A Life Restarted

This is another version of Rose returning to the Doctor that I came up with in dream. It will see Rose return to her home world, reunite with the love of her life, travel with him and run into a few old friends along the way.

Chapter 1

Hello my name is Rose Marion Tyler and I have done something which I thought impossible, or I should say Mickey did it for me. You see, a while ago now, I got trapped on a parallel world which is a world much like this one but with subtle, minor differences.

I was born on April 27th 1987 to Jackie and Pete Tyler and for the first 19 years of my life I lived pretty normally, on a housing estate in Southeast London with my mum, dad had died when I was little. I had a normal job at a department store and then one day a man walked into my life, the most impossible man and his name is the Doctor.

He took me travelling with him, all throughout time and space in his bigger on the inside ship. We saw all sorts of things, all manner of planets and people and aliens, it was amazing. I began to fall in love him and then he changed, regeneration he called it, he became a totally different man and then I fell in love with him all over again and we carried on travelling, that is until we got separated with me on the parallel world on one side of the void and the Doctor on my home world, which I call the worst day of my life.

I saw him once after that, he managed to send me a message with the use of a hologram, of course it meant I had to go to Norway of course, he never could operate that ship of his exactly right. It was on a beach that I last saw him, I told him I loved him and I think he was going to say it back to me, but in mid sentence his hologram got cut off and I haven't seen or heard from him since. He said it would be impossible for us to see each other again - he was wrong.

Being ripped away from all that you know allows you to rethink your life and instead of going back to working in a shop I joined the Torchwood Institute - an organisation dedicated to protecting the British Empire from alien threats. My parallel world father (long story) owns Torchwood and he put me in charge of a team whose members included my good friends Mickey Smith and Jake Simmonds as well as two other people called Amy Pond and Ianto Jones. The five of us became an unstoppable force, going all over the place, stopping an aliens with the mindset of controlling Earth and allowing any friendly ones to stay. Because unlike the Torchwood that caused me to get trapped here, this one didn't persecute all aliens.

One day with help from the interplanetary organisation The Shadow Proclamation we invented a device called the Dimension Cannon which had two purposes. One of which was to monitor the time lines of people back home in my original world, while the other, it's main purpose, was to send me back there, so I could find the Doctor.

About five months into Project Blue (In honour of the TARDIS, the Doctor's time and space machine) as it became known, I was called in on my day off by Mickey who told me "Rose, you gotta get here, you won't believe this, but it's working", and so I hotfooted it to Canary Wharf and saw that it was true - the Dimension Cannon was working.

Everyone gathered around me, Jake, Mickey, Amy, Ianto, Mum, Dad and my little brother Tony, who was less than a year old, after we had said goodbye, I pressed the disk around my neck and got to the spot where I am now stood - Cardiff, on my home world.

I look all around me and smile the largest smile ever, this was before I walked over to the place the TARDIS always lands when it refuels in the city. I stood in that exact spot, when I heard the sound of guns cocking behind me. I raise my hands and turn around slowly to see someone I thought was dead.

"Rose!" he said in utter shock and surprise.

"Hello Jack" I replied.

End of Chapter