Chapter 2: Framed

Disclaimer: Invader Zim and the characters belongs to Jhonen Vasquez. The head of the Irken Military Police belongs to me. Enjoy.

Hi Skool, 11:55 A.M.

A harmless little blue bird flew around the Skool building. He saw a open window and decided to fly inside the classroom. A couple of teens looks up at the bird as it landed on a large textbook, chirping happily at a old teacher name Ms. Bitters. She slammed the book completely, crushing the poor bird.

Miss Bitters stares each of the students smelling fear from. "Okay class on your homework you will- ZIM are you listening to me?" Ms. Bitters said staring at Zim who was looking at the wall. His eyes started to focus on her. "Huh?"

Miss. Bitters growled and opened her textbook, ignoring the blood on the pages. "Class ball up your homework and throw it at Zim with no mercy. If you throw it you will have a 100 on your homework grade, you pathetic brats" she pointed. The students balled up their paper and threw them at Zim with full force.

'Stupid humans' he thought.

Zim ignored the impact of the homework papers hitting his head and back. He stared at the clock and the bell rang for lunch. He quickly left the classroom before the mob of students run over each other. He was lucky to be first in line and brought out a tray of lunch.

The Irken found Gaz sitting in a table by herself. She played her GameSlave 4 with her tray left untouched. He couldn't blame her, yesterday a student choked on grey mash potatoes that moved and attacked his insides. He sat down beside her, fixing to kiss her. Dib sat in front of them.

"Hello Dib" Zim said twirling his fingers. 'Oh great' Gaz thought pressing a combo move. "Hello Zim what makes you have the guts or your squeedly spooch to sit in front of your enemy and his sidekick sister?"

"I'm not a sidekick you dweeb" Gaz said kicking his leg under the table.

"To let you know you big headed human. Gaz and I are-" She covered his mouth with her hand, "Excellent Kill" a voice said in the game. Dib stared at his little sister and became very suspicious. "What was he about to say Gaz?"

"We're together on a online co-op game that gives out prizes for the top five and I'm currently training him to be a better gamer so I can get 1st place idiot" she said putting her hand down.

"Okay? Well I guess I can tolerate letting a Irken to sit with us... for the time being" Dib said going to get a drink from the vending machine. "Gaz why did you silence Zim about our relationship?" Zim asked.

"Because Zim if Dib finds out, he'll flip out and kill you right where you're sitting" she said not taking her eyes off her game. "You have a point there my little demon" he smiled sliding toward her. She growled and punched him in the gut. "Ooh my squeedly spooch" he moaned falling on the floor.

Gaz chuckled when he knocked over his tray and the food fell on him (Mostly unknown cafeteria meat and beans) burning his skin. "Aah it burns IT BURNS!"

Dib sat down on his seat, taking a sip of his soda. Zim sat back down wiping the food off of his clothes. "Are you gonna tell everyone that I'm a alien again?"

The human looked at one of the students who was drooling and stared at the ceiling. "Nah these students are too stupid anyway. At least the Swollen Eyeball Network aren't stupid enough about your 'Skin condition' or 'Pink eye' also you didn't hear that from me" Dib said pushing his backpack off the table filled with countless books that could give you a hernia.

They went silent for the moment hearing students talking and throw food at each other. "So who is this ugly human girl you're dating?" Zim said breaking their silence. Dib was shocked at first and wondered how he knew that. "How did you know that I have a girlfriend?"

"Gaz told me" he replied playing with his fork. "Well to answer your question I do. I bet you can't get a girlfriend" Dib said with a devious smile trying to make Zim mad. "Your lucky we're at Skool because you would face the wrath of ZIM!" he said raising his fist in the air.

Gaz rolled her eyes. 'Some things will never change' she thought hearing the two arguing each other. "Master master you have a important call!" Gir said running in the cafeteria wearing his dog costume as a disguise.

"That dog can talk?" one of the students said seeing the dog jumping on a table and knocked food everywhere.

"Aw it looks so cute" a female student said covered in food but didn't seem bothered by it.

Gir jumped off the table and landed behind Zim. "Who is it from Gir?" Zim said leaning forward. Gir whispered and Zim's face went pale. Gaz looked at Zim with concern wondering who it was. Zim grabbed his minion and left the cafeteria in a hurry. "What a freak" a male student said sitting in a table behind Gaz. She didn't like anyone calling her boyfriend a freak.

'You'll pay what you said about Zim' she thought knowing excatly who the student was. It was Iggins her nemesis, she hated the boy ever since she first met him. He would pick on her in Skool and he became popular because of the world record score on a game that was supposed to be hers.

She played an arcade game and found a site that said the world record of the game and she wanted to beat it. It took her almost three hours. She let Iggins to take over because her fingers were numb and her legs was too weak to stand.

Iggins managed to beat the score and he actually said that he beat the high score by himself winning popularity in Hi Skool and that pissed her off. She didn't care for the popularity, she just wanted to test out her skills.

Iggins stood up to throw away his trash. He threw apple juice at Gaz. The juice hit her head and she growled, knowing he did it on purpose. "Oops my bad Gaz" he said acting innocent. He threw his trash away and headed back to his table. She smiled when she dropped banana skin on the floor. Iggins tripped over the banana and landed on his back. Then a tray hit his face. "Oops my bad" Gaz said smiling over her payback.

Zim made it back to his house and heard a beeping noise on his television screen. "Patch it through computer" he said standing in attention. The screen shows a male Irken wearing a breathing mask covering the bottom half of his face and two claw marks on his right eye. "Zim you are wanted for attempted assassination on the almighty tallests"

"Wha- what are you talking about I didn't attempt to assassinate the tallests" Zim said with shock in his eyes. "Oh you didn't? well we have live footage of you killing the guards and attempted to kill our mighty tallests" The screen went static and it played a security footage of the main deck.

The Tallest Red was munching on his donuts happily while Purple was telling a bad joke. The doors behind them was blown to pieces which caught the Irkens by surprise. The two turned around as their elite guards stood in front of them as shields.

"What are you doing here Zim?" Red said wiping the crumbs from his mouth. "Is it me or Zim has grown taller?" Purple said scratching his head. The Irken that looked like Zim fired at the guards and killed the rest of them with his metal spider legs. Red was stabbed and more guards arrived protecting Purple in time. The Irken managed to escape through the ventilation shaft and the video stopped playing.

"That is not me. I would never try to kill the tallests" Zim said staring at the Irken who turned out to be the head of the Irken Military Police (IMP).

"Is the tallest alright?"

"Yes he's fine, he only has a flesh wound but he'll heal in a day or two. In order to prove yourself innocent, you must show proof that you didn't attempt to assassinate our leaders... do you have it?"

Zim looked down and sighed. "No I don't have proof"

The Irken have read information of Zim's personal life and felt bad for him for his bad luck especially with the fake mission on the Impending Doom II. His life wasn't an easy one either. "I will be fair since I'm in a good mood. I give you three months to prove yourself innocent, you will have only security footages of the incident on the Armada" he said signing off.

Zim went back outside and waited. He saw a meteor crashing down in front of him. It cracked open and inside was a package with Zim's name on it. "Zim I thought you was gonna be in class?" Gaz said running up to him. He picked up the package and took it inside.

Gaz followed her boyfriend and watched him unwrapping the package. He pulled out a sphere shaped device with the Irken symbol on it. It floated as soon he turned it on. "What is that?"

"It is the memory sphere, Irkens use it to download files, personal information, etc. It's used for invasion or scout missions" Zim explained as three holographic screens appeared from the memory sphere. One was a keyboard, second is a list of files, and third was a wide screen in the center, above the keyboard.

Gaz grown curious of the mysterious shadow that attacked the Irkens in the hanger on the Armada. She pressed her hand on it and the video started playing.

"Stop him!" A Irken guard yelled firing his stun powered rifle. The Irken dodged and fired back hitting the Irken guard on the shoulder. He turned around toward the camera revealing his face, looking exactly like Zim.

Gaz remained still turning her head at him. "No Gaz that was not me"

"Then who is he then? This guy looks exactly like you" she said thinking it was someone else that took the form of Zim. "I have no idea Gaz but I have three months to solve this or I'll be executed for attempted murder on the tallests" he explained. She remained quiet, in the inside she screamed.

'Yesterday we kissed and all of sudden he was gonna be executed just my luck' she thought not wanting to lose him.

"That's stupid you haven't talked to them for years, you would think those guys would be smarter that you won't- wait I might know someone who can help us"

"Who Gaz?"

She already left the house not answering his question. 'Dib better be in his room' she thought running across the sidewalk and jumped over a fence.

Dib was busy typing something on the computer and saw his sister bursting in, gasping for air. "What's wrong Gaz?"

"Call Tak"



Dib didn't say no more and contacted Tak through his watch.

Tak's Ship scouting for the Armada

Tak, a female Irken, sat still keeping an eye out for any undentified ships that is unrecognizable from their sensors and might attempt an ambush on their fleet. She didn't like the job but it pays well, it was the only job that tested her piloting skills. She enjoyed flying and liked the rush of dodging asteroids or firing enemy ships. Her mind was interrupted when there was a beeping noise.

"Lady Tak, a human name Dib Membrane is contacting you" A feminine voice said in the ship. She smiled turning the ship to autopilot mode. "Send it through"

A holographic screen appeared in front of her and the call went through well. "Hello Dib how is your research?" she asked licking her lips. Dib's hand was pulled and she saw Gaz's face on the screen.

"Tak I need your help" Gaz said. Tak leaned forward, her hands under her chin. "Whats wrong Gaz?" she said with a smile.

"Its Zim he has been blamed for attempted murder on the tallests" Gaz said knowing how much Tak hates Zim. Tak leaned back against her seat. Her smile faded with untold hatred when she heard his name. "Zim deserves to be executed, I'm not helping you on this one" Tak said. "What do you mean Zim is gonna be executed- OW my arm!"

Gaz squeezed Dib's arm that made him moan in pain. She grabbed his watch and left the room. Gaz snapped her fingers awakening her security robots disguised as harmless toys. They stood guard in front of Dib's door and window. Gaz walked outside in the backyard. "Tak I know how much you hate Zim and you want to kill him but-"

"But what?"

Gaz bit her lower lip not sure how to say it to the Irken. "It's because I... I-"

Tak started laughing through the watch. Gaz's face turned red. "Why are you laughing Tak?"

"Of all humans on Planet Earth you fell in love with a defective Irken" Gaz looked around making sure no one was around to hear that. She soon felt a cool breeze blowing her long purple hair. "Yes I am in love with him and Zim does for me. I don't want to lose my first love, pl-" She stopped. She hated to be nice to a alien let alone anyone else.

The human sighed in defeat. 'This is for Zim' she thought. "Please do this, just for me" she said with a small fake smile on her face. Tak sat there for a minute thinking this whole thing. "Fine I'll do this just once" Tak said hating to help Zim. Tak ended the call and contacted the Armada.

"Tak to Armada"

"We hear you loud and clear Tak. Is there anything caught on your sensors?" One of the Irken pilots asked.

"Negative sir may I take a vacation?"

Tak waited patiently for a response. "Sure just be back in two weeks"

"Thank you sir Tak signing off" Tak said giving sending out her report and made destination for Earth. She set the ship on autopilot mode and laid back on her seat. 'This will take a while might as well sleep through the ride' she thought trying to get herself comfortable. Mimi, Tak's SIR unit, jumped on her lap and slept while Tak was petting her.

Who is this imposter and what is his true identity? will Zim and Gaz able to solve this before time is up? stay tune for the next chapter.