Hey everyone, this is just a small sequel to 'A Night Out'. Again, I updated the story ideas on my profile, if you're interested. Also, I don't own anything Flashpoint. Thanks for reading.

''Hey, Dad,'' Dean said as he leaned against the door frame to his dad's office.

''Hey, what are you doing here this late?'' Greg asked, looking up from his paperwork.

''Just - come by to say hi,'' he responed.

''Oh?'' Greg trailed off, sensing there was something Dean wanted to tell him.\

''Yeah - some of the guys in my dorm were going out for drinks - thougt I would just hang here, you know, chill.''

''So you're not going drinking with your friends?'' Greg asked to clarify.

''Nope.'' Dean said, a smile coming to his face.

''Well, I think that deserves a celebratory coke.'' Greg said, shutting off the lights and wrapping an arm around his as they walked out. Proud that Dean choose not to start on the path that so nearly destroyed his own life.