocky who was eating chips

"Its nice, It looks really cool", Rocky said

Rocky and Cece just moved into a little condo that was down the street from their school. They had been packing and moving things back and forth all week.

"Babyyyy", Cece yelled

"Whattttt", Rocky yelled

"Come here", Cece whined

"I don't wanna", Rocky said laughing a little when she heard Cece grunt

Cece came running into the room and Rocky braced herself. Cece ran into Rocky, which made them fall onto the ground.

"If I say come here, you come, clear?", Cece said getting on top of Rocky

"Oh yeah, I'll come alright", Rocky said thrusting into Cece

"Stoppp, I wanna be celibate moving into the condo on the first day", Cece said as she closed her eyes and bit her lip

"But it feels good", Rocky said as she grinded into Cece

Cece was about to moan until there was a knock at the door

"Who in the FUCK is that", Rocky yelled as she picked Cece up and unzipped her pants

Cece and Rocky were making out until Rocky opened the door.

"Kitty?", Rocky said as she dropped Cece

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