Chapter 9

Jack, Jenny and I had just come out of the Tourist information Centre, and knowing where the TARDIS was I ran, I simply ran and moments later I rounded the corner and saw the Doctor, his current companion and her family walking away from the ship.

"Do you wanna go first or shall I?" Jenny asks me.

"Do you mind if I go?"

"'Course not, go ahead"

"Thank you"

With a quick look at my two friends I went running after the man I love shouting "DOCTOR, DOCTOR".

I saw him turn around to see who was calling him and then, when he had realised it was me I saw an expression on his face I had never seen before - It was a mixture of utter joy and complete surprise.

As I was continuing running towards him, he also started running towards me and me met in a bone crushing hug just feet from the TARDIS. Eventually, though he put me down and just stared at me, brushing the hair from out of my face.

"Hello" I said



"Rose Tyler"

"My Doctor, I've missed you so much"

"And I you, but I have questions"

"I thought as much, what's up?"

"How are you here? When did you get here and why has the Universe not exploded?"

"There's time for that later, for now though, I'm back and I'm never going to leave again"


"Now Doctor, isn't there something you have to say?" I prompted him.

"What, ... oh yes, there's a sentence I never got to finish isn't there?"

"Yes there is"

"Rose Tyler, I love you, with both my hearts and I always will"

Next I did something which took us both by surprise, I grabbed him by the lapels and kissed him full on the mouth, it was long and passionate, making up for all the time we lost.

When we broke apart I noticed that the Doctor was staring at something over my shoulder, I turned around and saw it was Jenny, so I stepped away a little so they could have a moment.

"Oh my god" I heard from a voice behind me.


"Hello dad"

Like me before her the Doctor gave his daughter a big, bone crushing hug.

"But you were dead"

"I was, then I came back to life"


"The Source"

"Of course, it was meant to bring life back to the planet so it gave you back yours, but that doesn't explain how you got here"

"Oh, I stole the shuttle, met a time agent and came here, I'd found out that you like early 21st Century Earth"

"Jenny, I can't believe it, how are you?"

"Hello again Donna and I'm thank you for asking, yourself?"

"I'm great"

"Well look at this, two of the most important women in my life have found their way back to me"

"Everyone finds their way back to you at some point Doctor" says Jack.

"That is very true, now come on, let's go eat, I fancy Fish and Chips"

"I see your appetite hasn't changed"

"Me change, never, let's go"

Then we all walked away to go find a Chippy.

After that, Donna spent some time with her family before she, the Doctor, Jenny and I said goodbye and set off for more adventures through time and space.

End of Story