A/N: Ahhhhh god I'm so sorry guys! D8 it took forever to find a charger that would work for my laptop! And I still don't have my own T~T but I promise I am working on updates and stuff :D and I have new story ideas! So here's a little treat for you guys being so patient (thank my boyfriend for the inspiration).

Roxas stared at the little piece of paper taped to the back of his door. He wasn't sure how to feel about the annoying purple sticky note that was instructing him to go to the living room. He wasn't sure if he wanted to trust it or not since it was obvious who put it there. If there was one thing that Axel loved to do, it was messing with him and boy did that get annoying after a while.

Sighing, he finally decided to give into the redhead's wishes and opened his door. He was struck with the sight of another purple sticking note saying 'Good morning Roxy~'. Smiling a little, he rolled his eyes and continued moving forward; obeying the sticky notes instructions to not get food, not sit down and to not watch their roommate, Luxord, play video games.

That's when he noticed it. The box. The box labeled 'Axel's Playhouse'. His lips curved into a frown as he slowly walked towards it, his hands gently brushing the box and giving it a small push. He slowly opened it and was met with disappointment as he gazed into the empty box. He sighed, feeling slightly annoyed that his morning ritual had been messed up for nothing but an empty box; he closed it, turned around and let out a girly screech.

"God damnit Axel!" the blond yelled, his hand gripping his chest while he tried to regain his normal breathing pattern. When he had turned around, the blonds' eyes had met the sight of a creepily smiling Axel; who was now laughing hysterically along with Luxord, "You guys suck!"

"Oh come on! It was funny!" Axel shouted.

"Fuck you!" The blond yelled, pushing the redhead aside and retreating to his room.

"Ahh damnit. He's mad now," Axel said, chuckling lightly.

"Was it worth it?" Luxord asked, his eyes still fixed on the television.